i miss wizard

I really like how they came out so first look at my TAZ boys headcanon! <3
(don’t line/trace/edit or repost my art please)

still further impressions of dragon age: inquisition (can’t stop won’t stop)

  • dorian redefines being extra. like - i don’t even - dorian, why? what are you doing? why do you only have one sleeve? how long does it take you to twirl your moustache in the morning? what do you use? tevinter-made hair gel? a toothbrush? a special tiny pair of moustache curlers? i need answers 
  • my new method for dealing with enemies is to leap on my horse as soon as the little red Enemy Alert appears and just…..ride away. ride hard. don’t look back. sometimes i like to spur the horse into a canter and whisper “you’ll never catch me alive” as i flee 
  • do you reckon the inquisitor ever has a nightmare and cole goes to comfort them and when they wake up they just start screaming hysterically because there’s a tall thin ghoul with sunken eyes standing over their bed staring down at them whispering “i sensed your fear”? because i’d like to think so 
  • on that point: sometimes i enjoy picturing a cole who is completely fashion-blind and constantly looks like he got dressed in the dark after someone took his wardrobe and gave it a really good shake. the first time he turns up in a skirt dorian is appalled and everyone’s like “what’s wrong? come on, he can wear skirts if he wants, don’t be a dick” and dorian just looks at them with wide, horror-filled eyes and whispers “but he’s wearing it with socks and sandals”
  • the only characters who have unreasonable amounts of chest on display are the male ones (and arguably sera). i find this extremely satisfying. free the nipple, gentlemen. live your dreams. 
  • i made the most grotesquely inhuman noise when hawke mentioned fenris (specifically fenris being “willing to die” to protect him). guess i’m never gonna be over that one.
  • just….hawke in general? god i’m really glad he’s back i missed my beefy wizard son and his stupid sense of humour
  • @bioware i found a bug in your game and the bug is that i can’t romance vivienne de fer. i assume it is a bug because putting someone so awesome in your game and deliberately not making them a romance option is a flagrantly amoral decision, and i like to think you’re better than that.
  • every time i’m in skyhold and i leap off a balcony my head plays the “if you love me let me gooo” song and i don’t know how to make it stop 
  • i repeat: give me viv romance or give me death

question: which hp character do you identify with most?

me: hedwig. the answer is and will always be hedwig. 

  • nocturnal
  • enjoy receiving and sending mail
  • and being useful to people i love
  • person i love most: harry james potter
  • do not take advantage of my kindness; show gratitude or else you will feel my cold disdain
  • can hold a grudge for chapters
  • harry james potter is my fav…i dwell with him in his sadness & hoot at his victories
  • but… but. sometimes he is such an idiotic little shit and i want to die from secondhand embarrassment on his behalf. i don’t even know what to do except ruffle my feathers at him.
  • it would also be nice if he didn’t put himself in danger all the damn time
  • compassionate jerk
  • still love him though. cannot help it, because he’s my son
  • really, he needs me to protect him
  • also, i am better than all my counterparts. imbeciles

During the balloon scene, while the Wizard is making his baloney speech, Scarecrow and Dorothy seem to be having some dialogue that the audience is unable to hear, which includes the infamous hand-kiss scene. What we don’t know is what they’re talking about, and after some thought I have my theory!

I think Dorothy asked Scarecrow to come with her! I came to this conclusion because we very clearly see Scarecrow shaking his head in response to whatever Dorothy said to him with a very sad expression on his face, but what else could he be saying “No” to in that particular way? If this theory proves true then it makes their final goodbye scene all that more heart-wrenching. He turns down the chance to be with her and instead lets her go so she can be free to live her life (also cause it’s in her  head and now she can channel all these feelings she has for the right person, which is Hunk, but I digress)

So what do y'all think? Do you have your own theories?


Tactile Tennant and his ongoing obsession with stroking cat-nun-nurse faces and squeezing Ood heads 

[ Wizard World Doctor Who NY Con video source ]