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‘I hate you so much, Newt Scamander!’ - Cuddling with Newt

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Newt is knocking on the door of your shared apartment and as soon as you open the door, he has his arms wrapped around you tightly.
‘I missed you so much, (y/n)!’
‘You only crossed the street and bought some bread, Newt.’
‘Wow, okay! Can’t a boyfriend miss his girlfriend anymore?’, Newt asks with a cocky look but breaks out in laughs, when he sees your angry face and crossed arms.
‘Do you even know how cute you look when you are annoyed by me? I’m gonna tell you: very cute! But I still prefer your lovely smile’, he states and you can’t even think before he has his hands all over your body, tickling you.
‘Newt Scamander! Stop it right now! I’m serious!’
‘Well hello, serious! I’m Newt Scamander’, answers the man while he carefully places you on your bed and kisses your neck softly.
You push him off of you.
‘I hate you so much’, you tell him.
‘I love you too, (y/n), I love you too’, Newt replies, puts one arm around your waist and pulls you closer.
You turn around and face your boyfriend.
‘How did I ever get so lucky, that one hell of wizard like you shares a bed with me’, you question and look into his piercing green eyes with admiration.
‘You are too good for this world, (y/n)’, Newt states and pulls your head to his chest.
Together you drift into a deep sleep.
The only thing you realise before slipping into your dream about the man lying next to you, is the feeling of a soft, fluffly creature rolling itself into a ball, on your back.
The niffler had escaped from his case once again. 

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MICHELLE OBAMA, THE BEST 44TH First Lady of The United States 

Although the circumstances of our lives may seem very disengaged, with me standing here as the First Lady of the United States of America and you just getting through school, I want you to know we have very much in common. For nothing in my life ever would have predicted that I would be standing here as the first African-American First Lady.

i swear with the new livestream with alex and dana is so good, so nice in every way, but I just… hearing alex pull out stan, soos and bill and just staying in character makes me realize how much i miss these characters…. i miss this show so much…. and it’s all hilarious and for a good cause but i’m just in that state where

We Don’t Make Good Friends [Part 3]

Oh man here we go again

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Unsurprisingly, smut, A lil bit of angst? and some fluff

Summary: You and Jungkook broke up but you were trying to work on a friendship. Until Jungkook decided that friendship just wasn’t working anymore.

Word Count: 2k

Just some mild fluff and bantz amongst the BTS members

Part 1 Part 2

I woke up the next morning with my face buried into a fluffy white pillow and a few strands of hair covering my eyes. Part of me was convinced that last night had never happened and that I had just woken up from the most incredible dream, but the strong arm that was loosely wrapped around my waist proved that the events from the night before were very much so reality. I took in a deep breath and stretched my arms before turning my body to face the boy laying in bed next to me.

Jungkook was still sleeping peacefully, his breathing was deep and his features were soft and relaxed. I missed getting to see him in this state, so tranquil and at peace. I wanted to brush my fingers across his smooth cheeks but the risk of waking him wasn’t worth it. I took in his appearance for a few minutes more, then slowly moved his arm from my waist and slipped out of the bed.

I walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Stopping in front of the mirror, I took in what I looked like. My hair was matted and sticking out in all directions. My makeup was slightly smudged under my eyes because I hadn’t gotten the chance to take it off last night before I fell asleep. I had bags under my eyes but the grin on my face was more noticeable than anything else. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t wipe the smitten smile from my face. I grabbed my brush from the counter and attempted to detangle my hair, then I went to the shower and turned on the water. When the bathroom was filled with steam, I stepped into the shower and went about my routine. I let my muscles relax under the warm water and let my mind clear away any and all thoughts. After making sure I got all the conditioner out of my hair, I turned off the water, squeezed my hair to take out any excess water, then stepped out of the shower.

I wrapped myself in the white fluffy hotel towel, then walked into the bedroom. Jungkook was awake now, he was  laying on his side with the blanket pulled under his bare arms, scrolling through something on his phone which he had plugged into the charger that was plugged into the wall. When he heard me walk into the room, he looked up from his phone and let it fall onto the mattress. He smiled widely and stretched his arms out in front of him, scrunching his face.

“The bed got cold without you in it,” he told me.

“Sorry,” I shrugged, “I smelled bad,” I stated and grabbed my pajamas from the ground.

“Well you don’t anymore,” he pointed out, “so come back.”

I chuckled and pulled on the oversized t-shirt I liked to sleep in, then climbed under the covers next to him.

He pulled my body close to his and wrapped his long arms around me. I buried my face into the crook of his next and sighed happily. We sat silently, looking at the view through the open window enjoying each other’s company. Even though it felt like no time had passed, Jungkook looked at the clock  on the bedside table and jolted upright, “Oh! I didn’t realize it was so late! We’re gonna miss breakfast if we don’t go down soon.”

I followed his gaze to the clock and groaned, rolling over and putting my face deep into the pillow. Jungkook chuckled and tucked my hair behind my ear, “I’m gonna go back to my room, okay? I need to brush my teeth and get a clean change of clothes,” he told me.

I looked up at him and pouted, “I don’t want you to go!”

He chuckled again then leaned down and firmly pressed his lips to mine. Just as I was beginning to melt into him, he pulled back, “why don’t you go downstairs and get some breakfast with the other members. I’ll meet you down there in a few minutes.”

I sighed as he got up from the bed and put his clothes from last night back on, “I’ll see you in a few minutes, “ he said again then ducked out of the room.

I grumbled after the door closed and got up to put on clothes. I slipped on a pair of light wash jeans and a basic white v neck t-shirt, channeling my inner Jungkook style. I double checked my appearance in the mirror, brushing my still damp hair and opting to skip the makeup for today. Then, I grabbed my room key and walked to the elevator that led down to the lobby where I could get breakfast and see the other guys.

