i miss this show so much!!

If anyone asks I am gonna go watch the ilysm videos because irregardless of how cute ledd (Liam and zedd) are being I need some ziam back in my life even if it is just memories 💖❤️💛

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I know it's probably just me, but...

…does anybody else feel like J2M have been doing way more press stuff surrounding SDCC than they have in years prior? Like, I only remember them flying out from Vancouver and filming maybe a day before their panel and this year it seems like they have been in San Diego almost half the week. Just makes me wonder why it’s so different this year. Maybe the buzz around S13 hasn’t been as much yet and therefore the show deemed it a good idea for them to be more present..? I don’t know obviously (though I have never seen tumblr this silent during a hiatus ever before tbh), but it sure is nice to see them out and about. Oh and btw: Have Rob and Rich been doing SDCC coverage as Kodpiece and Danger Bottom this year? Because I haven’t seen any around. But then again, I’ve not been online much so I might have missed announcements on their part, etc..

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I wish skam had a way that you could watch the show and see all the texts and social media too. like, I feel like you miss out on so much when you watch it after it's finished. the chats really give you a deeper insight the characters relationships and feelings and stuff. so when I see people watch it all in one chunk I'm just like 'yeah but you don't KNOW! you don't get it!' they don't know about all the heart emojis evak sent to each other :'(

sO,,,,,,,,,who’s gonna cut the ig pics and texts in after the clips and make the episodes like that

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I watched the trailer and I'm not excited about this season at all:( It looks like everything I watch the show for (Glenn, Danai, Richonne and Gleggie ) are not given any attention or are gone. I might skip this season and binge watch after its over. The Walking Dead is just not as interesting to me anymore and that makes me a bit sad.

Same here, friend. I feel you. I will say that Danai had other commitments at the beginning of them filming the season, so I wouldn’t let the trailer lead you to believe there won’t be much Michonne or Richonne. This is just a sliver of the season. I think I read that they’ve only shot six episodes so far, so they’re not even halfway through. (The trailers are usually just the first few episodes anyway.)

That said, I absolutely wouldn’t blame you if you waited to binge-watch later. If I had any semblance of a life, I’d probably do the same. 😄

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dylan and shelley were next to each other during the panel, me: STALIA ;-; my poor heart. i cant wait to see the whole panel, ima miss them so much

i can’t believe dylan showed up it was so beautiful

ok here goes (signs that are missing i have a lack of sufficient experience with to judge)

taurus: personally i love and get along really Well with tauruses but honestly.. i think its very much a matter of personal taste. they can be really stubborn and hate opening up and showing emotions. you need to be patient and not very easily discouraged. like everyone they was companionship, they just have trouble expressing it. 10/10 great sign but not for everyone.

gemini: geminis have a huge reputation of being two-faced or sneaky and like, thats not true? they might be mean or persnickety or gossip-y but they won’t deny it. if they did or are doing something, they’ll admit it! to your face! there’s nothing to hide if they suddenly tell you they dont like you its cause you never asked and you never picked up obvious hints.

cancer: can be annoying, whiny, or bratty but rarely straight up Evil. they’re probably just tired or want attention.

leo: leo girls are fucking perfect angels who are charismatic and fun and energetic. leo boys are fuking Evil like… 9 out of 10 times 

virgo: its not that virgos have no good features as much as virgos who actually Have them are so rare. bad virgos Always have to have the last word Always. they have a superiority complex for the weirdest reasons and act so very entitled. good virgos are Really fucken cool tho. theyre smart and creative and they know how to give people space! if only they werent so rare

pisces: probably the worst sign? (im so sorry pisces mutuals ily guys) again its not that all pisces are bad its just. its so Hard to tell. theyre so good at twisting situations to seem like theyre never ever at fault. they tend to play the victim without even meaning to which means if you ever get in an argument with one its the most aggravating things in the world. otherwise theyre pretty chill but you just never know whats lurking underneath

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I actually admire Harry for his break suggestion?? He was able to see it back at the end of 2014 that maybe continuing as they are not sustainable? and so far both Niall and Louis admitted even if they didn't feel it then they realize it's a good thing now. So how mature and ballsy of Harry to be that level headed in that mess of half 2014 we choose to ignore (weed gate, zayn missing show, Paul leaving, Liam struggle as said on attitude etc) to say you know what let's take a break. My smart son

Yes anon love absolutely!!! 💖 This is like… I agree 100% Just being in this fandom was starting to feel suffocating so I can’t even imagine what it was like for them tbh And honestly with everything that’s happened in their lives, I think it’s the best thing that they’ve had time off and time to do things at their own pace and their own terms. And seeing how happy they all are and how much content we’re getting from all of them.. how can anyone focus on the negative side of it, really? A side that it’s years old, even!

Just had to come on here and tell people how fuckin blessed I am to have such a supportive and amazing girl in my life. Everyday she pushes me to be the best me I possibly can. The endless support and devotion from her just shows me how much she cares and loves me. I am so fucking in love man and it feels great. Fellas, I hope one day yall find the same type of love that I got. All it takes is communication, devotion, and loyalty to bring out the best in yalls relationships. Yall who love to fuck around with a buncha females at once, really missing out on true love.

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yeAh like honestly i didnt even think about the fact we were “missing” that bc ive loved the show’s new stuff regardless of that. the writing it still on point, the story arcs are great, etc. it didnt feel like anything was missing at all even if some things changed

yea yea thats it! everything feels completely different from seasons 1&2 now but it was pretty much transitioned over the entire show so we’re always kept on our toes but it still feels like adventure time, yknow?