i miss u rins.


Hiryuu doods as a warm up

Inuyasha and Rin after the Final Act

-little Rin following Inuyasha around the village

-Rin’s attitude and personality reminds Inuyasha of Kagome

-Rin asks Inuyasha what Sesshomaru was like when he was little but Inuyasha kinda has no idea

-Rin crying because she misses Sesshomaru so Inuyasha carries her up a cliff on his back and shows her the pretty stars at night

-Rin making flower crowns for Inuyasha (of course) and braiding his hair

-Rin and Inuyasha bond over the 3 years

-Rin knows that Inuyasha misses Kagome so she tries to make him feel better by giving him cute cheek kisses

-Inuyasha becomes protective over Rin if demons come after her

-When Inuyasha is not around, Rin sits by the well sometimes and talks to Kagome, hoping that maybe she can hear her. She tells her that she wants her to come back and that Big Brother Inuyasha misses her very much

First Follow Forever!!!

AYEEE ok so like this is a kind of special post/congratulation because I love my mutuals and I checked my follower count and I have 1,400+ followers christ… I’ve been lacking alot since band/school already consumed me and I come back home feeling unmotivated/tired :’))) I’m sorry yall. So idk if everyone knows, but I am an artist and I’ve been drawing for 8-9 years now?? I haven’t drawn in a long time but I fixed my tablet pressure again and drew this as a token of appreciation for all of my followers and fellow mutuals ^^ I’m gonna put the list under keep reading cuz this is gonna be a hella long post lol,,,

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WHOA WHOA WHOA! Yesterday I reached 1000 followers! I never thought I’d have so many people following me, honestly I’m super amazed. I used to run a bit of a nothing blog, but I’m so glad I was overcome by Haru & Rin and that I’ve become a part of the beautiful Harurin/Rinharu fandom. I’ve made friends with some lovely people and found so many amazing blogs - thank you everyone!

I decided to do my first follow forever, so here’s my list ~

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