i miss yooou!


•random songs written about how much he wishes you’d give him a kiss when you jokingly won’t/are mad at him (but really, who can get mad at him?!)
•surprise serenades and love ballads when he’s been gone a long time in LA or you two just haven’t been together much lately.
•cute dates (e.g.: sunset hike, some kind of boat ride)
•snuggles (LOTS OF SNUGGLES)
•lots of hugs, holding hands, cute kisses, etc.
•sneakily listening to him as he sings in another room because he’s still a little insecure.
•kissing his injuries because god knows that boy can’t stand on two feet with those heavenly legs.

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could u do a tfln where harry drunk texts you after u guys have been broken up for a couple of months and you go to pick him up from the bar

Harry / You



-Did I text you??
-I’m sorry

-It’s okay.  Just surprised me.

-Drun k
-I’m sorry

-Stop apologizing
-Its okay. 

-Its not
-I’m not 

-You’re not what?
-Whats going on?

-I wsa mean to you.

-Oh Harry
-We shouldn’t have this conversation while you’re drunk.

-I’m drunk.

-I know, haha

-I’m sorry.  Im really sorry about everything.
-I fucked up.  A lot.
-I miss yooou


-I’m serious.  I haven’t stopped thinking about you
-I should’ve never said what I said
-Is hsouldn’t have let you walk out that day
-god i miss yo u

-We both said things we didn’t mean.
-I’m sorry too.

-I shouldn’t be texting youu

-It’s okay. I promise I don’t mind.
-Just worried about you

-Wh4t are yo doing?

-Honestly I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas
-Tonights episode of the bachelor is really good.

-Ha h a ha
-You love that show 
-I remmeber
-I miss watching it with you

-Miss that too, love.
-I’m worried about you.

-Can yo get me?
-Sorry. rude quesiton 
-Sorry fuck

-Harry stop apologizing


-You want me to come get you? Really?

-I’ll slep on the couch
-I’l leave first thing in the morning. Promise

-Nuh uh.  You’re not leaving without making me some of your famous french toast.  I’ve missed that.

-I’ve missed you.

-I’m going to come get you.  And you’re going to sleep as soon as we get back.

-Cqn I cuddle you?
-I want to cuddle you

-We’ll see ;)
-We’re going to have to talk about this in the morning.

-I know :(
-And I’ll tell you how sorry I am then too
-I’m really sorry.

-No more apologizing.  What bar are you at?

-i don’t’ know what it scalled but its the one we went tyo

-On my birthday?

-thAt was a good birthday

-It was, yeah. :)
-I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.  Don’t get into any more trouble, alright?

-I love you.
-I’m durunk
-Pretend I didn’t say that
-But i do love you

-Stop texting, you dork.

-Missed you calling me that

-Missed it too, H.
-I’m on my way. 

