i miss this show all the time

Honestly, kudos to the PLL fandom here on Tumblr. Y'all literally called everything. I remember seeing someone who even knew Twincer’s name weeks before this episode?

You guys made watching this show so much more fun. So thank you and I’m gonna miss you. Also, some of your theories were a million times better than what Marlene came up with. You guys are on another level.

okay but the actual spencer/toby scenes in the finale were so precious and pure, my sweet babies came back to each other in the end

the way their faces lit up when they saw each other at the stables made my heart so full, you could literally hear the emotion and happiness in her voice

and the lost woods/scrabble scenes were so beautiful and understated, i actually love that their storyline wasn’t rushed but they took their time reconnecting and reverting back to their old traditions. those scenes were proof not only of how well they still know each other, but also how much they still love each other and idk i just really loved them, it felt like the old spoby we’ve all been missing for so long

and the fact she sat there watching him sleep and put down “limerance”, such a typically spencer way of showing her true emotions but it felt so fitting and poignant for them

also, the twin scene. toby automatically going to alex, unconsciously knowing she was the twin straight away, and how he knew spencer’s books were always full of notes and annotations. the way he knew that only the real spencer would still remember her favourite poem and recite it back to him in perfect french, and the fact he still remembered it too. and the pure happiness and relief and emotion from both of them when they realised he’d worked it out and they’d finally found each other again

idk, I know we deserved a better on-screen endgame but i’m really happy with their actual scenes and i’m so happy we have their whole future together to imagine now


A/N: my first ever text au is dedicated to my partner in crime (by crime i mean binge watching good tv shows and youtubers, my motivation to really write anything, and someone who welcomed me to the sidemen fandom with open arms) @sdmntrxsh ❤️ you already saw this because i always check with you before posting anything because you always give honest feed back. and i already forced to you request it (ALSO I JUST REALIZED YOU SAID HE AND NOT SHE 😂) i hope you love it! also check out ALL of @sdmntrxsh writings, some of my all time favs!!

summary: you go away on a road trip with your friends for a week and simon misses you.

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You know what would be a great scene in TWD? The group find a huge abandoned building and ya know look a around while a thunderstorm is taking place walkers everywhere like honestly I need some suspense and pop ups in a zombie apocalypse show Im over with human vs human like being back the walkers bitches!

Dude, yes. I agree so much.

I honestly miss the genuine fear of walkers like I understand the show is about humans dealing with the apocalypse and the walkers are a consequence of that / almost a side story but I miss the moments where the show truly fit into a scary horror category. 

Season 6A and especially the mid season premiere of season 6 (No Way Out) really brought those feelings back to me. The mid season premiere was honest to god one of my FAVOURITE episodes of all time…. throughout the entire show. I always say that. That’s my walking dead and what I enjoy. Seeing TF coming together face the threat of walkers… I can’t get enough.

Old school is where it’s at sometimes.

I'm Gonna Miss you guys

I just want to thank all of the Tumblr theorists, YouTube theory videos, and fan Instagram accounts that have been on this long hell of s journey that was PLL. I remember when the first trailer come out, I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to start watching the show. There were times where I would get frustrated with the writers and want to stop watching but you guys made me keep my hope. All I have to say is that you guys are absolutely amazing and I’m gonna miss reading all of these theories. I honestly feel like pll fans wrote better theories than the writers could ever come up with. We spent so much time and effort in this show but I’m not gonna miss it. PLL was just full of plot holes and endless ships and I’m glad it’s over. I feel like the writing got sloppy in the last couple of seasons. But shout out to Janel and Troian who are amazing actresses and we’re incredible in the finale (and every other episode) I’m not bashing the writers and I’m not complaining, but I am not happy either the finale. I just wish things would have been explained a bit better and I also wish that they would have focused more on AD’s reasoning rather than sex scenes. But it’s all over now. Anyway thanks for the ride and I’m gonna miss you guys ✨💞




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okay so I tried to read Shakespeare once for HS (it was Hamlet, a very very strange online edition with side-by-side of the modern translation and how it was in the original time [interestingly, the same with a copy of Beowulf]) and I couldn't get fully into it and I gotta know if there's a way to read Shakespeare and really engage in it bc I too am gay and would like to fully appreciate Midsummer Night's Dream.

