i miss this kind of pics so much

Do you know how difficult it is to get a clear pic of a tattoo on your back without help? It is not an easy task.

Anyway, I am so in love with this tattoo and everything it means to me. When I got it in August, things had gotten pretty dark in my head. I maybe sort of kind of had a nervous breakdown? Haha, yeah.

This was a much needed reminder to speak up. To stand up for myself. To take care of myself. To fight back.

I’m so grateful for Bitch Planet. It’s what I feel like I missed out on by being too young to know it was even happening when riot grrrl started.


I tried making my Aion character in XIV and I’m surprised at how much it looks like her (I fantasia’d Cyrillien into a Duskwight woman and proceeded to hop around taking pictures. He’s back now, though!)

Anyway… her name was Agrippina and she’s one of the most detailed, long-running RPCs I’ve ever had. She was a tall, scrawny Asmodian sorceress and MAN, I miss playing her sometimes.

Her name has become one of my more well-known internet aliases because I’d met so many people through Aion and that’s how they addressed me, so it stuck. :)

Bottom pic feat. @songstressxiv!

something weird and a bit depressing is theres no photos of me between like. 6th grade and 10th grade like. i didnt have a phone or camera to take selfies with [not that i wouldve done so anything cause i was ugly] and like nmy mom was pretty much in a crisis mode until after my dad died like. theres a bunch of pics of me as a kid before we moved just like. doing stuff or on special occasions but once we moved out she didnt really do any of that and its kind of like a part of my childhood/livelyhood is missing and i dont remember any of it whether it was the most embarassing part of my life or not

OkAY so someone posted a pic of Nick Blood and Henry Simmons hugging and I’m kind of FReAkINg OuT here but





Okay I’m done screaming now I need to go study for exams (groans)

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MB? What do you think Louis' photoshoot is for? Like some kind of magazine or modeling for ADIDAS or something else or related to his music??? I hope is for his music, I mean, I'm ok with whatever but I need new music!! I miss his voice so much!! And his lyrics!

I really I have no idea. I couldn’t see enough in the pics to tell what kind of equipment there was. I hope we find out soon!


#03 _ Neck, sternocleidomastoid

I love necks (apparently Cullen does too :P), and I’ve always kind of struggled with them, which made this study incredibly interesting. But I still need so much more information! Of course sternocleidomastoid are not the only muscles involved in this area, and just by looking at some random pic of real people you can see that I’m still missing too much information.
This is definitely just some kind of “part 1″ about necks, I’ll come back to investigate more!

The last drawing is all wrong, anatomically speaking, but I couldn’t resist :3

Just so fortunate to have this guy in my life 😍 #lapapa What an amazing daily inspiration he is to me. Kind, passionate, genuine, driven. We hang out all day everyday and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He has brought out so much love from my heart. ☺We laugh and play all the time like kids its the best! Life should be fun! If you don’t have fun and play with your current partner then you are missing out on so many great moments. Looking forward to the next leg of our journey, massive adventure coming! This is a pic from the top of Mt Warning this morning with @vertical.addiction

She has it already so I guess I can post my pic :)
I made this notebook for my best friend and I know its kind of corny but I loved it so much. I had one small idea for the notebook out of nowhere and several hours later, this is what I got out of it! I was so glad she liked it and so happy that I got to throw some of my creativity into it. I wasnt really prepared obviously because of the tape but I put all of my love into it. Also cant miss the clear quartz I put onto it as well.

“Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations.  It balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.  Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.  Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities.  It aids concentration and unlocks memory.  Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.  Clear Quartz (Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal) harmonises all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.“

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(Kairidoodles here, talking from my main) Aww thank you for the follow and liking my pic so much 💕 You got me all blushing when I saw you started following me XD

Your art is wonderful!! I get kind of too entrenched in the same old circles once I find a comfort zone, I’ve been trying to branch out and find more awesome ppl to follow. I’ve been missing out! ;;;;3;;;; Thank you for the awesome art!

