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The Pirate and the Princess - Harry Hook

Summary: You’re daughter of the Queen of Hearts. You’re wandering the Isle when you stumble upon none other than Harry Hook.

Warnings: None I think? A bit of sexual tension at the end and that’s all. Enjoy :)

A/N: Requests are open!

The sound of rocks crunching under my boots was all that could be heard on the Isle. I was away from the main part of the Isle, walking along a dirt path between two buildings. I always liked being alone. I never talked to anyone on the Isle except for Cheshire Cat’s daughter, but she often disappeared, literally. I hated it here, it was so much uglier than Wonderland. I hadn’t been there since i was a little girl. A war broke out and my mother and I fled Wonderland, to keep safe. We were hoping to go to Auradon, but being villains and all, we ended up on the Isle of the Lost.

When suddenly, I heard a twig snap and I immediately looked up and pulled my sword out of my sheath. I waited for another noise.

“Well, well, well. Now who do we have here? Never seen you before.” A voice with a thick Scottish accent said from behind me. I turned around to come face to face with an extremely attractive boy. He wore eyeliner and a hook on one hand. I knew who he was, none other than Harry Hook. “Wait, I know exactly who you are. (Y/N) Heart. I’ve heard of you before. How’s Wonderland?” He said in a mocking tone.

“Shut it Hook, if you want to keep that head of yours.” I replied, gritting my teeth. I always did have a short temper.

“So you know who I am? That’s great. Now what is a pretty little thing like you doing over here all alone?” He questioned.

“Trying to get away from dirty pirates like you. Now why don’t you go back to your little ship and leave me alone, Hook.”

“Now, now. Don’t lose your head, princess.” he winked. “I’m here for a reason.”

“And that is?” I asked.

“My crew and I have been watching you for a while, we’ve seen what you can do with that sword. If you’re anything like your mother, you’d be great in a fight. Uma wants you part of our crew.” Harry said.

“Me? Part of your crew? I don’t think so Hook. I don’t play well with others. Especially wannabe dirty pirates.” I put my sword back in its sheath.

“Why not, Heart? You’d get to be with me.” He gestured to himself.

“Why would I want that?”

“Come on now, princess. We both know you fancy me already. I can see you practically melting in front of me.” He came closer and brought his hook up to my hair, pushing it behind my ear. He leaned in towards my ear and whispered “What do ya say (Y/N)? Join us?” His lips grazed my ear and I shivered.

I smacked his hand away from my face and pushed him backwards. “In your dreams, Harry.”

“Oh trust me, you will be in some of my dreams.” He winked and his eyes roamed across my body. Why did he have to be such a god damn flirt? I allowed my eyes to graze around his body, he was tall and handsome. He looked like trouble, and I wanted in on him. He immediately intrigued me, his talk, his walk, his physique, his attitude. It was like being under a spell. I couldn’t let this handsome pirate win me over just yet, though. I had to make him want it.

I replied “Screw you, pirate.“And with that, I ran off as fast as I could. Determined to get away from his interrogations. He’s a dirty pirate, using his flirtations to manipulate me, well, that’s not gonna work on me. It’ll take more than a handsome face to get me to join a damn pirate crew.

The Next Day

I sat on a rock at the edge of a stream. I was in the forest completely alone. Nothing more I could ever ask for.

“Hey princess.” I jumped up and was startled to see Harry Hook behind me, chuckling to himself at my reaction.

I tried to play it off that I was frightened, “Oh, you again.” I sat back down on the rock. “I’m not joining your damn pirate crew.” He sat down on the floor next to me, and I took that moment to realize how attractive he was. His ruffled brown hair didn’t have a hat on today, his eyes reminded me of blue gemstone, he was captivating. His words pulled me out of my daydream.

“That’s not what I’m here for (Y/N).” I looked at him with a half confused, half annoyed expression. “I’m here because I want to get to know you better. After our encounter yesterday and you running off, I couldn’t get my mind off of you, Heart. You got a hold on me.”

“Shut up Harry. I know what you’re doing. I’m not gonna let your words manipulate me.”

“You think that’s what this is all about? Me manipulating you? Well, I’m offended Miss Heart. Why would I do such a thing. I wouldn’t dream of hurting you.”

“Then prove it, Hook.” I replied.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. It was gold, with a big red jewel on the center. “I stole this from Dizzy for you.” He handed it to me.

“You’re bad, Hook.” I smirked. I quickly caught him off guard and took his hook, and slammed it into a tree. “But still not working.”

He got up and pushed me into the tree. “Princess, you’re really testing me right now.” His face was inches from me, I can almost feel his lips graze against mine.

‘Two can play at this game.’ I thought. I ran my hand up his chest and he smirked and let out a deep laugh, Before his eyes returned to mine. “You’re mad, Miss Heart.” He said in a deep tone.

“I get that a lot.” I whispered, my heart beating fast in my chest, I’m pretty sure he could almost hear it. All of a sudden, he slammed his lips on mine. They were soft and moved quickly with mine, like we was desperate to get a taste of me. It started off as lusty and full of desire but slowly turned into a sweet, longing kiss, like there was more to it.  But just like that, his lips were gone. Harry’s hand creeped up next to me, and pulled his hook out from the tree. I was left there breathless and in shock, his hands above me kept me pinned to the tree. “You’re evil.” I said to him and looked up, grazing my lips on his. He got up and brushed his pants off and turned to me.

“Come back here tomorrow at 12 pm and I’ll show you what evil really is, Miss Heart.” And with that, Harry Hook turned and walked off into the forest. Disappearing between the trees.

That boy is gonna be the death of me.

I want the old team back together

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I am sooo tired of Matt’s obsession with Elektra. She has brought nothing but misery to his life, drove him away from everyone who actually cared about him as a person. She brings the absolute worst out of him. Makes him do stupid shit over and over, clouding his judgement and by doing so, endangering everyone around him. I don’t care about the speck of light there might possibly be in her, at the end of the day, she’s toxic, that’s it. Black sky or not. 

I miss our avocados SO much, I miss the REAL team (Matt, Karen, Foggy). I miss Nelson and Murdock. I miss what made me love that show so much in the early days. 

I had hope Matt would come back to his senses after the fiasco that happened in season 2 because of Elektra but no… he keeps treating his real friends like shit.

I only pray to god season 3 will not revolve around Elektra or Matt’s quest to put her on the right path or whatever he wants from her, and that we’ll focuse on Karen and Foggy and some new characters and plotlines. Please. Ugh.

