i miss this show so much

Scream is missing out on some really good story lines tbh for example

  • Why did Mayor Maddox want to burn down that house so bad?
  • First he hired Jake to do it and now everyone is 90% sure he hired Eli’s mom to finish the job
  • Who is Eli’s dad? Why did Eli and his mom think that Lakewood would be such a better place to be? Why was Eli so determined to get her to stay there?
  • I think the theory that Brandon James didn’t do the killings at all would be a great story line and twist.
  • I like love the idea that Kevin and Miguel actually did the killings
  • Why did Mayor Maddox give Miguel the position he has? 
  • Where is Brandon James brother? 
  • More of Maggie’s past
  • How did Maggie recover from both the kill sprees? 
  • Where is Brookes mom? Is she actually dead? Is she really alive? 
  • Why does Miguel know about the body Mayor Maddox was getting rid of?
  • What was it that Maggie said she “thought you (Miguel) and Quinn took care off”
  • Literally anything to do with the adults??

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I noticed no one at the DNC mentioned the Muslims killing the Priest today. I guess they're so afraid of offending "the religion of peace" they can't even show compassion

Wait, what? Muslims killing priests? I missed that. Please divulge because I’ve not heard of this yet. 

There’s been so much drooling over Muslims I’m kind of wandering when Hillary is going to run out and shout “Allah Akbar” before detonating a suicide bomb in the midst of the crowd tbh.

I can’t tell you how fucking important interviews of Kate McKinnon with her cast mates are to me at the moment. Like how she’s an out lesbian and she touches these straight women so casually and platonically intimately and flirts with them like it’s not big deal at all!

I came out at 14 in a christian private all girls school and from then on no one would change in same locker room as me. eventually i just started changing in toilet cubicles. i had grown up with all of these girls and i wasn’t attracted to any of them but the minute i came out they saw me as a predator. 

i had one friend who i was comfortable hugging and touching intimately and everyone thought we were dating and i eventually had to stop doing it at school because i didn’t want my friend to suffer the same homophobia from students and staff that I was. And god I missed hugs so much. I was so fucking touched starved and miserable.

And now I’m almost 22 and I still have issues showing affection to women - especially straight women. I am by nature a cuddly person but those years have made me very self conscious of touching other women and being perceived as a predator or making anyone uncomfortable. I have to make a huge deal of not looking if a girl is changing in the same room as me because I’m so scared she might thing I’m perving on her.

But now I get to see an out lesbian on tv hugging her straight female friends, putting her hand on their thighs so casually and I know it sounds stupid but god that’s so important and amazing to me. I just wanna go back in time and show these clips to my 14 year old self and say “See! It’s fine! You’re not a predator! You’re not what they say you are! It’s ok to want platonic physical contact from your female straight friends. Just because you’re attracted to women doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate platonic relationships with them!”

I just - god I’m so grateful for Kate McKinnon now. I’ve only known about her for a few months now but she’s already made me feel so much better about this huge hang up I’ve had for years and I hope that other WLW who have been treated the way I was (because I know this is a hugely common thing we face after coming out) are finding her comforting and helpful too.

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Hey there holly! Just wanted to say that I'm kinda missing your work back here in the SP fandom - you were one of the greatest writers there after all :o, but I'm glad you're having so much fun writing in your new fandom. I did want to know, was season 19 a significant factor, or did you just want a change, or...? I'm curious.

Hey! Well I appreciate the note so much, thank you – and nahh, I liked season 19 well enough and was never really in the slash fandom for the show, weirdly enough (at least, my enjoyment of the fandom wasn’t really dependent on new episodes). I did want a change, after writing so much SP fic for five years. It was a great experience, but at some point my passion for it kinda cooled off, not for any reason in particular, and when my oldest fandom hit me with a great new movie it was like fire to a pile of oily old Star Wars and antagonists-in-love rags. 

Thank you for asking! I still plan to finish my two outstanding SP WIPs, but the new backstory for my SW dude in July re-lit the fires and I’ve been coming up with like 10 new ideas for this pairing a day ever since, so I may need to wait for another cooling down period on that.  

