i miss this program :(


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Hey here’s a thing i’ve been working on!! Not sure if i’m ever gonna finish it but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to post what i’ve done so far :)

When I applied to college the first time I sent off like sixteen applications. And it was stressful but excited because college! you know?

I’m doing four grad schools apps. Four. And the entire process just has me tired and apathetic. Which is insane because I actually really do need to get into grad school.

…but also - a year off. that’d be nice too tbh….

genius inventor ken stark is kidnapped while in the process of creating a multifunctional software program for intelligence agency f.e.a.t.s., and is forced by his captors to turn it into a weapon. instead, he builds an armoured suit and upends his captors. returning to america, stark refines the suit and his program, c.l.o.s.e.t., and uses both to combat crime, as well some of his less sophisticated fashion choices.


rhett (offstage, mockingly.):