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one piece sentence starters / change pronouns as necessary!!

  • “your piece of meat is a bit larger than mine. do you mind if we switch?”
  • “we don’t have the octopus.”
  • “it is still unexplained by modern science.”
  • “shit, he’s got it.”
  • “marines… coming… we… ship… run.”
  • “don’t worry.”
  • “look at no. seven, talking all high & mighty to no. one.”
  • “if i get reincarnated… i wanna become a clam.”
  • “i’ve missed fifteen meals.”
  • “i was asleep for three days?!”
  • “are you stupid enough to fall for such a stupid trap that such stupid people set up?”
  • “i’m not meant to die here.
  • “a dead end? after i had to walk all this way? that’s no fair!”
  • “why does that man have a pinwheel on his head?”
  • “when you’re hungry, eat.”
  • “nobody hurts a friend of mine.”
  • “i am not your ally.”
  • “his ass is expanding!”
  • “if you kill yourself, i’ll kill you.”
  • “it’s okay to cry, as long as you move on.”
  • “we are a thousand meters in the air. do you know how many times your life would flash before you hit the ground?”
  • “your ass is grass!
  • “we’ll think things over once we’re safe.”
  • “i have to go directly south, & that’s the direction that feels the warmest.”
  • “people say, is it the afro that makes the champion, or the champion that makes the afro…”
  • “imagining her as a mermaid is for some reason really gross.”
  • “not getting anything to eat before sunrise is the worst!”
  • “nothing… happened.”
Share your PotO collection

A cookie cutter in the shape of the mask and three CDs I also own are missing on my collection pics: The recording of the 25th anniversary show, the English soundtrack of the 2004 PotO movie and ‘Phantasia’ by Julian Lloyd Webber, because I either forgot to add them to the pieces on the photos or they were in my car and I was too lazy to get them XD. Beside these fours things I hope I didn’t forget anything else of my collection.

Please let me see your collections as well!

© of the drawing by @mazandaroga

© of the picture behind the clock by @ladyofthefanart

daytimesleeper2  asked:

💙👬🐰💿 hehe

💙- hyung line or maknae line ?
Maknae line (how tf can I even chose between them. I picked maknae line because I bias that kid)

HHYH…. idk why but that era was so phenomenal, I cannot let go. I miss bangtan from that time.

🐰- Describe Jungkook in three emojis
Here are my 3 emojis : 🐇💪🎤


The original Broadway cast of Hamilton performing “Alexander Hamilton” in the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, February 2016

So I was making this Lams gifset and had to cut the Grammy performance out of the whole show because Photoshop was being an ass, and I couldn’t remember seeing it online anywhere, so I thought I’d upload it as well (Here’s the Tony performance by the way).

Batfam as things my fam has said

Dick: *tells a joke*


Dick: Okay, but when it’s about my life, everyone laughs.


Jason: I’m really trying, and it’s just not working.

Tim: There is no try. Only do.

Jason: I don’t think Star Wars is really going to help me right now.

Tim: *scoffs* Shows what you know.

Dick: You know, I’m proud he got that reference.


Jason: *messes up*

Bruce: *addresses the younger kids* Okay, he’s older. That means you should all learn from his mistakes or risk being just as much of a fuck-up.

Jason: Dad!

Bruce: *raises an eyebrow*

Jason: *sighs* It’s true.


Bruce: Okay Tim, you need some sleep.

Tim: You know, I’ve got enough problems in my life without you shoving your mainstream ideals and corporate agendas down my throat.

Bruce: …?

Tim: Yeah, goodnight.


Dick: Okay, but if cotton shirts shrink when they get wet, does that mean sheep shrink when they get wet?

Jason: Bro, sheep produce wool.

Dick: Really?

Jason: Cotton comes from a fucking plant.

Dick: *in a small voice* So…sheep….don’t shrink…..when they get….wet….?

Tim: I think your brain shrinks when it gets wet.


Damian: *walks into the kitchen at 12:00 a.m.* *sees Dick laying on the table crying*

Damian: So this is adulthood.