Okay so I’m maybe not going to give you the answer you want to hear but

See the show.

If at all possible, it’s best to see Shakespeare performed live, the way it was meant to be done, but I know that’s not always an option because of time and location and money constraints. Movies of Shakespeare are hit and miss for me, some are great and some are AWFUL, but it’s worth seeking out the good ones to see it performed (for Midsummer in particular, the 1999 version with Kevin Kline is pretty good).

Here’s why:

  • A good actor can do WONDERS with intonation and emphasis to help you understand the language. Even if you don’t catch every single word, you’ll probably have an easier time following the overall meaning
  • Physical action helps illustrate and reinforce meaning (eg: “I’ll unhair thy head!” sounds a tad weird until you see Cleopatra furiously dragging a servant across the stage by the hair and go “ohhhhhhhh”). Especially since stage directions are sparse in Shakespeare, it helps a lot to see it played out in front of you
  • This depends on whether you remember faces or names better but it’s often a hell of a lot easier to remember who people are when you have a face and a costume and all.

I’d say maybe try to see and read a play at around the same time; read it so you catch more of the nuances and ins and outs of the text, see it so you can really enjoy the story and the characters.

That said, if you really do just want to read Shakespeare, here are some thoughts:

  • People will give different advice, but I say start with a comedy like Midsummer, As You Like It, Much Ado about Nothing, or Twelfth Night. The tragedies have a lot more long and complicated soliloquies to slog through than the comedies usually do (Jacques gets going in AYLI but just assume everything he’s saying is depressingly philosophical in a way no really cares about and you’ll be good) and the histories are just confusing as hell unless you happen to already have a solid grasp on the history of the English monarchy in the 15th century
  • Don’t get too hung up on the details. Just like reading in a foreign language, if you stop to look up every single word you don’t know, you’ll drive yourself insane. As long as you have a general sense of what’s going on, keep going. You can always come back to it later
  • On that note, look out for places where he goes into extended metaphors and similes. Sometimes an entire speech is dedicated to just comparing a character’s current situation to fishing or something like that. If you’re struggling to follow the plot, try boxing out the flowery poetry and just reading the bare bones of the speech. Also…
  • Shakespeare repeats himself. A lot. That’s intentional: these plays were written in a time when audiences were much rowdier and if you wanted people to hear what was going on you probably needed to say it a couple times and remind people of it when characters went away for a couple scenes. So if you don’t understand one metaphor, don’t sweat: there’s a decent chance the next five lines is a different metaphor for the same idea.
  • I could do an entire post on editions of Shakespeare and the pros and cons of each (sounds like they used No Fear in your high school. Don’t do that. The No Fear “translations” are hilariously inaccurate). But mainly I’d recommend going to a bookstore or a library and flipping through a few different options to see which one you think would work for you (generally, Oxford and Arden are the best if you really want to delve into the nitty gritty of academic interpretation but probably kind of intimidating for a first go round. I’d look at RSC, Folger, or Penguin).
  • Find people to talk about the play with you. High schools are, in general, terrible at teaching Shakespeare. It’s a lot of painstakingly walking kids through the plot or a teacher scaring students off by uttering the words “iambic pentameter”. But like, read a scene of Midsummer and send me or any of the other Shakespeare blogs a message about it if you want. If you’re confused about part of it I can try and answer questions or we can just laugh about the innuendos together

Sorry this is so long, but overall just don’t let the language intimidate you too much. If there’s a joke or a section you don’t really get, don’t worry about it. Ask or look up a summary of what happened if you’re lost and keep going. The more you read, the easier it will get, until you don’t even notice the language is strange anymore.

imagine lotor shows up to fight team voltron all serious and menacing but team voltron just annoys the fuck out of him. 

