i miss this shit man


“So stop acting like… someone who’s given up on life.”

Space Cowboys and Walkmans (StarkQuill)

“So look, if you push this button here, it locks your screen so you dont accidentally hit anything while you’re out doing… whatever it is you do.”

“While I’m out guarding the galaxy.”

Tony’s lips twitched into a smile. “Sure, Star Lord. While you are out guarding the galaxy.”

“Do I detect some jealousy?”

“Definitely.” Tony shook his head with a little smile. “Space terrifies me. Want to be a spaceman, stuck on earth being a cowboy.

“Cowboys are cool.” Peter shrugged. “Besides, no need to worry about space when I’ll keep you warm and safe.” Peter winked at him and Tony looked away, flushing a little.

“Anyway, this little button here will keep your song playing steadily no matter what you’re doing.”

“You know, my Walkman did that too? No fancy technology required.” Peter argued, then he looked sad. “Miss my Walkman.”

Tony stared at him for a full minute. “So you aren’t grateful for this insanely expensive Stark Phone that I personally loaded over a thousand songs that I thought you would enjoy onto it? Is that what I’m hearing right now?”

“No.” Peter tried not to laugh at the horribly offended look on Tony’s face. “No. I appreciate it. It’s amazing.”

“But you miss your piece of shit Walkman.”

“Nostalgia man!” Peter argued. “Aren’t you nostalgic about anything?”

“Suck it, Space man.” Tony huffed and gathered up everything he’d brought to show off and turned and stomped out of the room.

“Nice goin.” Rocket snarked, baring his pointy teeth in a little smile. “Richest, most powerful guy on earth and you insult him when he gives you a present. Smart, StarTwat. Smart.”

“It is not Peter’s fault he is so foolishly attached to items from his childhood that he pushes away all attempts from the Iron Man to give him new things.” Drax interjected. “Just because it is stupid does not mean he doesn’t have the right to be nostalgic.”

“Um, thanks.” Peter sent Drax a look, knowing the guy was just trying to be comforting in that awkward, over literal, blunt way of his.

“I think you should stop flirting with him, and just get our gear fixed so we can leave.” Gamora said shortly, barely looking up from her book.

“I am Groot?”

“Tell me about it.” Rocket narrowed his eyes at the green woman. “Don’t be a hypocrite, Gamora. We all saw you flirting with that scary redhead. Don’t be mad at Peter for chasing some tail.”

“I am Groot.”

“No. No that’s not what chasing tail– I don’t mean Peter literally has a tail to chase.”

“I am–”

“That’s enough.” Peter sighed and ran his hands through his hair miserably. “I hope Stark isn’t too upset. We were having a good time.”

“And you think he is attractive and want to see him naked.” Drax pointed out.

“Thanks buddy.”

“As long as he keeps fixing our gear, I don’t care what you and he do. Just don’t do it here.”

“Thanks for that Gamora. You know, there are two types of people in this world. People who–”

The woman got up and walked out of the room and Peter stared after her.

“That was rude. Wasn’t that rude?”

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah, I’m tired of hearing him bitch too. Let’s go twig.” The rest of the team filed out, leaving Peter alone on the couch, kicking himself for driving the brilliant hottie known as Tony Stark away.

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“And none of this information is foreboding or directly relevant to what’s about to happen in any way whatsoever.”

I’m guessing the princess in Shirasaki castle is Tomoyo predecessor, because she has the bell and the amazing headpiece going on. 

I also want to make an intelligible comment about Kuropapa’s smile but all that’s coming to mind is holy shit. 


//So my original plan fell through (as expected really, but points for trying) buuuuuut as you can see dearies, I AM BACK ONLINE AT LONG FUCKIN’ LAST.

I shall be hitting the inbox since old memes are lurking there & following that, taking a look at drafts/replies. Checking messages. Might do a fresh starter call for new followers. In the meantime I just wanted to do a very smol bias list; I’ve hit another amazing milestone & though methinks all of you got lost & really shouldn’t be here, you are. So thank you all so much & I love youuuuuse.

