i miss this show terribly

Hhhhhhokay a few things.

• Maggie and Jackson are step-siblings. They had no chemistry before five minutes ago, and even if we’re ignoring the age difference, Jackson is in a much different place in his life than she is. It feels like a lame Japril-angst gimmick which will wind up wasting all three characters’ screen time.

• Stephanie, the only character whose plot actually has to do with medicine, is leaving. Fine. On par for Shonda. But she’s leaving without saying goodbye to Amelia? Not fine. Wrong.

• Why did Meredith’s happiness have to vanish again? I can’t stand bitter, love-hating Meredith Grey — she’s only tolerable when she’s in love at this point. If this job is going to encompass Ellen Pompeo’s acting career, can Shonda let her play an emotion other than “sour”?

• Am I to understand that Megan’s purpose is to reset all the s13 plots? She basically puts Meredith and Nathan back to square one; she’ll completely distract from Owen and Amelia’s marriage problems (and the very real plot of Amelia’s pain with babies), and she’ll steal screen time from the usual victims — Arizona, April, and Amelia. Do we honestly need another distraction right now?

• If Shonda doesn’t make good on the promise to remove two-dimensional, poorly-acted Eliza Minnick, I will lose it. (And give Arizona a likable love interest that’ll stick around, ffs.)

• Reality check: even in shock, Stephanie would not have functioned as well as she did. Her hearing would have been damaged severely — those burns would be causing her agonizing pain when the adrenaline wasn’t pumping (e.g. sitting on the stairs, motionless). The severe smoke inhalation = no sassy quips (“Did you take the scenic route?”). And I need another whole point for my last criticism…

• Why the FUCK did Stephanie set the rapist on fire? She looked down at the scalpel on the ground — his back was turned and his hands were occupied. She could’ve stabbed him and ended it all — there was a clear shot to the head/neck area if that wasn’t good enough! It’s ridiculous writing.

• I’m very upset about a lot of things.

So the Serpent’s first name is Li right

Which is inappropriately hilarious because Mom and Dad Ping must have been like



But spell it differently


“But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there, somewhere in the woods…waiting.”

From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Grunkles version

Wendy version

Soos version

Material Girl

You know, as nice as it was that Oswald had a father who loved him for five minutes- Elijah was not a good person.  He makes a big to-do about wanting to leave everything to Oswald, which is sweet- but what he neglects to mention that is this means that Grace and her children, whom he likes to crow about rescuing from an abusive home, will be out on the street.  He even tells Grace to her face that he wants her to call his lawyer, so that he can set this in motion- Honey, be a dear, and fetch my lawyer, so that I can return you to the gutter whence I found you.  It’s not only obnoxious- it’s sociopathic.  Now, one can make the argument that he trusts Oswald to do right be them, but one- it’s still a slap in the face to the woman who’s been sharing his bed for the past decade, and two- it assumes a lot about a man he’s known for a month, one who used to stab people for fun.  This adds to Elijah’s long list of objectionable characteristics, naiveté.  Either the man is willfully ignorant to the way the world works- or is downright sadistic.

It’s interesting that Oswald‘s parents, through the lens of Oswald‘s perception, are both sanitized.  Gertrud, one will recall, gleefully recounts setting the secret police on a classmate’s father.  When she’s not ranting about the hussies and sluts after Oswald, she’s trying, herself, to seduce every man in the room.  I missed that Gertrud.  Gotham’s strength is its ability to show us objectively terrible people forming real emotional attachments.  This is why Edward‘s line about love being weakness, cumbersome, et cetera is not only silly, but tragic.  As he usually does, he misses the point.  Love, Gotham tells us, is for everyone- it doesn’t discriminate, it’s not a prize one gets for being good, it’s not a skill you pick up; it’s messy and strange, but it’s something anyone can feel.  Gertrud was richer for being a truly nasty piece of work- who also happened to love her only child fiercely and without question.  Without that nuance, she- and later, Elijah- were the idea of parents, but never the real thing.

Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week - Day 3

Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week

Why you love Season 1

I feel it necessary to state, again, that I love a few things about Season 2. I really, really, really do. I love Alex’s coming out story. I love the introduction of Maggie Sawyer. I love the buildup of their working relationship, friendship and finally romantic relationship. I love it all. I love that Winn is now at the DEO. I love a ton of little moments that are just perfect between various characters.

So Season 2 has a place in my heart, despite some of the other problems I have with it.

It’s no Season 1, though.

Season 1 focused on the women

Gasp. A show that focused on women? That focused on a young woman (Kara) and her sister (Alex) and had other, strong female characters like Cat Grant and Lucy Lane and General (!) Astra? Season 2 no longer has Cat Grant or Lucy Lane or General Astra. Instead, we do have Maggie Sawyer (who gets about five minutes of screen time per episode), we have Lena Luthor (who is a recurring character and is occasionally the focus of the episode but not usually) and we have Lillian Luthor (another recurring character who occasionally has big chunks of screen time, but not usually). We also have Rhea, who is played by the outstanding Teri Hatcher (my favourite Lois Lane ever), but her role has been fairly small so far.

Instead of strong, deep characters like Cat, Lucy and Astra, we have Mon-El, who takes up an inordinate amount of time in almost every episode in which he appears.

So I definitely loved Season 1′s focus on the women and it’s something I miss about Season 2.

The discussions that don’t happen elsewhere

There’s an episode, Red Faced, where Cat takes Kara for drinks and talks to her about anger and emotion in the workplace.

I sat there, on my couch, watching this dialogue about the things no one ever talks about when it comes to being a woman in the workplace. 

“When I was working at the Daily Planet, Perry White picked up a chair and he threw it out of the window, because somebody missed a deadline. And no he didn’t open the window first. If I had thrown a chair, or, my God, if I had thrown a napkin, it would have been all over the papers. It would have been professional and cultural suicide.”

Being a woman in a daily workplace was something I was getting used to when this episode aired. Most of my life, I’ve freelanced, worked remotely or been a student. When this episode aired, I’d made my first hire as the head of my department at work. I worked at a tech company, so the atmosphere was casual, but it was still very much an old boys’ club. And so Cat’s words rang so true to me. This discussion about the differences between what Perry White has the freedom to do versus what Cat couldn’t do (even throw a napkin!), was so good to hear. It wasn’t all in my head that there were double-standards at work. It wasn’t me being stupid that caused so many of my male co-workers to try to explain (MANSPLAIN) things to me. It was this. This is the “norm” for society. And I actually got teary-eyed because this made me realize, emotionally, that it wasn’t just me. I’d known that sexism and misogyny occurred, of course, and I’d had a couple more obvious run-ins at work previously, but I didn’t recognize the more subtle issues at work.

So it’s discussions like that, about women in the workplace, about what it takes to be successful, about the struggles we will endure, that I loved. And I miss.

(Again, not to say I don’t love some of the discussions in S2. Alex’s coming out speech to Kara is one of the things that has resonated with me most in basically all of television. But that’s about being gay, about pushing down feelings and memories and not accepting yourself. Very important, but not nearly as common, as widespread, as the simple act of being a woman in the workplace.)

The compelling storylines

Look, not every episode of Season 1 was a winner. There were some boring ones, some duds, whatever. Every show has a few meh episodes every season. But episodes like Red Faced, Human for a Day, For the Girl Who Has Everything… these are some amazing episodes. Not necessarily all perfect episodes, of course, but the discussions in Red Faced and how Kara channels her anger, these are superb. How Kara still wants to help while hurt and without her powers in Human for a Day? So amazingly in-character and yet you want to hold her back from doing so. And the false Krypton reality in For the Girl Who Has Everything… Oh God, my heart still aches for Kara.

Again, Season 2 has had some great episodes, too, but I felt Season 1 was usually more solid than S2 has been.

The joie de vivre

The sheer joy we saw in Season 1 is oddly missing. Kara is mopey and more and more isolated in Season 2 – and I have to hope that that’s by design, in the hopes that the whole bunch of characters will reunite to face a threat by season’s end – and she’s just not the same Kara.