A List of All The Times I Broke Down Sobbing During the Proshot of Falsettos

I Never Wanted To Love You:
- when Trina starts crying after Marvin hits her
- when Jason looked so shocked at his father for hitting his mother
- “I hate the world” “He hates everything”
More Racquetball:
- when Whizzer falls over and Marvin sings acapella i just . my heart shattered
- when he’s carried off by Marvin to Charlotte
Days Like This:
- when Marvin couldn’t hold back his tears
- “I’ll let you win” Jason is so terrified of tiring Whizzer and having him die
Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah:
- Jason getting super angry because he doesn’t want Whizzer to die just . His way of expressing grief got me Good.
- “When or if, he’ll ever get better”
- the mini reprise of Holding to the Ground i .
- “what good is a lover, who’s scared”
- “hold me, till winter” I UHHH . OH MY GOD
- “drink a little something till you’re dead, think of me at home, sleeping soundly in our bed”
- when Marvin says “i failed” and then Whizzer is like no no no you didn’t
- Marvin saying I love you solo without the others Im . Im big sadness
Another Miracle of Judaism:
- just Jason being so scared of his friend dying like . His transformation from caring about little things to having to carry this HUGE weight of death on his shoulders is intense and i Relate hard
You Gotta Die Sometime:
- Tbh just andrew crying while belting through the whole song
- like . Whizzer pretends to be okay with dying but deep down he is so terrified
Jason’s Bar Mitzvah:
- Whizzer being surprised and happy to see everyone
- “Don’t know why, but he looks,
What Would I Do?
- “I’d beg or steal or borrow, if I could hold you, for one hour more…”
- “once i was told that good men get better with age…” “…we’re just gonna skip that stage” ARE U KIDDINGME F . OH YMGDO - HOW THEY JUST FADE OUT THE LIGHT FROM WHIZZERS FACE SHOWING HOW HE’S FADED AWAY FROM LIFE IM .
Falsettoland (Reprise)
- Marvin’s sobbing how Dare u lincoln theater center . How dare u
- Everyone watching Jason as he puts the chess piece down

— also wanted to mention that i sat next to an older gay couple and it made me so Happy to see them being represented and :’)

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Hi, your bughead writing is really good and it always makes me smile! I was wondering if you could write one about 5 times people doubt their relationship, and each time they prove it's real? Thank you for your hard work!

Hey anon thank you so much aaahhhh!! Alright, since I wanted to do this prompt justice, it turned out quite a bit longer than my usual drabbles… ANYWAYS here is some bughead with disbelieving friends. As always, cute & fluffy 

1259 words / G / (AO3)


“So Betty,” Reggie’s form leans over hers as she gathers books from her locker.

He has one arm supporting him on the lockers and the other runs through his hair, “You free tonight? You still haven’t had a cup of what Reggie’s serving.” The smug grin on his face falls when Betty laughs and an arm falls across her shoulders.

“Hey Reginald,” Jughead gives a small wave with his free arm, “is what your serving any good? I’m feeling kind of peckish,” Jughead finishes his point by giving Betty a peck on the cheek.

“Oh please, you two?” Reggie gestures between them with a disgruntled look in his face.

“Yes Reg,” Betty smiles, “so if you want to join us and the rest of the gang, we will be at Pops later tonight,” she shuts her locker, pulling lightly on Jughead’s sweater to get him to follow her to class as he was still giving Reggie the stink-eye.

“What has you in a mood?” Betty asks, changing their position to hold hands. Jughead looks down at their hands together then back up to Betty, thinking on it a moment. “I know we told Archie, but I think he thinks it was a joke,” Jughead says and Betty laughs, then gets more serious.

“Now that you say it, Veronica didn’t believe me either,”

“We should break it to them,”

“What do you want to do to get them to believe us?” Betty looks up at him as the stop outside the classroom.

“Well, we have science now,” Jughead holds back a smile, “let’s show them some chemistry,” he deadpans.


Almost immediately after they enter the classroom-

“Hey Betty over here!” Veronica calls Betty over to her lab station. Betty exchanges a look with Jughead as they walk towards an open station.

“Betty is with me,” Jughead says with a grin, sitting down beside her and hooking an arm around her waist. Betty blushes at the possessive gesture and nods towards Veronica.

“Alright then, I’ll be with Mr. Late I guess. You guys coming to Pops tonight?” Veronica responds, clearly missing what they are trying to say. Jughead’s thumb starts to brush up and down on Betty’s side.

“Yeah, I’m going with Juggie,” Betty awkwardly touches his face, but it turns into a light caress and now Jughead is blushing slightly.

Veronica looks over now, “Ohhh,” she smiles, “so you were being serious,” she looks happy about this, “you two are the epitome of cuteness, jeez.”

Betty and Jughead laugh as they relax in their seats for class.


Archie bursts into class a good ten minutes late, and takes the seat beside Veronica.

After he is settled in for class, Jughead leans over towards him and whispers, “You know I’m with Betty right?”

“I have eyes,” Archie says, and Jughead breathes out, relieved, “you guys are lab partners today, we will be tomorrow, it’s alright pal,” Archie continues and and Jughead groans, frustrated.

Betty leans over, “Ronnie, make it clear for him please,” and Veronica nods.

Veronica grabs Archie’s face from where it is looking at the other pair and brings it to face hers, “Archiekins, they are together,” she says, “as in dating.”

Archie turns his head as much as he can in Veronica’s grasp and looks at Betty and Jughead who are smiling sheepishly, “Cool.”


Although they are in the same class and sit in the same area, Kevin had missed this entire exchange as he was caught up in the supply closet… with Moose.

Because of this, Jughead and Betty were surprised when he approached them after class.

“Betty,” Kevin starts, Betty and Jughead share an amused glance, “I heard that you and,” he gestures to Jughead, “are an item.” He finishes before crossing his arms.

“Well you just missed us running through a field of flowers towards each other,” Jughead deadpans, and Betty nudges him.

Both Betty and Kevin are giving him looks now. Kevin’s being disbelief and Betty’s being ‘cut it out but yes that was funny’.

Betty can Jugheads annoyance and pulls him into a side hug, “Seriously Kev,” she kisses Jughead’s cheek to illustrate her point, “we are together.”

She feels Jughead soften against her as Kevin says, “okay,” then takes of down the hall without another word.

Betty calls out after him, “you’re coming to Pops right?”

Without turning around Kevin replies, “yep!”

Jughead relaxes his embrace from where he was holding Betty so instead he has his arm around her as they make their way down the hall towards the hall where their lockers are.

Betty feels Jughead get tense again, “what is it?”

Jughead is silent for a moment before he responds, “why is no one believing us today?”

Betty pokes him with a small smile, “maybe we are just too good to be true,” then kisses him on the cheek once again, feeling him relax once more. Jughead gives her a halfhearted grin before she continues, “meet me out front so you can walk me to Pops.”


The gang is all at Pops, sprawled between two booths. Some of the teens are standing, some leaning over the barrier between the booths, and a few are sitting. Of the few sitting, Betty and Jughead share the bench of one of the booths, Betty leans into Jughead who has his arm around her.

The bell of the front entrance rings out, signalling the arrival of one Cheryl Blossom.

Her eyes go directly to the pair on the side of the booth as she stalks towards the group.

“Am I to believe that Cooper finally found a guy to take her?” She quips, making Jughead tense up, “what are you paying him,” she looks down to his plate, “hamburgers?”