*like a month after that*

Damian: *walks into the kitchen late at night again* *sees Jason sitting in front of the fridge just staring while holding a jug of milk*

Damian: Is this like a thing? Does every adult in this family have mental breakdowns in the kitchen late at night?

Bruce: You’ll understand it someday.

Damian: *turns the light on* *sees Bruce sitting on the counter with a single piece of bread*

Damian: What was I born into?


*at McDonald’s*

Dick and Jason: *get their own food*

Tim and Damian: *have to share*

Damian: Dad, that’s not fair. Why do we have to share?

Jason: Because we’re older, nimrod. We’ve paid our dues.

Dick: Yeah. I’m older than all of you. Dad had to raise me before he knew what the fuck he was doing.

Bruce: Jokes on all of you. I still don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.


Jason: *ruins the end of a movie the others haven’t seen*

Dick: You know, there’s a special place in hell for people like you.

Damian: Yeah, it’s this family.


*at the pediatrician’s*

Bruce and Damian: *waiting for the doctor*

Bruce: *starts opening the cabinets* *finds the latex gloves* *starts stuffing them in his pockets*

Damian: Um, Dad? What are you doing…?

Bruce: I use these when I’m working. I like the ones from my doctor better. These are all meant for small hands.

Damian: Well maybe you shouldn’t be stealing from your son’s pediatrician then—or your doctor for that matter.

Bruce: Maybe your pediatrician shouldn’t have such small hands.

Damian: That is so not the problem with this situation.

(I know Bruce is hella rich, but my fam isn’t. lolol)


*getting free samples from the store*

Bruce: Okay, Jason take your jacket off and go up there again. She’s elderly and will probably think your someone else.

Jason: *rolls his eyes* *goes anyway*

Dick: Dad, that is horrible.

Bruce: Do you want lunch son? 

Dick: Yes?

Bruce: Okay then. Roll your shorts up, put your hair in a ponytail, and pretend you’re my daughter.

Tim: We’re all going to hell.


Dick, Tim and Jason: *fighting over what movie to watch*

Damian: *gives a suggestion* *gets ignored*

Dick, Tim and Jason: *keep fighting*

Damian: Hello!

Dick, Tim and Jason: *still ignore him* *still fighting*


Dick, Tim and Jason: *turn to Damian in shock*

Damian: That’s right. I am capable of speaking. I may be the youngest, but I still exist.


Jason: Hey, Dick?


Jason: What’s wrong with him?

Tim: Someone ate all the Lucky Charms.


Jason: How do you know when a fish is dead?

Dick: That’s an ominous question.

Jason: But like, how do you know?

Dick: I don’t know. Usually if they’re upside down at the top of the water.

Jason: So…laying at the bottom of the bowl all pale and colorless probably means dead, right?


Jason: I DON’T KNOW! I think I fed him too much. I mean, he just kept eating. I figured he was just that hungry!

Dick: Damian is going to kill you.

Jason: This is like his fifth fish. How attached could he have been, really?


Damian: I thought I said that this family was banned from going anywhere near my fish. Why do you all keep killing my pets? Dad freaking swallowed one!

Jason: Wow Dad. I just overfed one. At least I didn’t eat it. 

Bruce: That wasn’t my fault! You shouldn’t be putting them in water bottles!



Tim: Why is the world against me?

Damian: Is that rhetorical or would you like me to answer?


Dick: *wakes up* I really feel like today is going to be a good day.

Dick: *spills his bowl of cereal on himself*

Dick: I’m going to go to bed now.

Bruce: Dick, you just woke up.

Dick: Well the world doesn’t seem to care!


Tim: Can you have a midlife crisis at 17?

Damian: I don’t even think I’ll make it to 17.

Jason: I’m pretty sure I died the day I turned 19.

Dick: I’ve been having a midlife crisis for the past three years.

Tim: So that’s a yes.


Bruce: I miss being young and childless.

Jason: As your child, that’s just so nice to hear.


Bruce: Why aren’t you in school right now?

Dick: Dad, why does life feel like an endless abyss of self-loathing and humiliation?


Bruce: I’m just going to call and say you have the flu.