i miss this show so much!!

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Can you believe that every Larrie is now a certified entomologist?? I have been in different fandoms for the past 15 years and I have never learned as much as I do in this one! Haha love it

Pro for being a Larrie: 

  • Learning a lot of really cool shit with which you can impress people at dinner parties.

Con for being a Larrie:

  • They always pull crazy shit at stupid o’clock so you have to miss said dinner party and can’t show off your skillz. 

Do you ever think about Zoe Murphy and just start bawling

Requiem is obviously heartrending–she’s clearly deeply, deeply resentful of Connor, not only for terrorizing her, for hurting her, but also I really think for creating sort of a black hole in her family–everything was about Connor and everything about Connor was broken and destructive and terrible–but If I Could Tell Her makes me cry just as hard. Laura Dreyfuss’ performance is astounding tbh, and hammers home how much Zoe wanted a relationship with her brother despite everything: “he always seemed so far away/It’s like I don’t know anything.” It just breaks my heart how hard Zoe is trying to make sense of the Connor she sees in Evan’s letters and how incongruent that person is with the Connor she remembers, and also y'all, Zoe loved her brother!!!! She hated him but she loved him too!!!! Zoe Murphy is so kind and good-hearted and so lonely and I love her she deserves the world ok I’m just saying. I have too many feelings about these sad kids!!


Here’s the rest of my mostly finished characters, in alphabetical order. Like in most cases, I obviously miss some of my other WIP chars since they’re aren’t presentable just yet.

Some other WIP chars I never show much of include:

> Liara (She requires a lot of work lol)

> Illusive Man

I actually forgot to add Kahlee [Sanders] and Gabi to this, but these guys’ll do for now, I’m probably only missing a few, and this post is already at its limit XD

NB: So many of them still need custom face masks omg.

Attention Jacksepticans - I Need Your Help

Okay, so you guys probably know that I’ve posted the JSE community project like a billion times now (sorry) XD but Jack hasn’t seen it yet…

I’m kinda beginning to lose hope that he will, but I can’t give up.

Too much went into this, and too many people were involved - and I don’t want to let anyone down in this community, or Jack.

So all I’m asking is this - can you do whatever you can to help it get to Jack? Reblog my posts (which some of you have been doing, thank you!), maybe send him asks or make a post and tag him in it, whatever it takes. 

I just really don’t want him to miss this. I don’t want him to miss what the community and I have done to show him how much he means to us, and our celebration of the most recent milestone. I don’t want him to miss out on this gift from us to him, giving back a little bit of what he’s given us. 

I need your help. 


The video: (x)

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Oswald was making sex faces through that whole song. Ed you naughty boy.


So this is for the vld ship positivity week (@vldshippositivityweek) (it started yesterday but I missed the first one so I’m starting now ;-;) and the prompt was protection/tending, and all I could think of was protective Keef. :3 aaaaand, of course, it had to be klance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have a headcanon that when Keith gets mad/protective, he kind of starts to show more physical signs of being Galra and like, yeah. It’s pretty much like, Lance gets hurt and Keith goes into Protective Keith Mode™ and is pretty much just like goING GALRA! XD so… yeah, lol. 
And I feel like Keith would already be the overly protective type. Like, we already know that Galra get extremely protective over things/people they love (just think about it, it’s obvious), so I think Keith would probably have inherited that trait.

Alsooooo, I decided to play with some more lighting, as well as trying some perspective stuff!! I’m really happy with how it all came out~~

day 22: the reason i watch and love gtlive —

it’s those four dorks up there. they’re so passionate about what they do, and it shows. their humor and banters are amazing, and even as they pretend to insult each other, it’s clear that they’re all very close. they work so hard to produce the number of videos they do, and they’re always either incredibly hilarious or thought provoking, depending on both, what channel it’s for and what the video is on. team theorist and the three channels they’re spread over are such a vital part of my life, and i’m so glad i started watching. thanks for all you’ve done for us, team theorist and especially the core four.

Watching episode 1 again, because the last time wasn’t enough, and the dialogue is so quick that I missed half of it. For example: It went over my head how much this show digs at all the classic superheroes.

Sam: I love having a sub-basement of solitude with our very own genius girl to think up wildly improbable stuff for us! 

That line alone just took a serious jab at about a million different superhero universes and I appreciate it immensely. 

