i miss this show so much :((((

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i don't care how many people say taylor didn't change. she did change and i hate this new taylor but i'm trying to love her but like i can't. she's so much... darker now. it's weird. i miss the sunny taylor from the 1989 era. i miss the interviews and talkshows. i want her back... -rant over. I'm hoping taylor will see this since you follow her-

she hasn’t changed, and she isn’t dark, she was putting on a show/mocking what pop culture says about her. the same taylor still comes online and likes our posts and laughs with us and does cute videos with her cats and is a giant dork, taylor hasn’t suddenly become a new person!

as for the interviews and talkshows, she’s alluded that she probably won’t be doing those (or at least not many), and it’s probably because they’re never really on her terms, they’re for the media enjoyment and she’s done doing what they want her to do. this era isn’t for them, and she’s not going to play their games.

My feels about the finale:

-tried not to cry the whole time✔

-laughed at the awkward jacson and lydia scene✔

-laughed when jacson told stydia about ethan✔

-was pissed because lack of stydia✔

-was pissed when everybody turned to stone✔

-screamed because of void stiles/nogitsune✔

-screamed “THAT’S MY BABY” when scott managed to not open his eyes✔

-screamed when stiles came in and saved the situation✔

-got so fucking pissed when monroe got away,again✔

-broke down in tears when gabe said “it hurts” like 10 times✔

-started crying even harder when theo took his pain✔

-emotionally died because of that little stydia moment✔

-fell off my chair because scalia bitches✔

-died at the end scene because it made me feel like they are going to continue the show idk why✔

-is dead and already misses teen wolf✔



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i've been loving yoongi even more than usual and i don't think my heart can handle it, especially with this comeback. he looks so cute with his blue hair (i missed it) i'm happy i get more smiles from him in videos and his existence just makes me really happy ♥️ -yoongi anon

I know what you mean! his blue hair is always so amazing, I loved it before and I love it now. and I agree, I love seeing a smiling, happy yoongi. it shows just how adorable he is and it makes my heart swell up so much. I want to see him happy all the time. this boy deserves all the world’s love~

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Season 6B Thoughts and 7a

Season 6B had way more Harvey and Donna in it than I thought it did. 

I think the biggest problem with this show, and the lack of Harvey and Donna progressing, is that we see it in two chunks. Obviously 6A had barely any Harvey Donna moments, but as the series transferred into the latter half, it included a lot more in the 11-13.

But for the fans it always seems few and far in-between.

I LOVE Harvey’s episode with his Mother (6.12) 

It throws up so much.

That last talk with his Mother, is just beautiful. (Makes me cry like EVERY TIME.)

I occurs to me, after his Mother, that Donna is the last missing piece of his puzzle. 

Harvey doesn’t spend a lot of time with his family. 

I’m not sure that’s changed much since 6.12.

It would be lovely for Harvey to take Donna to meet his family. For him to finally make some effort and blend in with them. Donna would be a perfect middle ground between them and him.

The real cog in the wheel is Paula Agard. Everything else was kind of running slowly but smoothly towards them falling into bed together until 701. 

Holding hands, and then having a dream about them, and then acknowledging that Donna is the one to fix things with his Mother, only to run for the hills (also known as Paula Agard) because Donna wants more just seems like a complete overreaction, right?

It’s the only thing I can’t work out. 

And after Donna kissing him, if he doesn’t feel anything then it’s not going to make any sense.

And I’m dreading Korsh legitimising he and Paula’s relationship as anything more than the overreaction that is really is. 

Ok. Review time. Just whatever comes to mind.

This is what I think of Star Trek: Discovery after watching what there is of it at this point.

Now. I’m intrigued.

The characters are relatable.

I found the atmosphere on the bridge … nice. Even if a bit dark (visually).

I love the way Sarek is being presented. Different, even though there have been so many “versions” of his character. But still himself.

I really really hope this will come but I miss the “softness” of the typical Star Trek storylines? And I especially hope that it will eventually loosen up and include more comical elements, make the whole atmosphere less tense and add more of the sense of family that I love so much about Star Trek.

This is only a beginning and I still have a lot of questions. But I have high hopes for the show.

