i miss this show!!!

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I'm new to Voltron. I watched two seasons but from what I see on Tumblr I'm missing things? Is there more than just the new show? Or just Fandom extra stuff? I'll probably watch it again in case I did miss stuff, I love it anyway!

There should only be two seasons I believe! Anything else you see may just be theories/aus/etc

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i actually think all the thb were redrobes.... even though magnus is the only one remembering now they all had stuff missing from their memories and it would explain why they can resist the thrall of the relics!!!

that totally makes sense and I’ve seen a lot of people saying that but we haven’t really gotten any proof of that in the show? unless I’m completely missing something, then someone please let me know.

remember the days when Supergirl was about SUPERGIRL?

when very annoying guys weren’t constantly getting in the way - trying to be heroes? or else constantly getting in the way, just to piss everybody off? over and over and over and over again - like the Energizer Bunny - only a million times more annoying and stupid and horrible and everything else.

or when Alex and Maggie got actual screen time? not just in the couple capacity - but while actually working at DEO or NCPD….stuff?

or how about when it was revealed that Winn’s dad is all sorts of crazy - but nobody thought - even for a second that Winn would turn out the same way?

yet they all instantly doubt Lena Luthor. and keep making her cry - which…just…stop it!!!!

i greatly miss those days. bring them back.

the show is called SUPERGIRL. not female superhero and all these guys who think they’re superheroes - but really just get in the way and are manipulative, lying, human/alien and a jerk.

Tyler Joseph Imagine |Request|

You are a shrimp! hah <3 (oh sorry, I was talking to Tyler. Um…was that weird?)

Imagine Tyler having a week off from performing and the two of you decide to have some fun around town

Y/F/S = Your Favourite Song
Also, don’t hate me for writing ‘asian part of town’, I’m not rasist, I believe in One Love and equality among all nationalities and races, but I have never been anywhere like that, and I didn’t want to say china town, because I could be wrong and that is japanese. Hope you don’t mind.

Word count: 881


“It feels amazing to finally be able to spend some time with you, without you having to run off to the studio or go to a show. I missed this.” You said as you and your boyfriend Tyler were sitting in the kitchen, having breakfast. After touring for three months, Tyler was having a week off from concerts, and you were excited. You really missed him all this time, so you were more than happy to spend time with him. Tyler took a bite of his pancakes and smiled at you.

“I missed it too, babe. We are gonna have a fun day today.” He said, and no matter how much you begged him to tell you what he meant, he refused to tell you. When you finished your breakfast, Tyler went up to the bedroom, not even saying a word to you and you thought it was really odd, but picked up the plates and washed them. As you turned around, you saw him standing at the doorway with a rose in his hand, making you smile.

“For the most beautiful girl in the world. Now get dressed loser, we’re going shopping.” He said the first sentence handing the rose over to you and placing a kiss on your lips, and than jokingly said he second one, earning a laugh to vibrate through your chest. You changed your clothes and the two of you were on your way to the mall. You were fully prepared for fangirls, but what took you by surprise was the fact they wanted to take pictures with you too. 

“You look absolutely stunning babe!” He said when you got out of the dressing room at New Yorker, giving him a little twirl and raising your hands and eyebrow in question of how you look. You had already been to so many shops, like Forever 21 and even Victoria’s Secret, but no matter how much you protested, Tyler insisted that he was going to buy you some stuff today. He said it was his way of making up for not being there on Valentines day, because of tour.

You got back inside the dressing room and changed back to your own clothes and when you came out you heard a 21 pilots song play in the shop. It was Y/F/S and you couldn’t help but start singing and swaying to the music. Tyler chuckled as he watched you and soon joined in with singing, as you could notice one of the workers at the shop was filming the two of you singing and dancing. But you didn’t really care, you knew she was a fan, and she wanted to remember the day Tyler Joseph entered the store. 

You left all the bags in the car and went to lunch. The two of you snapchatted a little, filming each other eating, or taking a picture together, that you posted on instagram. Some of the comments were not exactly possitive and you felt a little down that someone actually thought you were with Tyler for his fame and money. Tyler noticed how the level of your happiness decreased and did his best to chear you up. You thought if there was ever a time this guy was not gonna be able to brighten your mood, or make you weak.

After lunch you went to see a movie, of your favourite genre, your fingers intertwined the whole time. Your day was perfect so far, having the man you love by your side, that was all you needed, and the day was turning out to be one long date, and you were enjoying every single moment. At dinner, you two shared a milkshake, snapping a cute pic while you were at it, your lips felt like they were moving on their own as they formed a smile as you looked into Tyler’s loving eyes, seeing a reflection of yourself in them.

“It’s shrimp in a bag.” Tyler said when the two of you went to the asian part of town, waving the bag to you, and you bought some, not really sure if they were prepaired already or not, but you would prepare them if the weren’t. You were having so much fun with Tyler, you wished it would last forever. 

“Hey, no cheating. You meanie!” You whined as you played video games at the end of the night. It was after Tyler covered your eyes, so you wouldn’t see where you were going and you character lost a life. All he did was laugh, and you decided to get back at him by grabbing his controler, his character too losing a life. You stick out your tongue at him and he grabs your cheeks with his hand, squishing them and placing a kiss on your lips. 

After finishing the game, you felt yourself falling asleep and Tyler noticed that, turning off the game and taking you in his arms on the couch, and talking to you about how tour went and everything he did with Josh, until you fell asleep and he slowly and gently lifted you up and carried you upstairs, placing you on the bed and getting in next to you, wrapping his arms around you, him too falling asleep. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Hope you like the imagine and don’t mind it’s a litle late, since it’s past midnight and I promised It would be done earlier during the day, but here it is and I really want to thank all of you who like my blog and tell you how beautiful you all are! <3
Stay alive |-/

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Some Scatt fans keep bringing up "Scott’s good grades and periods of academic excellence" but where are they? Afaik the only time we saw Scott's grades were during season 1 and they were incredibly shitty. Maybe I am missing something or didn't watch the show for the right reasons idk so does someone have actual receipts of those 'good grades and periods of academic excellence' Scott stans luv talking about? Couldn't find any so far

I see this too. And they keep repeating “and the teacher said ‘this isn’t like you’ which obviously means he was a genius!”

And between all the spn, they couldn’t proactively plan for attacks, but Scott could study to get into UC Davis so he could leave a 17y/o in charge? Mmkay.

They’re idiots.