Betty freezes, and Jughead has had enough of this.

“Nope,” he says loudly, “not paying me,” he stares Cheryl down, waiting for her to ask what he thinks she is going to.

“Prove it,” she says.

That’s all the permission he needs.

He rests a hand on Betty’s face, turning it towards his own, the other snaking around her back. He lowers his face, pressing his lips against hers. Betty, no longer frozen, grips the front of his sweater in an effort to bring him closer, and changes the angle of the kiss. The world fades away for a moment, nothing but the glide of their lips against one another, and the slightest brush of tongue. Then they hear a cough and break apart abruptly, both of them blushing furiously. PDA was never either of their things.

“Well, I guess I believe you for sure now,” Kevin says, avoiding eye contact. Cheryl rolls her eyes and leaves to get her order, a few of the gang nodding along to Kevin’s comment and Veronica giving them a thumbs up. Betty slides off of where she had moved nearly completely into Jughead’s lap and curls her hair behind her ears. Jughead grabs her hand and intertwined their fingers. Betty looks to him to see him looking at her, and they smile.

+1. POP

“Here’s your malts,” Pop drops the tray off on the table without missing a beat, about to leave when Jughead starts talking to him.

“By the way Pop, me and Betty are together,” Jughead says, grinning up at the man that makes his favourite hamburger.

“I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it?’ Pop replies, and Jughead squawks. Pop taps his nose with a knowing smile, “I know everything,” before he walks away.


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My Review of Teen Wolf  6x20 - Wolves of War

Here it is, the last ever Teen Wolf review I’ll be doing. A bittersweet moment for sure, especially when it comes to one of your favourite shows that’s been with you for 6 years. The series finale had it’s moments and fell short in others, however, it was still memorable. What I think would have made it even better, was if it got extended to even an hour or an hour and a half. I just felt like 50 minutes was not enough time to really make the series finale amazing, and Teen Wolf deserved nothing short of amazing. So I’m really mad at MTV for not giving Teen Wolf enough time to wrap it up, because I’m sure Jeff had a lot more footage he wanted to put in. And it also could of meant that other characters like Deaton, Danny, Morell, Stiles, Derek, even maybe Isaac could of made an appearance. But anyway let’s dive in deeper for the final episode review!

- Favourite Scenes

1. Old Characters Return
Stiles, Derek, Jennifer, Void Stiles/Nogitsune, Oni, etc. My heart was exploding with happiness at seeing all these old favourites. Even though they only had a short amount of screen time, it still didn’t make their appearances any less exciting. I was ready to see all of them, but Void Stiles threw me off guard. I saw rumored photos, but I never thought it would actually happen. Dylan nailed Void back in season 3, he was the villain that Teen Wolf was never able to top. So watching Dylan portray such an iconic villain again really gave the series finale the push it needed to be next level.

Jennifer was also another villain I loved, and her scene with Derek was interesting to watch. There are many things Derek could be afraid of. Losing someone important comes to mind for example, a common one that I’m sure everyone can relate too. But his fear came in the shape of Jennifer. Granted she did have a major impact on him throughout season 3, so her appearing wasn’t a big shock. And even though Lydia’s premonition showed Derek getting turned into stone, I really thought he wasn’t going to open his eyes. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Hayley come back and be Miss Jennifer Blake for at least a few minutes!

2. Library Scene/Scott’s Eyes
Scott deserves all the awards in the world for what he did!. I mean clawing out his own eyes was the most craziest move his done. I liked that it was a little nod to Deucalion (at least I think it was, so don’t take that away from me!). And what I loved most of all was all previous villains re-appearing, and Scott being our beloved hero conquering all of his fears.

I will say that I had my fingers crossed for an Allison appearance. And I honestly believe it would have been more effective to have Allison appear, as opposed to the Nogitsune just saying her name. Maybe it’s just me and my annoying need to see Allison again, but the series finale would have been the perfect option to make that happen. And Jeff really missed that opportunity.

3. Stydia & Scalia
We finally got Stydia as a canon couple and barely got any couple moments. I know it wasn’t the writers fault, and I’m so glad that Dylan’s recovered now. But it is a little bit sad that they didn’t get a scene where it was just them, but I’m thankful that they ended up being endgame and really happy at their story. We have so many amazing Stydia moments to look back on and that’s a lot more than some other couples got.

Moving on to Scalia, that pairing came a little out of nowhere. But my god, did it leave a long lasting impact. We can all agree the moment Lydia told Malia to kiss him after she looked at Stiles, just made out hearts melt (well at least for the people who ship these two pairings). I liked how it was a nice nod to Stydia’s kiss, but also to Scalia and their connection. I know, if Allison was still alive or  if Kira didn’t get written off that maybe one of them would have been in Malia’s place. However, we’ll sadly never know if that would be true.

In the end I did want Scallison to be endgame, because going back and watching season 1 & 2 it just makes you smile at how cute those two were. But, having both Stiles and Scott happy with their chosen ladies is what I wanted regardless of who they ended up with.

4. Theo’s Redemption
We all knew this was coming, I mean what would have been the purpose of bringing him back from hell?. Theo’s come a long way from the power trip villain we met in season 5. And I really enjoyed watching a friendship form between him and Liam (I saw nothing romantic other than friends, but each to their own). I would of liked for him to share a scene with Scott. We all know Scott is forgiving, but hearing him say it to Theo I reckon would have had more of an impact in Theo’s redemption story.

I’m not sure why Theo had so many scenes with Liam, maybe it was to give off the idea that now Theo’s slowly becoming a member of Liam’s pack?. Anyway, we did get to see a more vulnerable side to Theo which is something that I didn’t think would happen.

I always knew, as soon as Mason told Theo that you can’t take away pain if you don’t care would play a part in the finale. I’m actually glad that he didn’t die and his redemption came in the form of Theo being able to take away pain. I thought it brought his character arc to full circle, without drastically changing who he was in order to achieve it. Theo is still Theo, he reminds me of Peter. But now, he is capable of feeling emotion, being sympathetic and that right there is what good character development looks like.

- Memorable Mentions

1. Stydia Finding Out About Jackson
We got Stydia’s reaction to Jackson and Ethan being together, but did anyone actually think we’d get Jackson’s reaction to Stydia??. I vaguely remember Jeff saying that we would, but we got nothing. So do I have a shocking memory, or was Jeff lying again?. I honestly can’t keep track, but what I will say is their faces were absolutely hilarious and classic Stiles standing there confused was icing on the cake.

2. Coach
One word: Coach, two words: Bloody brilliant.

I don’t think this needs to be a long paragraph, every scene the Coach is in ends up being the highlight of the episode, and the series finale was no different.

3. Sheriff Stilinski
Can we get a hell yeah for the bad-ass parents!?. If that was not the most awesome scene the Sheriff has been apart of, then I don’t know what is. The best thing was not only him taking on those 3 officers on his own, but getting them to call him Sheriff and help Parrish - priceless.