Also I totally get why it would be frustrating for Stydia fans to not get a kiss in but remember guys, legit the whole of 6A was DEDICATED TO STYDIA. Dylan wasn’t even required to be in this season like Stiles’ story seriously was supposed to end in 6A so guys please we could have had NO STILES AT ALL but he wanted to be and that speaks wonders. Like I said, this series finale felt so rushed there really was hardly any time for all that. 

THOUGH I WILL SAY was a bit cheap the way they paralleled stydia’s first kiss with scalia’s last AND I LOVE SCALIA OK, DON’T GET IT TWISTED I THINK THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. I think the scene was beautiful as well but idk the parallel would defo make fans salty lmao


Alone Time

Anon request: Hey girl<3 love ur fics, I was wondering if you could do one where female reader is on the road with Tyler and josh as a photographer and they are in a van because haven’t really taken off yet and someway or another they get some time alone for the first time in forever and do it in the van. Please no daddy kinks or blood play thank you so much xxx

Warnings/Tags: None fairly fluffy and vanilla

“I’m gonna miss you so much, but I’m so proud of you and Josh.” You say siting on the edge of the open trailer attached to the van; swinging your legs as the boys pack; about to embark on their first series of shows and music festivals since the departure of Nick and Chris, and the addition of Josh to the now two-piece band. You and Tyler have been dating for about a year and things have started to get pretty serious lately; even loosing your virginity to each other. You really hope the two of you can  keep your relationship alive despite the distance.

“I have a feeling you’re not gonna miss me all that much.” Tyler says with a curious looking smile.

“Are you crazy? Of course I’m gonna miss you Tyler I love you!”  You respond puzzled as to why he thinks you wouldn’t miss him.

“Well it’s just that me and Josh were talking and we know you love photography and we really need a photographer for the road so we were hoping you would come on this journey with us and be our photographer, that way you’d never have to miss me.” He smiles.

“Tyler, I would love to ,really I would but I don’t think my little crop sensor DSLR camera that I just use just as a  hobby is going to be able to do any justice. I don’t even own a wide enough lens and I don’t think my cameras ISO capabilities are high enough for how dark some of the venues might be.”

“I was afraid you would say that which is why…” He trails off reaching into the the trailer and pulling out a brown box and handing it to you. “I know you’re Birthday isn’t until next month but..go ahead, open it.”  He says excitedly.

You open the box to find a full frame sensor camera, and a wide angle lens. “Tyler!” You gasp. “Thank you so much, but really you shouldn’t have, you and Josh are barely making money from this yet, you  should have saved your money and put it towards new equipment or something.

"No baby I wanted you to have it.  It’s not brand new or anything but the guy at the used camera shop said this is perfect to get you started photographing shows and what not. Josh chipped in too; we really want you to come with us but it’s yours to keep regardless of your decision.” Tyler says just as Josh returns from the house with another box of equipment.

“Oh you gave it to her? What’d she say?” Josh asks sweaty and out of breath as he loads the box into the trailer.

“So what do you say? We can’t pay you or anything yet, but I know we’ll be able to one day, but for now I  can pay for your food and stuff on the road.” Tyler looks to you for an answer.

“Yes of course! Thank you! You guys don’t have to pay me the camera is more than enough.” You place the camera box down to your left and hop down from the trailers edge pulling both boys in for a hug. “Eww Josh you’re all sweaty.” You tease.

“Yeah, well why don’t you guys quit the cute stuff and get back to helping. He jokingly pushes you both towards the house.  

"I’m so happy your coming with us. We’re gonna spend so much time together. Tyler slips his hand in yours as you make your way back to the house for more equipment.


Tyler’s words were  naive a best; sure you spend a lot of time together; a lot of time between shooting pictures helping to lug  Tyler’s heavy ass piano up and down venue stairs, a lot of time sleeping in a cramped van next to each other but never with each other and only for a span of four hours here and there if you’re  lucky, and more notably a lot of time with Josh. It’s not that you have anything against Josh; you love Josh, he’s such a good friend to Tyler and to you as well and he makes for great company but any rare alone time you and Tyler would be able to have is instantly deterred by Josh’s presence, and the lack of intimacy is taking a toll on both of you.  Having recently lost your virginity to each other, your want for each other is almost constant, no matter how busy or tired you both are but all you can manage is a few sporadic heavy make-out sessions whenever Josh is out of eye shot for more than a few minutes, whether it’s when he stops to use the bathroom, or decides the taco bell drive through line is too long and goes inside to order.