lotor’s trying to give a Villainous Monologue and pidge just interrupts him and says “listen prince, uhhhh, lotion, i forgot, man- i haven’t gotten much sleep lately, but can you like explain to me how you got your hair to look like that??? space conditioner exists?? w ha t” 

everyone on the team is kind of shocked but they remember that All of Them haven’t gotten Any Sleep since shiro went missing so they just roll with it

so every time lotor shows up, they just ask him a ton of questions, butcher his name, and tell him to “give us our boy shiro back, lego”

ikke snakk til meg
  • we open with sana reciting this surah, which i see as an effort from sana to try and regain focus on her faith (but you should ask the muslims in the fandom <3)
  • very violent online abuse flashes before her eyes, apparently from when she was in middle school (here’s a detailing of the abuse)
  • once again, sana’s prayer is interrupted (it’s always interrupted either by an external character, or by her own thoughts…at the end of the series we’ll see her pray uninterrupted and it will be gorgeous)
  • we get this beautiful shot of literal and metaphorical self reflection. sana is broken after the latest events and she is now trying to pick herself back up (so, of course, she tries to go back to the beginning: the sana we first saw on the show, before it all started)
  • adding the above piece of art for reasons (like to charge/reblog to cast)
  • we’ve seen sana wear very loose hijabs this season, i remember people commenting on it. here, she tightens the fabric around her neck. i see it as her trying to protect herself. she needs all the extra strength she can get. all the extra fabric between her and the world.
  • she tries to reach out for the only friend (we know of) she could have left: jamilla. but we see they never got closure on the “sharmutta incident” and, when sana scrolls up, she is reminded of how much her and jamilla differ from one another. and she gives up.
  • quick note: i am not too happy too see jamilla painted as this hating muslimah but i’ll wait until the end of the series. her comment “i was just trying to protect you” reminds me a lot of sonja, who i hated really badly when she confronted isak during the hotel scene. but who redeemed herself and explained her behaviour in the end.
  • we see their last messages are from january 2016, so just after season 1 if i’m not mistaken? the tension started then and that’s probably why sana and her were already at war during season 2.
  • anyone knows what game the norwegians are playing at the school? it looks like a dance of some sorts: the way they’re placed and the couple is running in between the two groups…
  • isak is wearing a dandelion. from twitter: løvetannbarn (dandelion child) means person that has survived almost impossible upbringing.
  • this time, the lyrics are so on the nose even the beautiful subbers decided to translate some of them: an even song. to me, reminiscent of all the rumours spread about him paralleling the rumours spread about sana right now.
  • we see the pictures from the teaser: isak’s eye, sara (same jacket), noora…
    we’re missing the brown hair with a hand ruffling them and the carrot munching (but i feel like the carrot bit was more symbolic than anything)
  • sana is back to the beginning (see above) except, this time, it’s reversed: she’s not joining the girl squad and the russbuss. she’s leaving both.
  • liar liar pants on fire
  • and she’s not trying to show, like in her first clip where she sassed vilde and told her being a russ was punished by stoning, that she can and will become a russ. she’s instead using her faith as a reason for why she doesn’t want to be a russ. very flippening, much reversal.
  • sana goes to class and…
  • the book is open on a page about dandelions.
  • which brings me to the symbolism of the dandelion. according to google, dandelion translates to “dent de lion” in french which means “lion’s tooth” (i can vouch for that), summoning the symbolic meaning of lions: courage, pride, family (connection/communication). the dandelion is also a sun symbol (#sanasol).
  • we get this exchange that i LOVE but that, unfortunately, is getting misunderstood: sana and isak are awkward around each other but both really want to talk to each other. sana, after looking at isak’s very obvious blackeye, glances at the dandelion in his hair. isak scoffs and takes it off.
    you can’t take a black eye off. you can’t get rid of that barrier between two people. but you can take a flower off. i feel like the flower, here, is a perfect way for them to (in the sweetest way) break the ice. our attention is briefly redirected from the (devastating) black eye to the (hopeful) flower and, for a moment, everything is OK.

[cont. after the “read more”]

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don’t turn away

i did that once and lost a country 
and then lost the language
to name the loss

i don’t have a name,
just a lot of empty places on a map

and everything that has happened to me
has happened inside my own head

i waited for someone to show up and tell 
me i was forgiven 
but i made myself impossible to find
and then i made myself impossible

and of course the war never ends for people like us.

whatever was lost is gone for good this time.

i know because they didn’t show up in even the good dreams.

i’ve been so many people;
forgive me.

if i can’t look you in the eye 
it’s because i’m scared you’ll see in me
only what’s missing. 

i know every border is made up of nothing but hands
that take and take 
until you’re not the same person
you were on the other side

and i know that land can be sick with amnesia
until the only thing inherited
is the

(i belong to that failing memory,
and all the names i forget
are mine.)

