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Ahhh your blog always makes my day!! Keep up the good work! Also, can I get a gif reaction of all the boys having a long distance relationship and seeing their girlfriend on video during a Skype call after not seeing them for a while? Thank you!

thanks sweetness ❤️

Jin: *blushes and gets excited* Oh my god hi babe, I miss you so much! How are you feeling? Are you okay? Are you eating well? I love you *rambles on*

Rap Monster: Are you eating something different? Cause I swear you’re even more beautiful than I remember…I miss you (y/n).

J-Hope: *heart is so happy he can’t even think of what to say*

Suga: *starts acting super cute bc he knows you like it* I love yooou~~ I missed yoooou~~ I actually wrote a song about you too babe

Jimin: I’m sorry (y/n) I just so excited, I miss seeing you so much!!

V: HIYEEE (YYYYYYYYY/NNNNNNN) *kisses screen 1000 times* I love you so much! Did you miss me? Cuz I missed yoooou~

Jungkook: *tries to act cool and control himself* So, my beautiful girlfriend…we finally meet again *gif*

You- Shuttup you dork

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Alittle Bit Drunk. [Nigel X Adam] Nigellecter


Nigel took Adam with him for  a business meeting , Adam didn’t know it was going to be in a strip club of all things. Adam smiled as Nigel left him to go into a back room , away from the loud music and lady dancers. Adam didn't feel comfortable waiting for his lover in such a weird place so he happened to have a bit of alcohol while he waited. After some time past , Adam felt a bit tipsy and needy and helpless wondered into the room he saw Nigel walk into. He knocked on the door.. “Nigel..I miss yooou…”