Jungkook’s POV

I fumbled to find my room key and silently prayed that Tae and Jimin had already gone downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t have the energy to deal with them this early in the morning.

I found my room key which had been buried deep in my back pocket and reached out to put the card in it’s slot to unlock the door. I put it halfway in but the card was snapped out of the slot by the door quickly swinging open.

“Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin said after he aggressively opened the door, “it’s about time you came back! Do you know what happened to me last night?! Cassie came into our room and demanded that we let her sleep here!” he rambled on shrilly while I rolled my eyes and ducked into the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush, putting a bit of toothpaste on it then running it under the water.

“She didn’t demand, I told her she could. And nothing weird even happened. We didn’t even kiss once, I really don’t know why this is so upsetting to you,” Tae said to Jimin as I ran the bristles of the toothbrush over my teeth, basking in the fresh taste of mint.

My two group mates stood in the doorway of the bathroom, going back and forth about whether or not it’s acceptable to let your girlfriends come into the room when there’s another person there. They tried to ask my opinion but, honestly, I couldn’t care less about it. I spit into the sink and rinsed my mouth.

“Okay, stop,” Tae said to Jimin, “this isn’t what is important right now. Jeon Jungkook,” he said sternly, turning the attention back to me.

“Where’d you go last night?” Jimin teased, hitting me and giggling like a gossipy schoolgirl.

I looked at him through the mirror but said nothing.

“Jungkook, just tell us, did you or did you not get back together with Y/N last night?” Tae said, leaning in in anticipation for my response.

I turned my gaze to him then shook my head, refusing to answer, then began to mess with my bedhead and attempt to tame it.

Jimin sighed, “I knew he wouldn’t tell us straight up.”

“Okay how about this,” Tae began, “Jungkook, don’t say anything if you and Y/N are back together.” he waited to see if I’d say anything.

Seeing my hyungs so desperate for answers made me feel smug and I couldn’t stop the smirk from growing on my face and I made eye contact with both of them and gave them an answer through my lack of words. When they caught on, they both screamed and hollered, cheering at my answer. They both took their turn playfully hitting me and tousling my hair and pushing me around as best friends do.

I tried to push them away but their enthusiasm had me laughing and cheering along with them.

“So it’s for real, you and Y/N are really back together?” Jimin asked.

I shrugged and nodded, “we talked last night and decided to give it another try.”

“That’s not the only thing you did last night, you dog!” Taehyung teased and pushed me around.

I rolled my eyes again and tried not to look too smug, “shut up,” I told him, “let’s go get some breakfast, I’m starving,” I walked towards the door and opened it.

“I bet you are. The exercise you did last night could really work up an appetite,” Jimin continued to taunt me.

I turned around and shoved him against the door frame, making him yelp and laugh. Together, the three of us walked to the elevator to go down to the lobby.


When I got to the lobby, Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Cassie were already down there, sitting at a large table with four empty seats available. There were laughing and carrying on while eating their breakfast and drinking coffee. I took the open seat next to Cassie and greeted everyone.

They all warmly welcomed me then Hoseok asked, “what did you do yesterday?” I paused to see if his question had any teasing undertones then looked to Cassie who was pretending to not know the answer to his question.

He seemed like he was genuinely asking and had no idea what happened yesterday which meant Cassie hadn’t told them yet, “I walked around town a bit. There’s a bridge that overlooks the river, it’s super pretty! I went there during sunset,” I told Hoseok.

“I went for a walk too,” Yoongi said before putting a grape in his mouth, “but then I fell asleep before sunset and didn’t wake up until this morning,” he said in between bites.

“I thought he was dead when I came into our room!” Hoseok beamed his million dollar smile and laughed.

“Good morning!” I heard Taehyung shout his greeting from behind me.

While the other guys returned the greeting, I turned around to see Tae, Jimin and… Jungkook walking towards the table. My heart started beating a mile a minute when I saw his face. He was looking right at me as he walked to the table and sat down in the open seat next to me.

Jimin asked the group how they slept during the night but Jungkook leaned in a whispered to me before I could hear their responses, “Hi,” he said softly.

“Hi,” I hoped I wasn’t blushing.

“Jimin and Tae know about last night. It’s hard to hide that from your roommates,” he seemed almost apologetic.

“That’s okay. I don’t really care if the others find out, I’m just happy to be with,” I gushed.

He raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Then you won’t mind if I do this,” he said before pressing his lips to my cheek, making me curl away and giggle.

“Hey,” Namjoon said surprised, “did you just kiss her cheek?! Does that mean…”

Jungkook looked at me then announced, “Y/N and I are back together.”

The four people at the table who didn’t know the news either gasped or instantly began to holler excitedly. They threw napkins and shoved Jungkook all around, clearly very pleased at the news.

“Honestly, thank god,” Yoongi, who was the only one still sitting down said, we all turned to him to hear what else he had to say, “the kid has been so angsty since you two broke up. It was starting to get annoying.”

Jungkook put his hand over his heart, pretending to me hurt, “I was heartbroken, hyung!”

Yoongi shrugged, “you were whiney.”

The group laughed and carried on then we all enjoyed a nice breakfast together. It was easy to say this weekend turned out to be much nicer than I originally thought it would be.