Okay, bias list commencing in no particular order - these precious amazing lil’ freakie-deakies are my forever loves & y’all seriously need to follow them right now. Quality right here, no joke. Here are my usual suspects, the ones I always come back to cuz they’re my babies. If I’ve forgotten anyone, blame me being too excited to be back on here to think straight atm

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ATLA AU for Saint Seiya

AU Master post
(because it needed to happen)

So @misterpoofofficial and I got to talking (because we’re nerds) and came up with an ATLA au for Saint Seiya! 

All art will be provided by Poof and all writing (drabbles,fanfiction, the like) will be provided by me! I’d also like to open both our blogs up for questions and note that my blog has a special tag in case you want to find any of the content for this au!

Bronze Saints And Roles

  • Seiya: The Avatar
  • Shiryu: Earth Bender
  • Hyoga: Southern Tribe Water Bender
  • Shun: Earth Bender
  • Ikki: Fire Bender

Deities and Roles

  • Saori (Athena): Northern Tribe Water Bender
  • Poseidon: Leader of Northern water tribe; water bender
  • Odin: non-bender
  • Chronos: fire bender general; retired
  • Apollo: Fire bender general
  • Lucifer: Earth bender king
  • Artemis: Head Priestess of nomad air bender tribe; air bender
  • Ares: Fire bender; previous firelord; deceased
  • Zeus: non-bender
  • Hermes: Air bender monk

Gold Saints And Roles

  • Shion: Air Bender and Seiya’s mentor; deceased
  • Dohko: Earth Bender; Shiryu’s mentor
  • Saga and Kanon: (southern water) Blood Benders; deceased
  • Shaka: Air Bender
  • Aphrodite: (Northern) Water Bender
  • Albafica: (Northern) Water Bender; Deceased.
  • Aiolia: Fire Bender; Ikki’s mentor
  • Camus: (Northern) Water Bender; Mentor to Hyoga
  • Deathmask: Fire Bender
  • Shura: Earth Bender
  • Milo: Fire Bender
  • Aldabaren: Earth Bender
  • Kanon: (Southern) Water Bender (Saga’s younger brother)
  • Avanir: Air Bender and Shions Mentor; deceased
  • Francisca: Earth Bender (Avatar before Ilios), mentor to Teneo; deceased
  • Teneo: Earth bender; deceased
  • Cain And Abel: (southern water) blood benders; avatar(s) after Fancisca; mentors to Deuteros and Aspros.
  • Deuteros and Aspros: (southern water) blood benders; deceased
  • Sage: Fire Bender; mentor to deathtoll; deceased
  • Deathtoll: Fire Bender; deceased; mentor to Manigoldo
  • Kaiser: Fire Bender; Mentor to llies; deceased
  • llies: Fire Bender; Avatar before Seiya, mentor to Aiolia; deceased
  • Shijma: Air bender; mentor to asmita; deceased
  • Asmita: Air bender; mentor to Shaka; deceased
  • Ecarlate: Fire bender; mentor to Zaphiri; deceased
  • Zaphiri; Fire bender; mentor to Mllo; deceased
  • Aeras: Air bender; mentor to Gestalt; deceased
  • Gestalt: Air bender; mentor to Sisyphus; deceased
  • Sisyphus; Air bender; mentor to Aiolos; deceased
  • Aiolos: Air bender; also mentor to Seiya
  • Izo; Earth bender; mentor to El Cid; deceased
  • El Cid: Earth bender; mentor to Shura; deceased
  • Krest: (Northern) Water Bender; Mentor to Mystoria; deceased
  • Mystora: (Northern) Water Bender; Mentor to Dègel; deceased 
  • Dègal: (Northern) Water Bender; Mentor to Camus; Deceased
  • Cardinale: (Southern) Water Bender; Albafica’s Mentor; deceased

