i miss those days so freaking much

You know what I don’t like about dragons being on Netflix? When all the episodes are dropped at once, we watched them all at once, and then it’s like the entire fandom goes to sleep. 

Back when the show came out one episode at a time, we’d watch the episode and then pick it apart piece by piece, analyzing and talking about it, until the next one came out. 

I feel like when we watch the whole season at once, we miss the little things. All we see is the big picture, and we miss the little things that otherwise would have made us freak out. We don’t casually break down each episode and each scene to see what it really adds to the lore and to the characters; we just want more, more, more, and then the season is over. We’re so overwhelmed with getting so much at once that we don’t pause to really see the details that we missed, like back when we had one episode a week. 

I miss those days. 

Auston Matthews #5

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where Auston surprise you at college? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing. It’s so good.

A/N: sorry it took me a while to get to your request, all excuses aside i hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,325

‘You have a surprise when you get back to the dorm.’ Since getting the text from your dorm-mate nearly an hour ago you hadn’t stopped thinking of what she could possibly mean. Maybe she got another bag of that stupidly good popcorn for you again from the store. You could seriously binge eat the whole bag while having a good study session and then finish it while watching some Netflix. 

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Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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quilleth  asked:

This blog is a freaking gift to the fandom and I am SO mad that I only just found it a few days ago (I have missed so much entertaining stuff T_T)! It makes me want to go back and play inquisition again :)

Feel free to dig through my garbage, and check out older stuff. Thanks a lot for the compliment though. 

Also whatever might be stopping you from playing Inquisition?… Go fight those red templars, go aggressively pick up some elfroot, go attempt to climb a mountain with your horse for 40 minutes before giving up, go stare at Solas’ buttflap majestically undulating with the breeze. 

Thedas is your oyster. 


anonymous asked:

I think Zayn looks FANFUCKINGTASTIC right now oh boy oh boy. I remember years back before I knew much about this band (GOD I miss those days) and I saw the Steal My Girl video and I asked someone in the know, in all seriousness, if Zaynie was all right. Like health wise. Because to ME he looked not well during that era. At all. I mean he was always gorgeous but yeah. So to see him looking like he does know makes me so gosh darn freaking HAPPY because HE looks happy. And healthy :)))

Zayn has been gorgeous his whole life, but I agree, in late 2014 compared to now? Tremendous – like, my heart boob grew 18 sizes seeing Zayn emerge so  healthy and vibrant (!!!!!!11!!). 

LOOK AT HOW HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND WONDERFUL, truly the best aesthetic, 100/10 would CrowdFund again, @ Nasa figure out a way to harness this magic and use this as a new way to fuel rocket ships to my heart

anonymous asked:

I just really wanted to say that I love your account and your headcanons~ I read those when I'm having a bad day and it really cheers me up!! You're such a dear, ya know that? (I don't know why i want to tell you this but there's a thought running through my head: Jumin's diamond pen goes missing because Saeyoung steals it to dance the "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" dance just because he can.) Sorry, I blabber too much. Carry on with your day~

im so glad my writing can cheer you up ^^ and ummmMM this is NOT blabber this is freaking funny i can see it happening so vividly in my head

  • “assistant kang, have you seen my pen?”
  • “did you leave it at home again, Mr. Han?”
  • “no i…i could have sworn”
  • Jumin gets a notification on his phone
  • its a new video message from Saeyoung
  • he opens the video
  • Saeyoung is wearing copious amounts of leopard print and a pair of ridiculous sunglasses
  • Jumin was used to getting stupid videos from Saeyoung but-
  • Jumin hold the phone close to his face
  • Saeyoung, you-
  • “i have a pen….i have an apple”
  • NO!
  • NO!
  • Jumin watches in horror as Saeyoung shoves his diamond encrusted pen in to a fucking apple
  • (in the background of the video Yoosung can be heard snorting from behind the camera)
  • Jaehee heard the shouting and runs into Jumins office
  • “whats going on in here?”
  • Jumin’s face is dark and sinister
  • “assisstant kang, please call a car for me. i must pay Saeyoung a visit”
  • when Saeyoung sees Jumin at his door he legit tries to climb out of the window
  • but its too late
  • Jumin is inside now
  • “Saeyoung is swear to god i’m going to kill you”
  • and that’s how Saeyoung Choi dies, kids

also i would like to add that you’re such a dear and i love u!