Being best friends with Jackson would include
  • Weird ass texts during the day ranging from playful and cute to sass theres no inbetween 
  • “where are you? I miss yooou”
  • “are you deaf? answer your phone” 
  • “i cant wait to come back home, no one gets my jokes here”
  • “you know what’s ridiculous?” “what?” “your face” “get out”
  • legit no inbetween 
  • him coming over to your place just to make jokes with your mum about how annoying you are 
  • “have you seen my snapbck?” “which one” 
  •  singing got7 songs together and him yelling when he cant hit the high notes 
  • you rapping and him being like looool no no this is how its done
  •  him proceeding to put on a fake serious face and say the words to the rap in ‘A’
  • “getupgetupgeupgetup we’re going to the gym” “its 5 am” “exactly GET UP" 
  • “im hungry what do you have” 
  • “nothing because you ate all my damn food, wang”
  • you going to his dance practices and making weird faces in the mirror so he laughs
  • “Jackson, focus!” “SHE STARTED IT” 
  • sitting with other members and joking and laughing when jackson intervenes 
  • “bambam go find another girl this ones mine”
  •  being super silly and pranking the members together and pissing them off but they ship you two so hard
  • “ill give you $5 if you put pictures of cucumbers all over youngjaes wall”
  • “would have done it for free”
  • when hes super tired from touring and you go over with food and a blanket and his fave movie
  • “i brought crispy chicken and extra fries” “will you marry me”
  •  him being the first one at your door the second you feel sad or youve had a bad day
  • “who did this to you? Was it that guy, Jeff? I’ll show him not to mess with you, no one messes with my best friend”
  • “Jackson, Jeff’s the old guy who lives next door with his wife”
  • “Ill give her a peice of my mind too then”
  • When hes touring and sees something that reminds him of you he spams your phone to no end
  • “omg”
  • “oi”
  • “look what I found”
  • “its you”
  • “pick up your phone idiot look”
  • “theyre pringles”
  • “get it”
  • “because youre a single pringle”
  • “#foreveralone”
  • “anyway i miss you”
  • throwing shade at each other so hard it makes the other members constantly confused about your relationship
  • but then constant texting about how much you miss each other when one of you two is away
  • “i hate u but i miss u” 
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • OF
  • seriously
  • are you a couple or are you enemies no one can tell
  • hand holding casually during movies
  • back hugs whenever you arent facing him
  • especially when youre sad omg all on board the train to cuddlesville
  •  “i just want you to be happy, you deserve to be happy”
  • super tight hugs out of nowhere
  • “what was that for?” “youre just really great”
  • “you look really beautiful”
  • “no no leave you hair as it is, it looks better that way”
  • *cries bc Jackson*
  • everytime you’re with a guy and jacksons around
  • *picks you up and spins you* “JAGIIII”
  • *glaring* “do you want me to be single for the rest of my life”
  • “you wouldnt be, you have me, the only man you need”
  • random cheek kisses literally anytime anywhere
  • you’d be studying on the couch and he’d just come and lie across your lap
  • “Jackson” “shhhhhhh its sleep time”
  • after lots of begging and aegyo, him teaching you (basic) mandarin
  • “can you teach me some swear words?” “why?” “so i can cuss you out in 2 languages”
  • you staying up and watching every live award show and every episode of ASC everything and anything hes on
  • screenshotting bits when he derps and saving them to show the boys and torment him with
  • texting him during ad breaks
  • “when did you become so hot???”
  • “since I was 2 years 6 months and 4 days old”
  • him arriving at your doorstep at 4 am straight after coming from the airport holding a box of pringles
  • “i missed you, pabo”
  • “missed you too”

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Ahhh your blog always makes my day!! Keep up the good work! Also, can I get a gif reaction of all the boys having a long distance relationship and seeing their girlfriend on video during a Skype call after not seeing them for a while? Thank you!

thanks sweetness ❤️

Jin: *blushes and gets excited* Oh my god hi babe, I miss you so much! How are you feeling? Are you okay? Are you eating well? I love you *rambles on*

Rap Monster: Are you eating something different? Cause I swear you’re even more beautiful than I remember…I miss you (y/n).

J-Hope: *heart is so happy he can’t even think of what to say*

Suga: *starts acting super cute bc he knows you like it* I love yooou~~ I missed yoooou~~ I actually wrote a song about you too babe

Jimin: I’m sorry (y/n) I just so excited, I miss seeing you so much!!

V: HIYEEE (YYYYYYYYY/NNNNNNN) *kisses screen 1000 times* I love you so much! Did you miss me? Cuz I missed yoooou~

Jungkook: *tries to act cool and control himself* So, my beautiful girlfriend…we finally meet again *gif*

You- Shuttup you dork

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Alittle Bit Drunk. [Nigel X Adam] Nigellecter


Nigel took Adam with him for  a business meeting , Adam didn’t know it was going to be in a strip club of all things. Adam smiled as Nigel left him to go into a back room , away from the loud music and lady dancers. Adam didn't feel comfortable waiting for his lover in such a weird place so he happened to have a bit of alcohol while he waited. After some time past , Adam felt a bit tipsy and needy and helpless wondered into the room he saw Nigel walk into. He knocked on the door.. “Nigel..I miss yooou…”