i miss this show so much!!

I felt so grateful, so happy for that gentle smile that I averted my face and wept. I was completely shattered and smothered by that one gentle smile.

Dazai Osamu, No Longer Human pg. 166

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um i have a request!!!! some good ass stozier fluff????? i feel like richie and stan would be going to different colleges in different states because they both got into their dream schools on full ride scholarships and couldn’t say no??? but they miss eachother so MUCH!!!! so maybe them like facetiming, calling, just listening to sad music and missing eachother and then stan shows up in richies dorm one night as a total surprise and RICHIE SOBS AND STAN IS LIKE AHHH MY BABY!!!! this is so ,, GAY

ah I love u this turned out lowkey sad but like,, very gay sooo

• as much as stan and richie didn’t like it, they had to separate when it came time to leave for college.

• they had both been accepted at their dream schools and there was no way they were going to pass it up. stan was going to nyu and richie was going to csu

• they promised to call every day and visit when they could but it became difficult once work picked up at school

• they still facetimed when they could and sometimes stan would write richie letters and send them in green envelopes with a bird sticker on the outside

• they made it work no matter how lonely it got at times.

• they each made playlists for each other to listen to when they were too busy to talk

• (they consisted of mainly sad songs and they made both of them cry sloppy tears)

• but one day stan couldn’t take it anymore and he decided to go visit his boy.

• he got the next ticket to colorado and was on the way before anyone could stop him

• so the whole time he had planning this out with bev, who was also going to csu with richie. they decided the element of surprise was the best way to go so she just made sure richie was in his dorm when stan got there

• stan finally got to campus and was standing at richie’s door

• he knocked and heard richie from inside, the sound of his voice already made him choke up a little bit. he was really there in colorado and was seconds away from seeing the love of his life

• “bev i told you that you don’t have to knock, just come in”

• stan opened the door and saw richie sitting at his desk, he turned around in his swivel chair and his jaw dropped open when he saw his boy standing in the door frame

• stan dropped his luggage and richie basically fell out of his seat and they ran toward each other. stan gripped richie like it was the last time he’d see him

• they’re both MESSES

• like rich is sobbing into stan’s shoulder and stan is sobbing into richie’s hair

• but they’re finally together and they can feel what it’s like to be in each other’s embrace again

• they wish they could stay like this for the rest of time


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Hi Cris, don’t know if you saw but Steph tweeted that it’s her last day at Yahoo Celeb UK. She was a real ally and will definitely miss her articles! Hope people can tweet her their thanks and well wishes!

Oh, that makes me so sad!!  I love Stephanie so much!  But yes, everyone should show her some love and send good wishes for her future endeavors :)

Although I miss Jonghyun so so much and I think of him everyday … I still listen to his music and watch videos and shows with him … it’s so weird that, even after his death, he still makes me feel so happy and devastated at the same time … that he’s the one who’s helping me work through his death … It made me realise that he (and the rest of SHINee) is so much more important to me than I ever realised.

May you find the peace and the rest you deserve, Jonghyun. I am so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. I am grateful for everything you did for us. All of us are. I love and miss you so much.

You did well.

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Iiaat that if i have plans for the day i can't do anything else that day? For example, if I know I'm going to a party at 5 o'clockpm, i could wake up at 8am and just... not do anything. My mom could ask me to clean my room and my brain says "i can't do that today. I have a party to go to" even if it's hours away. Even little things are like this. An episode came on at 8pm and i spent all day on my computer not doing anything because I was waiting for that show.

Yes. I do this too, anon. For me at least it’s part executive dysfunction which I get stuck on needing to do X so I can’t do anything else until X is complete.


I do this as well. For me this is linked to having a poor grasp on how much time I have left and what activities I might still be able to engage in until then without accidentally missing The Thing (being unable to estimate the duration of events or tasks and a tendency to get distracted).

If this is an autism thing (by way of executive dysfunction) or if it might be better explained by a comorbid condition such as ADHD (distractibility, forgetfulness, poor planning and organizational skills) or dyscalculia (difficulties with time and keeping track of time) I’m not sure.


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Out of all of your ferrets, who has the most attitude?

Ack, I started replying to this and saved it in my drafts and then forgot to post it. Sorry for the wait!

As far as ferrets go in general, these three are relatively low on the attitude scale.  But… I guess I’d say Miss Rudy.

Tux is very simple.  Anything he does is probably a scheme to try to get a treat.  And Kit shows more attitude to the other ferrets (like shoving Tux over when they’re begging for treats, etc.), but with people, he’s just a nice marshmallow - albeit a marshmallow with a very expressive face. ^_^

Miss Rudy has the most distinct attitude toward people.  I mean, it’s a nice attitude and it’s the reason I love her so much, but yeah.  She’s just more particular in her tastes, and she’s good at communicating what she wants, and she actually wants a variety of things and not just treats. ^_^  She’s also good at letting you know (with her teeth) if you have already done something that she didn’t appreciate.  Don’t worry, they’re soft bites - but she does do a lot of “communication biting.”

She’s always the first one to run up to me and lie down at my feet if I’ve been locked away in my room working and finally come out.  She also often demands head rubs and shoulder rubs.  If she’s playing with a cat toy and she catches the toy, she believes she’s entitled to the toy from that point onward, and she does NOT appreciate it if you don’t just let her win.  If she wants to play with Tux and Tux isn’t in the mood, she gives him an earful of dooking and basically stalks him until he agrees to play with her.

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what is akitora doing while the events of yondaime is going on?

Well, I talked to him on the phone the other day and he said he was on hawaii during all that, that’s why he missed it. He wanted to come back asap, but no flights due to a tropical storm, so it was impossible………….

Okay, jokes aside, I know just as much as you ^^ 
Sensei didn’t show what he was doing, so no one knows ^^ 
We have to be patient. She will tell us one day. 


I honestly want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has replied to my posts when I’m down, or reached out to me to show support. I love you all so much and you truely make my life better. Just a few people off the top of my head are @breadbank @thatssprettygay @milktoothedangel @lets-die-together-4ever @recovery-at-23 @brentriverafuckingacactus @and4never @fuckthisblog @sanakjii

@riskingg @cass-bardan

If I missed you I’m so sorry but it still meant the world to me 💕

yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of gerard getting me onstage at a show and it still blows my mind. that night was the first night of a year long adventure following his tours around europe, canada, and the southwest united states, the whole thing was such a great experience i made so many lifelong friendships and memories all over the world and goddamn i miss him so much we don’t deserve such a beautiful human being!

after months apart i was nearly asleep in bed i was pushing 20 hours and my partner came in and i could barely kiss them i was so sleepy so they held me for a bit then they just put the almond milk i left out in the fridge for me and left me to sleep and this morning i realize they set two bottles of lemonade and gluten free cookies on my desk for me. 😭i need to find them today and properly show them how much i love n missed them!!!!!!! im gonna use all this energy and smooch the hell out of that angel