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instead of talking about brandon coming out story why not talk about how chicken broiler christian borle laugh like he bout to kill someone

Ch.3 Jealousy

“Umm … I was gonna sleep in one of the guest bedrooms” I mumbled trying to avoid eye contact. 

“What don’t be stupid you always sleep with me when you stay the night” She chuckled 

“Oh you’re mad huh … I should’ve known you were lying when you said you weren’t" 

If only she knew why I didn’t wanna stay in here. 

Clenching my jaw I responded "I told you I wasn’t mad aight. How many times I gotta tell you” I snapped my country accent comin out. 

“Well if you’re not mad come lay down, stop being weird" 

Sighing I walked over to the bed and slid in slowly keeping some distance between us. Smacking her teeth Andrea turned towards the window. Her back facing me and grabbed my right arm placing it around her waist sliding back against me so that my chest was touching her back.

"You’re being so weird I swear" 

I didn’t even respond 

The way her ass was pressing against Cj was makin me feel some type of way. This is exactly why I didn’t want to stay in here. She’s either doin this on purpose or she’s oblivious to everything she’s doin to me. 

– 15 min pass – 

"Chris I can’t sleep” Andrea suddenly whined. 

Omg why can’t she just take her ass to sleep. She’s makin this harder than it needs to be. I’m really not tryna go there wit her tonight. I’m tryin to respect her but it’s like everything is makin it hard to especially her.

“Andrea go to sleep man” I finally responded annoyance laced in my voice 

“I just said i can’t” She turned over facing me wrapping her leg around my waist. 

“Oooo I’m gonna count your freckles” She giggled

“It’s dark you can’t see them Andrea”

“Yes you can Chris” She mocked rubbing her hand across my face as if she were counting. 

Her leg around my waist and her touch was waking Cj up. I could tell she could feel him because she slightly jumped and stopped rubbing my face staring into my eyes.

“You doin this shit on purpose Andrea?” I questioned 

“Do- Doin what?” She stuttered 

“This” I said pushing Cj against her. “That’s why I didn’t wanna sleep in here" 

"Oh .. I-I didn’t realize I was doing that my bad" 

"Oh you didn’t huh? Why you stutterin” I asked rolling in-between her legs pressing Cj against her harder this time. 

“Chris    what are you doing" 

"Nothing you don’t want me to do” I responded placing kisses on her neck and jawline. Causing her to shudder under my touch. Working my way up I stopped at her plump pink lips crashing mine into hers. Her hands instantly went to the back of my neck deepening the kiss.

I kept pressing Cj against her, grinding my hips into hers making her moan into my mouth. I went back to kissing all over her neck leaving my mark. I stopped kissing on her slipping my T-shirt over her head leaving her in boy shorts. I immediately took her nipple piercings into my mouth leaving hickies all over her c-cups. I looked up to see nothing but lust in her eyes. I left a trail of kisses leading down to the top of her boy shorts. 

“Lift up” I demanded 

She wasted no time obeying my command I damn near ripped her underwear from being so impatient. Wasting no time I dove in causing her to whimper and arch her back.

“OMG CHRIS” She moaned 

My tongue moving up and down her slit spreading her lips made Cj even harder. I started sucking on her slit lapping up all her sweet juices. 

“Damn baby you taste so good” I muttered into her pussy grabbing her legs  spreading them and pulling her closer. I started spelling my name in her pussy with my thick tongue 











Sending her over the edge.

“OMFG Chris, yesssss. don’t stop” She whimpered her hands meeting the back of my head pushing me deeper. I had her right where I wanted her. I slid out of my boxers without her noticing, still eating her pussy. My dick was so damn hard it hurt. 

“Tell me where you at baby” I mumbled against her clit then diving right back in.

“ I- I - I’m bout to cum baby, fuck don’t stop papi ahhh” She screamed making my dick jump. Before she could cum I pulled away. She shot up with a hard scowl on 

“WTF Chris I was just about to AHH FUCK" 

Before she could finish I cut her off plunging deep inside her wet canal. 

"Damn Andrea” I grunted pumpin in and out. The way her pussy sucked ny dick up felt like heaven . Suckin on her neck I started goin deeper. Her nails clawing my back were sending me over the edge. 

“You’re so fuckin tight girl shit” I groaned into her neck. Andrea spread her legs further apart inviting me in deeper. 

