i miss this show and them so much


tag yourself i’m shal we skat

i missed doing tag yourself memes (and putting too much effort into them) i was waiting for the past few weeks for enough skaters to show up so i could make one. i’ll add otabek once he actually shows up

iconic moments from the early seasons of the 100

•"i was born in space"
•they introduced the hot bad boy character by having him do a flip off the drop ship
•"it’s an AUTOM OBI LE"
•when they took a tarp with them to carry Jasper who was injured but they ended up carrying their dinner in the tarp and they just made Wells carry Jasper hahaha
•also when they were playing peppy indie music and it was a Feel Good moment but then a spear struck Jasper through the heart and everyone started screaming
•"he tried to kill Jasper, too" “…..what”
•Murphy was trying to rally the crowd and was like “ALL IN FAVOR OF JUSTICE” and like 3 people raised their hands
•the entire Day Trip episode
•"you can’t just KILL PEOPLE to make yourself FEEL BETTER"
•they couldn’t communicate with the Ark and everyone was crying but Clarke and Finn just had angry sex
•they tied Atom to a tree and left him there as punishment
•Murphy peed on that guy
•Murphy spelled “die” wrong
•Jasper saw Murphy strangling a guy with a plastic bag and Murphy just tried to cover it by saying “he just….stopped breathing”
•honestly every goddamn line that came from John Murphy’s mouth
•Jaha hallucinated that baby that he found in a drawer
•"is that the Ark?“ "i hope they have shampoo”
•"i know who Oppenheimer is"
•Monty walked in on Finn and Raven fucking and he was wearing that lil hat
•"happy unity day here’s some unity juice"
•"storms coming…..“ and other such diva Bellamy moments
•14 year old Jasper doing straight shots of moonshine
•"herbs…..if you know what i mean”
•jasper woke up from near death and asked for some booze that kid sure does love alcohol
•everyone was like “Jasper’s had a bad week what with almost dying let’s let him fix the wristbands” and he fucked it up
•they all wanted to murder Jasper because he was keeping them up with his screaming
•just anything Jasper did was iconic bc he was always suffering (still is)
•someone was listed in the credits as “Boy Bullied By Murphy”
•bellamy was always like “no one leave camp” but when his little sister went missing he woke everyone up at like 3 am and was like “we’re all leaving this minute lets go party people”
•raven and finn were reunited and she was like i’m going to cut his greasy ass hair immediately
•bellamy and raven were always ready to fight each other they took every opportunity
•everyone wore bomber jackets
•finn’s trick to make girls like him was to create little sculptures for them and Raven got a pretty bird and Clarke got a two headed deer lmao
•any injury was cured by putting a hot blade on it problem solved
•murphy came back with a deadly disease and everyone was like “aw jeez guys he’s dying he won’t hurt anyone”
•and then he killed like 3 people
•murphy in general


∟ “I could simply change you, make you follow me. But that’s not my way. I want you to see exactly what the gods have in store for you. Because when you do, you won’t have the faintest idea what to do with yourself. And I do.

ok listen… you r literally the only person i’m telling this. just.. don’t tell anybody bud, but

i couldn’t sleep, so I decided to just start flicking through some internet TV things, like Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.

and I found


this ANIME~~~~

called “SHE AND HER CAT”.

and it’s just it’s about

this girl and her cat.

but… it’s from the perspective of the cat. who LOVES HER.


and… the whole show is just about how happy he is to be her cat and how he thinks she’s amazing and the best ever




and i SWEAR ON MY LIFE, I am a grown 30-year-old man with a successful business

reduced to literal tears

because it made me miss having a cat SO MUCH that I just cannot deal without ranting on Tumblr!!!

I mean come on… 

She always comes home exhausted.

She brings the smell of a faraway town I don’t know.

I live in my own time, and she lives in her own time.

So these moments when my time and hers intersect

are more precious to me than anything





“i’ve been offered a job in auckland..” “auckland? wow! are you gonna take it? i don’t want to stand in the way of your career, but we’re in such a good place…i just can’t imagine you being half a world away. i’m going to miss you so much.”


black sails costumes - max in her 2x04 dress (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.+*+♥+*+.

One day your life will be sorted out and put into a slideshow played in a room for the people you love most in this world. they will push your ENTIRE life into one evening. Showing all those people the life you lived and the life you had with them. people will miss you for the rest of their life, some won’t think of you anymore. I love being alive so much. But how long? And what do I do with the time I have left?

