i miss vi ):


Bubbles Lockscreens

Heyyo mates! I was absent some time but i’m still here. I tried to do some new types of lockscreens because why not. Hope you like them. I will also fullfill my requests soon. See ya and let me know what do you think about the new locks. 

Requests are also open 24/7. 

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Nostalgia is...

…when you are playing a game with Jun Fukuyama as the voice actor of the main character, and you summon a Persona by calling their name, and it just happens that the name called is “Suzaku”.


Code Geass | Lelouch and C.C.
inspired by Semper Fidelis, my old Reincarnation AU fic from ye olde days

Maaaan, this took hours. Anyway, maybe I’m compensating because I’ve written tons about these two but I never drew them.

It’s Saint Mark’s Eve today, so which better day to share some Raven Cycle related stuff? >w< Here’s an aesthetic I made from our vid!

Link to CMV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DWPIOmI9t0&t=5s

Can’t wait to makes new photos and vis, I miss TRC so much. ;w; 

(also I’m really excited and nervous about the tv show aaaah, I need news on it NOW!)



         ❝  Don’t wanna close my eyes.    I don’t wanna fall asleep,    ‘cause I’d miss you.  

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