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Then and Now | Waldemar Edition

bonus: some things never change

You know what would be a great thing to happen in 2017? Season 2 of Class.

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You’ve heard of Bara Oblige, now get ready for the Great Bara Arrior

they Herd Sheep together


The Doctor offering to help Dalek Caan.
I miss this Doctor Who.

"So, what do you say? Can you come over?" ㅣ Minghao Smut

Minghao was sweet.
He was caring.
He was generous.
He was every kind word under the sun.
You were the luckiest person in the world when it came down to it.
Because he was all yours for the taking.

The last few weeks leading up to your college finals had been hell. Continuous studying, long nights staying up with only notes and textbooks, and the worst part, no visits from Minghao.

He said it would distract you, and quote on quote, he didn’t want his angel to be distracted and get bad grades. You wanted to be thankful towards him, but when he was away the only thing that flooded your mind was him.

So even though you were supposed to be studying, you set aside your work, and picked up your cellphone.

Three consecutive rings in a row, just to be sent to voicemail.

“Baby, it’s me. I’m done studying for finals..” You lied. “My parents are asleep, can you please come over?”

You hung up the phone, hoping in the least that he would have the common curtsy to text you back.
Not even a minute later your phone was ringing with a video chat, and you were eagerly fixing your hair before picking it up. “Bab..” You couldn’t get the whole word out before he was interrupting.
“What do you mean you’re done studying? Do you think you’re really prepared for it?”

It was times like these that his kindness and worry made you wanna scream.

“Yes Minghao. I’m positive I’m completely ready for my exams. So what do you say? Can you come over? My window is unlocked.” You pleaded, batting your eyelashes.


A groan from your side, ending in you throwing yourself down onto your pillows. “Come on. I haven’t seen you in a week. You can’t do this to me. I want to see you before and after my tests and I know you won’t show up at my house at 5 o'clock in the morning tomorrow..”

You could tell even in the darkness of his room he was smiling. “Baby I just don’t want you getting distracted. When I get there we’re going straight to bed. No funny business. You hear me?”

You sit up, nodding happily along to his words. “Yes, I promise no funny business. Hurry over!!” With that you were both hanging up the phone, and you were up off the bed to change and tidy up the room.

Fifteen minutes later the familiar sound of soft knocking came from your window and you hurried to open it up for him. He slipped in quietly as always, not wanting to wake your parents or anyone else residing in your house.

It was no secret that Minghao would come to you in the middle of the night. There had been multiple occasions that your parents had checked on you in the morning only to find Minghao curled up by your side. Your parents loved him so they saw no harm in the late night visits.

You were quick about shutting the window and then wrapping your arms around your awaiting boyfriend. It felt like it had been a month since you had seen him, even though it had only been 7 days. You felt so emotional with his arms now around you that you had to stop yourself from crying.

“I missed you.” You mumbled into the soft skin of his shoulder.

“I missed you too, baby. Come on.”

He pulled you away, leading you to the bed, allowing you to crawl in before him. You settled yourself down into the sheets, radiating smiles at him as he crawled in beside you.

His hands traveled up the expanses of your arms, reaching your face and brushing away a few stray hairs that laid there.

“You know, since I haven’t seen you in 7 days, I think you’ve gotten even more pretty. How did you manage to do that?”

You swatted his chest with your hand. Effortlessly, and gentle enough that he probably couldn’t even feel it. Being this close to him made your heart flutter. Even after a year of dating, his compliments sent you back to the way you felt on your first date.

“I could say the same about you. Who knew someone who was already so perfect could become even more perfect in only a few days time.” You leaned in, delivering a kiss to his nose.

Your first kiss you ever had was a kiss on the nose. This time from Minghao. It was two weeks after you started dating, and you had been sledding on one of the hills near your house. He teased you about how red your nose was, and how if it got any redder chefs would mistake it as being a tomato. Naturally you were distraught and tried to cover your numb nose with the mittens that heated your hands. But he quickly pulled your hands away and delivered the first kiss to many in the relationship. Warm lips immediately heating up your entire face.

Since then nose kisses had been a favorite between the two of you.

You hands made way to the underside of his shirt, placing cold hands on burning skin. His eyes studied your face for any hint of what he knew was coming.

“I told you we were going to bed when I got here..”

You sighed, extracting your hands from under his shirt. “I missed you a lot though, let me show you how much.” You once again leaned in placing a few chast kisses to his lips, before shifting your body on top of him, either leg on the sides of his body.

Minghao was all talk. He implied that you two would only be sleeping, he would stick to his word for five minutes, and then eventually he would give in. There wasn’t a time that Minghao didn’t give in to your pursed lips and bashful eyes.

You could hear a sigh come from his mouth as hot lips traced there way to his jaw line and neck. From there on you knew that you had won. There was no words to identify him giving in aside from that sweet sigh that spoke volumes to you.

You could feel his hands wandering onto the bare skin of your sides, quickly tugging at the bottom of the fabric that covered and removing it from your body. Before he could make any moves you trapped his hands with your own.