4. Clinic Scene
The gang is all together (minus Allison, Isaac, etc). I know some people would take the Stiles and Derek story as “romantic”, but I honestly laughed at the flashback and got all nostalgic at how season 1-3 it felt. I missed Stiles and Derek being apart of the groups plans, helping them even come up with one and throw banter back and forth. It truly felt like old times, and I guess that was the aim Jeff was going for. And well, it worked!.

- Least Favourite Scene

1. Monroe Escaping
The ONE thing I was looking forward too, other than seeing old favourites return was Monroe getting what she deserved!. But, apparently Jeff and I weren’t on the same page. I am so angry that out of all the villains she was the one that ended up getting no punishment for her crimes. Yes, you’ll probably say it’s to keep the door open for a spin off. But the idea of seeing her face again or knowing that she is roaming the world gathering up another army, pisses me off to the extreme. And the fact I’d rather Gerard survive over her tells you how much it gets to me.

Speaking of the devil, I’m glad Kate was the one who “killed” him. I mean we didn’t really see whether she did, she could of just bitten him and turned him into everything he was hunting. But in the end that’s better than nothing. The scene where Papa Argent walked away was such an epic shot. Farewell Gerard, I know you won’t be missed!.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 8/10

- Favourite Quotes
LYDIA: OMG, I thought you’d never figure it out

I Miss You (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

•Luke has been really distant and you think it’s because he doesn’t love you anymore•

Luke is sitting in our bedroom, watching TV like always. I sigh and stare at him for a good 10 minutes. He doesn’t seem to notice, and continues to watch his show. It’s been like this for 2 weeks. He comes home and doesn’t even acknowledge my existence. It’s made me start to think he doesn’t care about me anymore.

I grab the remote from off the counter and turn off the TV.

“(Y/N), turn it back on.” Luke groans, rubbing his hand against his face.

“No. Not until you tell me what’s going on.” I say, crossing my arms across my chest. He glares at me and gets up to leave but I stop him.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Luke. You’ve been ignoring me all week.” I practically cry out. Tears are beginning to prick at my eyes. He doesn’t look at me.

He turns to me and stares into my eyes.

“Do you not love me anymore? God damnit Luke! I miss you.” The tears finally start falling like a heavy waterfall.

His eyes widen and he grabs my face with his hands. “Baby, I’ll never stop loving you. I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy with work and I’m so stressed. I was taking my anger out on you.”

Luke leaves kisses all over my face and wipes away my tears.

“Please let me make it up to you.” He sighs, grabbing my hands in his. I stare at him and by the tear I see falling from his eye I know he’s sorry.

I nod and kiss his cheek. He smiles, a big toothy grin and hugs me.

“I miss you too. So much.”

the telltale skype ringtone echoes from your laptop, and you nearly choke on minty fresh air from hearing it in the bathroom while brushing your teeth. rinsing your mouth in record-breaking time, you dash for your bedroom. before your body could even drop against the mattress, the call connects just in time. you laugh breathlessly when a clueless jungkook appears on your screen, wondering why you are so out of breath.

“sorry that rang for a bit, i was washing up!” you hold up a finger to signal him giving you another second to breathe, ironically stuffing your face into a pillow for a moment, before sitting yourself up and beaming brightly back at him. “why, hello mr. famous-billboard-winner…”

you force yourself not to laugh when he closes his eyes and sighs, already exasperated. “please don’t say it–”

“… and ‘cute guy in the centre.’”

“you said it. god, why did you say it–? i’m hanging up.”

“hey, hey, i’m joking!” finally laughing, you swat your hand around dismissively when you mutter ‘not really’ under your breath afterwards. cheekily shrugging your shoulders as you earn a half-earned glare from him, you truly let the teasing go as you softly clap. “but actually, though! congratulations, you guys totally deserve it. the fans really pulled through, huh?”

this time, a genuine smile graces his features and you feel your heart warm at the sight. “as they always do. oh, i’m sorry i couldn’t get back to you until now– i saw the kakao messages, but i just–”

“was taking over the world after billboards?”

“well, if you put it that way, kind of…”

“you mean ‘most definitely’?” chuckling, you rest your elbow against your knee, arm propping up so you lay your chin on an open palm. 

the time difference was major, flipping to almost around the world. as it is ungodly morning hours for you, it is only early afternoon for him back in korea. he’s been juggling timezones like a champ, according to his earlier text messages, but as you give him a good glance from your screen – you can tell fatigue is clinging at his shoulders despite the nonchalant vibe he gives off. 

“i miss you." 

it takes you a second to register what he just said, blinking out from your reverie and tuning back to reality. he holds a small smile on his face, with the corners quirking up the slightest bit. your favourite one. you mirror the confession easily within your heart, a gentle smile of your own showing back. "i miss you, too, jungkook-ah… hey?”


“take a break from conquering the world, would you? come visit me already.” that soft, pretty laugh he does as a response resonates from your speakers and a funny twist of your heart happens in your chest. his eyes are almost glittering under the light of the practice room he’s resting in, and it’s that moment where you wish he would be right beside you. 

“i’ll be there before you know it. you and i against the world, remember?”

anonymous asked:

I don't expect you'll write something for this but imagine Sherlock coming back after those 2 years and surprising his sister, who thought he was dead. Obviously she's shocked at first, but then starts going on about how it's all a trick and he's not actually her brother and all, so he pROVES THAT HE'S REAL BY SHOWING HER HE REMEMBERS ALL HER TICKLE SPOTS AND HE'S LIKE "think I'm real yet?" THE WHOLE TIME SHSHDJSJJSJE save me

Years. It was years since he’d been gone. And you’d just gotten over it. Maybe not, but you kept repeating that to yourself. 

“Miss me?”

You stopped dead in your tracks, having just unlocked the door to the flat on 221B Baker Street. That voice. That fucking voice. Was this some cruel joke? A flick of your eyes and you landed on a figure lounging in the sofa chair. His lanky limbs were hanging off the chair from all sides, a curly mess of hair, and his slender face was staring right back at you. 

“What the–?”

He stood up, walking towards you, but you took a step back. 

“Yes, it’s me. Surprised?”

You floundered for what felt like forever. The man walked to the door and closed it behind you, “Sorry, Mrs. Hudson doesn’t even know I’m here yet. Wouldn’t want to give her a heart attack when she’s walking up the stairs, would we?”

“You’re… No. Whatever this is…” you were stumbling around the flat, away from the man who resembled your brother in every possible way, “It’s a damn cruel joke. Now get out.”

“It’s me. Don’t you recognize me? Or did I change that much in two years and 86 days?” his voice was soft. He was making it soft to ease your confusion and hurt. 

“You’re dead!”

“Apparently not. This is no trick, no foolery. I’m here, in the flesh,” he walked forward towards you once more with swifter steps. 

