i miss this quinn

Harley shows up late for a group heist on a skateboard, sipping a Jamba Juice, wearing only a stained Britney Spears T-shirt, torn jeans, light up shoes, a new tattoo that reads “heterophobe,” and massive headphones while everyone else is in full costume, and all she says is “What’d I miss?”

arkhamhollow  asked:

Do you think the Rogues have favorite scents, like amortentia from Harry Potter?

This has been in my askbox for awhile and I finally finished my answer.


Jonathan Crane:
-Freshly baked pie
-Cigar smoke
-Old books

Edward Nygma:
-Hot chocolate
-Printer ink
-New car smell

Jervis Tetch:
-Earl grey tea

Harvey Dent:
-Hot coffee
-Clean linen
-General cooking smells

Harley Quinn:
-Hair dye

Pamela Isley:

Selina Kyle:
-Dryer sheets
-Nail polish

Waylon Jones:
-Lemon jam
-D e a t h

Oswald Cobblepot:
-Expensive cigarettes
-Salt water
-Crisp air

-Cotton candy


Today, this Joker trailer is officially one year old. 

Last year, I remember shaking and wailing as I watched this. I remember having to pause the video and try to calm my heartbeat when I saw my clowns kissing for the first time in live action. I remember how excited we all were, how we watched and rewatched and rewatched again. Good times. Relieve them with me for a second? Cheers to the best trailer to come out of Suicide Squad in a plethora of great trailers. 

Dear Bioware,
  • I hope you are planning a dramatic and romantic reunion with our romance companions. I'm not going to go through the whole game waiting for the day the chapter of my companion comes out and all I get is a 'Hey welcome back' and a pat on the back. Please. My feels can't handle it.