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She is my girl

Someone is hitting on Bill’s girl, what will he do? During the years when Hillary was Secretary of State.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have to travel a lot and this meant that, very often, she have to stay away from her husband for too long. This last journey would bring her in Europe, in particular in Germany, the good news was that she would see her friend Angela Merkel and she was sure that she would spend a wonderful trip with David, a young man that would stay with her in the official meeting for the next years. David was very funny, kind and he always seemed to know what to say to made Hillary smile and to keep her awake during boring meeting.
“I love you honey, I’m going to miss you”
”I love you, Bill”
Bill had accompanied her to the airport and he would wanted to follow Hillary on her journey, because they were never able to spend so much time together between her work as Secretary of State and his work with the Clinton Foundation. All he could do now was hug her, wish her good luck and kiss her passionately before she departed.
Bill loved his wife so much and he was so proud of her, because after 25 years in which she supported him despite her career she was finally able to fulfill her dreams and she was finally focusing on her career, but he sometimes wished that they could just relax and live their life like a normal couple.
“I will miss you too, I’ll call you when I landed“
“Ok, don’t work too hard“
“I love you, Bill, bye“
“Me too, so much, bye baby“

Once she arrived in Germany, Hillary called her husband and then she went straight to her room to take a shower and to rest before getting ready for dinner. Hillary would had dinner with David and she was happy about that because for once she wouldn’t be alone for dinner.
“Hi, Hillary“
“Hi David, are you ready for tomorrow?“
“Yes, I can’t wait, I’m so excited and I have never been to Germany, so I would love to visit it, do you want to come with me tomorrow night?“
“Sure, why not, it will be funny“
“You’re beautiful tonight Hill“ - Hillary looked him amazed.
“Oh David, you’re very sweet, thank you“
“It’s just the truth“
“So, what do you expect from this trip?“

They finished the dinner and Hillary couldn’t wait to go to bed and maybe fall asleep listening to Bill’s voice on the phone.
“Would you like to get a drink together before we go to bed?“
“Thank you David, but I’m very tired, tomorrow we need to wake up very early“
“Oh come on, the night is still young“
“Yes, but I’m not and I’m very tired, I’m sorry“
Hillary was about to leave when David grabbed her by the arm, turned her around and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“Ok then, good night“
“Good night David“
She immediately went to her room, she didn’t know what to think, David was very kind to her, perhaps too much. Was he flirting with her? It couldn’t be, he had half her age, and she was married, maybe she was just wrong, he was just trying to be nice.
Once inside her room she prepared to go to bed and called her husband.
“Hi, honey“
“Hi, it’s nice to hear your voice“
“I already miss you“
“Me too baby, so what do you wear?“
“Are you trying to do phone sex?“
“Isn’t it obvious?“ - Hillary couldn’t help but smile, even after so many years of marriage, he could always surprise her and make her feel young again.
“I’m wearing a silk nightgown“ - Bill licked his lips imagining his beautiful wife lying on the bed in a sexy nightgown.
“Take it off, love“ - Hillary giggled at her husband’s hurry, but she did as she was told and found herself lying naked on the bed.
“Now I want you to touch your thighs with one hand and your breasts with the other“
“Oh Bill, mmm“ - She had always adored phone sex since the days in the White House, she adored Bill’s voice and loved to hear him say what he wanted to do to her.
“Are you wet, honey? Because I am so hard, I really want to be there to kiss and lick every centimeter of your body, I want to taste you and make you scream my name“ - Bill unzipped his pants and took his erection in his hand, he was so happy that at his age he could still get an erection without help and with his wife he have many erections, especially after they spent so much time apart, he loved to spend the day in bed with her to show her how much he had missed her, but for now he must be satisfied with this.
“I’m so wet Bill, I wish you were here, I want you inside me“
“I know love, just pretend I’m there, my right hand is between your thighs, my index finger is inside you, I rub my thumb against your clit and my mouth is on your breasts“ - Hillary was so excited and the more Bill spoke, the more she became wet.
“Oh Bill yes, it’s fell so good“
“Oh Hill, I love you so much, increase the rhythm baby, I want you to come for me“
“Oh Bill, Ohhhh fuck“ - Bill also could no longer restrain himself and hearing Hillary screaming his name made him wild with pleasure.
“Yes honey, come for me, God Hill, I’m so close“
“Billl“ - Hillary came with a cry, and Bill followed right after with a groan.
“Wow, it was amazing“
“You are amazing honey, you’re so sexy when you scream my name while come“
“I love you Bill“ - She said with a yawn and Bill smiled.
“I love you too, now go to sleep, you have to be up early tomorrow, call me when you have your break for lunch, ok?“
“Ok Bill, I love you and thank you“
“Thank you baby, sweet dreams my love“
“Good night“
Hillary fell asleep very quickly with a smile on her lips.
In the room next to hers, David had heard Hillary have an orgasm and he thought it was because Bill was no longer able to take care of her needs, at this point David was more convinced than ever to conquer her and make her understand that with him her needs would always be satisfied, he thought she deserved much better than President Clinton and that he could be the man who could make her forget her husband and she would understand what true love was, what he didn’t know was that all the rumors about their fake marriage were completely wrong.
Hillary and Bill loved each other as never before, and Bill showed every day to his wonderful wife how much she meant to him and Hillary was in seventh heaven, she loved her husband and felt loved and desired more and more everyday.

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Okay so here’s a lot of reasons why you should consider reading the Unwind Dystology (please read the Unwind Dystology)
• The very concept is really unique, basically parents can choose to retroactively terminate their teens and send them into a divided state

• There is so much world building in the first book but it’s done so subtle that you won’t even realize you’re getting random new information

• Unwinding has actually had bad and good consequences and the books go over both the good and the bad

• teenagers actually act like teenagers in this YA series

• Every character is really well developed like wowie

• The character descriptions are usually ambiguous

• Really strong female characters

• There are some LGBTQA characters (first that pop into mind are Hayden and Bam for main-ish characters)

• The books are really well written

• If you have problems with reading then no worries, these books have pretty short chapters and there are page breaks in the form of “advertisements” (note there are no advertisements page breaks in the first book)

• Really nice poc representation (CyFi and Starkey are some of the best characters imo)

• There’s an autistic character and she’s really sweet and she’s so nice I love her

• Every character is relatable. Including dirtbag villains. Especially the dirtbag villains

• The motivations for characters are very believable

• It deals with subjects like religious sacrifice, terrorism, the gray morality of the world, if we really have souls, divorce, mental illnesses, wanting revenge on everything, and of course, abortion


‘‘Speak quick, don’t mumble and for God’s sake…don’t be boring.’‘

You raised your eyebrows at the words of the consulting detective, who was currently pacing back and forth through the room in 221B Baker Street. You’d known the man was…eccentric, but you just hoped that he would listen to your story.

