i miss this look so much

A few days ago, Mum found out that she may have a close blood relative she didn’t know about, who was the product of an affair and put up for adoption after he was born. Details are sketchy but we worked out from his birth year that it’s possible his birth parents met at a party my mother’s parents threw. 

I only know all this because she asked me to look into him and make sure it wasn’t a scam, and while it’s not a scam it’s also fucking uncanny how similar he and I are – not just physical appearance but hobbies and personality (as much as you can get personality from a facebook and a blog). He’s ten years older than me, but otherwise we’re pretty similar. 

I emailed her like “I think this guy’s on the level, he’s just looking for a missing piece of his family” and had to stifle a strong urge to be like “Also I want to hang out with him, so be nice.” 

I hope Mum likes him, I want to be his Facebook Friend. 


Issa Brother 😈🤘🏽

Music Slappin: X / XX

Finally talked Chi outta a few dad duties to go for an old cutty cruise in his Bimmer. I promised Ren we wouldn’t be out long so we couldn’t do too much. But, it was coo kickin it with fam again 👌🏽

For once I didn’t have to drive bc Chi manned up and got his license a while back, but this fool tore up this parking lot like he was in Talladega Nights or sumn. Burnin donuts, smoke everywhere, shit screeching, all of the above like a sideshow haha. Brought me back to dope ass nights in Cali 😂. Lw miss having this Ramen Noodle around more.

Pinky Promise - Two Friends

Somehow, in between all the stupidity from the incident with Doyoung and Johnny, Johnny manages to make you miss him. That asshole.

Part 1
Part 2
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Part 3 of the collab with @cremethorns rip me i took so long so it took forever for us to put this out i’m sorry bUT YO HERE IT IS make sure you read carmen’s part too hers is #great. enjoy ^^

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Lost and Found (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: language, lost dog…

Word Count:

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything (Believe me, I’ve looked everywhere and done everything). I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


A normal day. Just a normal day of you heading into work, but out of the corner of your eye, you saw a furry being crouched in the alleyway beside your apartment. You decided to take a detour. Heading down the alleyway, you saw the form was a dog. A medium dog with dark brown, light brown, and white markings. He reminded you of a shepherd dog.

“Hey, buddy,” you said sweetly as you crouched in your black jeans and red and black shirt. “Hi, sweetie. Are you lost?” you asked as he crouched and you inched forward, trying to ease him. “It’s alright, I won’t hurt you.”

Once you got closer, you saw he had a collar but no tag.

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Clifton: No…I was too afraid.  See, I didn’t think she was the type of woman who’d go out with someone like me. 

Teresa: Daddy…you should have gone for it!  You’re a good-looking man.

Clifton: Thank you, Lil Bit. You just don’t know how much I wanted to, but your mom was involved with Lorenzo at the time.  

Teresa: Oh, that’s right.

Clifton: I didn’t know exactly who she was dating, but I didn’t feel like I could compete with whoever it was. 

Teresa: Awww, daddy.

Clifton: Don’t feel sorry for me…I won her heart in the end!

Teresa: *concentrating on the board* Obviously!

Teresa looks at the board, unsure of where she should go next. 

Clifton:  I miss her so much…you remind me of her, you know.

Teresa: Thank you…I just hope to accomplish even half the things that she did.  *unsure* Daddy…I think that’s a checkmate. 

i realized recently that it’s lazy & probably an incorrect diagnosis of the root problem to attribute my failures (in general but also specifically re: love life missing persons case) to cowardice given that my overall behavior pattern if anything leans towards foolhardy and risk taking.  i think instead i internalized the worst possible set of strategies for self-preservation (+ the Rules) & have to train myself out of them, which is much harder than the Push Through With Will i thought i could do if the problem was fear 


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

happy birthday to a special bean!