i miss this look so much


Star and Marco’s letters to each other are so adorable, but they get me really choked up, especially when Marco days to Star “Anyway, I’m really looking forward of when you come home.”, Like that’s just how much he cares for her, that he literally thinks that Star is apart of his home, and that he’s never bored with her, and he misses her so much, it makes me wonder about how he’ll feel with Star being gone now in season 3, and how they’ll react to each other when they reunite, I’m expecting something big, but we’ll see

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Oh my gosh it JUST hit me that the Pevensies didn't actually get to see Cor and Corrin and Aravis grow up ;_; That entire epilogue if HHB, where it talks about Corrin earning the nickname "Thunderfist" and Aravis and Cor getting married, like they missed all of that...!


•Susan asks Dr. Cornelius
•She asks so many questions about her old friends
•She cries a little when she finds out Cor and Aravis married
•And she almost loses it at Corin because she and him were so close
•Lucy asks Caspian’s nurse after the whole battle is over
•The nurse fills in a few details
•But in the end, she’s asking lucy more questions about their personalities
•Lucy gladly tells her but tears up a little in the end because she misses her friends so much
•Edmund looks in the Telmarine library for old records
•There’s not too much, but it’s what he needs
•He reads about the laws Cor implemented and he feels proud when he sees how he accepted some of Edmund’s advice
•He’s so happy he and Aravis got married because he saw it coming a mile away
•He’s laughing at some of the shenanigans Corin got up to
•Peter visits the How and looks at the markings on the all
•He walks down one by one observing what happened to his friends
•He’s glad they’re not detailed
•He doesn’t want to see when they died or how they suffered
•He just wants to remember them as friends and for their accomplishments and their happiness

The Proposal

A/N: This is my canon divergence for the CS proposal and the big secret that came out. I am happy they’re engaged but feel like there was such a missed opportunity. This story picks up after Killian sees the pages August brought him of David’s father. This was written right after 6x13 and before watching 6x14. This is all fluff, no smut (yet 😉). I may add to it as the story progresses. It is fun to give an alternate option and a look at another way it could have played out. I hope you enjoy it!

He knew he shouldn’t have drank so much bloody rum. But learning that he had been the one who killed David’s father had been too much. How can I be the man worthy of the savior when I’ve killed her grandfather Killian thought to himself? He was going home, it was time for Emma to learn the truth of what he’d done. He would beg her forgiveness and hope she gave it. He knew his hope of making Swan his bride had been killed the moment those story book pages hit his hand. He felt as if he’d been hit by a cannon when he saw the picture of David’s father. He had done so many things wrong, hurt so many people, but knowing he had done this…he wasn’t sure he could live with himself. Killian felt sick to his stomach and it wasn’t the barrel of rum he had swishing in his belly. It was guilt. Agonizing, painful guilt. He stopped, he could see the house up ahead. It was his home, the home he’d made with Emma and Henry. The moment he had seen the house he knew he wanted to live in it with his Swan. This home with her was easily the most scared thing he had and he knew the moment he told her the truth, it would be ripped away from him. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. One thing he was not was a coward. He would tell Swan and he would tell David. He steeled his spine and continued the journey to his home for the last time.

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OKAY SO, how does that actually work?

I guess when they are “inside” their gem into hibernation mode, they can pick the way they will permantently look after the regeneration, that’s awesome. That also means Pearl was choosing her outfit for two weeks… i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true, it’s totally a thing Pearl would do.


While you were gone your kid almost got killed by your phychopathic hologram like three times, you didn’t miss much, Pearl.

Oh, i wonder how she is gonna react to her tree getting chopped off?

Yep, don’t think we’ll be seeing Holo Pearl anytime soon.



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Things that are helping babygate 2 imo are 1. They've learned at least a little from babygate 2. There is an actual baby/Cheryl was actually pregnant even if the timeline is shady itself 3. None of those who seem to believe payed that much attention to or cared about Liam so they missed a lot and don't care about looking into it.

Hello Nonny,

I apologize for the late response. I agree with you on all points. I think that the stunt coordinators made slight changes with babygate 2.0 to make it appear more believable. And judging by how many folks in this fandom believe babygate 2.0 is real, I’d say they were successful. It’s frustrating to see, and does Liam such a disservice. But the majority of those folks really only value Liam when Larry is involved, so I’d expect no different from them. I just want Liam to be free from this nonsense.

i just wanted to thank dodie. without her i would never have started to research disassociation and i would never have realized that i probably have it too. it’s weird. i forget things from during the day - things like walking from class to class. it’s like a blank spot in my memory - one minute i’m in english and 10 minutes later i’m changed for gym. but now looking back i don’t remember much in between. it’s a blur. for me, it’s like a dream - it seems real in the moment but then you look back and there’s no coherent plot. chunks are missing and the things you do remember are fuzzy. and then days pass by in a blur and i can’t tell apart one from the next. it’s so hard to describe but anyway here’s my word vomit

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So this is more a note than a real plot thing at this point, but I don't want to write it then mention it to someone and find it is offensive. So there's shapeshifters in my story, and...would it be realistic, or offensive, if they're all genderfluid? I'm cis, so I don't want to assume.