Tonight’s a successful night;  the boys are finally starting to have more and more people attending shows and tonight has been by far the most yet.  It’s not a ton, but it’s definitely a lot  more than the twelve people that attended the first show outside their hometown,  at the Park Ridge VFW in Illinois. You snap picture after picture of the performance; you’ve never seen the boys, especially Tyler, look so proud. After the show it’s back to lugging equipment into the trailer and time to head back on the road to the next show. It’s Josh’s turn to drive; you and Tyler laying in the back with nothing more than a quick kiss goodnight before falling asleep.


A few hours later you’re woken up by the sudden sputtering of the van, and look out the window to see you’ve come to a stop in a rest area off the side of the highway.

"Please don’t tell me the van just broke down.” Tyler says sleepily, rubbing at his eyes.

“No, sorry man, ran out of gas.” Josh says. “ I thought we had enough to make it to the next gas station, it’s only a half mile away, the exit is literally right there.” He huffs, clearly frustrated and slightly embarrassed by his miscalculation. “You guys stay here and rest I’m just gonna walk to the gas station and fill up a gas can I’ll be right back.”  He says as he exits the van.

“I’ve never been more happy to run out of gas in my life.” Tyler says as soon as the van door closes.

“Tyler why would you be happy to run out of gas.” You ask completely puzzled by his words.

“Because now I get to do this..”  He says moving to straddle you, placing soft wet kisses along your neck.

“Mmmm Tyler!”  You moan, knowing your desperate need for intimacy is finally about to be fulfilled. Tyler helps you rid yourself of your shirt tugging it over your head and begins kissing down your bare chest; stopping only to tongue at each nipple before moving lower, fumbling with  the button of your black skinny jeans as his lips ghost over the  flesh below your navel.

“Tyler…Tyler..Stop!” You whine as you squirm under his touch.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asks barely lifting his mouth away from the surface of your skin.

“Nothing, it’s just that we don’t have much time, and as much as I miss feeling that tongue of yours…” You pause to drag a finger lightly over his lips. “I miss something else much more.” You tease brushing your leg up against his denim covered bulge.  He groans in agreement and you quickly undress each other; completely unfazed by the light sheen of sweat beginning to pool on your bodies without the air conditioner running in the late summer heat.

“God I’ve missed this so much.” He breathes into your neck as he pushes into you. “Mmmmmm feels like you have too; so wet for me baby.”   He mutters against your flesh, kissing up your neck and connecting your lips.

“You have no idea how m-much.” You moan into the kiss, running your fingers through his fluffy brown hair, tugging lightly; some pieces stuck to his forehead and neck with sweat, as he slowly  thrusts.

“Uhhh you feel so good.” He pants, arching his head back slightly; you seize the opportunity you kiss him gently right below his ear where you know he likes, he closes his eyes humming lowly in response and driving his hips harder into you.

“Fuck, Ty…Yes…so good.”  You whine wrapping your legs around him and pulling him in deeper. He grunts loudly, hooking one hand around your leg, pulling it from around himself and placing it over his shoulder, hitting your spot from a whole new angle.  "Oh shit Ty, right there, don’t stop.“

"Mmmmm you like that baby?” He grinds into you holding your leg

“God yes….Oh shit I’m gonna cum.” You cry out as the pleasure building in your core comes to a peak, Moans of his name falling from your lips as you ride it out. Tyler’s thrusts speed up chasing after his own orgasm, finishing just moments after you.  The two of you collapse into  into a sweaty pile, your leg sliding from his shoulder down to his  side.

“I love you so much.” He breathes heavily, pushing sweaty locks of hair from your face. “We need to find a way to do this more often, even if it means I gotta kick Josh out of the band.” He jokes.