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have u thought that 13 reasons could be really bad? like the idea that if u kill urself it will make everyone regret how they treated u/everyone will love u now/ur friends will obsess about u and the world will be better in general if u do it? or that someone could/should "love you out of depression/suicidal thougbts?i read they ignored the medical professionals in the suicide-heavy town they based this on ? i also read that most professionals agreed showing a suicide is rly bad/triggering? idrk

that’s a rumour that they ignored professionals…I thought the same as you but I watched it and it addresses so much that I thought it wouldn’t. like it shows realistically and none of those things are true like they don’t regret what they did, they don’t “miss her now she’s gone” and they don’t think they could have loved her out of depression. I mean a lot of them don’t hate her either but it’s very realistic. the only reason it’s triggering is because it involves suicide in general but so did virgin suicides and so did troye sivans music videos you know what I mean? and there’s actual trigger warnings before certain episodes

When daddy gets home

I love being excited and jumpy and saying daddy’s name over and over again. I love to annoy and touch and be in his business. I feel like I can’t get close enough to him, or touch him enough or talk to him enough. I love being around him and bubbly and excited. It makes him happy that I’m happy. I love talking to him about my day and showing him all the things I did, made, created and colored. I love hearing about his day and what he did too. I love my Daddy and I miss him so much and I can’t wait to be able to do that again.

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What do you think about that first commercial of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger? A lot of fans of those hospitalized masctos didn't bode well with them but I still find it really hilarious because it was so out of character of TY. Really was a bold commercial.

I remember being shocked when EA first showed it to us. But quickly decided that it was bold and poking fun at the whole mascot thing, much like the Early Crash Bandicoot ads where they had a guy in a suit out front of Nintendo. So I said I was OK with it but they had to fix the announcer’s voice. The one they first showed us had this really bad attempt at an Aussie accent that made me really cringe.

Also let the record show that we did get offered a Crash Bandicoot game and a Spyro game. The missed out on Crash but we made TWO Spyro games. So there’s that. I totally would have mad a Sonic game if it was offered.

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I miss the core four but I can't imagine the show without malia, kira and some of the others :)

i love malia and kira and im happy they were brought into the show, but if im being honest i would trade any of the new characters to go back to the core 4 they were what made me love the show so much in the first place I MISS THEM SO MUCH :’(

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I know that to be diagnosed with autism, signs have to be present from childhood, but I'm not quite sure if I showed autistic traits during my early childhood because most of my childhood memories are just blank and I don't remember much at all (I think this is because of trauma), so would I still be able to be diagnosed?

You can definitely still self-diagnose even if you can’t remember your childhood. Whether or not you can receive a professional diagnosis will vary from place to place. Some places are very strict about the childhood requirement, others will have understanding for your lack of memory. If there’s any adults from your childhood who you are comfortable talking to, you can try asking them for info about how you were as a kid and if they noticed certain things. This could help you figure things out for yourself. 

I, too, can barely remember my childhood (well, most of my life) so I understand how hard it is to figure this all out without those memories. If you are autistic now, you were autistic as a child, so if you fit all the diagnostic requirements now, then you are autistic.


Dear you, 

I have not seen you in over 10 months, and I miss you. We met last February, and I remember being so wrong about you. The first time that you drove me home I misjudged you because of your Mercedes convertible. I just could not wrap my head around the idea of a college student having that type of car. 

You were so unbelievably kind, and you showed me so much beauty. You took me to the mountains that overlook a bridge, and we would smoke and talk. You took me around the hill country in a car that reminded me of a Barbie Jeep. You took me to an abandoned lawn where a bunch of weird stuff was piled with no explanations. I thought that I was getting bored of the city until you showed me the lawn in the middle of the city with the best view of the city skyline. 

The last time that I saw you was my birthday, and I didn’t let you know that it was my birthday. You were moving to another city, and we were hanging out with your friends. I like to think that me being able to see you before you go was my birthday gift. 

Seeing you is more than enough. I miss you, and I want to see you soon. 



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Honestly I don't see any of the boys working after Supernatural ends. Especially J2. They both have their businesses in Austin. and they're basically set for life when the show ends. With all the reruns, merchandise, etc. I mean it would be nice to see them play different characters and do movies. But at the end of the day they're family men. And since their kids are getting a little older they might not want to miss as much as they already do.

Who can say. I think the like working and the rush of cons and attention and so they won’t stay away forever. They’re so talented I just really want to see them do great projects. But again, I think Jared is more likely than Jensen to take a long break.

I am literally sobbing because, with the end of Bates Motel, I am looking back on my two years of having this blog and I am just so happy that I convinced myself to make Emma. Through this blog, I have made such unbelievable friends, and I have grown as a human being. I feel like I have grown with Emma. Thank you to everyone for coming on this journey with me. 

I love Emma so much, and I miss her and the rest of the Bates Motel character already. I owe so much to this show, and to this community. You have gotten me through some really tough times. I feel so happy to have shared so many memories with you, and I will continue to make memories here, even though the show is now over. 

I’m so grateful for everything. I love you all so much and I appreciate each and every one of you. 

With love (and tears),

Shannon (Mun of this blog)