Personally I would say tentatively that it is realistic for them to be what humanity would consider genderfluid.

Much of the current issue with gender and sex is from the idea that they are one and the same. Your genitals define your gender. Obviously it’s more complicated than that, so a species that doesn’t have a defined body as humanity would see it would, by human standards, likely have a much more broad understanding of gender.

It may be that your shapeshifters do in fact have gender, and even a very rigid gender structure at that, but it is likely that humans will entirely miss that structure because it will look so different to human eyes.

I don’t feel it would be offensive especially if you explore a little about how the shapeshifteres approach gender, both within their own system, and the human system. They may ignore gender entirely as a concept that has no meaning to them except in a very pragmatic way when dealing with humans, or they may embrace the human ideas. It’s really up to you.


Thoughts at 6pm...

I wanted to feel relief, I was hoping to feel relief… last night was so hard, this morning was worse…

but I don’t… there is no relief. There is only sorrow.

I miss him so much, I miss him i miss him I miss him.

I miss him with every fiber of my soul, I loved him with each and every part that I was.

And now he’s gone and I hurt and I miss him.

Every time I walk in this room, I look for him and he’s not here. I keep spinning my head to the left expecting him to jump up into my arms, but he’s not there. I keep squeezing my eyes shut because I cant stand to see how empty this room is without him.

I’m crying, and I miss him…

Thank you everyone for your comments, your messages, I appreciate it so much… I’m just destroyed and I miss him.


Sorry for the absence I can’t wait for my alevels to be over. Anyways some people said I kinda look like Lexa from the 100 so heres a quick cosplay for ya. Opinions? Should I do a video on this look in the summer? Hope you are all good and I haven’t missed too much. Feel free mutuals to message me whenever to catch up!:)







I was tagged by the beautiful @katemckiddinme (I appreciate that crop top so much pls) to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song I listened to, and the last selfie I took

I tag @zapatterson (I couldn’t find you for a solid 10 min bc you changed your URL which I fucking love so much) @demonialex @itsmadeofsteel @carmillamacchiato @eleanortheprincess (miss you princess) @julesorloffdiaz & @xofemeraldstars

Spring cleaning and found my ticket from my first Ghost ritual folded up in a pile of important papers just waiting for me to do something with. I cant believe its been almost a year. Also I cant believe I haven’t gone through that pile since. Anyway…feeling all nostalgic I searched for some quality pics from that show (cause mine are trash) and found these beauties (My last post..which I would link but ya know tumblr) I did get a little choked up looking at this line up, how much they mean to me, how much this show meant to me. How I lost my shit and how it catapulted me (and my husband) to more and more rituals (including three more this coming summer.. cause…who needs to eat ) 

Choked up for sure… but I didn’t shed a tear. These guys have SO MANY past, present and future projects and I’m excited about ALL of it. 

Still..I’m gonna miss those guys in Ghost and occasionally I’ll reminisce like today but DAMN I’m enjoying what I’m seeing in these new Ghouls (especially Water 😥) and I hope Papa brings them all to the US in June..oh and especially Water 🤣


TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Kinda missing my old pizza gig...

I worked at the Hut a couple years back. I enjoyed it there. I made what I thought were good tips, and I loved chillin’ and driving around, listening to some 311, eminem, or whatever i was in the mood for that day. I also miss taking a good drive around the city after closing late, seeing all of the lights, sometimes stopping by friends’ places along the way. Hell, I even miss the pot. Although I didn’t enjoy getting called in every other day off. I found a rather good paying(~14.00) job last year and quit for it. I enjoy that job too, but I kind of abhorred working my new gig in the winter(though I LOVED the Hut during the winter, mucho tips). So much that I almost consider looking back to pizza delivery if I’m not able to transfer to a warmer location. I don’t know, I guess I kinda miss how chill it was and the tips,as well as being inside my car when it was cold. Am I just looking at it with rose-tinted glasses? Or am I being rational in thinking this is a viable option for a 21 year old?