Coincidental Rain

ok so i literally had no inspiration or motivation for drawing these past few days despite finally gaining my free time so i picked up my phone and just started randomly typing out whatever came to mind and TADA I ENDED UP MAKING A 5279 WORD FIC. seriously this was all just impulsive writing and i don’t know what i’m doing i never even wrote an actual fic before but since i spent all this effort making this i thought what the heck i’ll just post it and here we are. please enjoy?

it’s a simple oneshot story about mari meeting adrien again after a long time, with some fluff and stuff.

also on ao3 and ff.net!

>chapter 2

It was such a coincidence yet it wasn’t one at all.  

Golden yellow and reflecting the light from the windows, there he stood with his side swept hair. She stared in awe and shock, tea cup in hand. His eyes, vibrant green and brighter than she’s ever seen it be, blinked and moved. The moment they met hers was as if the world had come to a standstill. She’s never felt so caught, so enchanted. His eyes widened, then softened, his mouth tilting upwards. The smile she’s always seen, the smile she’s etched into memory; to be able see it again just as gentle as it was before, she really doesn’t know how fate works. 

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Hun? Han. ♡

I remember the first 

I remember the last

I remember this was the first hunhan picture i saved in my phone 

I remember that night I couldn’t sleep because I had so much feels, I was rolling on my bed non stop because fdjsfhasjklfhjak

It was always like this when it come to hunhan, exploding feels

I remember when I always screencap hunhan and start drawing hearts hehe

I remember crying so much while watching exo showtime bcos of hunhan 


I remember this, it made me cried in the bus and some lady was judging me so badly 

I remember I asked for a hunhan moment as my bday present, i got it

I remember I was having my bday dinner and i couldnt continue eating, i was freaking out 

I remember in luhan’s eyes there was always a certain oh sehun 

& in sehun’s eye there was always a certain luhan 

hunhan is my greatest pain but also my greatest happiness 

I always thought of giving up on hunhan because of their little interaction but i nvr once did, because they were always thr

whether if it was obvious or not, they were always there 

but now, i have to, i finally have to give up 

it’s hard to give up on something that had given me so much to remember, but i have to 

because all these will just become a memory, a “used to”, a “once”. 

& I think I’ll miss this for life, but I’m grateful they took a step into my life and gave me so much

Maybe one day while scrolling through twitter I'll just see updates on hunhan moments again, and start freaking out like how i always do

but for now, i guess it’s just goodbye my first otp, goodbye my pain, goodbye my happiness, goodbye my hunhan 

“because every hunhan moments are precious moments” i’ll continue living w this motto, hoping someday those precious moments will be real again

My otp is not dead, my otp didn’t sink, they just decided to fly different ways. Maybe one day while flying they’ll meet each other again

But until then, thank you for flying w us, let’s fly together again someday even if I have to wait till the next life i would

Because i know hunhan is forever, at least in my heart they’ll still be sailing 

In another life, I would still choose this otp 

Please don’t forget that in exo, there was once a beautiful thing called hunhan

Thank you and goodbye my most precious hunhan

“hun” will only be complete if it ends with a “han" 

hun? han.  ♡ 

Stuck *Sammy Wilk Imagine*

Requested by attorneyl

Sorry for the delay in Sammy Week, 


What would you do if you were caught in between two guys that you really cared about? 

What if you were dating one of them already but the other one had no idea because you didn’t know how to tell him?

There really is no what if because you were actually stuck in this situation at the moment.

You and your boyfriend Sammy have been together for awhile but you didn’t know what to do, Sam just wanted to tell Nate already but you wanted him to hear it from you.