From the chair situated opposite to you, the former army doctor gave you a small, apologetic smile. The the few minutes that you’d known John Waston, you thought of him as a kind and sweet man, unless the raven haired detective.

With a small nod, you took a nervous breath and opened your mouth:

‘‘I need your help-’‘

‘‘I got that. Don’t state the obvious.’‘

You rolled your eyes at his comment, not missing the look John shot at his friend.

‘‘I wasn’t fisnished yet, thank you very much. What I wanted to say, is that I need your help finding someone.’‘

Sherlock Holmes stopped pacing for a moment, shortly looking at you from the corner of his eyes.


‘‘Two persons. My brothers, to be specific.’‘

Sherlock to a deep breath, which caused you to raise your eyebrows again. As he didn’t speak up again, you decided to continue.

‘‘They are missing, clearly. They said you were the best, so I decided to give a a go.’‘

‘‘Who said?’‘

You shrugged, not wanting to say that you’d heard demons talking about a famous detective once. The man in front of you might be a genius, but he wasn’t a hunter, and you weren’t quite ready to spill the beans yet.

‘‘The papers. I read, you know.’‘

At those words, Sherlock suddenly turned around before taking place in his chair. His eyes were now directed to you and you could practically feel his stare bruning through you. It was like he was staring right into your soul, knowing everything about you, which he probably did.

‘‘Why come to me now?’‘

You sighted and started to fiddle with the zipper of your jacket, the events of a week ago flashing through your mind.

‘‘I usually don’t worry that much about them, they know how to handle themselves. But this time…it is different.’‘

This time, it was John who spoke up. The doctor was leaning with his chin on the back of his hand as his eyes flicked quickly between you and Sherlock, who was still staring at you with a slight frown on his face.

‘‘I’m sorry, but what exactly was different?’‘ John asked, after which you responded:

‘‘The person who took my brothers left a note, a personal one. I have got it with me, hold on a minute-’‘

You started to reach in your pockets until you’d found what you needed. Quickly, you handed over a small piece of paper to the detective, which he silently took from you. As you leaned back into your chair, you observed how his eyes glid over the paper, taking in the few words that were scrabbled down on it.

Dear (Y/n),

I have got your precious brothers. If you want them back in one piece, please play my game. I am looking forward to it.


For a moment, you swore you could see the detectives eyes widen before his face turned back to its emotionless glare. You could see, however, the new spark of interest which as burning behind his eyes.

‘’So, what do you think?’’ You asked, nervously waiting for his answer. You’d dealt with monsters before, from demons to werewolves, but this was the first time something like this had happened. And if there was one thing you didn’t like, it was someone threatening the persons you loved. You watched as Sherlock opened his mouth, taking a breath before starting to talk in his smooth voice:

‘‘I think that you are afraid. You are someone who has seen the batllefield, someone who has fought before and who’d do it again. I see someone who has two older siblings, brothers obviously, who are doing the same job as you. It is a dangerous job, but you have been doing it for a long while. You are not a secret agent, otherwise you wouldn’t have come for help to me. I also think that you might have an idea who, or what, has taken your brothers, but you’ve decided not to tell. You are holding back things, because you are afraid to reveal too much. Despite that, you care about your siblings and you would do anything to get them back. Am. I. Wrong.’‘

You raised your chin at his words, slightly taken back by his deductions. Of course he wasn’t wrong, and judging by his small smirk he knew it. But before you could say anything, however, the detective jumped up from his seat and clapped in his hands, starteling both you and John in the process.

‘‘I take your case. John, get your coat, we have to go!’‘

The doctor seemed surprised at his friend’s comment, shaking his head in confusion. ‘‘You’re taking the case? Just like that?’‘

In a few, long steps, Sherlock had walked over to his blogger, swiftly handing him over the note that you’d found in the bunker. John looked up at him in confusion, his eyes quickly scanning the paper before they grew wide.

‘‘Does this mean…?’‘

The detective gave him a smirk, enthusiasm shining through in his eyes as he spoke up:

‘‘Yes, yes it does. He is back, John, and this time I pressume he has got help from creatures more stronger and cunning than before. The game, Watson…is on!’‘

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I hope that Russel gets to write some songs for the upcoming album

One of my favorite things about Gorillaz is their excellent lyrics. And I like that we know which characters wrote each song. It makes them deeper.

Like, Murdoc is so mean and egotistical a lot of the time, but he’s written some of the most beautiful expressions of love and melancholy I’ve ever heard.

Noodle seems to be so strong, wise, peaceful, and happy a lot of the time, but her songs reveal that she feels despair and doesn’t what to do about the state of the world, sometimes, too.

And 2D can be absent-minded and arrogant, but his songs reveal that he has a contemplative side and is very creative.

It seems to me that that extra level of characterization has been missing with Russel so far (though I still like him very much), so I would like to see him write some songs of his own.

EXO Reaction when you don’t want to sleep in the same bed with them

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“Nonono… you can’t not sleep without me. I need you there… It’s scary at night” *Trying everything to convince you*


*Actually he is the one who will miss you at night and doesn’t want you to see him cry because he won’t have someone to cuddle with*


*Doesn’t argue to much and sleeps on the couch but is very worried* “Maybe tomorrow… I’ll ask her what’s wrong”


*Sleeps in the car because he doesn’t want to bother you at all*


“Fine.. I’ll sleep with Sehun! He always caresses my hair while I sleep” *Puppy needs love at night*


*Knows how to play dirty* “Are you… sure you don’t want me… close to you… my body next to yours…?”