You whimpered and cowered against the mantle, holding your head, “No no no, you’re not Sherlock Holmes. He died–” 

“You’re my baby sister! Twelve years younger, to be exact. You have a birthmark on your stomach that you claimed split apart since you were little and always morphs, but that is scientifically not possible. You loved my playing violin to you before you slept when you were younger. Mum would always force you to sing in the church choir because you have a beautiful voice, but you always hated it. It’s me, sister. I’m real. I’m standing right here in front of you.” 

You stared at this man who claimed to be your brother. Your dead brother. A body never was recovered… 

With a force you didn’t even know you possessed, you threw yourself into your brother’s arms and hugged him tight. 

Sherlock sighed in relief and he hugged you back, squeezing and rubbing your back and shoulders to provide you as much comfort as possible. With tears rolling down your cheeks, you nuzzled into Sherlock’s shoulder just to get his scent. That damn familiar scent of tea, gunpowder, and the latest pot sample. 

“Shall I show you how real I truly am? I can prove it.”

“I already believe you,” you smiled at Sherlock, tears still filling your eyes. 

“I know how ticklish you are on your lower ribs,” Sherlock went on with his plan, his fingers gripping at your ribs and digging in. 

Your eyes widened and you shrieked, collapsing against Sherlock while also struggling to evade his grip. 

You wheezed out, “I B-BEHELIEVE YOU!! HAHAhahahaha!” 

Sherlock actually beamed, glad to be back and glad to have his baby sister back, too. 

Random thoughts about Will and drugs

TBH I was kind of surprised by the way this season handled the whole storyline about Will’s unavoidable heroin use. I really thought that it was going to turn into this whole story line about addiction – especially because the whole New Years episode seemed like it was kind of gently nudging your shoulder and going “psst! hey! remember! if anyone has a genetic predisposition towards addiction its will!” I mean we got multiple references to his dads alcoholism, some of which were immediately prefaced or followed by reminders that Will is using heroin fairly regularly. I’m thinking specifically of that scene where Whispers lets Will see him offer his dad a drink, and the only way Will can stop watching is by shooting up.

But then the show just kind of dropped it. The cluster gets their hands on blockers, which work much better, and Will doesn’t seem to have a huge problem giving the heroin up. The show doesn’t even ever reference him going through withdrawal.

One scene that was particularly weird to me was that one on the train, where Riley hands him a blocker and he says something like, “believe it or not, this actually makes me miss the heroin.” Like… yeah. I do believe it, actually. Pretty sure you’re… supposed to miss heroin after you quit it, Will. It’s incredibly addictive. And, you know, your body becomes physically dependent on it and everything.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what people think about this! Missed opportunity? Good call? It would have made it much tougher for the cluster to get anything done if Will was really struggling with addiction during the second half of season 2, but there are also some interesting places the show could have taken it. And who know – it could come back in season 3!

Misconceptions I Had About College

Starting college can be really scary and overwhelming, especially when everyone and their mother wants to tell you about their experiences and their horror stories. It’s really hard but if it’s possible at all to go into your freshman year with no preconceived notions about anything, it could really help you. These are a few of the things told to my by teachers/my parents/tv shows that I found to be incorrect. 

1. You’re just a number, your professors have too many students in their classes to worry about just one. You’ll have to be more responsible when it comes to your assignments. 

Though this one is half true, it is important to be more responsible about your assignments and getting things in on time, I’ve found that my professors were very understanding whenever I had a problem with an assignment/needed to ask for a deadline extension/just had a simple question. Your professors do care and they do want to see you succeed, they’re there to help you. I was in a really bad car accident back the first month of my freshmen year and missed a number of classes recovering and going to doctors’ appointments, all my profs were so kind and helpful and quick to offer me short extensions on a few of my assignments. The only time I EVER saw a professor not do these things was when one of my classmates, a kid who had literally only come to class 5 times in the semester, showed up on the day of or final exam review and asked for extra credit. 

2. Greek life is crucial to getting active socially in college. 

Though I didn’t rush, I had a lot of friends who did. They went out a lot, partied often, and constantly had activities with their sisters. But I quickly realized that these functions, while frequent and well attended, were not the only nor the most popular happenings around campus. College is huge, I attend the University of North Texas where our attendance is pushing 37,000 students. There are more clubs and groups than I could ever count and all those clubs and groups have things going on! I went to FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian University Students) for a while, where we met twice a week for small groups and worship not including social functions like fundraisers or discussion nights or things like that. Finding a club or group of people with similar interests is the best way to get involved in my opinion, if that’s a sorority or fraternity that’s great! But that’s definitely not the only option on the table! 

3. In college you’ll have huge lectures full of a hundred students, you won’t be making any friends, everyone will be there just to learn.

One of my teachers my freshman year of high school said this to me, and while I knew it wasn’t true, I wanted to include it on the list for anyone who thinks it is. This is definitely not the case. Yes, you will probably have large lectures that run between 100 and 300 students, but this does not mean it’s impossible to make friends. The first day I walked into my statistics lecture I’d been running late and there were only singles left scattered around the room. I looked around and found someone who looked most like the kind of person I could see myself hanging out with and sat next to her. Yes, it means judging a book by it’s cover, but Alexis and I are still very good friends now. We found out we were from the same home town and she even ended up giving me rides home on more than one occasion. It’s not impossible, but it is very daunting especially if you’re like me and don’t handle that kind of interaction well. But talking to strangers is worth it in the long run, honestly. It’s better to go through scary new experiences with a stranger than completely alone. I was unfortunate in that I went off to college somewhere that I didn’t know many people well, so it was very much like a clean slate; refreshing if not mildly terrifying. 

4. You have to have an Apple device (of any kind). 

This is some BULLSHIT. I know a couple people who were mean to their friends for not having MacBooks and I’m here today to tell you that the kind of laptop you have doesn’t matter at all (though certain journalism programs at certain schools require Macs, that’s the only situation when it matters). The laptop you have is your choice, whether it be based on functionality, price, the type of programs you can use on it; that’s all up to you! Don’t let anyone tell you you have to have a certain type of computer to be successful! 

5. Living on campus is the only option if you want to be involved. 

Honestly, this is kind of just a personal preference. I lived on campus my freshman year and, while I did love the convenience of it, it wasn’t the reason nor a necessity for the things I was involved in. As I neared the end of my freshman year, I wasn’t able to make the $400 down payment on a spot for the next year in the dorms, and because of that I wasn’t able to get a room and had to find accommodations off campus. Looking back now, though, I’m glad I did. I have more space, more privacy, I can burn candles and I got to bring my cat with me. It’s really about where you feel most comfortable, the only instance where I would definitely recommend dorm living is if you don’t have a car. I do occasionally find myself missing dorm life, my little home in the hustle and bustle of a busy campus, but I know for sure that apartment and off-campus life was the right choice for me. 

This is very opinion based and definitely not entirely true for every school or student, just my personal experiences based on the 2 years I’ve had in college so far. If you’re in high school and worried about anything not on this list, feel free and send me an ask and I’m sure I can put your mind at ease! College is not nearly as scary as some teachers like to try and make it seem. 