You didn’t wanna come between them they’re more than just best friends they’re practically brothers and you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you were the reason they ever stopped talking.

Your phone vibrated so you reached over to your nightstandand picked it up and saw it was a text from Sammy.

You tossed your phone to the side and groaned this totally sucked.

A few hours later you met up with the guys at the studio you were really hoping that Sammy would keep his hands to himself in front of Nate something he really seemed to have difficulty with.

Sammy was recording when you got there so you sat on the couch next to Nate.

“What’s good y/n?”  he said without looking up from his computer “Sup, how long have yo guys been here?” “2 hours, gotta make some magic, doesn’t happen over night” you laughed “Of course not” 

You looked up at just in time to make eye contact with Sam who of course took the opportunity to wink at you, which you quickly gave him a dirty look and looked away. You knew what he was doing and it wasn’t funny he needs to just chill out because the more he taunts you the longer you’ll wait to tell Nate that you and Sam are together.

Minutes later the boys switched places and now Sam sat next you “If you don’t stop doing what your’re doing I’ll never tell him about us” you said low enough so that the guy working the sound board couldn’t hear you.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about y/n” he said looking down at his phone, you rolled your eyes “Samuel you know exactly what I’m talking about” all he did was laugh and go back to his phone.

You looked back up at ate who wasn’t paying attention to anything but the lyrics he had written on his phone, you really hoped you didn’t hurt him too much to the point where he didn’t wanna be friends with you or Sam anymore.

After the boys studio session you guys all went to eat, Sam kept texting you annoying you to tell Nate the truth and to be honest you didn’t wanna hear it anymore so you were going to try your best to get this over with and tell Nate the truth.

So when Sammy got up to go to the bathroom leaving you and Nate alone you figured it was a good time to tell him.

“Sooo, can I tell you something…?” you asked him making him look at you suspiciously before saying “Are you pregnant?” you threw a napkin at him “No you idiot” he started laughing “Okay i’m sorry what do you need to tell me?”

“Well…wow shit you’re gonna hate us so much” you were freaking out right now. “Us? Whose us?” 

“Us as in me and um…” you trailed off unable to bring yourself to get the words out

“You and Sam?” he finished for you “How did you…?” you were shocked, how did he know that? You guys were so careful not to let anyone know you were together.

“Y/n how dumb do you think I am?” Nate said laughing and you didn’t know whether that was a good sign or not but you just went with it.

“I dont think you’re dumb at all I just didn’t wanna-” Nate cut you off “Hurt me? Yeah it sucks but I’ll be fine, I got love for both of you guys and if you want each other than dont let me stop you” “So you’re not mad or anything?” “Nah I’m a big boy i’ll survive” “Sorry we kept it from you…actually Sam wanted to tell you” “Its all good, no hard feelings, you two are family” “So it wont be awkward or make you uncomfortable?” you questioned “Nope”

Before the conversation could go any further Sam had come back. “So what’d I miss?” he said falling back into his seat next to you. 

“I was just telling y/n how much I wanna be with her” Nate told him “What?” Sam freaked and you started laughing.

“Chill out babe he knows I told him” “You finally told him, praise the lord” he said making you roll your eyes.

“Are you two gonna be one of those annoying ass couples who think they’re the only people in the world?” Nate complained so Sam said  “Probably” 

Later that day you laid in your bed next to Sam. It honestly felt like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders now that Nate knew.

“I told you he wouldn’t freak out” you groaned  “Shut up Sam I get it you were right” “What was that? I dont think I heard you right” he teased “I am not repeating myse…oh my god no stop” he started tickling you.

“Say it and I’ll stop”


“Fine then” he continued tickling you. 