*Sneaks in his room while you sleep* “Jagi? Are you asleep? She is… maybe she won’t notice if I lay next to her”


*can’t sleep the whole night because his mind doesn’t shut up* “What if this becomes regular… what did I do? What’s wrong? It’s cold here..”


*Doesn't want to admit it hurts him* “Fine… I’ll sleep on the couch.. It’s comfy there. Good night. Hm!”


*At the middle of the night you hear a voice calling for you* “Jagi? come here… this feels empty. I need you here” *Almost crying*


“Let me convince you to reconsider babe…”


*Understanding, even when he is crying inside* “I understand… you need some time. Is it the snoring? No? Then… nvm I’ll just be in the next room okay? I love you”

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Kind of related to the conversation making the rounds about what you find out about children placed with you.

I was given some paperwork with information from the caseworker - most of it what the previous foster parents reported (so not very accurate because they were awful). I had them for respite before an official placement so information wasn’t as much of a concern. I learned a lot more at an early intervention meeting/interview with their mom and from doctor’s appointment print outs, Facebook, etc. 

But the accuracy of state information… yikes. It seems to be so hit or miss. Our foster care caseworker was great, and we communicated a lot, and there weren’t really a lot of or any middlemen at that point because they didn’t receive many additional services. We moved to the adoption department and had an administrative review and somehow it went on record that we visited an urgent care I have never been to in my life. It wasn’t an issue at all - but somehow when I mentioned we’d gone to one urgent care, this other urgent care office not even from the same hospital network ended up on file. Such a minor thing and I didn’t make an issue of it because we were weeks away from adoption. 

Mom has a relative who has the same name as me, and her name and my name are similarish - more confusion.

My kids’ names could have caused confusion with their gender.

Somewhat off topic but still with the state, I recently lost my job and applied for all the assistance. I spoke with someone on the phone for 2 hours. I cleaned out my closet while I did it (it is now a mess again). So much confusion about my name and the people living with me - apparently because the kids’ SSNs linked me to the previous relative. This somehow resulted in me getting three case numbers, three cases denied for different reasons (one that I never interviewed - TWO HOURS! CLEAN CLOSET!), with the only valid one being in my grandmother’s name. When I try to login with my SSN online to view/update the information, I’m told my SSN doesn’t have an active case. But apparently, three identities of me, none of which are me but are now associated with my address, do. 

So, good times.

terraknight23  asked:

How similar are the gen 2 characters between the Oosawa and Fuyuki manga? Also in chapter 5 Aideen stated that having Ulir blood made her immune to arrows yet Ring got killed by an arrow in chapter 11. Am I missing something or is that an inconsistency?

Most are absolutely nothing alike tbh. Imo Fuyuki was also pretty OOC with their canon selves (Overly happy Arthur??? Fee being obsessive over her father and a bit of a bitch to Arthur??? Faval way too happy??? Leaf acting like a pervert???).

Celice is very different between the mangas and has much more self-confidence and backbone as time goes on in Oosawa’s. He also gets far more aggressive even to a side eyeing point. He’s more expressive in Oosawa, but in Fuyuki he’s got more of that childish side of him that fits in with canon.
I’d say Fuyuki’s Lakche is much more tolerable. I really loved Oosawa’s Lakche through volume ten, but after that I was so done with her being utterly Shanan zoned and having nothing left to her character except crying over Shanan and having a love triangle with Patty over him and being frequently angry at Shanan for, well, absolute bs. She’s much more childish in Oosawa, unfortunately.
Skasaher seems pretty bland to me in Fuyuki’s manga, but he mostly didn’t have the panel time to show otherwise. He gets way more characterization in Oosawa and is more or less of the big shots in the army in terms of kind of being Celice’s personal messenger and usually standing with the adults. Maturity pays off, I suppose. I feel like he was kind of gaining that in Fuyuki, but again, lack of panel time.
Lana is a lot more personally close to Lakche in Oosawa, and she’s much less of a typical standard anime main love interest. Imo she has more personality.
Lester, well… I can’t say much since he gets WAY more time in Fuyuki’s manga. Oosawa manga benched Lester.
Delmud is very emotional in Oosawa and has basically nothing to go by in Fuyuki, but he’s pretty much always seen with his family and gets a couple of sweet scenes with his father.
Johalva is very mature in comparison and he and Johan willingly take actions against their father, not really seeming to feel remorse for him at all and are instead far more worried about Skasaher and Lakche, visibly happy/relieved when Skasaher wakes up after killing their father with Lakche. Johan is kind of booted to comedy relief and benched with Lester, getting the odd plot-less appearance here and there (so pretty similar to his Fuyuki situation). Johalva retains some time hanging around post volume ten, though most of it is, as one might expect, Lakche stuff. Love triangle stuff. Yeah. But he’s definitely not freaky about it and up in her face like the bros are in Fuyuki. He has a very interesting and for me much appreciated character in Oosawa.

Patty is still kind of given a bit of a hyper-ish type of personality, but she’s a lot more mature than Fuyuki’s portrayal and isn’t obsessed with marrying people for money. She falls for Shanan because yay spoilers, and it was entirely legit, so I’m pretty much fine with how Oosawa sneaked that one in. She also does productive shit for the plot, so good shit.

Aless is, uh, very Leen-zoned. He’s not at all emotionally cold and distant though like one of those anime types the way Fuyuki had him. He’s actually very expressive and imo a lot closer to his canon personality. Like Delmud, he usually sticks with his family if he’s not hanging around with Leen, versus Fuyuki’s silent type, always avoiding others personality. He sticks to a few people rather than mingles, and Fuyuki just kind of has him on his own.