(i belong to the words that escape me
in both languages. )
—  Y.Z, inherited memory loss
SKAM S04E04 Clip 2 - Remove friend

[SARA: Buss stuff (:

Hi Sana. I Just wanted to thank you for the meeting on Friday. All the girls were very pleased. You seem like a very good bus boss. Hope you didn’t get any stress from your parents? Here are a few things we have to get through:

1.       How are we going to do it with the payment of the bus? Should we pay from our account? That’s ok with us, as long as you pay for the other expenses. We should perhaps get a joint account.

2.       You talked about calling the group leaders in for a meeting, when will that be?

Hugs Sara]

[YOUSEF: Someone is missing this]

[IPRAYER: It’s time for Asr.]

[Remove friend]

MOM: Hello!

SANA: Hello.

MOM: Are you doing homework?

SANA: Yes, I have a biology assignment that’s due in two days.

MOM: Biology? What are you reading about?

SANA: I’m gonna write about the human immune system.

MOM: Yeah. Does Elias have visitors?

SANA: No, but you never know with those guys. It’s like they live here. They show up all the time.

MOM: I have to ask you about something. Do you think Elias has started drinking?

SANA: Huh? Why do you think that?

MOM: No, I don’t know. I just thought because Yousef drinks alcohol and.. I’m a bit worried.

SANA: You don’t have to worry. I really don’t think Elias is drinking.

MOM: You don’t think so?


MOM: Okay. I just have to trust you, habibiti. Have you talked to the handsome, muslim boy?

SANA: No, I haven’t.

MOM: No.

Bnha dorm head canons

So with posting the rooms and whatnot, I finally noticed the kitchen next to the lounge. And I really wish showed a bit more how meals go in the manga but-

- Everyone labels their food. There’s often fights about missing food

- Mineta guards all his food by putting balls on them. Which gets really annoying because the others can’t get them off their own stuff if they happen to touch

- Someone keeps eating Bakugou’s cereal and he throws a fit every time. It’s become a running joke for the class to make sure he never finds out who it is (it’s Kaminari)

- Yaoyorozu and Todoroki tried making dinner together once, but they had no clue what they were doing and caught several things on fire. Todoroki panicked and froze half the kitchen

- While Sato normally bakes in his room, he sometimes bakes something in the kitchen for everyone to share

- Ashido once took half of the cake without anyone noticing until it was too late

- Bakugou is banned from the kitchen when someone else is cooking because he gets frustrated if they’re doing something wrong and tries to take over

- Midoriya, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Kirishima, and Jirou are the people that are for some reason in the kitchen at 3 AM for a snack

- Iida hates the kitchen because it’s always so unorganized and “For the love of god, CLEAN UP AFTER YOU MAKE SOMETHING!”

- Uraraka tried making pasta once at 4 AM, but she spilled all the noodles on the ground

-Todoroki walked into the kitchen and was very confused because she was just laying on the floor with a defeated look on her face, surrounded by noodles

- Shoji is the best for breakfast foods. Sure it’s just simple things like eggs and toast, but he does it so well

- They made popcorn for a movie night, but not the bagged kind. The dump kernels into a machine let the popcorn pop out into a bowl kind

- Problem is: Kirishima poured in WAY to many kernels so the class had to fill all the bowls they had with popcorn. And still a good portion ended up on the floor

- Tsuyu is one of the few besides Bakugou who can cook well. But since she has younger siblings, her cooking is more geared towards kids (Micky Mouse pancakes, sandwiches cut into triangles, ect.)