“Okay okay you were right I was wrong!” you gave in, he stopped tickling you and kissed you instead “That’s right baby, daddy is always right” “Ew”

You were so glad that you were to free to just be with Sam and not stuck in between two boys you really cared about. 

ive been listening to So MUCH fob and patd to catch up on what i missed bc back in the day i only listened to the same 3-4 songs over and over but when i get to those songs its like. so intense. fuckin thrown headfirst back into middle/early high school with my shitty scratched up ipod mini all like AM I MOOOOOOORE THAN U BARGAINED FOR YET

Late night thoughts:
Well, I’m currently writing this at 12:03 am..
And my mind is completely jumbled up ..
I have no idea what to do, where to go, or where I’m heading.
But somehow, I find myself stuck; wishing you were here.
I find myself with tears in my eyes because I know that I’ve let go of everything I’ve always wanted ..
I find myself feeling empty, no part of me whole, because I miss the way I used to talk to you and vice versa.
But you want to know what I miss the most ?? ..
I miss your touch . I miss how it made me feel so content .
I miss your kisses . Not the ‘this is the routine’ kisses but the ‘fuck, I’m so madly and deeply in love with this girl’ kisses .
I miss your body intertwining with mine ; and the way you used to lay your head on my chest .
I miss calming you down by making you listen to my heartbeat .. Because we both knew that no matter what, we were made for each other .
And you want to know what else I miss??
If you guessed you, then your answer is correct .
I miss you. All of you. Not just the 'let’s go do something later’ 'everything is great between us’ 'honeymoon phase’ you. But the late night 'I’m freaking out and I need you’ 'I feel so hopeless’ 'I’m about to break’ 'hair in a messy bun, no make up, and pajama kind of day’ you.
I miss the love we had; the love that we shared. The way that anywhere we went, we knew it was us against the world.
I even miss the arguing .
When you were mine, I hated it. I hated it so damn much. And not just the 'stop arguing with me’ arguments; but the 'I’m so fucking tired of you’ arguments .
Why do I miss those??
Because they were apart of us.
They made our relationship stronger.
I can sit here and blame it on the fighting and arguing all I want, but it was so much more than that.
It was the feeling of never being good enough . It was the feeling of worthlessness . It was the feeling of 'you can do so much better than me’ and the feeling of 'someone else will give you so much more than I can’ .
But guess what??
I’m good enough for you.
And guess what else??
I’m worthy, because you’ve reassured me of that.
Oh, and guess what?!
No one will be better than me and no one else will ever give you more than I can.
You wanna know why??
Because even though I’ve turned my cheek and ran in the opposite direction; my footprints are left in the sand and I lye here, slowly finding my way back.
I know I’m to blame; I know this was me and not you.
And trust me,
I know that I’m the one who walked away.
But I can promise you, it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.
And I can promise you that I’d do anything to get your heart back.
Did I mention the fact that I’m crazy in love with you and can’t imagine a life with anyone else ??
Because that’s the honest to God truth.
I can’t be in someone else’s presence without finding something about you in them.
I can’t be in someone else’s presence because it leads me right back to you.
But guess what??
You’re gone .
You did exactly what I pushed you so hard to do.
You turned around and decided that I had pushed so hard, that you were done with my shit .
I never realized a lot of things until I lost you.
I knew what I wanted, but somewhere along the way, I forgot.
And I’m to blame.
I’m the one who has to live with the consequences of my actions.
And now I have to sit here and say
'She was, she is, and she always will be my entire world .. But she’s gone.’
So lift your glass, and let’s make a toast:
Here’s to you, and here’s to me, and here’s to us, who will always be
A memory in every part of my mind, and a broken heart I left behind.
So here’s to you and here’s to me; and here’s to a better tomorrow, and the person you’ll turn out to be. I don’t know what I can do or say, to make you understand I don’t want to live my life this way.
I want you always, and I want you forever. But here’s to the one’s that’ll do whatever.
Here’s to the one’s that will protect your heart, and here’s to the one’s that will set you apart.
Here’s to the people that’ll help you when you’re blue.
And here’s to the people that will help you through.
But here’s to me for the courageous words; and here’s to you for being absurd.
Always remember, don’t ever forget; this heart will love you until the end.
~ finished at 12:48am.