Locked Husband Agrees to Suck Cocks

I was around 53 years old then, about 10 years ago. I had now kept my husband T locked in a small chastity cage for over 2 years. I had trained him pretty well like all of my girlfriends husbands and boyfriends in our dom male chastity group. T was now one of he best pussy eaters around, I had finally stretched his ass open to take my 10 inch fat strap on dildo up it. It is the same size I use on my pussy since I started fucking huge well hung men, (mostly black cock) that all of us girls had on our bull list and shared. T would watch quietly with his balls usually chained to a chair, in his tiny steel chastity cage, while various well hung black men tore up my pussy and ass, until he was needed to lick me clean. He was polite to them, he would ask them nicely to fuck me real hard, and thank them for doing it, like I trained him. By then I had given up totally on allowing T to fuck me so he hadn’t felt a pussy in 2 years. (Except once a year I would lower it on his dick for 2 or 3 strokes just to show him what he was missing and hear him moan.) Every Saturday afternoon T was tied spread to the bed, a huge butt plug was shoved up his ass and he was edged for at least an hour. Then he was iced and put back in his cage without coming. (once every 2 or 3 months I might let him come or ruin an orgasm for him while he was tied to the bed) Every Sunday evening he was bent over and milked with a long curved vibrator up his ass. Back and fourth across his prostate it went until cum drooled slowly out of his cage into his cum bowl for him to eat. (milking is not coming. He hates this because it gets him so close but not coming. It’s just enough to drain out his cum without him feeling much) He also served naked except for his cage at our girl parties. T pretty much did everything I said except suck a man’s dick. I got so I really wanted to see T perform with a man. (He got to watch me perform with a man a lot so I should get to watch him, it’s only fair.) T would beg me not to make him and said there was no way he would do that. (T is very heterosexual) I got tired of T whining and crying one day so I called my friend, Dr Dora over to our new house in the country. Dora is an expert on getting men to do what she wants. One Saturday morning Dora got one of her men friends to come over to our house and install a secure eye bolt over our bed in the ceiling. T wasn’t home from our business yet. Dora and I made a trip to the hardware store. Dora had explained to me that some women beat their men or whip them. This is work. There is another more effective way to discipline their men. It involves their most coveted body part, their balls. T got home from work and got naked in the house like I require. He kissed Dora’s hand in greeting and followed us into the bedroom for his Saturday edging. T was a little more excited than normal because he knew he would get to either watch Dora and I eat each other or Dora would at some time sit on his face. As soon as we had T secured to the 4 corners of the bed, I unlocked his cage and Dora and I got naked. This was nearly 9 years ago so our pussies were both shaved smooth as was the style then. (We’re both hairy now) We both had men to shave us and take care of our grooming. (still do, T) T’s dick was hard and sticking up when we raised his legs up and put in his rather large butt plug. Then the fun began. Dora and I had purchased a device known as a come along. We got on the bed and hooked it to the new ceiling eye bolt. T was asking what was happening. We didn’t tell him, instead we fitted a ball gag in his mouth. T was clearly worried now and his hard on had sagged. We had bought some big soft nylon rope. Dora expertly showed me how to tie up T’s balls with it. We lowered the come along hook nearly to his balls and Dora tied the other end of the rope to the hook. Now if you know what a come a long does you’ll understand. T knew and was begging behind the ball gag. Dora started to pump the handle. Up went the hook with T’s balls tied to it. I really didn’t know T’s balls would stretch that much. T was going wild. I was worried. Dora told me it was OK and then had me pump the handle a few more times until T’s ass was off of the bed a couple of inches. It looked like it was killing T. Dora assured me if we let him down and rubbed blood flow back in them every 10 minutes or so they would be alright with no lasting damage. After T’s ass was off the bed hanging by his stretched and painful balls I asked him the question again, “Will you suck cock for me?” T nodded yes. I then said, “Will you swallow their cum and let them fuck you in the ass?” T nodded again. I started to let T down but Dora stopped me. She said so both of us could hear, “He needs to remember this. 1 hour on the come along for T this time.” It had been about 10 min. so she let him down, showed me how to massage the blood flow back into his balls and after a minute, back up he went. T later told me that was the worst part. T hung there by his balls while Dora and I ate each others tasty bald pussies on the other bed where T could see us. Every 10 or 15 minutes we let him down and massaged the blood flow back into them and hauled him back up until his hour sentence was fulfilled. Later when we took him loose we Iced him down and Dora re-installed his cage.  I removed his ball gag and sat on his face. I had him thank me with his tongue for not making it a 2 hour sentence and pledge to suck dick well for my entertainment. Dora was right. This is more fun and less work than beating a man.

My honest review of the Mlp movie…

I actually thoroughly enjoyed the film, the animation was amazing and fluid, the effects were outstanding, and I loved how they showed how Equestria is scaled down JUST for the ponies and the rest of the world is normal sized. That being said, I wish they had gone ahead and added an extra 15 minutes to make it a full 2 hours. The movie was missing context; such as Capper’s debt, what was it for, when did it come about, why didn’t they elaborate on that? Also, I do NOT believe Captain Celaeno would just revert back to a free-spirited pirate after YEARS of oppression after a single song, and even if it wasn’t years, what was the time period? But Emily Blunt STOLE THE SHOW as Temptest! Her song “Open Up Your Eyes” BLEW ME AWAY!! I was SPEECHLESS! And I am so happy they left her horn alone, that just added a sweet little fizzle twist ;) 

I drew that atrocious fecal matter of a drawing using my wonderful touchpad XD

there are two things that people say about the himym finale that i absolutely hate:

1. it’s just a TV show

it’s never JUST A TV SHOW. this was nine years of my life, i sat through every single episode and even when it wasn’t at its best i watched it anyway and still laughed because it was one of my favorite shows. i fell in love with the characters and watched their journey and their lives evolve. i waited every single fucking week for a new episode and waited months for it to return while it was on hiatus. it’s like raising your child to become a doctor only to find out it’s a murderer i mean how the fuck did that happen I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING i spent nine years of my life on you and you decide to ruin everything i had invested in you?!

if it’s just a tv show then you’re not really a fan cos you don’t get over something like that. i know personally it’s going to take me years of therapy to get over the worst finale in history I FUCKING WANT MY NINE YEARS AND 208 EPISODES BACK DAMMIT

2. It’s so obvious Ted and Robin were going to get together in the end how can you miss that?

to these people i say WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE WE EVEN WATCHING THE SAME SHOW HAVE YOU BEEN FOLLOWING THIS FROM THE BEGINNING and brace yourselves this is going to be a long rant

ok maybe if himym ended in season 5 i would’ve understood why they got back together instead it went on for 4 more seasons, characters evolve, fan opinions change FOUR YEARS IS A FUCKING LONG TIME OKAY!!