- since they’re free to eat whenever on weekends, it’s common for friend groups to meet up at the same time to eat, everyone has some sort of unofficial schedule

- Somehow Tsuyu and Bakugou ended up in a cooking compitetion (she really didn’t want to be, but everyone was so pumped for it). Sero filmed the whole thing while Ashido and Kirishima played the announcers, holding up cooking utensils as mics

- “Bakugou is getting fired up!!! Is the pressure getting to him?!” “But man, look at Tsu go! She’s hardly breaking a sweat!”

- They kept going around from student to student, asking who they were rooting for “So who’s your pick to be the NEXT Class 1-A chef champion?!”

- Tsu wins and Bakugou doesn’t leave his room for the entire weekend


1st round of music show promotions - 7 Performances - Loser

whatever i dont give a fuck about this fucking discourse anymore yall are wild and obnoxious and all i care about anymore is the fact that Yuri Plisetsky fucking said “Fuck you I’m gonna do what I want and what I love because I love to skate and all I want is to be ME on that ice and I’m gonna show the whole fucking world what i can do” had the goddamn courage to get out there and be himself and be rebellious and be edgy and just show the fuck off. He Went Hard And Didn’t Go Home because fuck you he worked his ass of SO HARD to win that fucking gold and he DESERVES to do what he wants for the exhibition because THAT is his opportunity to show everyone that YES THIS IS ME!!! THIS IS ME!!!

like if you dont fucking think that his monologue in the WTTM manga was powerful fucking reconsider because:

“I’ve always felt like I kept just missing my calling. I realize that this is probably just one moment. One brief moment in my long life to come. But like hell I’m gonna let this one moment control me. In this mad, mad world, all I have to do is just keep on showing everyone that one moment that I, and no one else, chose. And…If I can just trust…that what I love is the key to my salvation…Then I can be reborn as many times as I like on the ice.”

WTTM was Yuri fuckin SNATCHING his freedom and finally being able to make his own choice and flourish and express himself!!!! and i’m fucking proud of him. i’m so proud of him. fuck.


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do you have a fave sterek fic at the moment? I'm just looking for a rec :) I'm not picky, any trusty ol' faves?

hmm…i can definitely rec you some of my faves! i need to read some new fics bc i feel like i rec the same ones lol but i love them so i love reccing them :D 

here are some random faves in no particular order:

holding your own weight (circus au, historical au)

between men and lions (college au, secret relationship, coming out)

john hughes did not direct my life (hs au, childhood friends, no hale fire)

sell your body to the night - (prostitute au)

constantly on the cusp (hate sex, coming out, firefighter/police)

acacia honeymoon hotel (secret relationship, hiding from the sheriff)

the moon’s gonna follow me home (derek moves away to heal)

it’s a mad, mad world (mad max au, dystopian/post-apocalyptic)

and you say you’re alone (my fave post s2 fic)

occam’s razor (time travel au)

three marks (soul mate au)

a neutrino walks through a bar (matchmaker stiles, no hale fire)

college: a slippery and cuddly slope (college au)

strong, stronger, strongest (werewolf!stiles)

rainy days never prepared him for this (neighbors, fluff)

only fools rush in (f/p relationship, alive hale family)

you keep showing up (werewolf!stiles, alt s1)

seafoam and sunshine (merstiles)

it does not do to dwell on dreams (and forget to live) (hogwarts au)

so i sat alone and waited out the night (prostitute au)

ain’t nothing so good as the cake and eating it (soulmates, deputy derek, alive hales)

missed deadlines (writer stiles, human au)

make us laugh (or nothing will) (sports/mma)

now as ever (all that is…) (time travel au)

under the endless hours (nyc au, paranoid!derek, cop!stiles)

counting to infinity (canon, post s2, derek goes deaf)

same losing lucky numbers (perfect bf!derek)

the full moon like blood (angel stiles, apocalypse)

je t’aime (french tutor!derek)

living in your letters (post s3a)

broken sundown (punk rock!derek, rehab)

miles away (post s3a)

poker face (teacher derek, adoptive parent stiles)

after you (canon divergence, hunter!stiles)

carry my body safely to shore (merman stiles)

in this twilight how dare you speak of grace (zombie au)

in other words, baby, kiss me (space au)

oh the places we’ll go (grad student stiles, prof/student)

peace and quiet (coffee shop au)

echo (magic stiles, parallel universe)