“I love you so much too and I agree” You smile. Just then you hear the gas cap being unscrewed, followed by the glugging noise of gas filling up the tank, and scramble to get dressed. Josh screws the gas cap back on and opens the driver side door just as you both finish slipping  on your shirts; Tyler’s pants up but still unbuckled.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here.” Josh teases.

“Hey Josh, you wanna sleep now, I’ll drive.” Tyler tries to change to subject. “I’m kind of awake now.”

“I’ll bet you are.” He laughs. “Sure I’ll sleep on the sheets you two just fricked on, no problem.” He chuckles as the two boys lazily switch spots, climbing over the seats in the van. “I swear there better not be a wet spot.” He jokes, settling in to the makeshift bed.

“No promises.” Tyler laughs throwing his arm around the seat preparing to reverse out of the spot in the rest area.

“You know if you guys ever want  ummm.. alone time, you can just tell me to get lost or something, well not lost-lost but you know what I mean.” Josh says mildly embarrassed.

“Yeah we already decided, we’re just gonna kick you out of the band.” Tyler’s perfect laughter fills the van.

“Not cool.” Josh playfully pouts.

“Hey Babe, you still wanna sleep some, or you wanna come up here and keep me company.” Tyler asks. As tired as you are his warm smile lures you to the the passenger seat and you climb over in the same manor the boys did. Tyler rests his hand on your leg as he drives.

About twenty minutes out, you hit heavy traffic from what appears to be an accident up ahead.

“Any ideas on what we could do to kill time while we’re stuck in traffic.” Tyler jokes, loud enough for Josh to hear. Josh groans half asleep in protest to Tyler’s innuendo.

“Hey you wanna see some of the shots I’ve gotten so far.” You ask Tyler, pulling out your camera bag from under the passenger seat.

“I’d love to babe, I bet they’re as amazing as you.”

EDIT: I GOT PROOFREADERS! Thank you so much!

Hi peeps! I’d like to re-write my very, very old Devil May Cry fanfic (Dante x Lady). But I’d need a proofreader for the project to hunt down the last typos and grammar mistakes which I miss myself.

Literally just checking the text, not editing or figuring out for me how you’d like the sentence structure better, unless it’s grammatically absolutely incorrect and needs to be corrected.

If you could help me, drop me a note/chat message! The fic is R-rated and I can show you how the fic is in its current decade old form, so you can check out what you’d be up with :3

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what is rusty the boy robot and why should I get into it?


okay firstly, you’re missing the other main character, and in my opinion, the main selling point of the show, which is, THE BIG GUY

(fear not ladies and gentleman: this is our hero)

Okay for some backstory, in 1995, Frank Miller and Geof Darrow teamed up to create a comic called The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot about a giant American robot teaming up with a Japanese Astro Boy expy to stop a giant alien dinosaur monster that was turning all of Tokyo into much smaller alien dinosaur monsters.  Through much tribulation and Millerisms, the dinosaur monster is eventually defeated, the people are returned to normal, and we learn several things that will become key to the cartoon show that later aired in 1999:

  • For the past several years, the Earth has been protected by a bigass robot loaded full of so many guns its a wonder he can even move.
  • This robot actually isn’t a robot, but a guy in a robot suit masquerading as a robot for Reasons.
  • The Big Guy is joined by Rusty the Boy Robot as his sidekick in defending the planet, though he’s not really happy about it in the beginning at least.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the Big Guy is hammy as fuck.

Like, I mentioned Big Guy is American, right?  He is aggressively, unapologetically, hilariously American, and you know how usually that just means that a character is going to be a weird hyperpatriotic jingoistic asshat BUT NO BIG GUY JUST REALLY LOVES APPLE PIE AND WHOLESOME SHIT AND THE AMERICAN DREAM


I think that might actually be every single one of his lines in the show but really you only need to listen to a few of them to get the gist of what a glorious ham this character is.