Ted always had lingering feelings for Robin that much was obvious to the point i wish they’d stop hinting at it cos it was annoying to watch him pine over her only when he’d break up with a girl or at his lowest point. BUT ROBIN NEVER FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT HIM AND IN SEASON 7 SHE EVEN FLAT OUT SAID SHE WASN’T IN LOVE WITH HIM DID THE WRITER’S FORGET THAT OR SOMETHING?!!?!?! Robin even left the opening of Ted’s building to see Barney and stop his proposal to Patrice IS THAT SOMETHING ROBIN WOULD DO IF SHE WAS STILL IN LOVE WITH TED she wanted to stop a proposal for fuck sakes without even knowing the truth that Barney was in love with her

and let’s not forget the 22 episodes they spent on a wedding which in my opinion was unnecessary AND WHY WOULD YOU SPEND MOST OF THE SEASON ON A WEDDING IF THEY WERE GOING TO DIVORCE WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT??!?!?! I DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY ANY SHOW WOULD PUT SO MUCH EMPHASIS ON TWO CHARACTERS AND MAKE YOU BELIEVE THEY WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER ONLY TO BREAK THEM UP!!!!! Ted and Robin had 2 seasons then that one episode in season 4 where they were friends with benefits but Barney and Robin had half a season as a couple and roughly 2 seasons of “will they or won’t they” then a season of them finally together and a whole season dedicated on a wedding so please tell me HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL THAT TED AND ROBIN WERE END GAME????!!!

the worse part of it all was at the end and Robin was all like “i still have unresolved feelings for Ted, he was the one i should’ve ended up with blah blah blah” WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM WHAT UNRESOLVED FEELINGS SHE SAID SHE WASN’T IN LOVE WITH HIM ANYMORE AND NOT TO MENTION SHE MARRIED BARNEY if she was going to end up with Ted at least make her not go through with the wedding that would make more fucking sense and why the fuck would Ted time and time again say he’s “let go of Robin” only to have him come back to her in the end what was the whole point of that scene of her floating away like a balloon TELL ME WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT OF THAT????!!!?!


Sleep well Little Lion

Prompt: Dan came back from Germany, and Phil is happy because of that. But he hasn’t slept well since he has depression. And since they haven’t been together since Dan left, they have a whole afternoon together but Phil was too tired and depressed because he was up all the nights depressed or waiting for Dan to wake up and smile a little again.

A/N: Thank you so much for the likes! I actually thought that my brain wasn’t good enough to write something that people would like! I hope you like my oneshots! If you want to send me a prompt!
Phan status: together

Warnings: Just a little bit of angst

Recommended: I did a playlist with the songs they have the names of the fic so if you want to, listen with it! If you are on a mobile device and since idk if you can listen,here are the links to the songs/audio!

To write love on her arms

Pooh bear audio

Steal my boy

Phil’s POV
Dan went to Germany for a project that he was doing, so I was left home alone for a few days, which was sad, because I missed him laughing at the TV shows, the cuddles and eating together. I haven’t slept well for a month actually. I actually have been sleeping like 2-3 hours per day,and naps with Dan only. I have been feeling useless lately, talentless, worthless. But since he was not here, I only slept like 1-2 hours. On nights, I think about the talentless person I am.Today, he was coming back from Germany. I was so excited that I actually didn’t get any sleep at all last night. It was 1pm when he told me he was here, so I went to the airport to pick him up.

When I arrived, he was getting out of the airplane, and it looked like he just woke up. When he saw me, he came to me and he hugged me.
“Hey babe! I missed you so much"I hugged him tightly.
"I missed you too Phil"Dan smiled sleepily
I helped Dan walk because he had a lot of bags in his hands. Also, because he was still kind of sleepy. He was rubbing his eye in such an adorable way, and he had the totoro plushie I gave him for 1 year anniversary in his hand, which made him look like a little kid just waking up. He looked adorable when he was waking up.
"I also see that you have hobbit hair today Dan, I missed the hobbit hair too.”- I told him joking
“Phil, I just woke up, that’s why. My hair also missed you touching it while cuddles.”-Dan
“You look adorable when you are sleepy” I told him laughing
“No I don’t”
“Yes you do!”I told him and then I gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

At this time, we got into a taxi. Dan got a call and he talked most of the time on the road. Then, he hung up.
There was a silence for about 3 minutes until I talked
“What *yawns* time is it?”-I asked while rubbing my eyes
“It’s 2:23; Are you tired Phil?"Dan asked curious
"I actually am not tired, but how about you?”- I answered
“I kind of fell asleep when the airplane started to leave Germany. And then, I woke up when the flight attendant said that we were here. So, I am not tired at all. But you look tired Phil"Dan said as he looked on my face. I hoped the dark bags were under my eyes weren´t that easy to notice…
"I actually am not tired, I slept like a baby last night”- I said lying to Dan.
“If you say so…"Dan smiled and giving a kiss to my cheek.
I didn’t want Dan to notice, but the dark circles under my eyes are getting more and more prominent.  He’ll notice soon, and he’ll make fun of me, and he will think I am a useless person. What if he sees that I am useless and breaks uup with me?

Dan’s POV:
When we arrived home, it was like 3 pm
"Do you want me to help you unpack?”-Phil asked
“I will unpack tomorrow. I actually am pretty lazy to do it today”- Dan
“Well, what do you want to do then?”- Phil
“Maybe some Mario Kart?"I asked
"Ok, do you want me to order pizza?"Phil asked
"Yeah, I think that is a good idea”
“Ok, turn on the wii u, I will order the pizza.”-Phil told me as he gave me a kiss
“Love you Bear”
“Love you too Lion”

I turned on the wii u and I told him that everything was ready.
While we were playing Mario kart 8, Phil rubbed his eyes slowly while yawning occasionally. He actually looked pretty tired, but also adorable. But the online round started, so I had to get ready to play. Since we were playing online, I was going as fast as possible. And Phil was actually going pretty slow because of rubbing his eyes.

“Are you sure you are not tired?”- I asked
“I’m pretty sure I am not tired Dan. I just need…tea!, that’s all”- Phil told me with a smile while rubbing his eyes.

We played a lot of rounds. When the rounds ended, I got 1st place, and Phil got 7th on 16 out of 20 of the rounds. He never gets lower than 3rd. NEVER.

“Phil, come on, what happened?”- I asked him
“It happened that I got 7th” He answered laughing
“You never get 7th Phil. And you get angry when you get to 3rd.”-
“It just has happened once, I know I am an amazing *yawns* racer”- He said while rubbing his eyes again
“And also amazingly tired, Lion, you need to rest now"I told him, hoping he´d understand.
"But it’s 5pm, we have a lot of time of the day to be with each other. It’s not even 9pm Dan”
“But…”-Then the doorbell rang
*door bell rings*
“The pizza is here!”- Phil said to avoid going to bed. He got up quickly with the money and went downstairs.

