i miss this show soo much


“Girl groups don’t always have to be pretty or cute and we are showing that girls can look cool too” ”This is like, women don’t have to suit the image that men like. We are creating a new trend for women”

29.01.2016 released “Hate” mv // #thankyou4minute 

i swear with the new livestream with alex and dana is so good, so nice in every way, but I just… hearing alex pull out stan, soos and bill and just staying in character makes me realize how much i miss these characters…. i miss this show so much…. and it’s all hilarious and for a good cause but i’m just in that state where

More than this - Stiles Stilinski / Theo Raeken {part 9}

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A/N: Hey guys, again sorry for the long wait, i have soo much on my plate right now and i still need to finish a request. I know i know, you guys miss Stiles but in this chapter, there is no direct Stiles x Reader interaction, BUT he is mentioned and IT’S IMPORTANT for the following chapter! So don’t skip this if you’re just here for Stiles. For those who are disappointed with the lack of Stiles x Reader, please be aware that this is a journey (omg i sound like a show writer i hate myself lol i’m jeff) Don’t worry guys, i love you to pieces.

Warnings: None, fluff, fluff FLUFF. (okay kiinda a subtle mention of sex ya know me)

(y/d/n) = your dad’s name

I was lying on my bed, head on Theo’s chest and our legs entangled. We we’re watching a movie on Netflix together. After the party, Theo decided to stay over because my parents weren’t home for the weekend, so we spent the whole Saturday together. It was now Sunday morning, and tomorrow the holidays would begin. No school, god bless.

Theo drew little circles with his fingers on my back while I was quietly sniffling at the sad scene in the movie. I didn’t like romance movies that much, I preferred horror, thriller, that kind of stuff. But when I did watch a romantic movie and the scene was sad, I usually cried like a baby. By the time the credits were rolling I was practically bawling.

“Oh my god Babygirl, I didn’t think you’d get so emotional.” Theo chuckled, rubbing my back.

“Shut up! It was heartbreaking okay? Can you imagine how her life will be, now that she lost him forever?” I tried to wipe the tears away but it didn’t work, since new tears were already running down my face.

“Stop crying (y/n), I can’t stand it when you’re upset.” He said, pulling me into his arms even more, hugging me more tightly.

Theo sweetly kissed my head and kept rubbing my back in a soothing manner. It took a few minutes and I stopped crying, feeling rather tired now all cuddled up, the only thing I heard was Theo’s steady heartbeat and his slow breathing.

But as soon as I felt like falling asleep, he broke the silence.

“Do you ever wonder…how we ended up like this? I mean, at the beginning it was supposed to be a casual hook-up. And now..you got me wrapped around your little finger.” Taking my finger in his hands, he playfully bit it, making me laugh.

“Well, I am glad we ended up like this. That it’s not just a one-time thing.” I stated, touching his cheek.

“Me too.” He said with a serious smile on his face, pure adoration in his eyes.

Since my parents would come home soon, the two of us decided that it would be the best if Theo left. I helped him gather up all his things and led him to our front door. He swung his overnight bag on his shoulder and stood in the doorframe, ready to head home.

“So..this was nice. I mean, the weekend together.” He mumbled, a shy smile on his face.

“Yes yes it was. I liked spending so much time with you. In bed for example.” I grinned, taking a step further.

“Oh that’s what you’re thinking about.” He smirked. “Well, now that you’re on the family trip for the next week, you will unfortunately have to wait for it.” I shivered at the way he let his fingers glide over my forearm, the desire in his eyes making me blush.

“How am I going to survive a week without” I leaned in, “this.” I whispered, then closing the distance between us and kissing him passionately. Before things got too heated we parted again, breathing heavily.

“I’ll miss you” he hummed while hugging me tightly.

“I’ll miss you, too.”

I watched him as he got into his car, waving one last time before he took off.

An hour passed and my parents arrived from their work trip, greeting me enthusiastically.

“So how was the weekend honey?” my mom asked me while we were at the dinner table.

“It was…fine.” I said, before immediately shoving a fork of pasta into my mouth, hoping no one spotted the soft pink that crept up my cheeks just by the thought of the time I spent with Theo.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You know your dad and I have been planning our camping trip the last few days, and guess who decided to join us!” I looked up from my plate raising my eyebrows at my mom who’s smile went extremely wide.

“The Stilinski’s!” my mom clapped her hands happily and I almost choked on my pasta.

There is no way in hell that my mom just said I was going to spend the next week on a campsite with-

“That’s great isn’t it? I talked to John this morning and he said he’s so happy to come with us! You and Stiles have been friends since you’ve been three years old and now that you two made up we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate that!”

“Wow, uhm, yea that’s..that’s awesome.” I chuckled nervously, playing it off like I was totally okay with it because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. Our camping trips have always been a tradition and they plan everything weeks in advance.

After dinner, I went to my room to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a list of things I needed for our trip on my desk and began to put all the things on my bed that were on it. When I put the item in my bag, I made a little checkmark on my list. This way I was done in no time and I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. Checking the “red big sweater”, I was finished.