Tinny is much more forceful with her attitude and has a lot more plot relevance thanks to finding an injured Fin and nursing him then (verbally) standing up to one of the three sisters under Blume’s command for Fin’s sake. I don’t dislike how Tinny was done in Fuyuki, but she got more time to actually be bold in Oosawa. Granted, that all tumbled down the drain when she became Lakche 2.0 in this manga and went Sety zoned, reduced to crying all the time and being angry at him for, well, bullshit. Like, come on Tinny, you were beautiful and ruined everything. The Arthur and Tinny stuff was done pretty similarly, through battle/post battle and whatnot, albeit Ishtor actually exists in Oosawa.

LEAF. He’s like… dude, 180 in personality doesn’t even describe the sheer difference. He’s small, precious, sweet, cries a lot, and is the tiniest little smol brother and gets so happy when Altenna joins them. I would have really loved to see the tiny smol become a Master Knight in this manga because he looks so sweet and innocent and then suddenly axe.
Nanna is a precious brave little girl and as you may have guessed, hangs out a lot with her family. It’s pretty much the Nodion Trio + Fin brigade. Fin may as well just be Aless’ father too. Nanna also seemed to be more of a token romantic interest in Fuyuki with little else to be there for, and I appreciate that in Oosawa she took the charge when she and Leaf had to run when enemies attacked and Fin stayed behind to fight the enemies off and protect their backs.

Faval is a relief to me in this manga because he’s much more mellow as he is in canon, and he’s falls into the trio bin of “180 does not describe the sheer difference”. He’s not arrogant about his strength/bow or anything, and willingly stands up to Blume right to his face more often than not, as he did in canon. Probably gets about the same amount of time panel time between mangas though since unfortunately mangas go on and there wasn’t really room for him to fit in much more.

Sety completes the trio of “I’m pretty sure a 180 does not describe this difference”. He’s very quiet in Fuyuki, but much more emotional and easily aggravated in Oosawa’s manga, with like way higher levels of sass. Arthur got mad at him once for it. I didn’t. He also still tends to work and fight alone even after being in Celice’s army. Got pretty benched for volume fifteen because it was Lenster family time but he made up for that in volume sixteen. He’s apparently misunderstood for being too real and not full of pretty rainbow pony ideals. Tfw when army fail, solo win. I mean, when you have to go so far as to tell someone there was a misunderstanding…

Altenna is much more gentle and level-headed than in Fuyuki. She mellows out faster with Fin and Leaf talking to her and pretty quickly turns on Trabant when she has flashes of memory of her father being murdered right in front of her. She doesn’t have as much insecurity in Oosawa. That feel though when the manga ended before she could see Arion again so that entire situation of Arion being taken away by Yurius is a total utter massive dark plothole.
Corpul actually has lines and his face is shown. Surpriiiiise. He’s also adorable and wonderful and actually knows Altenna ahead of time.
Hannibal is, well, Hannibal. If you can mess up Hannibal idk what to say at that point. He didn’t have many lines in Fuyuki though so I can’t speak as much for him in that manga.
Arion is miles more emotional and visibly shows that emotion in most of his appearances. Fuyuki Arion is very quiet and stoic. I’m having a hard time making comparisons. :’D

Ishtar has that same “I’m superior” attitude when she fights the army and by army I mean most of the kids at once in Oosawa and kicks all their asses until Yurius basically saves their ass and takes her away. Why didn’t they call Shanan tbh??? She’s pretty insecure though and pretty visibly has doubts about what she’s doing.

As for the Ulir stuff, that might just be inconsistency, or it might be because Andre was also of Ulir blood and killed someone with Ulir blood? Jamka and his men didn’t have holy blood at all, so maybe the implication was that Aideen couldn’t be injured because of that? I guess it makes sense if Ulir can kill Ulir but someone else with arrows couldn’t?

flabebebabe  asked:

Would Tyler be able to inform me of the process of top surgery, and in particular if you no longer need HRT to qualify for it being done? I'm a young trans kid in BC and I can't find any resources that specifically state whether or not you HAVE to have HRT to do it. Just that most (presumably all) guys do. Please message me when this gets answered if you can, to make sure I don't forget and miss something this important, even if the answer is "I don't know." Thank you very very much.

Hi! You definitely can get top surgery without first being on hormones and I know people in BC who have gone that route. As always I suggest talking to a doctor about your options and which routes you can take. 

Also here’s a manual about transgender rights and medical care in BC, page 27 shows the requirements for ftm top surgery. The process is the same for starting HRT as it is for getting top surgery, you will need an assessment done and a letter written, but you are not required to be on testosterone. 

Hope this clears things up!


dasnymth  asked:

i checked stalking killing out last night and let me tell you its horrifying yet so interesting i love it

YEA ! i love gore n stuff so i rlly like reading it, plus the art style is rlly nice !!

i feel the need to clarify that i don’t think ks is the “new” yoi bc they’re…. nothing alike whatsoever …. there’s no similarities so idk why everyone is comparing them to each other
i like the stories in both of them !

if anyone likes guro / horror / unsettling themes then i v much recommend killing stalking, but be weary of the warnings cause stuff gets very very fucked (non-con, abuse, trauma, self-harm, sexual themes, psychological horror, there’s probably a few more i’m missing) but that’s why i always state that i do not condone the behaviors in the manhwa at all ! the main romantic interest is extremely unhealthy and nobody should be doing that irl.

it also portrays mental illness in a shitty way so yeah

i’m not like….. super invested in it…. but it was pretty good! i’m not as into it as i am yoi or nge tho tbh

skelby  asked:

Thank you very much for your hard work on this blog throughout the year. As a displaced Michigander in autumn-less Florida, your site is a source of constant delight for me. I hope you have a great 2017.