By: HydroponX

Miss Dandelion

My name is not important, because I just want to be a dandelion.
I don’t remember the first time I wanted to be skinny. I remember looking down at my stomach while I was still a young child, but I never understood why I hated it so much. I was fascinated with nature, but I felt as if I didn’t quite fit in there. Another place where I wanted to fit in was the kindergarten, but for some reason I hated everyone there. I felt much, much older than those kids, and our teacher made fun of me saying that I should spend the whole day drinking coffee with grandmas. It hurt, because I knew that the beautiful smell of coffee and spending time with my grandmother’s friends was one of my favourite things to do. So after that I didn’t play with kids much. I walked around and looked at flowers.
Elementary school was a little different. I actually made a few good friends and felt good about myself, ignoring the bother. Of course, boys called me ugly here and there, but who cared? I had my friends. There were fights here and there, but I felt like I belonged. Both with them and with flowers. We were lilies in the early summer sun.
In fifth grade, however, I started gaining weight rapidly. My best friend was the first one to notice and pointed it out whenever she got a chance. It hurt, but I didn’t think she was doing it intentionally. The petals were falling off, and the fruit of our friendship was toxic. I shouldn’t have taken a bite. After sixth grade we never really hujg out much either.
In the summer between sixth and seventh year of school, I was on a holiday with my family. I had gained a lot of weight in the past year, and I was overweight. Not too much, but enough for my aunt to point it out all the time. Because of it I started emotionally overeating, hoping that food will take up all the space and get out the poison of words my mind heard and consumed. When I came back home, I was even fatter and my grandmother’s friends were pointing it out a lot. I exercised every day, but I ate too much. I cried a lot.
In late August, before the school started. I threw up the first time. I was home alone, and I was two kilos overweight. I felt sickly proud of myself, and repeated the process several times. Eat, puke, eat, puke. Downspiral through my guts, my drug slowly becoming disgusting to myself.
In the next two months I held a diet, not letting anyone notice. I ate a lot and puked a lot when I was home alone, and everyone judged me when they came back. I had to grow thorns, because their words were as sharp as bee’s sting. I stopped eating completely, ending up stuck in a binge starve cycle.
I saw blood with the food and acid that came out of me on the last day of that year. I was proud.
I became suicidal around March, and went to the therapist twice. She was horrible. I never went again. I became a cutter.
In late April, I knew my body wouldn’t have taken it any longer, so I ate. And ate and ate. I fell in love with a girl for the first time, and she almost loved me back. Almost. But she didn’t. Either way, she was the bright spot. I still love her, just not in the same way. She helped me recover, but I didn’t want to tell her I relapsed months later. In november. I tried to be healthy, but it didn’t work. I was always hungry and only lost two kilos. I felt like my colours were fake, because flowers don’t bloom in November.
This year. March. My aunt, my mother, mocking me again. Even though I never gained back all the weight. Even though I was never overweight again. I just want to know the reason why. I lost eight pounds already, in just three weeks. Starving. Because I finally looked at flowers, knowing I would be beautiful if I had such a thin, fragile body. I couldn’t take the pain any longer, and I have never been doing better. This is a revenge, this is me proving them wrong.
My name is not important, because I just want to be a dandelion.

One of my library kids asked if I could take out some paint for her because she had missed all my scheduled art classes. I hesitated because it wasn’t scheduled in our programming, but opted to take out all the paints and stuff for her anyways, set up a little workspace. And slowly but surely, more kids jumped in- we’ve got a dozen kids just sitting down and painting now, calmly working on separate things, looking at reference photos on their phones. It just makes me smile. It’s really calming and lovely to see them having a good time. I love them so much, my sweet and loud and obnoxious and silly library kids ///

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Which pack are you waiting for the most? For me it's Pets, I guess :)

Mmm good question! I definitly would love having Pets as well but I feel like I need to have Seasons first? I miss the rainy mornings, the storm days, building snowmen and seeing the garden blossom in the spring. 

I played a lot of ts2 and I loved the EP seasons! They did a great job back then and I hope I’ll get to see the same and even better in ts4. It would be magnificient! :D It would bring so much to the gameplay as well, in my opinion, and days would look less the same. Imagine the toddlers in the snow! *-* 

Spring Break!

One of the perks of being a perpetual student and now a teacher is that I get to enjoy Spring Breaks for the rest of my life. And, my spring break begins after teaching four classes in a row today (barring a 1.5 hr department mixer tomorrow).

I look forward to….

napping, binge watching Netflix with Rebus, reading “All the Missing Girls” (a book I bought a month ago!), swimming, barre, thinking about gardening, and doing absolutely nothing. 

Oh, and I also look forward to seeing my friend who moved to Ohio a few years ago. We are going to Napa for the weekend. I think this will be the first time that I have hung out with her without her daughter (whom I LOVE). I don’t know what I will do with so much of her undivided attention….oh my god, I can’t wait!!!