i miss this show so much!!


Daredevil 1x09 ★  Speak of the Devil

“There is a wide gulf between inaction and murder, Matthew.Another man’s evil does not make you good. Men have used the atrocities of their enemies to justify their own throughout history. So the question you have to ask yourself is: are you struggling with the fact that you don’t wanna kill this man, but have to? Or that you don’t have to kill him, but want to?”


Just wanted to take the moment to thank ALL of my followers and Bloggers !! i made this account just for the love of a little korean guy and it turned out to be for so much more. i love interacting with all the other tumblr addicts lol and sharing the same things in common. I love receiving random messages with funny comments and being able to relate to all you guys, the following people i tagged have amazing blogs and/or are always showing me love and are really great blogs ! thank you so much and sorry if i missed anyone i did this from the back of my head ! XOXOXO


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Hey Cassy, is there a page that shows your info about Cycle, or..? Because I don't actually come on tumblr very much, and I've missed out on a ton, and I don't understand much about Cycle, but I want to learn about it cause I love your work, and from what I've seen of it, it looks pretty cool! Sorry for bothering you so much today :/


After boruto the movie

Sudden Realization..

i’ll be like oh damn it’s over … i’m gonna miss the whole show, the memories and everything.. my damn childhood , uhhh… :’< 

this is like how my favorite game ended(telltale’s the walking dead).. i was like ohh i’m drowning in feels , but not only i liked the game i became so attach to the characters and the plot, same in Naruto.. the whole characters.. danggit my feels are coming back , we laugh, we cry and damn.. too much memories… aaand 

Thank you again kishimoto for making me crying like a biatch at the end of the series, but i hope you’ll be back someday

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Hi! I was rewatching all the episodes of The Royals and noticed that in the fashion show episode... When Len said "yeah you bitches better applaud" Jasper was following her and he was really hot in it! Can you make a gif set of that scene? Thanks so much!

I’m so sorry but I can’t find that scene anywhere? Can you give me a little more detail of it please?  or anyone? maybe i’m super blind and totally missed it but i literally went through the episode twice and i still can’t find it oops 

Right, so according to Pearl on the ‘Gem Classroom’ short, gems are literally just the gems that are on their ‘bodies’ but their bodies aren’t necessarily real.

Sooooo… gems are stones right? Precious mineral crystals.

Why are these stones sentient? How do they have the power of thought, and a concept of existence? Why do they choose to have humanoid bodies?

I realise that the concept of gender isn’t really applicable to them, since they are just gems. But why do they tend towards female appearances? Why not something completely androgynous? And why humans? Was that just a coincidence, or did they know about humans prior to having forms? How are they even capable of creating these forms?

And individual gems are old by the typical human lifespan, but are they older than the whole of human and Earth history?


Did I miss an entire portion of the show?

If the answer to all of this is just ‘magic’ then I’m going to punch something.


Ever since Arejay got married, every interview he does alone becomes fifteen minutes of complaining about how much he misses his wife when Halestorm is on tour. I think Josh is married, too, and I’m sure he loves his wife, but you never hear him whine. Whining doesn’t prove your love for her, dude. All it shows is that you can whine. I still love him as a performer and a drummer. I just had to say this once, so please, no hate.

I miss being a kid. Things were so much simpler back then. When my friends would show up unannounced we would play video games or run outside and ride bikes without exchanging pleasantries. We just went.

Now when someone decides to surprise me with a visit I have to try to explain why I was vacuuming in the nude.

Life is weird.