“Mmmh Yess baby just like that! omg you feel so good” She moaned clenching her walls

“Don’t do that shit girl" 

"What” She questioned lookin me in my eyes while doin it again. 

“FUCK” I grunted. 

She wanna play? Aight. I started to pick up my pace causing the headboard to knock against the wall. I rammed in and pulled out ramming in again. Placing my hands behind her knees spreading her legs further I had the best view of her pussy swallowing up my dick every time I rammed back in. 

“Fuck Chris slow damn baby please” She begged 

Her plea only caused me to speed up. I pulled out plunging back in moving in circles. The sounds of her pussy squishing along with Andrea’s moans were bringin me to my peak. I pulled out again rubbing my dick up and down her pussy separating her lips. 

“Stop teasing me baby" 

I ignored her request sticking my head in before pulling back out then rubbing her clit with my tip. 

"Chris baby please" 

"Tell me what you want” I demanded still rubbing my dick up and down her dripping pussy. Looking into my eyes she moaned 

“Put it back in, Fuck me" 

What you say you want me to do Andrea” I asked kissing her neck. 

Placing her hands on my waist she pulled my hips into hers making my dick slide right into her love box.

“Shit Andrea" 

She started rotating her hips into mine meeting my thrusts halfway. I felt her walls clenching bringing me to my peak. 

I brought my lips down to hers causing her to wrap her arms around my neck caressing my head. 

"Chris I’m  - I’m - Ahhh Baby” She moaned before letting go. Her warm sweet juices came all over my dick sending me to my climax. Releasing deep inside her I placed soft kisses along her neck trying to catch my breath. Andrea cupped both sides of my face pulling me from the crook of her neck kissing my lips softly. 

“That was amazing” She smirked 

I pecked her lips a few more times falling asleep inside her. 

“Chris .. Chris" 

I woke up to Andrea wrapped in my arms calling my name. She looked so beautiful in the mornin with no makeup on. I looked down to see I had on my boxers and Andrea had on my tshirt and boy shorts. Wait so we didn’t. That couldnt have been a dream it felt so real. 

"Andrea what happened last night” I questioned yawning 

“Ew nigga you talk about me go brush ya damn teeth yawning in my face and shit” She chuckled 

“STFU” I grumbled smacking my teeth. Unwrapping my arm from around her waist I made my way to the bathroom taking my morning piss and brushing my teeth. As i was doing my hygiene shit i got lost in my thoughts I cant believe I had a dream about fuckin my best friend. Well I can but its just crazy. Idk what this means. Maybe I need to distance myself from her for awhile but knowin her shed start catching feelings sayin I’m avoiding her. Idk man i gotta come up with somethin . 

“Chris your hoes are blown up your phone” She shouted from the room attitude laced in her voice. 

Walking back into the room Andrea was throwin her hair into a sloppy bun sittin in the middle of the bed. Right when I sat down Andrea threw my phone in my lap

“Don’t throw shit at me Andrea” I snapped unlocking my phone. Damn she wasn’t lyin when she said my hoes was blowin up my phone. They were in full affect today. When were they not. 

BigBootyAmber: Hey daddy i miss you xoxo

Trina: Long time no see stranger 

Whitney: Really so you fucked my cousin mya the same week? You’re foul af! 

Dome: Im in LA for a few night ;-) 

Ty: Kickback moved to tonight tell Drea. 

I looked up from my phone because I kept hearing Drea giggling and shit all into her phone. Fuck she text in? 

“Who you textin” I questioned narrowing my eyes 

“Drake” She shot back nonchalantly while smirking not taking her eyes off her phone. 

She knows damn well I can’t stand that nigga but she continues to fuck with him. That niggas so sweet. Fruitcake ass, he knows she don’t want nothin serous but he continues to take her everywhere and buy her shit. Lame ass nigga. 

“Oh” I said chuckling

“Yeah” She replied even though it wasn’t needed 

She’s clearly upset about something but she needs to fix her damn attitude. Chuckling I scrolled back to my message with Trina and shot her a text telling her to come through Ty’s tonight for the kickback ;)

– Later at Ty’s – 

I was dressed to impress and so were my girls. I called up Chyna, Heather and Honey since Ty wanted me to bring some honeys. Who better than my bad bitches. 

“Bitch hurry up it started at 10 its 11” Honey complained. 

“Girl shut up we aint missin shit” I replied adding the finishing touches to my makeup. “ Aight we out” I exclaimed walking down the stairs where everyone was waiting mugging me instantly. 