Okay I love Thomas Hayes as a person and actor but literally William fuck you for not coming back. They are my favorite couple and the fact that he couldn’t come back for a little cameo just breaks my heart.


06/12-2016 has been the best day of my life. I’ve never been happier than I’ve been today and I don’t think I’ll be this happy again for a looong time. Thank you so much for today, it was magical. I’m so proud of Dan & Phil and I’m so glad I got to experience everything myself; their warm embraces and kind words, the lovely people who went to see them and of course, the show that they created together. Well, I don’t know what to say anymore..Just, thank you @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil

“I just need you to need me too!” She cried as they stood together under the rain. “I spent so much time waiting for you to show me you care. It’s just too hard, I can’t stay when someone doesn’t miss me when I’m gone.”
They stood together in silence, him not being able to mutter even a single word. Both of them knew that it was over. It wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. No, a blind man could see how in love they were. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone it just isn’t meant to be.
—  It wasn’t because you didn’t love me, excerpts from a book I’ll never write #17// 4am

yeah so I went to #tatinof in Berlin and i had the chance to meet Dan and phil. They’re literally the cutest person on earth, they were so adorable.
When I met them I told them I came from France and they were really impressed, also Dan liked my magneto tshirt. They were so caring. Their arms are the safest place on earth.
The show was absolutely incredible, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and passion. They put all they’ve got in this. This day was the happiest I’ve ever been so far.
I already miss them so freakin much, and I hope to see them again soon. I feel literally empty now, like what am I supposed to do with my life now?

(Dan took a blurry picture but I don’t really mind tbh)

Ok, ok, don’t laugh at me.
Promise you won’t.
I miss Merlin, I miss that marvellous TV series so much
I miss Arthur and Merlin and their unbreakable and immortal bond
That show taught me a lot
I just cannot bear it is over
I’m crying, I’m feeling stupid
I just miss them

I can’t tell you how fucking important interviews of Kate McKinnon with her cast mates are to me at the moment. Like how she’s an out lesbian and she touches these straight women so casually and platonically intimately and flirts with them like it’s not big deal at all!

I came out at 14 in a christian private all girls school and from then on no one would change in same locker room as me. eventually i just started changing in toilet cubicles. i had grown up with all of these girls and i wasn’t attracted to any of them but the minute i came out they saw me as a predator. 

i had one friend who i was comfortable hugging and touching intimately and everyone thought we were dating and i eventually had to stop doing it at school because i didn’t want my friend to suffer the same homophobia from students and staff that I was. And god I missed hugs so much. I was so fucking touched starved and miserable.

And now I’m almost 22 and I still have issues showing affection to women - especially straight women. I am by nature a cuddly person but those years have made me very self conscious of touching other women and being perceived as a predator or making anyone uncomfortable. I have to make a huge deal of not looking if a girl is changing in the same room as me because I’m so scared she might thing I’m perving on her.

But now I get to see an out lesbian on tv hugging her straight female friends, putting her hand on their thighs so casually and I know it sounds stupid but god that’s so important and amazing to me. I just wanna go back in time and show these clips to my 14 year old self and say “See! It’s fine! You’re not a predator! You’re not what they say you are! It’s ok to want platonic physical contact from your female straight friends. Just because you’re attracted to women doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate platonic relationships with them!”

I just - god I’m so grateful for Kate McKinnon now. I’ve only known about her for a few months now but she’s already made me feel so much better about this huge hang up I’ve had for years and I hope that other WLW who have been treated the way I was (because I know this is a hugely common thing we face after coming out) are finding her comforting and helpful too.

Can we please talk about this moment for a second? I just went back and watched the whole interview again (I MISS THEM SO MUCH) and this particular moment always stood out to me. I think it’s very slept on IMO. This particular line that James said to Louis is more that just regular band teasing, from what I got tbh. James and Harry were having a banter and in the end, James points to Louis and goes “you’ve always been my favourite”. This feels so personal. Like something that goes on in their inner circle of friends where they team up against eachother and their friends choose a side. I’ve always loved this so much because James could’ve said it to ANYONE but he said it to Louis and in such a familiar tone, like this is something that happens a lot. Louis’ reply in particular is so adorable. I’m just very fond all over right now. James Corden is truly a saviour.

i’m seeing in the heights in london for the last time in couple of hours,, it’s ridiculous how much this show means to me and i’m going to miss it so much!

i’m still on a break for a couple more days, but i just wanted to show you some more of my progress with my obc rotoscope whilst i’ve got a little spare time 😊😊