i miss this place :(

Answers About Ann Arbor


I love Ann Arbor! Have you visited there before?

I was there last year – there’s an annual conference – but I never get to explore too much because it’s a short conference and it’s pretty packed. I did get out more this year though, because I wasn’t quite so sick this year…


Why are you here?

Well, I gotta be somewhere. :D If it helps, I’m already not Here anymore, I’m back to There (we got back to Chicago this afternoon). 


You’re in Ann Arbor right now? I went to grad school there! Man, I miss that place. If you have a chance, go downtown. There’s a great comic shop there as well as like 5 or different used bookstores. Zingermann’s Deli is great as well.

Holy shit Zingerman’s. I got the barbecue brisket with provolone, that was AMAZING. I only managed to eat half of it, and then the other half I took back to the hotel and ate later that night :D 

I did get to Dawn Treader Books, which was fun, and I went into the Arcade and looked at the antique shop and such. And we got ice cream! 


Okau! So, awesome comic shop: Vault of Midnight. If you like bubble tea, Bubble Island. There’s a pretty awesome metaphysical shop/tea room called Crazy Wisdom….most of downtown is awesome actually.

Ah, I am already home but I would have liked to have gotten bubble tea! I was going to go to Vault of Midnight, but it was too far to walk in the time I had (it wasn’t too far in general, I just could look at a lot more stuff if I stayed closer to campus). I did run past Crazy Wisdom on my way to doughnuts! 


serene ⛲️


Isle of Skye, 2016

This spring I travelled through Europe for three months. I saw so many wonderful cities and places, ate a lot of food and made fantastic friends.  But being all on my own on the Isle of Skye in Scotland made everything else pale in comparison. This is a place of magic with its golden light, looming mountains, fairy pools and walls of mist that suddenly surround you. Getting lost and wandering around on this mythical island will always be one of my happiest memories.


tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think