Awe thank you! I live in Michigan, and I would miss Autumns so much if I ever moved to a state without my beautiful Michigan Autumns! I’m glad my blog can give you a little of that Autumn feel! <3 


As the final poll starts it will state if this blog will be taken over by my very missed, very first muse. Mori Motonari. If Motonari wins in the poll, I will drop ALL muses and work once again with ever fiber of my being on Motonari. After being go for so long I realized how much I missed this muse and that I want to drop all of these muses to work with him again. My heart and my soul will be put into all about Motonari and the story I created with him.

This is a very important moment for me that I desire all your help with. If Motonari does win, I wont drop threads with those who I have til they are finished but no more threads of those muses will be created. Motonari was my very first muse and again one of my MOST beloved. I have so many wonderful memories roleplaying as him and I feel that I have locked him away for far to long.

I myself as a roleplayer have grown and I would love to handle this muse once more. I am sure there are not many people out there who wish to interact with Motonari but I will do my damnest for those who I know love him greatly. My heart may be with the Date but my muse is with the Mori. Let this final pole choose if he may win back the hearts of those around him.

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Totally off topic; but did you see Paige's very suggestive Instagram to Mark, stating how much she Missed Him! Wow🙈🙈 Then, Mark's very flirtatious reply🙊 At 1:00 am in the morning his time. "I miss you more babe" lmao. I guess he likes what he saw.

Love it! They were so hot together.

EXO react to their wives being stressed out from work

Thanks so much for your request love. <3 Just a note, I have written a similar analysis before, so I’ll be taking some excerpts from that post. 

*Gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: Lots and lots of cuddling. Aegyo galore. Just being very cutsey is Minseok’s way of uplifting others and bringing them to an appeased state. When his lucidly overworked wife least expects it, he would cutely back hug her, squeezing her tightly with ample amounts of affection. “Missed me jagi?” he would inquire before giving her swift kisses to her cheek, already eliciting soft smiles from her. They would end up cuddling together on the couch, with seemingly no end nearing. Minseok wouldn’t let her go until he can draw out some source of equanimity from his wife. 

Originally posted by sefuns

Luhan: He would feel genuinely sympathetic towards his dutiful wife, as the stress is profoundly illustrated upon her features. Luhan would probably use the romantic cliches to elevate his wife’s strained disposition. By cliches, I mean things like a warm bath, teeming with effervescence. And scattered across the bubbly surface would be a myriad of scarlet petals just to set the tone right. “You work so hard baobei. Relax for a little bit. It’ll be worth while,” he would coo to his wife, guiding her to the bath he specially prepared for her. If she wanted, Luhan would stay by her side, relishing in the sight of her immersing herself within the watery element. If he feels bold enough, Luhan may end up joining her in the bath, not only to rid her of her stresses, but now to tempt her body. 

Originally posted by luhanahs

Kris: Aww, hubby Kris would really hate to see his wife in such a pressured state. Since they’re married, Kris might actually use some seductive tactics to wear his wife’s stress away. He would greet her once she returns home murmuring huskily: “I’ve missed you baobei,” before delving towards her for an enraptured kiss. His sturdy hands would fall upon her sides, as he deepens the kiss, already allowing tangible sparks to encompass them both. The kiss would be prolonged until they both concurrently retreat from ir. Still engrossed in a lustful passion, Kris would smirk softly, tempting her further. “You seem extra eager today…should I continue?” Without waiting for an answer, he would once more kiss her, this time for a shorter duration, however the intensity remains in tact. “Let me make you feel amazing,” he would mutter lustfully, luring her to a state of aphrodisia. 

Originally posted by krisat4am

Suho: Suho may end up going out of his way just for his wife’s sake. After seeing the stress take it’s toll on his wife, Joonmyun, being the affluent hubby he is, would probably end up arranging a vacation to a deluxe beach resort for the two of them. He wants his wife to be at a state of serenity and placidity and by visiting the scenic Jeju island, he expects this to suffice in reducing his wife’s anxiety. Suho would probably end up surprising her with this news a few days before they are scheduled to depart for their vacation. Not to mention he would deliver the news to her in the cheesiest way possible. After another tedious day at work, his wife would return home to the sight of Joonmyun dressed in beach attire. The sound of beach music would be sound, prompting his wife to question his antics, to which he would respond with “oh this jagi? This is for our vacation! No not here jagi, we’re going to Jeju! I even booked our stay near the beach!” 

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Lay: Similar to Luhan, Yixing would use the sentimental cliches to ease his wife’s weary mind and heart. Instead of a bath, he would things such as bundles of chromatic flowers and balloons, adorable stuffed animals lined up along the bed, crimson rose petals embellishing the bed, potent candles lit up, with savory scents wafting through the air, etc. He would want to really put his wife in a state of sheer ataraxia with all these mind assuaging gifts. He would allow her to rest in their bedroom, being cautious to not disturb her while she’s in a soporific state. “You’re amazing baobei,” Lay would murmur softly to his wife as she’s resting upon their bed, “please don’t overwork yourself love. Take care of your health,” he would advice while stroking her filaments soothingly. Alternatively, Yixing may end up playing mollifying melodies on his guitar for her to drift off to sleep to.  

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Baekhyun: “Wifey~ What’s wrong? You don’t look yourself,” Baekhyun would inquire his wife inquisitively, taking note instantly of the distress evident upon her face. As she tiredly shares how she loathes her co-workers and how vexing their antics can be, Baek would use his supreme humor to uplift her cheerless spirit. He would want all the details on each of the people she works with and what they’re like so that can he swiftly construct a little jocose skit for his wife to extract a good laugh out of. With his impeccable gift of performing impressions, he would act out “a day in a life of the wife” scenario, giving each of her infuriating co-workers, characters straight out of a comedy film for her to burst into laughter at. “I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t get the raise~!” he would imitate one of her co-workers with his stellar humor. His method of cheering up people is through humor and laughing. Alternatively, he may use some aegyo to ease his wife’s senses. 

