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Can you do something for Edward Midford? The plot being along the lines of him finding out the phantomhive servants are assassins. It would be much appreciated.

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Edward froze, feeling as though someone had just injected ice water straight into his veins. “What?!” He hissed, hardly daring to believe what he was hearing. Ciel’s servants are assassins? Why wasn’t he told about this beforehand? 

Just as he started to feel angry, a calming thought washed over Edward, once again stopping him in his tracks. Elizabeth is as safe as I am when she’s here, away from me. All at once, he stopped being angry and instead felt relief at the now guaranteed safety of his sister. Nothing would ever harm his sister and now he could be sure of that fact, no matter where she was.

One thing was still bothering him, though. Just because his sister was safe when she was there, did that make Ciel think that he was a suitable match for Elizabeth? Edward clenched his fists, feeling murderously protective of her.

“My respect and admiration for you may have just increased, but you’re still not fit to marry my sister, Ciel!”

Ciel sighed. How boring.

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Okay let’s get some really late korrasami week stuff going. When they’re married I’m picturing korra “dragging” Asami on tons of picnics and she would sip her wine while korra rambles about how one cloud looks like naga or a rock she had seen last week. And asami would just nod and hum and smile about how adorable it is because even though she sounds like a little kid, it shows how, after everything she’s been through, she’s still her Korra.

Hopefully some better quality pieces will come out of these prompts…. they’ll get done! Slowly but surely, they get done! I promise!!!!! >:))))))

Glare - Edward Elric

Finally I made something decent with my new art program. I’ve been obsessed with FMA again and I also missed drawing Ed. So here is a veeery lazy drawing of him. I think it looks decent but it could definitely be better. Unfortunately I can barely use the new program so that’s all I could right now xD Hopefully it’s enough. 

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