“Let me take the lead tonight.” You whispered, smiling down at him ever so lovingly. He nodded, leaning up to kiss you before allowing you to do what you needed to do again.

Your fingers traced patterns into his clothed skin, not wanting to take it to fast. You hadn’t seen him in a week and you wanted to savor what you had been missing.

His lips, his scent, the feeling of his hands on your skin, his all together presence made you crazy and you couldn’t believe how much you had missed such simple things in a matter of seven days.

Lazy hips moved gently along his clothed groin. Gaining little to no friction, but enough for Minghao’s grip to tighten on your own hands. “Are you going to be this slow all night baby? Not that I mind or anything..”

But you knew secretly how much Minghao absolutely loved this slow paced, sensual thing. He loved when you took your time, especially on nights like this. When you two had nothing else to do, and the both of you could just focus on each other and what you both wanted.

There was no need to answer his question, he already knew by the way you grinded your hips and trailed further down his neck to his collarbones.

“Sorry. You know how much I love this..” You said, reaching down to drag his shirt up his chest, leaving it on but revealing his toned stomach. “You’re just so cute, baby. I want to make you feel good. I mean you came all this way so late at night.” You looked up at him, smiling in a way he couldn’t deny. “I love you so let me do this.” He pet your hair gently, returning the praise through actions instead of words.

You reached behind your back, undoing the clasp on your bra easily and letting the straps fall down your arms before discarding it from your body all together. You could tell from the new heat that spread through your body that his eyes were on you. He had seen you a million times like this but you still felt a bit of insecurity when it came down to it. Naturally, you leaned forward closing the space between you to press your lips together.

With newly exposed skin, Minghao’s hands trailed every inch. The pads of his fingers never missed any spot of your body and it was something that you slowly had fallen in love with. Most girls liked the rough feeling their boyfriends had but when Minghao was loving and gentle it surpassed any other feeling. You revealed in it for only a moment.

Your hands found way to the waistband of his sweats, a gentle smile curving to your lips. You were determined to make it about him without saying out loud that it was. Curious fingers traveled lower, teasing the hardening length. A soft sigh from the boy beneath you, whose eyes had already fluttered shut.

You moved your weight off of him, slipping in between his legs. His eyes had opened and now we’re staring down at you. Just by the look in your eyes, Minghao knew your plan and was all for it.

Although to the public eye he didn’t seem the type to become whiny at this time of thing. But when it came down to oral he was a writhing mess. He loved everything about it. From the gentle kisses you would place in the head of his member, to when you switched rapidly and took him into the back of your throat. Minghao loved everything about it.

So when you took your time pealing of his sweats and then his briefs, he took his time to prepare himself. Delicate fingers found way around his member, stroking it a few times. His hips lifted into your hand at the slowness of your movements.

“Are you going to get needy already?” You asked gently, swiping away some of the precum that was leaking out of his member.

Minghao shook his head, his eyes traveling down to meet yours. “I’m not being needy. I just want something more than your hand..”

Minghao’s honesty was another one of your favorite things. Although he was shy when it came to this act, he always spoke his mind when he needed. And you followed whatever he had to say.

You leaned closer, placing kitten licks to the underside of his member. His fingers found way to your hair, tugging lightly on the edges. You slowly took his member into your mouth, inch my inch you lowered yourself, bring yourself up only when you couldn’t take anymore. After repeating the process a few times you pulled yourself up completely to only focus on his sensitive head.

It was all about hints. The way his stomach tensed up when your tongue hit certain spots. The way his grip on your hair tightened when you brought him further back into your mouth. And the biggest hint, the sweet but quiet noises he made when he was enjoying himself.

His hand eventually tapped your shoulder to tell you to stop, making you stop your ministrations to crawl up and capture his lips in a heated kiss.

“I want you.” He mumbles against your swollen lips. “I want you so badly.” He added. The needy tone in his voice becoming evident. You smiled gently, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “For you.” You replied.

You hurried to remove the rest of your clothed that had been concealing you the whole time. You could feel his eyes watching you, and proceeding to scope out the rest of your body when you were standing. You looked down at him as he propped himself up on his elbows, waiting for you to climb into his lap for the second time that night. “Like something you see?” You jokingly said as you placed yourself in his laps, shaking arms finding there way around his neck.

“I’m just in awe of how beautiful the girl I’m going to marry is.” You smile to yourself, burying your head into his neck, leaving kisses while you’re at it.

Once the embarrassment had passed you lift your hips, positioning him at your entrance and allowing yourself to slide down his length until his member filled you. A soft moan left your lips at the feeling, his voice following.

Before long your hips were moving at a steady rhythm. His hands settled on your hips, guiding your hips onto his. Without the sounds of moans filling the air, the only thing that could be heard was the soft creak of the bed and the sound of your lips as they parted from each other continuously.

You thought back and realized even after a year this was the first time you two had this intimate of a sexual session. And from now on you would be sure to add them into your regular schedule.

It wasn’t like the sex you always got. You could feel the love radiating from his body onto yours. From the way his hands rubbed circles into your skin, the way his lips were much softer on your skin then ever before, and his thrusts were soft and gentle into you.