Phil’s POV
I went downstairs for the pizza to avoid talking about sleeping. I wanted to play videogames with Dan as much as possible, but maybe he didn´t want to. Maybe he wanted me to sleep so he could be free of this idiot. But when I was going downstairs, I felt like I was going to fall, everything started to make me feel tired, but I didn’t fall asleep. I opened the door, paid and then brought the pizza to the table. Dan wanted to watch Netflix so I told him that it was fine by me. “So, what do you want to watch?”- I asked Dan
“We can watch some Pokémon if you want to"he answered
"Ok, put it then"I told him
we watched Pokémon until about 8pm. Like it was still on the TV but Dan started a pillow fight so we fighted and we made pillow forts. I had my Pikachu onesie and Dan had his Charizard onesie on. I was actually about to fall asleep on the fort, but then Dan started attacking.
"I am going to win this pillow fight!"Dan said on a sweet way
"No you are not! Are you ticklish Dan?"I asked him sarcastically
"No I’m not.”- Dan lied.
“Well, prove it then!”-I told him smiling while getting close to him
I started to tickle Dan, he looked adorable.

A while later, we decided to stop playing the fort fights because we wanted to write all the 150 Pokémon names on a piece of paper.
Dan’s POV
we started to write the names, it took us like 5 minutes to get to the half of the list. But then Phil got a phone call, it was Louise
"Hi Louise”-I told her
“Hi, I thought you were going to be on Germany for a few more days.”-Louise.
“No, I really wanted to come back to see Phil, so I came a little earlier than the BBC r1 people.”
We talked for a while and then I passed the phone to Phil. I was just watching how Phil was talking and rubbing his eyes, he really needed to sleep. A while later, Phil left the room to talk personally. Then, I thought of a Pokémon character, but I actually didn’t remember his name. And all the devices were in the Phil’s bedroom, with no battery. So, I slowly walked to Phi’s room, to not bother him. I opened the door slowly, to not make too much noise. But when I got closer, I heard a small part of the conversation that actually surprised me.

*In the conversation*
“Louise, I’m fine, I am just not tired"Phil rubbed his eyes. Of course he was lying.
"But you haven’t slept well since the last time we talked! That was last month!"Louise said as I opened my mouth widely. ONE MONTH?!
"Don’t worry, I’m fine, at least I sleep like 1-2 hours with Dan"Phil said before yawning.
"If this continues, you are going with me to the doctor, deal?Depression is hard I know, but we have to try to at least sleep.”- Louise said worriedly. Was Phil depressed?
“Deal”- Phil yawned
“Ok, I have to go; I will message you tomorrow to see how you are doing, Bye.”-Louise
When Phil hung up, he noticed me.
“Dan, how long have you been here?”- Phil scared
“The time enough to hear that you haven’t slept well in a month”-I told him a little angry.
“I…I…I…don’t know what to say”-Phil scared with his eyes full of tears
“You just need to tell me why this happened”-I told him a bit calmed.
“I…*sniff*…I…can’t…tell you”-Phil said with more tears on his eyes, shaling a bit now.
At this moment he started crying, he ran to the living room and he started to cry on a pillow
“Phil!”-I said worried while running to him
“Why don’t you want me to know?”-I asked worried
“You…you…may think this is*sniff*dumb and I…I don’t want you to make fun of me”-Phil
“I will never make fun of you crying babe, I love you more than anything in this world, you are my best friend and boyfriend. I won’t make fun of you crying, never.”-I told him
“Promise?”-Phil asked me sniffing
“Promise”-I told Phil and then I gave him a kiss
“Well, I…*sniff* have been*sniff* hating myself a lot lately, I feel *sniff* useless, like this person that went famous on the internet, has a perfect boyfriend, lives with him, but that has no talent”-Phil said before breaking into tears.
“And why didn’t you tell me?”
“When I am with you, I feel happy. Watching you asleep, makes me *sniff*smile and you look so happy in your dreams, you smile while you are asleep, which is lovely. And I don’t want you to wake up for my dumb interruption of depression"Phil said while sniffling..
When I heard that words, my heart was breaking in small pieces.
"What are you talking about Phil? You are the one that helped me get out of my depression, the one that made me continue on my channel, the one that helped me on my existential crisis, the one that makes me smile every single day since I left depression, the one that made millions of fans stop having depression and giving them a smile every day, the one that laughs at my jokes, the one that cuddles with me, and the one who accepted me as his boyfriend, roommate, and best friend, and future husband. I love you, and I will love you forever and always"I said
"Thank you Dan, I love you"Phil hugged me.
"I love you too”
After that, I gave him a sweet, adorable kiss, that made him smile.
A silence came; Phil rested his head on my shoulder, and yawned.
“Babe, you need some rest"I told him
"But I can’t fall asleep at night, I haven’t slept a full night for a month"Phil rubbed his eyes
"I can help with that"I told him
"But…how?”-Phil asked curious.
“Hold on”-I said while running to my bedroom

Phil’s POV
At this time, Dan ran to his bedroom, I had no idea of what he was doing. When he came back, he came with a blanket, two mugs and the totoro plushies.

“What are you doing?”- I asked him curious
“When you were sad at your house when I came over, this is what I always used to do to help you sleep: be together, with hot chocolate and cuddling with our totoro plushies. I always made you fall asleep with this when you were on your family’s house and you were ill, so I am doing it now”- I told Phil
“I used to say that years ago, I don’t know if this still *yawns* works for me”-Phil while rubbing his eyes tiredly
“I am pretty sure this is going to work”-I told him while giving him the totoro plush
“Ready?"I asked. I asked him
"I *yawns* think so”-Phil smiled tiredly.

I turned off the lights, I walked to the sofa with Phil, and we started to watch Winnie the pooh(I know it was a little childish for me and Phil, but Pooh always makes us sleepy) and in just seconds, Phil fell asleep on my arms: my right arm was like a small pillow for his head, he was making this cute little sounds that he always does when he is asleep; his glasses were about to fall off his face, he had his Pikachu hat of the onesie on and he was hugging the totoro plushie I gave him on his arm.

“Thank you, I really love you"  Phil breathed. I could see how sleepy Phil was, so I gave him a little kiss on the forehead. Soon enough I could tell by his slow, rhythmic breathing that he was asleep again. With Phil’s steady heartbeat and his gentle movements it didn’t take me long to relax a bit. I was exhausted. My energy had hit rock bottom and before I knew it I was asleep.
———————————————In the morning…——————————–
I got up because of the sun rays that were on my face. I yawned a few times and then I rubbed my eyes. Then, I turned my head to Phil, who was sleeping peacefully at the couch. His hair was messy, just like mine. He slept for a full night, I was proud of him. He started to stir a little, but I could see he was still exhausted.
"Sleep well little lion”-I said sleepily as I planted a kiss on his forehead.
“I love you, thank you"Phil mumbled before going to sleep again.
I started to brush his messy hair and started thinking…how did I get so lucky?

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