and i have been so good for a week. i haven’t missed him but i feel like he’s a ghost just lingering around me, like im the place he died in, only i did everything to keep him alive and i don’t know why he keeps fucking haunting me because i gave him everything i had and even as a ghost he just keeps taking more it’s like even his absence strips me and breaks me down to my core and i want to reach out to him but i don’t want the only way for me to hold his hand be by using a ouijia board or calling out “is anyone there?” and i know even then he wouldn’t want to talk to me, he’d just rather haunt me reminding me of what i once had so close to me. and it hurts me. i am tired of being a place for you to come and ruin. i am not your home anymore. i am not a foundation you can keep wrecking. please, come back alive, be alive for someone else.
—  im sorry, i tried to reach you in the best way i knew how.

I’ve found that sometimes the greatest loves are poured into us, like cool water being emptied into a cup. We don’t realize the depths of our love until we are so fill we are ought to spill over. But sometimes, and only sometimes, the love comes on us suddenly, like a flash of lighting in the darkest of nights. Sudden, shocking, at times unwanted, yet always inevitable. We cannot empty ourselves of the love that comes like a firestorm. We can only burn with our passions.

-a.p. (9.24.16)

Eu sinto falta de você no meu dia, eu sinto falta de você nas minhas noites, eu sinto falta do jeito que ríamos, eu sinto falta do jeito que costumávamos conversar, eu sinto falta de ouvir a sua voz, eu sinto falta do jeito que você costumava ser, eu sinto falta da sua alegria, eu sinto falta de ter você por perto, eu sinto falta das músicas que você cantava, eu sinto falta da proteção que você me passava. Eu sinto falta de tudo, sinto que o meu coração nunca esteve pronto pra te ver partir sem que ele fosse partido junto.
—  Mateus Abreu 💔

“I’m no longer the foolish 14 year old who thought the world would be fair,” she said.

“I’m no longer the foolish 14 year old I was then. So please-” sobs and screams were a mixture in the air. The words were intangible. The grinding of vocal cords.

“Please come back. I promise this time it’ll be worth it. This time I’ll be happier. This time I’ll help you through it all. Come back and this time I’ll be the one to carry all your pain.

"Come back. This time I’ll help you with the life you didn’t have when you were here.”

—  God, I fucking miss you