His hand slipped from your hip to reach between the two of you to rub small circles into your clit. Making you forget all about the kissing. Your head fell forward into his shoulder. The only reason he would be doing that if he was close so you took the initiative and sped up the movement of your hips.

Not long after Minghao’s hands were struggling to keep their rhythm on your clit but you couldn’t care less. His thighs twitched underneath you, and his head fell back into the pillows as he came. You moved slowly for a minute to let him ride out his orgasm before climbing off of him and repositioning yourself next to him.

“Baby but you didn’t..” You suppressed his words with a kiss. You couldn’t have cared less about the fact that you didn’t get the chance to cum, it didn’t phase you in the least. Because you had made him feel good, and that was all you needed to know.

You pressed gentle kisses to his skin as he gathered you in his arms. Your eyelids feeling fluttery with tiredness not soon after. Before drifting off you looked up at him. “Were you being serious when you said I’m the girl you’re going to marry?”

His lips only curved into a smile and reassured you with a kiss. “Of course I’m serious.”

You drifted off to sleep reassured and not having a worry in the world about your final exams that would come to you tomorrow.

Minghao fell asleep to the reassurance that without your knowledge a ring waited for you on the empty desk of his small bedroom for you tomorrow.


Silvia: How was work today?

Danny: It was good. I missed you though. Maybe we should get reacquainted and I can show you how much I missed you today. There is a bush over there.

Silvia: Maybe, later. I have a new outfit to show you. 

Danny: Then we need to go home now. 

Silvia: Ha, you’re silly. 

Hawaii Five-0 : McDanno

I feel like the writers of this show basically want McDanno to happen but can’t really make it canon so they just give us content where there’s no doubt that these two are together.

I mean, c’mon. The constantly missing girlfriends even though most shows force hetero pairing down our throats when we start to ship same sex couples to exert their heterosexuality.Or the fact that in an episode where it was suppose to be a Valentine’s Day outing,the boys spend more time together than with their girlfriends and in the scenes where they were with their gf’s, there was basically no chemistry at all between them.Or the scenes where almost everyone jokes about them being married or assume they are a couple just like that.Not to mention the super fluffy domestic scenes between Steve and Danny be it with just the 2 of them or with Grace and/or Charlie.

Oh,let’s not forget the fact that Steve not only got pissed and offended when Danny didn’t talk to him and include him in his retirement plan but keeps pushing the idea of them retiring together.Because he can’t imagine NOT being with Danny at all.

When I watched a couple of episodes in the living room one day, my mom kept asking me if they were gay (especially after their ‘I love you’s’),that she didn’t realize they were making  gay cop shows,they don’t seems ‘gay’ despite being a couple (which led to discussions about stereotypes),laughed at their cargument scenes,said she too would donate her organ fr her husband out of love (the relationship kind and not the buddy kind) and when I told her that they’re not,in fact together or gay and were just friends she was like ‘what?but how?they seem like a couple to me!’.

This was coming from my homophobic mom ok? Even she could see it.

So yeah.Totally just bros.Much straight.Very hetero.

I have been sketching Magnus Hammersmith for the last couple of weeks in spite of my ridiculous work schedule, and this one I decided needed colour, if only for the reason that I love rendering bruises and disheveled hair. 

I don’t know why I’m re-obsessed with Hammersmith again, but it is kind of nice to have my horrible, horrible, awful muse with stabby tendencies back. 

It’s been taking every ounce of strength to not write self-indulgent Metalocalypse comics, you guys have no idea. 


Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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destinytomoon  asked:

can we remember when garnet said adorable things to steven???? "tiny hands my only weak" "u are a cutie pie" "oh steven we alredy love you" Can also remember how she was the most badass of the gems ? she was have more abilities and the thing i most miss SHE WAS THE FAVORITE OF THE SHOW

SAME …. poor garn though. and it makes me sad seeing posts about how great garnet is because lets be real, the fondness is mostly forced..

AU in which that shin and louis (almost) kissing gif gets 100,000 notes and everyone is asking “what’s the name of the anime!!!!!” And the fandom is like “It’s king of prism” and the pretty rhythm fandom is like “lmao they’re going to be so disappointed bc it’s not a yaoi” and it starts getting popular but people find out it’s not a yaoi so they’re mad but there are people who still watch it anyway and it gets popular and there’s some people who say “it’s a fanservicey copy of yuri on ice don’t watch it!!!!!” and there’s lot of discourse. It gets fanart and animenewsnetwork starts reporting about kinpri.

Then people find out it’s a spin off of a magical girl and idol anime for girls. everyone is shocked. People watch rainbow live and start hating on the girls because “they’re useless” and because “they get in the way of their yaoi pairings”

why did they make that spinoff. urban legends start floating around. And the ones who have been here since pretty rhythm know that it’s bc a bunch of fans went to see the boys’ version of the Pripara movie. But they find all of those weird legends funny anyways so very few people bother to explain

What I’m saying is how the heck does pretty rhythm exist