i miss this show!!!


I don’t know about you but I love this so. damn. much. And this is gonna turn into a Demily worship post, you’ve been warned. 

First of all, the high-five, of course, it’s their thing. But more importantly, look at David, he’s having the audience cheer on Emily. He’s the one with three successful shows, yet it’s really like she said, “You always made me feel like I was as important as you, as accomplished as you and I really deserved to be here.

We the Bones fans love to say that no other co-stars will ever be better than David and Emily (and we all know why). But it’s not just that they are the best of all co-stars in the universe, lately I’ve been thinking, does any other duo really fit the definition of co-stars? I’m not sure there are two other actors that were/are 100% equals in the same way that David and Emily were from day one. 

I think about their working relationship and friendship pretty much every day, and they never stop blowing my mind. They don’t fake anything, they don’t try too hard to get attention, they just do what comes natural to them. It’s so unique and special and genuine. And my love for them truly knows no bounds.

Y’know I can’t help but wonder how R*T*D gets anything done given the entire internet seems dead set on jacking him off at every waking moment.

idk if any of you remember me posting about going to see a band called the jolly beggars a few years back…they’re a group of guys i knew in college who play irish music, and from 2010 until 2014 my friend steph and i would go to see them live at least once a month. it was always a blast - those are some of my favorite memories from my early 20s. she and i haven’t seen them in almost 3 years for a number of reasons, though, and i’ve really missed them.

anyway, all that backstory is just so i can say that i finally got to see them again this afternoon and it was amazing. :)