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Those pics of Avan take me back to when he and JHutch were BFFs. Avan seems like a serious kind of guy, doesn't have a lot of time for BS. He's also listed as a co-founder of SBNN, but has been suspiciously missing from events since pretty much ever. Is it wrong for me to want the fellas to reunite so a little Avan can rub off on Josh?

I know. I miss Avan. I often wonder what happened with them and his involvement with SBNN. Just growing apart? Moving on? I have suspicions, but I want to hope they’re still friends in some capacity. He does look like he has his shit together.

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I loved holding my nephew when he was a baby so much. He was so soft and warm and his breathing was so calming ugh I miss that. (he's 3 now which means he's hilarious and adorable but a whole different kind of adorable from baby him)

im extremely jealous, when my cousins were babies i wasnt old enough to appreciate it very much haha, i did put my cousin in build-a-bear clothes tho !

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I was surprised to hear you hate a lot of your art! Every piece you have uploaded here has been gorgeous! All your characters have such natural anatomy and poses, like they have been photographed without their knowing. The unguarded expressions and faces that have a wonderful mix of realism and cartoonishness are always a delight. It really gives your artwork an intimate vibe. Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope your electricity stops being tripped and you feel better soon (づ◡﹏◡)づ

What you see is what i can just about bear to look at on my page. Some of them i like, I can appreciate when I do a pic and it turns out good. most i tolerate.

These are a few of my folders

I missed circling some but yeah vast majority are gross to me

I’d like to rework some but I’m nto motivate to do it a lot of the time

The circled ones are the ones ive put online. There’s many more folders of art. I do like aspects of some of these but I dislike too much of them to feel comfortable putting them online.

You’re very kind though and it means the world to me to have this reassurance when i feel so crap about my art. Gonna post some now as a thank you.

You make him laugh

Ashton: You’d probably tell him something about how adorable he is and he would just blush and laugh nervously, showing once again his cuteness.

Calum: You would tell him some embarrassing story and he would crack up laughing, making you laugh along even though you’d be kind of mad at him.

Luke: You’d put a funny face at him over skype or something, telling him how much you miss him and he would laugh saying how cute you are.<3

Michael: You would tell him a terrible joke and he would laugh just because of how bad it was, making you happy and proud of yourself hahhaha

THEY ARE SO CUTE!! Message me about anything you want! xx Love you lots!

* I do not own any pics/gifs shown in this blog. *

like idc if someone drew me fanart on cardboard w/ dried out crayola markers and took pics of it w/ their shitty 2006 digital camera i’ll still reblog the shit out of that 

bc the whole point of fanart is that someone liked your stuff so much that they’d put that kind of time and effort into expressing it to you bc saying “hey i like your stuff” just didn’t cut it for them 

and for ppl to miss that point or just not care bc the art isn’t good enough for their standards is really sleazy honestly


Schwarze Nacht / Black Night (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Lately I haven’t got the time to post on this blog… so sorry about that and kinda annoyed by myself for it (Θ︹Θ). I just got so much to do since I’m back (mostly fun stuff ^^). Though I’m planning to organize myself a bit better in the future, so hopefully it will get better ʘ‿ʘ. The look you can see on the pic was from last friday’s “Black Night”. It’s a quite huge gothic event in Hamburg, originally called “Schwarze Nacht” and it’s only once a month (there’s a tiny event too but it’s just… so tiny ). I really missed dancing to my kind of music in China. It’s just not possible there. Ok, I really have to hurry up now since I’m going to a movies night with some of my friends. Going to watch Silent Hill ◑.◑.


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I met Jason an Johnnie at the Pomona warped tour. I saw Jason first an it was when he had a crowed around him, I made my way to the middle of the crowed and when he looked at me I couldn’t talk I was so scared. He looked at me and I found my words and asked if I could have a pic and a hug. He let me touch his hair later on. He’s really sweet. When I met Johnnie he look at me an then my shirt an said “Oh my god I love your shirt!” When he said that I asked if he could Signed my shirt and take a selfie with me, I gave I’m a hug an it was the best moment ever! I miss it so much! They are both so sweet and kind I couldn’t ask for a better moment.