So Bleach is ending in 2 chapters. I am so saddened by this; there was so much I wanted to see, but I’m not angry at Kubo. Since it seems very much like he’s being rushed. I just hope the final chapter shows all the characters after the battle (timeskip maybe) just happily going on with their lives. I wanna know they’re all going to be fine. And if I can get confirmation of my ships with just a panel/moment, I’ll take it. I was never expecting any huge romantic multi paged moments anyway. I’m just really sad to be seeing this series end. But that won’t stop me from being a fan. This weekend I’m buying the Blu-ray set, there some new merch coming out in September, (totally buy up the Hitsugaya stuff) and I’m definitely getting the Blu-ray of the new Rock Musical in November. I will continue to support Bleach anyway I can.

I did hear there is supposed to be some sort of big announcement about Bleach coming up. What? I don’t know. Is it the anime? A continuation in another SJ magazine? Databook? The Rock Musical DVD/Blu-ray announcement? Don’t know. I just hope the announcement isn’t “ Hey everyone just a reminder Bleach is over!” Because WE KNOW ALREADY!

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ive been seeing a bit about the cipher hunt and im wondering what it is? i only got into gf a couple weeks ago so im a bit confused. the show is over and theyre running a scavenger hunt for fans around the world? am i close to what it actually is?

Yes, that is the basics of it! Although there’s no them; this is all Alex Hirsch (and his twin sister Ariel and the voice of Dipper, Jason Ritter, have joined in on the fun at some points too). You can find all the details on @cipherhunt!

Personally, I just have to say that I think it’s so much fun, even if I can’t be directly involved. I’m relatively new to GF too; I watched it in January, when there was only one episode left to air, so I kind of missed out on the whole solving clues/making new discoveries aspects of the show since most of that happened as it aired. But now I get to see what the fandom was like back in those days, and I’m loving it.

Day 10

Supernatural 30 Day Challenge

Favorite Misha character? (Castiel, Jimmy Novak, Future!Cas, etc.)

This one was actually pretty easy when I thought about it. As much as I love everything Misha has done on the show, and as blown away as I’ve been with Future!Cas, God!Cas, Casifer, and so on, I have to go with Castiel.

More specifically, early Castiel. The Angel who was confused and curious, who wanted to learn and understand, but couldn’t quite grasp humanity or under its motivation. The BAMF who would smite two demons at a time. I miss that Cas. Yes, I know character development is necessary, but I’m not a huge fan of our recent Dad!Cas. I’ve heard rumors that we’ll be getting back to our old Cas this season and I’m looking for to that.

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Angel: It was kind of a relief when Trent took off, tbh. He always looms so much - him and Silver, it’s hard to shake off the sense of being the little sister. Safe, but overshadowed. Geoff’s grown up a lot, but he couldn’t overshadow a hole in the ground.
Tammy conked out at once, so it wasn’t much of a sleepover. I lay awake and planned how to distract her from missing Trent, by showing me Everything.

It’s really interesting to me how Dick Grayson/Nightwing seems to fly under the radar a bit on “comics news sites”.

I feel like with Grayson, there was a bit of additional interest (which is one of many reasons why I’ll miss it), but I’m so unsurprised to see that people are generally back to the old ways of ignoring Nightwing’s existence in all those “comics to read this week!!1” / “best covers” / “best comics of the year” articles.

And whenever anything DG-related does show up, I can pretty much always predict who has written it, lmao, becuase it’s the same few people championing the character (which I appreciate obvs).

E.g for Comics Alliance, it’s usually Chris Sims. Ardo Omer for Women Write About Comics or Panels. Tini Howard. That’s… probably it.

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What would your ideal gt date with Neph look like?

I love this question, SO MUCH.

I think my ideal date would be going to see Hamilton on Broadway with them! And because this is a fantasy Lin Manuel Miranda would make a special on night only appearance and reprise his role as Hamilton. cue Neph and I FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

Then after the show we’d be drunk on the performance and Neph would put me on their shoulder and we’d prance around singing the songs and peeking into buildings and yelling lyrics.

We’d stop to look at the stars and just be together.

Finally we’d end up at home and we’d listen to our favourite songs on the album (i.e. ALL OF THEM) and end up spooning and talking, telling each other secrets until we fell asleep.


*sniff sniff*





“Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. We graduated high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that you get at seventeen or eighteen that nobody in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like someone else’s memory.”

- One Tree Hill, 23/09/2003 - 04/04/2012