i miss u always

1 YEAR: the longest I’ve EVER managed to maintain a single blog on Tumblr. For 365 days total have I marred this website with this blog’s presence. Along the way, I managed to come across a good few people who actually decided to tolerate said presence.

All jokes aside, I’m terribly grateful for you folks who have stuck around for however long you’ve known me and kept in contact with me. I love writing with every one of you. You’re all seriously the highlight of my average day, and I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without your encouragement and support. It’s been an amazing ride thus far, and I hope it only becomes even more amazing from here on out.

May the Light be with you always, my dearest friends. ❤  ❤  ❤

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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

2017 is just a few days away, so I thought now would be an appropriate to post my follow forever for this year. 2016 has overall been rough, ngl, but I have had some great memories too. I have gotten to know a lot of cool people ((some I am lucky enough to call my friends)) and I just wanted to take this moment to thank every single one of you for filling my dash with beautiful posts on the daily. It would be a pain without you!! Hover over your URL to see a little message from me and happy holidays!! 💕💕


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i love boyfriends

i like to imagine that dex has a programming teacher that always walks around checking on their codes (making sure they don’t just fuck around on their laptops all class period) and they always manage to walk by just as nursey’s imessages pop up on dex’s screen and it’s always shit like “baby i miss u skip class and come cuddle me” or “u look so cute in that beanie today” or random lines of rlly sappy poetry and dex is always so embarrassed but the prof thinks it’s hilarious and cute and when they get home they always tell their SO abt “the lovebird in his cs2030 lab”

I miss you everyday. I always will, and I promise I won’t forget you – no matter how happy I am even though you’re not here, no matter how many times I smile through the pain, no matter how many things bring my heart joy, nothing will match the feeling you ever gave me. I want you to know that I miss you. Whatever makes me happy, I’d give to have just one more moment with you.
—  A Message to Mother
dating pony - hcs

this was requested by 3 anons and @staygoldimagines !! i hear yall lmao

  • he’s vvv clingy
    • “hey wyd? u wanna hang out”
    • “it’s been 2 hours”
    • “i know but i miss u”
  • literally always taking u out to the movies
    • whether u like it or not sometimes
    • “pony you’ve seen this movie three times why are we going to see it aga-”
  • dating pony?? well expect literal nonstop cuddling
    • like pony really enjoy just lounging around on the couch under a blanket w u 
    • talking about stuff or reading or listening to the radio or watching tv
    • but he nevER WANTS TO GET UP
    • "pony i’m thirsty, i’m gonna go pour myself some wa-”
    • "nonononO, cmon five more minutes??? five more minutes”
  • he l ov es when u play with his ears while yall cuddle
    • it makes him so sleepy and he loves that and u sm!!
  • sometimes u got a problem w pony’s smoking 
    • so you’ll dead lick your fingers and put out the cigarette that he just lit between his lips
    • or if it isn’t lit yet, you’ll just break it while its in his mouth LMFAo like
    • “nice try”
  • he’s so in love w how you look when you’re contemplative and deep in thought
    • so oFC this boy is gonna always be sketching u without u knowing
  •  the gang refuses (refuses!) to leave him alone lmao
    • “awwwwww is someone in love??”
    • *kissy noises*
    • “ohhh lover boyyyy”
    • “stfu??”
    • “ok how bout u watch ur language horsekid”
    • *a bunch of whistles from the gang*  
    • “i hate u guys sm”
    • “oh, but you LOVE Y/N”
    •  *whistles continue*
    • *pony aggressively sighs*
  • pony is so full of love for u, it’s adorable man
    • he’ll write u poems or give u sketches he drew of u
    • he’s always thinking about u!!!
    • he’s also the first to say “i love you”!
    • even though he had terrible timing lmao
    • it was probably after the first time u guys actually kissed smh
  • he’s easily jealous!!
    • like he’ll get v salty w you when u hang w someone else??
    • especially steve tbh
    • “how did u get home last night? was everything okay?”
    • “yeah! steve gave me a ride, so it was fine”
    • “stEve”
    • “yeah, steve. soda’s best fri-“
    • “why didn’t u call me?? i couldve driven u home??”
    • “PONY U HAVE THE FLU - also u can’t drive??”
    • like sometimes pony would go sit down next to u
    • but steve gets there firST
      • so pony has to sit on tHE OTHER SIDE OF STEVE LMAO