It was about nine pm and I was laying in my bed, thinking about the trip and how it was going to be like to spend a whole week alone with Stiles after what had happened between us. We were practically friends again but there was still some kind of unspoken tension between us. It wasn’t like it used to be, even if we denied it.

That night I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about strong arms holding me close, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, a person with green and sometimes amber eyes.

As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I could hear my parents arguing downstairs. Every holiday, the morning of our departure, hell broke loose. There was no other time in the year when my parents, especially my mom, were this stressed.

“(y/d/n), did you put the air pump in the trunk already? I am not driving back like last year because we forgot to bring it!” I heard my mom yell.

“First of all Love, we wouldn’t have had to drive back if you’d gotten over yourself and just slept under the sky, it wasn’t even cold! And secondly, you wanted to drive back too because you forgot the hand sanitizer.” My dad replied.

And this is how it would go all morning.

Did you think of the paper towels?

We can’t forget the first aid kid!

What if I don’t have enough socks?

Do you REALLY need this sweater in three different colors?

Briefly going over my list and bag again, I was ready to go. Before I left the house I threw on a light jacket and stepped into my beloved Doc Martens. After entering the car, I plugged in the aux wire to my phone. Even though my parents hated my taste in music, I got to be in charge of the playlist because I despised  driving with a passion. Short routes were fine, but everything as of an hour made me sick, which is why I had to take medicine for travelling.

Listening to Work Song by Hozier, I nodded my head and tapped my fingers on my legs in the beat of the music, letting my mind drift off to escape the time and traffic.

When, my, time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her

(The Song has nothing to do with the storyline, I just adore this song. It’s so beautiful, go listen to it.)

[Part 10 here]

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Hi missed request anon from a stupid airplane flight. I love your work so much and I freaked when i saw you were taking requests again. I was wondering if you can do a BuckyXreader where she keeps getting teased by her height (shortness) and wants to be taller. But Bucky shows her that it's not so bad to be short, because she can do things like use their jackets as blankets, or can be hugged really well. Just lottttsssss of fluff!!! Thank you soo much for this, I really appreciate it❤❤❤

I’ve got it on the list!!  I hope you had a good flight!!!

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In case you'd like a little distraction at some point - what are your overall thoughts about Gilmore Girls? I saw you say that you've just finished and I'm interested to know haha. I pretty much grew up watching GG (started in ~2005 or something) and we used to all sit down as a family to watch together! Since then though I have seen all the episodes soo many times and got several friends into it too! I just think it's a lovely programme :)

Gilmore girls became my life.

It only took a day, and I was already feeling like a piece of me was missing. This evening I have returned to season 1 and now intend on rewatching every single episode and I have no regrets.

I love how ‘easy’ it is to watch, you can just watch episode after episode and never get tired; there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to Gilmore Girls. The concept of the show is so simple yet you get completely absorbed by it and invested in each character/relationship - especially as you watch them grow/develop over the seasons/years. 

Some days I must have watched over 6 episodes in a row; it was the best distraction, I didn’t have to focus too hard and could also do some crocheting/little things whilst it was on - although I will admit that Loghan did appear in my dreams a few nights in a row, so I did have to slow down on my manic binge watching for a few days haha

There’s just something about this show that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside; it can make you laugh out loud but also bring tears to your eyes. It is quite simply amazing. And if you are reading this and have never seen an episode of Gilmore Girls, I BEG YOU TO PLEASE GO AND WATCH IT NOW! You will not regret it. xxxx


3 and 4 are alive and safe

Blubbs and Durland are literally canon guys do you understand how great that is

Mabel got to take Waddles with her

Stan and Ford are sailing the world together 

Soos is living his dream running the Mystery Shack with Melody

Everyone is safe and happy for once

Mcgucket is sane and happy and successful 

there is so much more that I could ramble on about, Alex Hirsch did such an amazing job with these characters and this show, he and the rest of the gf crew worked so hard and it all payed off so well.

Thank you Alex Hirsch, thank you so much for everything.

I’ll miss this show like crazy, well done.


Coming to the end of Gravity Falls is not fun. I won’t lie and say something about how it’s better for everyone. It’s not. Gravity Falls was the last good show on Disney, and it was my last childhood show. I’ll miss it so much.
I agree with Alex Hirsch, that it IS time to end it. Dragging out a show like Gravity Falls until it’s not good anymore would be the stupidest decision ever made. Gravity Falls is a masterpiece fully contained in two seasons. I love everything about it and can’t wait to find out the final secrets.
As this chapter of my life closes, I’ll remember all the laughs this show has given me. It’s taught me to trust, and have fun, to hold onto childhood and to maintain friendships. I learned that family is always there and no matter how weird something gets, there is always a logical explanation. I will never raise the dead at a party or become a gnome queen, but I will make the most out of everything I’m given, and never stop looking for adventure.
Thanks for everything, Gravity Falls.