The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot is another one of those 90′s cartoon adaptions of popular media that were actually really weirdly good for some reason?  Like Cybersix, the Men in Black cartoon, Godzilla the Animated Series (which is another show i can blabber forever about), cartoons weren’t all the Super Mario Brothers Super Show or the Ruby Spears Megaman, like I’m watching the show now and even 6 episodes in I’m just blown away at how well this show is handled and how maturely it treats its audience.  There’s already an overarching villain plot where a prior character was revealed to be a mole, and I fully expected that character to go along being evil in the background until he was revealed near the series finale (I say series finale and not season finale because the show only got 26 episodes sadly) BUT NO, his ass gets his cover blown the first episode he starts making his move because this is a show where the characters aren’t actually stupid status quo machines!

I mean Rusty’s kind of a dumb status quo machine when it comes to him not finding out that his robotic mentor isn’t actually a robot, but like, in Rusty’s defense he is just a little kid and those moments where the secret was almost blown did actually have fairly justifiable excuses.

There are a few changes from the comic to the show; Rusty and the people that built him are now American as well, so if you’re hung up on a bunch of nameless faceless Japanese people being made nameless faceless white people, maybe just find your chill for a bit and go outside.  Roughly half the main cast isn’t white, if it’s any consolation.

The tone of the show is also very different from the comic, which for once is a good thing.  The comic was actually kinda bleak, whereas the show very much feels like a Saturday Morning Cartoon.  It had stakes, and it had dangers, yeah, but if things went wrong then they could be righted, and no one got seriously hurt.  In contrast to the comic which did not shy away from collateral damage, the show notes on multiple occasions that certain locations have already been evacuated so civillians can’t be hurt in the crossfire.

I’ve heard it said that the comic could be likened to a pilot for the show, and I really feel like that’s the case.  The comic does a good job of introducing the world of the Big Guy, and the characters we’ll be meeting, but the show is where those characters and ideas really come to life.

  • What’s the Big Guy’s pilot like?  You don’t see him in the comic, but he’s a main character on the show.
  • Why the secrecy behind the Big Guy’s true nature?  Explained and enforced in the show.

  • How does Rusty deal with being a “boy robot” tasked with saving the world?  One of the main recurring arcs of the show.

  • What’s the dynamic between these two anyways?  One of the things I love best about the show.

Because here’s another thing I love, Rusty and the Big Guy’s dynamic is really cute and wholesome.  Like even in the beginning episodes where you can tell that the Big Guy is still getting used to Rusty being around and doesn’t really like him that much, he’s still really good to Rusty, almost fatherly.  Like, their every interaction is just really hecking adorable.  I mean I’ve always loved the energetic rookie and the grumpy veteran dynamic, but these two really are so cute together.  I am blessed by this show.

So yeah, if you’re into obscure titles from the 90′s, plot focused action cartoons, cute father/son dynamics, robots being awesome, or just plain have some hours to kill, I highly recommend checking out the Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.

Tune in next week I guess when I babble on about Heroman, another character and plot focused animated property I love created by a comic book writer in which a young boy and a 12 foot tall really American robot with a predominately white color scheme fight aliens and save the residents of the fictional American coastal city they live in.  Only this time it’s an anime!

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CHAP 15 IS MORE THAN I COULD HAVE FATHOMED OR WISHED OR HOPED FOR. First off, ok, HOW FUCKING PERFECT WAS THE DESUS SEX? Daryl is a pure cinnamon roll and the intimacy between them (and the insecurity and the emotion and the love) was just. So beautifully written. What I love most about Ripples - more than the desus alone actually - is how you write/insert "missing scenes" from a storyline we supposedly already know. Your characterization of everyone is so on point. I love this SFM. Thank you.

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Thank you! And yeah, there’s so much the show skipped over so it’s fun to go back to those “missing” scenes (plus it’s way more interesting and fun then just a straight recap of the show. Mad respect authors who write movie tie-in novels, it’s surprisingly difficult)


Note: this is part ii of a series of ‘missing’ scenes from the books which show the development of the Lief/Jasmine relationship. This can be read separately, but there are some call-backs to part i, which is available here. I think this might be even more disjointed than part i, and there is no real plot, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Five days after his father’s death, Sharn finally notices that all of Lief’s shirt sleeves pull an inch above his wrist, and she writes for seamstress.

Elva had been their neighbour, once. On lazy summer days Endon and Sharn had sipped chilled ale with her, and laughed at the latest city gossip. Now, she does not meet Sharn’s eye.

Keep reading