In Hindi, they say:
“Sacche pyaar karne waale kabhi alvida nahi kehte,
Kyunki unke dil kabhi juda nahi hote.”

It means, “True lovers never say goodbye because their hearts never separate.”

Oh, how bad I want to believe that. I really do. I hope against all hope that after months and then years of separation, we’ll meet again and it will all be the same.
But will our love win against time, distance, and all these differences?

Please tell me you won’t fall for some pretty girl who has long hair that covers her face. Please tell me you’ll never say I put my career before you. Please tell me that one day, you’ll understand my dreams. Please tell me you’ll always accept me just thr way I am. Please tell me you won’t forget why you fell in love with me. Please tell me you miss me every second of the day. Please tell me you miss the way I hugged you like you were my hero. Please tell me you think of me every night before you close your eyes.
Please tell me you love me like I love you.




You said I taught you the meaning of “I love you”, now please tell me you’ll always love me. Please tell me there’s no goodbye.

Tell me Please,
How many secrets could you keep?
If not your head was aching,
But your heart,
Because of the one person,
Who tore it apart,
Would you patch it up with bandaids,
And pray no one asks how it became this way?
Would you lay there in the middle of the night,
And wonder why no one asks if you’re alright?
Cause no amount of pills could make it heal,
And nothing could make you escape what is real,
Cause sleep is the only thing that takes the pain away,
So, all I can tell you is,
To take it day by day.
—  //Destiny Swafford


October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

36 years ago today, the world witnessed the villainous side of humanity. Who was to know that such evil breeds in the human mind and can be acted upon through a weapon which we have created to purposely annihilate one another. One person’s decision forever changed the world as we know it. A trigger was pulled, shots were fired, and a moment of silence hung in the air as time blurred and people scrambled to understand what happened. John Lennon’s life was put to rest. Not one thing in this world can justify the sadness, anger, and painful love that I feel in my heart today. John might not have been the role model of a perfect person, but above all, he showed us something that is more important; he showed us what it is to be human. To be human means to have flaws and to have the strength to confess your weaknesses. John never claimed divinity, all he wanted was the truth that he so ever gave to us. I love you with every single piece of my being John. I have grieved for your loss since you have come into my life and I must face the fact that this pain will never cease. I am blessed to be able to celebrate your wisdom and love in my own life and it is through my life that your memory will live on. I can’t unbind what I feel in my heart because it is in a million pieces right now. Nothing I could ever say in this piece of writing would reflect just how much I love you and how you’ve impacted my life. I only hope that wherever in the universe you may be, you are with our beloved George and are at peace. You only wanted to be loved in your lifetime and let me tell you, I am more than certain that you were. You have given us such light, love, and peace with your life and music, something that has and will forever live on past your earthly existence. Thank-you so much for blessing my life John. xxxxxxxx

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A Poem for a Princess

Do you remember when the nights never ended
And we would talk for what seemed like days?

If I remember correctly I was couch surfing
Trying to find place to call my home
(Funny how nothings changed)
And you believed you were far to grown up

For me.

That morning you called to tell me the news,
You got accepted to the college of your dreams
And you’d finally be close enough to say

But instead what I wanted to hear
You’d much wanted to shatter my world.
You said 'goodbye’

And just like that my world was turned
Colors had lost their shine
And candy just wasn’t sweet enough,
But in the sadistic side lf things

The world still turned.

It’s been turning for awhile now
And other important people have took your place,
Sleeping in the same bed you left a wreck
While I am looking for a home of my own…

Funny how that’s the only constant between us,
Then and now has been lifetimes and I’ve died
(Twice from what I can count)

My pen still writes while yours is put down
And you’re embarrassed from what I understand
Of the woman you’ve grown up to be…

I always wondered where my soul would be
If you never ran away from the home we made here.

Its true I still miss you
And while I thought love would never be the same…

Funny how love never really changed…

GIFmas day 8