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breathe out (so i can breathe you in) by @missing-headache

“I’ve missed you too, Hazza.”

Harry snorts. “Oh, we’re back to that now, are we?”

“It’s what this trip is about, isn’t it?” Niall asks, most definitely grinning against Harry’s skin. “Sentimentality.”

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Half A Heart (Harry Styles Imagine)

“You are so, sooo beautiful,”

Your stylist remarked as she stares at your final look. Hair done in a bun with little curls falling across your ears, light make up with pink lipstick and looking like a goddess on your long, white gown. You smiled shyly at her to cover up your nerves. Your knees are shaking and your palms are sweating. Swerving butterflies are playing in your stomach. This is it.

This is it.

Mixed motions are playing inside your body that almost want to make you throw up. You took a last glance of your reflection in the mirror. You looked mortifyingly gorgeous. And as you walk out of the room, you grab your stylist’s hand and spoke, “Thank you so much,” before she give your hand a squeeze and smiled softly at you. And you’re back to barely breathing. You walked out of the villa where you stayed for the night with your stylist and her company helped you with your dress until you reached the car outside. Inside the car is your Mom and Dad who are waiting for you and as soon as you entered the automobile, your mom got emotional again and your dad is as proud as ever.

“Daddy?” you muttered as you look at him while you arrange yourself to sit next to him. “You don’t look surprised huh?”

“Because I’m not. I know you’re always beautiful, I just feel so proud,” your dad said and you felt your heart is melting. You hugged him quick and kiss your mom’s cheek. “Mom, I’m not going to war,” you tried to calm your mom down and she nodded. You understand that she’s just so happy for you.

After few minutes, which felt like more of just seconds for you, you reached the church. Even inside the car, you can hear the bells and the music from the cathedral. And it added nerves. Everything is going out of control inside your body and you’re just too afraid to be emotional because you don’t wanna mess up your look.

“It’s time, honey,” your father broke your thought, never realizing that you’re the only one left in the car. He offered you his hand while he is standing outside and you take it as you leave the seat in your car.

As you get near the church, you hear the melody and the choir getting louder. Oh god. This is really is it.

And you reached the entrance. The cathedral is so big and there are so many people inside. As you stand outside, camera flashes are blinding you but you’re used to it. You’ve got used to the attention you’re getting, being the girlfriend of a superstar singer. You never knew it until you are the next in line. You walked on the carpet and your knees are shaking strongly. You looked at the crowd as you walk and see familiar faces. Friends, colleagues, and other stars. As you get near the altar, you looked straight forward. And at the other end of the altar, you see him.

Gorgeous looking as a god.

“Oh, fuck,” you muttered under your breath and your father chuckled. “You can’t curse darling, you’re inside the church,” and you laughed, “Sorry, dad.” You smiled as you passed by the rest of the boys and they nodded at you, Niall mouthing the word congratulations.

You almost reached altar and your Dad has to go to his seat, he kissed your cheek and you know this is it. There’s no going back. Harry walked closer to you and offered you his arm and you took it happily. He looked so unfairly handsome but it seemed to you that there’s something wrong with him. Maybe he’s just nervous too so you tried breaking the ice to make him feel comfortable.

“Hey there stranger,” you said as you teasingly smiled at him and he just looked at you, give you a nod and smiled a little. This is so unusual to you. He used to get so cheeky when you tease him but today had been different and you wondered why. But then you remembered, oh yeah. Today, you’re getting married, this isn’t a normal day.

As the ceremony passes by, you see him look uncomfortable and restless. And you understood, because you too as well, is getting this mixed emotions. The events went so fast that you never realized it’s already time for exchanging vows. You excitedly took out your crumpled piece of paper where your vows are written and look at the crowd. Oh dear, you can’t afford to be ashamed at this number of people. And as your eyes scan the crowd before reading your vow, you almost died of shock as Harry held you hand. You look at him, his eyes are dull and empty and he spoke,

“I can’t do this,”

And with that, everything seemed to be at pause. You’re aware that the people didn’t hear that but somehow, the noise died at the moment he said it. You’re not absorbing what he said. You can’t react. This is horrible. Mortifying. Unbelievable.

“I’m sorry,”

..are the words that he said. People started making inaudible noises because the latter words are louder and they seemed to notice what is wrong. And even before you knew it, you’re already running down the aisle, heading for the door and you can hear him call your name to stop you. Everything you see is a blur because of the tears in your eyes. You can’t believe what Harry had done. “He can’t do this,” you muttered to yourself as you sobbingly ran outside and the last sound you heard is screeching of tires before everything went to black…

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