“About damn time” Chyna snapped

“Fuck all y'all lets ride” I laughed walking out the door. The car ride to Ty’s was turnt up between us dancing/twerking and rapping. We were having way too much fun.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by hella smoke and loud ass music. (Pusha by Future) Everyone was just sitting in the living room on some chills shit. I noticed some bitch on Chris lap doin the most being real thirsty like the thirsty bitch she was. 

“Whatsup guys where the drinks at” I yelled while laughing with my girls 

“I should’ve known thats what you wanted alcoholic ass” Ty laughed throwing his arm around my shoulder stumbling. 

He was drunk.

“Come on ladies iknow y'all drink too” Ty slurred causing us all to laugh at how fucked up he was, 

15 minutes had passed and we were still in the kitchen takin shots messin with Ty ass. I had about 5 shots of Patron, Honey had 4, heather had 3, and Chy had 5. I knew i was faded because I get affectionate and goofy. I kept complimenting my girls it was hilarious. I noticed Ty and Chy hitting it off. They cute. We finally decide to head back out to where the others were. Everybody was hitting it off except his groupie bitch. Why was she even here.

“I just want y'all to know I love y'all man” I paused and looked at the Groupie bitch i think her name was Trina. “Well some of y'all’ I chuckled causing everyone to erupt with laughter. 

"You dumb man I fwy” Mijo replied 

“Was that supposed to be directed towards me” asked the groupie. 

“Its whatever you want it to be” I responded grabbing my blunt out my bag then lighting it inhaling its thick smoke. 

“Wait wait wait am i the only one that just thought that shit was sexy as fuck” Ty’s drunk as questioned

“Nah you aint” Red slurred causing groupie bitch to scoff. 

“Problem” I questioned her exhaling MJ 

“Bitch you’re the problem you had a problem with me since you got here.” She hollered like the ratchet she was. 

“Aye chill wit the name callin” Chris defended 

Oh now he says something. He hasn’t even spoken one word to me now he wants me to speak. FOH 

“Yeah Chris put ya groupie in check because she don’t want any problems” Chyna exclaimed muggin the fuck out Tina whatever the fuck her name is. 

Thats my bitch 

“Who are y'all, y'all are so irrelevant” She mumbled 

Sighing I inhaled my blunt before putting it out standing up. “Look you don’t want it with  me so watch your fuckin mouth before you get hit in it.” Turning to Chris i continued “I don’t even know why you brought this bitch she’s bottom of the barrel pussy” I expressed looking disgusted. 

“Yo I’m out” I kissed my boos goodbye telling them to stay and enjoy themselves. I knew Ty would let them crash there. I was way too pissed to stay. I hate being called out my name and for Chris to bring that ratchet bitch when he knows how i feel about his groupies . The fact that she disrespected me had me tight af. 

Stumbling out the house making my way to my car i heard someone calling my name. 

“Andrea .. Andrea wait" 

"What Chris” I bellowed turning  around to face him. He looked high af but sexy. His face was full of concern. 

“You can’t drive like this let me drive” He stated reaching for my keys.

Snatching my arm back i headed towards my car.

“Im good Chris go back in there to your groupie” I snapped still walking. Chris pulled my arm spinning me around to face him. Causing me to stumble into his chest.

“Chris drop it don’t try to talk to me now” I mumbled avoiding his hard glare. 

“Stop being so damn complicated I’m not letting you drive anywhere period.” He snatched my keys. “So its either you let me drive or you stayin ya ass here.

Idk why but i started crying I guess because of how he was yelling at me and this alcohol was messin with my emotions. Looking up at Chris his face softened 

"Look Andrea stop cryin aight I aint mean to yell like that.” He cupped my face in his hands. “Im sorry” He whispered again before kissing my forehead. 

“Come on lets go home” He demanded pulling me towards the car. 

“What about your groupie” I questioned sarcastically

“Man idgaf about that girl she got a ride lets go”

We hopped in the car and headed back to his house instead. Damn what a night. I still don’t fuck with Chris though. He’ll hear it in the morning but until then I’m taking my ass to sleep in his ugly ass arms.

My Experiences with Lana and Bex

Okay, so I’m trying to think about the best way to go about this.  Rather than just narrating the entire con, I’m going to present to you the four times I met each of them in the order they happened.  If you have any questions about any of it (even if it isn’t something I mentioned here) feel free to let me know!

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