i miss u i miss ur smile and i still shed a tear every once in a while

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hi can u do 1 where u & dean are married & have 1 year old son & when deans on hunt u teach ur son 2 say dada & when dean is back ur son run 2 him saying dada & deans so happy .. fluff please

Title: Dadda.

Word count: 1,384

Author’s note: I really hope you like it! 


The sunlight streamed through my window, it landed warm on my skin, sinking into the pours and heating my body up. I stretched my entire body, my arms reaching to the other side of the bed, only to feel emptiness, a sad feeling rushing over me. I rolled myself over to the left side of the bed, where my companion usually rests, holding me tightly throughout the night. This was the side of the bed where he had first told me he loved me, where the rest of our lives together had begun. I rested my head on his pillow, his scent still absorbed in the soft fabric. I breathed him in, memories flashing through my mind of all the other times I had smelled him, happy memories. I missed him. I missed him being here to wake up to, to grip me tightly and say “Hmm, morning gorgeous,” before giving me his cheeky smirk that lit my soul on fire. Dean went on a hunt yesterday, and I knew he wouldn’t be home for a while. It was a big case. I’d offered to go with him, with Harley, and stay somewhere out of harms way yet close enough to see him, but he refused. He hated us being on hunts with him now, even though our lives together once revolved around hunting together. Things were so different now, and even though I missed the thrill, the adrenaline and the pride I felt when I hunted, especially with my beautiful husband, I wouldn’t change what I had now for anything.

My eyes began to shut again, my dreams engulfing me once more, until I heard a cry come from down the hall of our home. I immediately opened my eyes and smiled. Harley.

I jumped out of bed and skipped towards the room at the end of the hallway. I opened the door, and sat up in a gorgeous crib (crafted and painted by the one and only Dean Winchester) was our beautiful baby boy.

“Harley! Mummy’s here, hello gorgeous,” I said to him, running over with my arms wide ready to pick him up and cuddle him tightly to myself. I glanced down at him, his wide emerald green eyes staring up at me, a gift from his daddy. He had gorgeous blonde ringlet hair, and his cute smile widened as he stared up at me. Right here, in my arms, was my whole world. My beautiful baby son, Harley.

I still remembered the day I told Dean I was pregnant. We had been married for a year, and while neither of us had ever expected starting our own family so soon, we were both genuinely over-joyed when we found out. Dean picked me up and swung me around, the only words he could usher being, “I’m gonna be a daddy,” followed by his warm chuckle that right at this moment I yearned to hear. Now, Harley was a year old and we were our own little family.

Harley brought me out of my thoughts when he gargled some almost audible words, and I smiled down at him with pride. “Well done Harley! Yes, I think it’s food time for you isn’t it?” I spoke to him, encouraging him to reply, although he only clapped together his hands and giggled up at me. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard his giggle. So innocent, so young, so joyful and free. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for that boy, sometimes it scared me the lengths I knew I would go to, to protect him, to keep him safe. Then again, the love of a mother is unbreakable, the strongest bond there is. I guided Harley into the kitchen, where I picked him up and put him in his high chair. As I walked over to make some food for my baby boy, I walked past a framed photo of Mary, Dean’s mother. I paused, looking deeply at the photo. She was beautiful. A mother’s love is unbreakable.

I watched Harley happily eating away, and I hugged myself tightly. I missed Dean, and although I was used to him leaving occasionally to go on hunts with Uncle Sam, I missed his arms around me, and the way Harley’s eyes lit up every time he saw his daddy.

“You done, Harley? Wasn’t that yummy? Say yummy for me baby,” I attempted to usher Harley into saying his first word, but only gargles and mumbles come out of my son’s mouth. I smiled. I suppose it would happen eventually.

The rest of the day consisted of me sending the odd text message to my husband to check he was okay, and watching children programmes with my son, doing some drawings and some cleaning. An average day, although Dean wasn’t around, leaving me with a constant yearning. That night I slept surprisingly well, considering the empty side of the bed I had next to me.

The next day, the morning routine repeated itself. I sat Harley down after breakfast to watch some television, when he saw a picture of Dean on my phone and pointed, giggling and gurgling. 

“Yes, baby, that’s dadda. Do you miss dadda?” I asked, hugging him tightly to me. “I miss dadda, but don’t worry he’ll be home in a couple of days, maybe even before then! Can you say dadda, baby?” I asked hopeful, looking down at my son. Nothing. It would’ve been nice for Dean to come home to Harley having spoken his first word, but you can’t rush these things. I kissed his forehead and continued on with the rest of our day.

That night, I received a call from Dean, in which he commenced to tell me he missed me, he loved me and that he loved our son. I shed a single tear, telling myself to stop being so silly. It just felt weird without him here. I got Harley dressed and cleaned, and tucked up in his crib.

“Night baby boy, sweet dreams. Dadda loves you too,” I said, kissing his cheek and stroking his hair, encouraging him to slip off into the world of dreams. He turned onto his side and closed his eyes slowly. I turned away, preparing to leave Harley’s room and get into a comfy bed myself, when I heard Harley mumble, “Dadda.”

Two days later, I was sat on the couch, Harley on my lap, whilst I stared out of the window, awaiting to see the impala pull up outside our home. I saw a jogger run past, her ipod providing her with the tunes she needed to push through. I saw two birds land on the ground, and fight over a piece of crumb before flying off together. I saw a father and his daughter riding their bikes together, laughing and chatting away. I saw no impala. I turned my attention back to Harley. “Are you hungry baby?” I asked, before I heard the roaring engine of the impala. My head spun around to see my husband climbing out of his baby, on his way to greet his other baby. I picked Harley up, giggling “Dadda’s home baby, dadda’s home!” I ran to the front door with our son, and swung the door open ready to welcome Dean home.

“Why hello gorgeous, did I miss much?” Dean questioned, winking in my direction, then moved his focus down to his son, who’s arms were stretched out asking for a cuddle from daddy. “HELLO MY BIG BOY. Ugh, I missed you so much,” Dean said, dropping his bag and taking his son into his arms tightly, his eyes shutting as he embraced his baby boy.

“Dadda!” Harley exclaimed, and Dean brought his head back to look Harley in the eyes.

“Did you just say dadda? Did he just say dadda?!” He asked me, I nodded and smiled widely.

“Dadda, dadda, dadda,” our son screamed over and over again, and Dean laughed loudly and pulled Harley into another hug.

“I think that was the best thing I could’ve come home to,” he said quietly, kissing Harley on the forehead and putting him down, approaching me and engulfing me in a tight hug. “And you, my gorgeous wife, I missed you too.” Dean kissed me, gently and passionately. “Man, I’m glad I’m home. I love you.”

“I love you too, Dean. So much."