i miss you! : (

So I’m a firm believer in the theory that the 15 Taylors in LWYMMD represent the 15 tracks. in this video we see 14 Taylors lined up and the 15 is hidden in the background which I will get into later. Now if this Theory holds true for each Taylor being a caricature/ personification of each track then it goes to question is it left to right or right to left? i say Left to Right.

now this means that BIKER TAYLOR would be our READY FOR IT gal. which looking her I can see why. she’s opening the album with it and she’s literally gonna give us the ride of our life hence why she’s  a fucking motorcyclist. So buckle up kiddos.

Now we bounce to Track 6 LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, say hello to RECEIPTS TAYLOR!!! now think about her in this video, we saw her crash and burn with the paparazzi having a field day. Also the end of the video where she says she’s getting receipts to edit later and she literally is the song Lwymmd. like im laughing here cuz bish a genius

SO now at the time this post is being created we are getting Track 8 and our leading lady is MET GALA TAYLOR. she truly is Gorgeous. please dont blockt me for that. anyway on to why im really making this post

track 14, BIRDCAGE TAYLOR, i really feel like this is the song that’s gonna tear our hearts out. think back to LWYMMD and her role in this. she lives in a gilded cage with lavish meals and a pretty swing to sit perched on. Everything at the cost of her freedom, she realizes she’s no better than a pet here with scheduled meals and only being taken out for the entertainment of others. a bird that wings have been clipped. who dreams about breaking free.

now we have track 15 our MYSTERY TAYLOR, she hasn’t given us much to go on with this one. her first appearance was here towards the end. the only one in the end scene without a real role. why? because she’s done playing by everyone else’s rules. she broke out of that gilded cage. look at her placement, standing above the rest and staring defiantly towards the camera. she’s in a position of power here. this is Taylor, not the media’s twisted narrative of her but the actual Taylor. She is closing this album out with a bang. this is why there are no bonus tracks yall because Taylor has said all she has needed to say with this last song. she took back her kingdom keys and now There will be no further explanation. there will just be Reputation.

If you can look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that you’ve never imagined a future with me or thought of me as more than just a friend… I’ll walk away.

-I won’t force something that’s not there just as I can’t force you to love me if you never will.


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Dang! This blog is a total gift to the one piece fandom! Your work has such clarity of shape and tangibility of texture! It's simply fantastic! In addition to Matisse and Toulouse-Laurence, your work reminds me a lot of Maurice Brianchon and Bernard Cathelin both. Would you mind going into your influences? Also... as this is your side blog, do you have a normal blog as well? I'd love to see it! Uh... as for the prompt: Usopp and Goldenweek hold a life drawing session for all who want to attend.

Ahhhwhaatt this comment is seriously killing me!!! Thanks for those recs, such nice art!

Love this req! Franky was their model, cause who else but Franky would be!

+ Also here’s everyone’s fav pieces they did (cause I wanted to draw them allll)


Guess who?

That’s right everyone, I’m still around! You can’t get rid of me that easily! 

Every now and then I see the notes that keep coming in, the posts that get reblogged, and I miss you all. This blog was such a huge part of my grad school career! And now I’m off and running and I haven’t stopped since! Some highlights:

  1. Even post grad you can still screw up your summer writing goals. Thats me watching the deadlines fly past me.
  2. I’m working full time at one uni and part time at another. Why do I insist on keeping myself this busy you ask? I have no idea. It’s as if grad school wasn’t enough.
  3. I had my first faculty meeting, whaaaaat?
  4. My office phone is from 1989, I’m not even joking.
  5. So many dealings with students, so many potential funny posts. I wish I could professionally respond to student emails with gifs. 
  6. I’ve been exercising? And eating healthy? What?
  7. I read for fun this summer? Again, whaaaaaat?
  8. Still not emotionally over that Game of Thrones finale. Who’s with me?

I’ve thought about posting on here, but then it’s not fair because it’s not how I see grad school anymore since I graduated, it’s how I see post grad life and faculty life, and trying to act like an adult and holy crap these people are treating me like a legitimate person how do I do this? It’s wild everyone.

So really, this is me reaching out and wanting to say hi! And also, if you want my personal blog, let’s do this! I want to keep in touch and get to know all of you more. Let me keep supporting you and cheerleading you through your grad school journeys. Just promise not to judge me. My personal blog is a different world from this one. Come on over to @notesfromalabprincess (Fingers crossed my students don’t find this. They googled me guys. THEY GOOGLED ME AND TOLD ME ABOUT IT).

Also, I thought I’d leave you all with some other grad school blogs to follow. These are wonderful human beings who have been there for me, and are funny, and smart, and can give you your grad school blog fix! So check out these amazing people and support each other!














So, I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all and posting. Maybe I’ll come up with something new and fun to do. Maybe I’ll do a bunch of tbt. Send me asks or post about grad school advice. But let me tell you for now, you can do this. You can come out the other side. I promise! I love you all!

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its been a while how you doing 😘 ? (from your friendly nsfw art friend )


I’ve been okay, really really REALLY busy because of Uni, but it’s fine now. What about you, my love? HIT ME UP ON THE CHAT!!!!11