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Chen: Somewhat similar to Baekhyun, Jongdae would also use his humor to his advantage in this instance. “Bad day at work?” he would ask her, before chuckling empathetically. “Yeah…my day wasn’t exactly ‘the best.’ So, let’s make the most of what’s left in the day. I still have that movie I rented,” he would offer her eager to indulge in one of his wife’s favorite films with her. While she’s snuggling up to him, watching the film intently, occasionally, Chen will make some witty commentary in between scenes in the movie. “You know babe….that weird goblin thing looks kinda like your boss right? I mean look: the resemblance is uncanny,” to which his wife would respond with bouts of laughter at her husband’s silly but agreeable humor. He would continue to point out how characters in the film resemble the people she works with in some way, to assuage her stresses. 

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Chanyeol: He would panic immediately upon seeing his wife in an enfeebled state from her job. “Jagi! Are you okay?! Did something happen?! Should I call a doctor?” He would rave on and on until his wife assures him that there’s nothing severely wrong with her, just her job finally taking it’s toll on her. Sighing in relief that his wife isn’t “dying,” Chanyeol would permit her an affectionate hug, as he’s empathetic towards her stresses. “Aww jagi. You can’t overwork yourself!” His method would be to carry her, bridal style, to bed, where he would revel his guitar, commencing in strumming harmonious melodies for her to relish. Watching his wife’s somnolence beginning to claim her, Chanyeol would continue producing mitigating melodies while humming softly against the tune. Once she’s succumb to sleep, he would kiss her forehead affectionately before leaving her to slumber peacefully. 

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D.O: Similar to Chanyeol, Kyungsoo would use his proficiency in music to his advantage when pacifying his wife’s strained senses. He would take this the most seriously of all the members the moment he sees his wife physically and mentally drained. The moment he catches glimpse of her, Kyungsoo would immediately urge her to rest in their bedroom, while he goes to prepare a soothing soup and tea to help mollify her. “The tea will help you most jagi. Be sure to finish it all,” he would advise calmly. Pressing her to finish the goods he’s prepared her, Kyungsoo would then grant her an empathetic smile, while stroking her fringes affectionately. He would begin to sing an uplifting melody as a way to lull her into a soporific state. He would continue singing with his velvety voice until his wife is claimed by sleep. He might even stay with her until she stirs into a wake. 

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Tao: Somewhat analogous to Suho, Tao would go out of his way to buy all the goodies and gifts his wife has ever wanted. He would go out and get the lavish dress she wanted or the makeup kit she has been lacking for the past few months. This would take her mind off of the outrageous amount of work his wife has had to endure as of late. All the presents he’s purchased for her would all be lined up and cutely embellished all for her. “Check it out baobei! Yep, these are all for you!” And just to ensure that she gets some rest, Tao would entice her with an offer before she unravels her presents. “You have to promise me that you’ll get rest baobei. You have to if you want to open them!” He would also be incredibly affectionate around his wife, granting her kisses and hugs to no end.

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Kai: Jongin’s method of comforting his wife is rather simple but still effective. He would feel most sympathetic towards his wife once he catches glimpse of her evidently stressed from her tiring job. “Stay here at home jagi. You need to rest.” He would urge her to take a sick day and for the remainder of that sick day, they would be cuddled together on the couch sleeping, arms encircled around each other. The only source of luminescence would be emitting from the television, but other than that, together they would be in a state of somnolence while immersed in dimness of the living room. The whole day would be dedicated to inactivity and sleeping, with Jongin pressed closely to his wife as she gets her much needed rest. Simple yet effective in its purpose. 

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Sehun: He would comfort his wife without even trying to. Sehun would watch befuddled, as his wife tiredly stumbles into his arms, lucidly longing for some rest. “Bad day?” he would ask, to which she would nod wearily in response. Sighing empathetically, he would want her to rant all she needs to about work–to her heart’s content. “Well, you won’t feel any better if you don’t tell someone about it. Tell me everything jagi. I wanna know what it is they’re doing to you that makes you feel upset.” While his wife raves and rants to him about her job and the people she works with, he would listen intently, genuinely curious while keep her in his embrace lovingly. Sehun would manage to use his sardonic humor to his advantage in this scenario. “What? My baby didn’t get a promotion? What? Don’t tell me he did. That sad excuse of a worker got it instead of you? Wow, just wow. Apparently there’s more wrong to your boss than just his sense of fashion.” Agreeing with each of his wife’s sentiments, she would manage to find jocularity with the fact that someone understands her stresses. 

*Ignore the caption haha. 

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Be sure to send me more requests lovelies! I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. <3


Continued from here.

Now that he thought about it, Tywin realized that the girl had disappeared from the feast early, her white hair distinctly missing from the table she’d been sat at with her brothers. He himself had bowed out early, only staying long enough to get properly drunk and chat with the King on a few minor matters. He’d not expected to find the girl in his tower, obviously quite drunk herself, and he found himself somewhat concerned for the girl.

“I remained at the feast for some time, I’m afraid. Your brother wanted to speak to me on some matters of state,” he managed to say, despite the slight slur to his words. He moved towards her, very much thinking of the large bed waiting for him upstairs. He wanted little more than to collapse into it and let sleep take him. “I am rather tired, however, so if you’ll excuse me, Princess.”


Man, he immediately dropped back into a fugue state. (I’ll miss you, SANE GIL, though you weren’t with us for very long….) I now find myself lending a lot more credence to the second half of the two-part theory that 1) Gil broke through as an immediate reaction to Tarvek being kicked off the airship (not much of a stretch), and 2) the conditions of breakthrough affect how a Spark later enters the madness place. Extra mad science reasons for how Gil deals with losing people, possibly especially one unconscious schemer.