Supporting Cast and Roles

  • Marin: Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Shaina: Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Jabu: Earth Bender
  • Ban: Earth Bender
  • Cassios: Non-bender
  • Geki: Earth Bender
  • Hades: Fire Bender (Firelord)
  • June: Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Chrysaor: Northern Tribe Water Bender
  • Ichi: Non-bender
  • Isaac: (Northern) Water Bender
  • Manigoldo: (Northern) Water Bender; deceased
  • Hilda: Fire Bender
  • Myu: Fire bender
  • Queen: Fire Bender
  • Ionia: Earth Bender; deceased
  • Sylphid: Fire Bender
  • Nachi: Non-bender
  • Nicole: Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Capella: Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Shiva: Air bender; deceased; disciple of Shaka

Silver Saints and Roles

  • Asterion: Non-bender
  • Sirius: Earth bender
  • Babel: Earth bender
  • Daidalos: Earth bender; Shuns mentor
  • Moses: (Southern) water bender
  • Jamian: non-bender
  • Yuzuriha; Kiyoshi Warrior
  • Algethi; Earth Bender
  • Misty: (Northern) Water Bender
  • Orphèe: Air Bender
  • Dio; non-bender
  • Algol: Fire bender
  • Ptolemy: Non-bender
  • Noesis: Fire Bender
  • Jåger: non-bender

Next Generation and Roles

  • Kiki: Amateur Air Bender
  • Integra and Paradox: (souther water) amateur water benders
  • Fudo: Amateur Air bender; deceased
  • Mycenae; amateur fire bender
  • Schiller: Amateur fire bender
  • Harbinger: amateur earth bender
  • Sonia; amateur fire bender
  • Ionia; amateur earth bender
  • Tokisada: (Northern) amateur water bender
  • Amor: (Southern) amateur water bender
  • Sulkyo; amateur Fire Bender
  • Curtis: non-bender
  • Bieriot: amateur earth bender
  • Junkers: non-bender
  • Yatu: amateur earth bender
  • Douglas: amateur earth bender

We were good together, weren’t we?

one of the most surreal things is that samurai jack was one of my most fondly-remembered shows from childhood, but now that it’s on my dashboard i realize i actually remembered none of it

Still me, tough guy.
Writing chick flick shit, certainly cause I’m fucking drunk. I miss you man. Every fucking day in my life, every time I pass in a crowd, I’m looking for you. Trying to see if you’re here, looking up for me. But you'renot. Still in South Side huh? Hope you’re okay. Thugs are assholes and you can’t fuck everyone of them, they are not me. Hope you miss me too, sometimes. Don’t want to this being one-sided. But I don’t want you to fucking cry. You’re a tough guy, firecrotch. Get over me. But not too much. Think of me at the end of a vodka bottle. I’ll be in the last drops.
Mexico sucks, guys are dumb, and I can’t find a warm mouth like yours.

(Come back to me. Please.)

-A letter Mickey will never send.(4)

once-a-polecat  asked:


1. First impression: Kinda like you were with me, I didn’t know quite what to make of you at first. I had never run into anybody who did circus stuff, and for a hot minute I actually thought you did the kind of up-high aerobatics that the polecats did. You intimidated me some because you were fit and badass and smart and much more involved in the other areas of the fandom than I was. I still look up to you, but the intimidation factor’s gone :D

2. Truth is: I trust you too, and I think we would honestly be super good friends if we lived close to each other. You’re another person I REALLY want to meet IRL.

3. How old do you look: 35? Ish? God I’m so terrible at gauging ages of humans. I know how old you are, but I’m shitall at guessing from appearances.

4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES. Your sense of humor is so much like my sister’s, and I LOVE IT

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nah. I stay so full of rage at the world at large I don’t have the energy to be mad at my friends heh. I worry about you and I get frustrated that I can’t help you, but no, you’ve never made me flat out mad. 

6. Best feature: You take absolutely no shit, and you give good advice. You’re tough as nails, but still perceptive and sensitive. I want to be like that when I grow up.

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: …….I……….-blushes and slowly sinks under desk- -mumbles- youweremyfirsttumblrcrush

8. You’re my: badass fitness muscle friend <3

9. Name in my phone: Poletiger (because I wanted something fiercer than just “cat” and I love nicknames and I’m a fucking idiot :V)

10. Should you post this too? Well you did so. <3