What happened to the Kara who was so delighted when Barry brought her an ice cream cone while demonstrating his speed? That look, that one “YES!”, that alone can convey how joyful Kara is. There are other examples, like Kara threatening Alex if she doesn’t let her have the last potsticker and throwing a pillow at her face. Like Sister Nights and Game Nights. We don’t see these anymore. And I miss them terribly. I definitely loved S1 in part because it showed us how joyful Kara was.

The complexity of the relationships between characters

So, like, all of this is gone, these days, IMHO.

In Season 1, we had:

- Alex in the DEO, who had been lying to Kara forever (not a fan of the lying, but the complexity is fascinating)
- Alex who killed Astra and let Hank/J’onn take the blame (again, not a fan of the lying and was glad it got resolved quickly, but YOU KILLED YOUR ADOPTIVE SISTER’S AUNT, WHO WAS ONE OF TWO BLOOD RELATIVES STILL ALIVE, ALEX! Complex.)
- Astra, who was trying to take over the Earth for Myriad and would go through Kara if she had to
- Hank/J’onn hiding who he was and how that affected his relationship with Alex
- Eliza and her relationships with both Kara and Alex (still happens about as often in S2, to be fair, and we do have Jeremiah thrown in there now)
- Lucy and James vs. Kara and James
- Winn’s place in Kara’s life

I mean, I could go on. In this season, we do have some Daddy Danvers drama, which is great, but what else? Some tension about Kara not being Alex’s number one priority all of the time, due to her relationship with Maggie. And? The Guardian storyline, but that’s not been done too well, IMHO – and I mourn the lack of James in recent episodes. Then what, Mon-El lied about being the prince? Come on, we all knew Mon-El was the stupid prince from the moment he told that BS story, because, hi, UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. And apparently lying to Kara for 9 months or whatever is fine, so that’s not adding any complexity to things. :P

Relationships have gotten very simplistic in Season 2, at least compared to Season 1. I don’t hate all the relationships and such, in terms of enjoying that Lena and Kara are friends, Maggie and Alex have gotten together, etc. But I do miss how layered things could be. Think about how Non – Kara’s uncle (by marriage, but uncle nonetheless!) – planted the Black Mercy for her. Think about how Kara had to say goodbye to her family again in order to escape. Think about how Alex risked herself to save her sister, to bring her back. Think about how Astra and Alex had a temporary ceasefire to allow Astra to tell Alex what was going on.

This is compelling and complex.

And I miss it.

See you tomorrow for another day of Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week.

myu2k2  asked:

I mean really.... If the potion was made to intentionally​ kill someone it would have been either Auberon or Eredin. If someone made it thinking Eredin was going to take it only for it to miss the target whomever gave it to him would be in deep shit. Same if the culprit knew it was going to be given to Auberon. The only sorcerer the reader knows about in their circle is Avallac'h. O_o

I just finished reading these bits in the books and either I’ve missed something or the whole incident is way more vague than I’d been led to believe by all the stuff I’d seen readers say? and that makes me think that the post was definitely onto something and that Stupid Apple Fox may have been responsible after all because the whole thing is way dodgier than people seem to think. (Other than you, obviously XD)

That, or I missed something.

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An endless cycle of love and hugs!

I wanted to make a lil’ something since the last episode of Wander Over Yonder airs today, so I sat down for 9 hours and made this instead of sleeping. I absolutely love this show and I’m going to terribly miss this orange furball ;w;

Thank you for all the good times, Craig McCracken and crew!  


Looking back on all the cartoons I used to watch when I was younger, I had to pick out some of the female roles who influenced me to become who I am today. They showed me it was fine if I wanted to be more like a guy, be a geek, have different interests then everyone else, stand out from the crowd, be sad, and be a fighter. I wish these shows were still continuing today, I miss them terribly, but I’m glad I had them when I did.

i went into the voltron tag for some god awful reason and instantly saw like 10 discourse about shipping and ages and i just ‘ah yes, this is why everyone avoids voltron like the plague’

Remember those good ol’ days when all I drew was Gravity Falls

I hate bad days. I hate bad days because we FaceTime and I’m just in a bad mood so I treat you like crap. And then I feel even worse because I just treated you like crap and all I need is a hug.
—  11:36 pm, May 6th 2016.