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“I love [Steve Aoki’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” remix] it!” I mean I grew up loving-”

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You always loved that smile

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Owkeey, this is my very first Imagine ever wrote! I’m a hugh Vikings fan, an even bigger fan of Ivar soo … I thought to write something about him and you. So first of all, it’s an imagine, not historical right, second … English isn’t my mother language so don’t mind the grammar, small errors, or large for that matter. I’m a little nervous and excited about this so pleaaaaase leave a comment or whatever so that I can build on that and maybe write more of this stuff.

Thanks you!!

Summary: After three long months your husband returns from Engeland.
Words: 1233

“Mommy,” You immediately looked up to your three year old son who stood very close to the kliff. You lived here already for a very long time, a three hour walk from kattegat,closer to Odin then anywhere else. You loved it here, the silence, the vieuw that travels many miles over the sea. It was peacefull up here and it’s the kind of peace you and your husband derserves.
“Don’t stand to close!” You said to him. He was just his father, dark hair, deep blue eyes and just as much temper like your husband had.
“But look!” He pointed out. You walked away from the cradle where you two month old daughter was sleeping and get to your son. You followed his finger and than you saw it to … the ships.

Finally, after three months of waiting they returned from Engeland, the great heathen army. Loki wrapt his arms arounds you legs will you both just stood there, watching the vieuw of a hunderd ships sailing back to Kattegat. “Come on little men.” You pulled Loki with you back to the house. As a former shieldmaiden you wanted to go but your husband never let you, becides you where pregnant again, and you had Loki to take care off. You saddled the horse en put Loki before you in the saddle, your daughter wrapt in you cloak, she slept the entire way down to Kattegat.

By the time you arrived the ships where all docked and the treasures where already unloaded. By the looks of it the sons of Ragnar had there revenge. Loki was impatient to see his father but you where just afraid. What if the Gods didn’t answer your prayers? What if he died in battle? You eyes found his carrage Floki made for him, you looked at the dried blood on it, spooked by he idea you where maybe a widow now. You held your daughter closer as you walked futher with Loki by your side. “Dad!” He suddenly yelled.
“Loki!” You demand but he just disappeared in the crowd.

You looked around only to find Ubbe watching your son as he ran to his father. He was smiling and that was a good sing. Your eyes travelled further, following Loki right to you husband who was sitting on a crate. You had held your breath the entire time. You didn’t knew you where stopped walking, you just looked at him and your son who was trowing his hands around his father. Ubbe was laughing, even Hvitserk had a happy smile on his face. All of them proparbly wanted some love after a journey like that and this was some kind of that. Ivar pulled Loki away from his chest and put his hands on Loki’s schoulders. “My son, did you take care of the house?” He’d asked.
“Yes father.” Loki replied proudly. Ivar was so occupied with your son that he didn’t looked up at you yet.
“We missed our favorit shieldmaiden in battle.” Ubbe said with a smile looking towards you. You smilled to him, glad to see him healthy and in one piece.
“I missed you boys to.”
“Don’t claim here brother, she’s mine.” Ivar said with a sharp yet light tone.
“You were to busy with your son and y/n just stood there.” Ubbe defended himself. Your eyes meet those of your husband,  those deep blue eyes you loved from the very beginning. His face softened a little, you saw that loving sparkle you missed so much come back to his eyes.

Ubbe pulled Loki from Ivar away and threw him around, telling all about the battle so that you had a clear path to your husband. He reached his hand to you, you took it gladly as he pulled you on his lap. You dreamed for days of this moment, the moment you just could be with him, his smell of sweat and battle, de toutch of his fingers throught your clothes. “y/n, I missed you.” He said. He cupped your face, gentle pulled you closer until you fourheads where against each other.
“I prayed every day for your safe return home my love, I missed you terribly.” You stroke your hand through his dark hair, looked in his blue eyes before you revealled your daughter to him. His eyes sharpend a little and he held his breath for a minute. “She is fine Ivar.” You knew he was scared of the idea that his sons or daughters could turn out to be like him, a cripple.
“Does she has a name?” He asked softly while he runs his finger over her small head. She maked some noice, hardly waking up about it.
“No, I waited for you.” “She’s beautifull, as beautifull as you are.” He looked up at you again, pressed his lips against yours. You opened you mouth, let his tast and smell overwelm you for a moment.
“I thought I’d never see you again.” You wispered when you break the kiss before it became to much to handle in that moment.
“You will always see me again y/n, here or in Valhalla.” He comforted you and you smiled a little.
“We have much catching up to do.” You said. His seductive smile travelled up his face and you slapped him on the arm. “I mean it,  there happend things here.” You turned your head to Ubbe and Hvitserk. “We were attacked.” You began.
“By who?” Ubbe asked. You looked down to your lap where your daughter was still sleeping. The memory of the attack passed by and the idea of almost losing Loki makes you shiver.
“Who?” Demanded Ivar, I froze a moment from the harsh tone in his voice. “Y/n, you always loved a good fight, the fact that this one scared you said enough.” He stroke his fingers under your chin. Your eyes brought themselves to Loki who stood between Hvitserk and Ubbe. “Tell me, so I can revenge your pain.” He said softly, You shiverd again.
“It was a bastard son of an earl, he was under command of King Harald.” You didn’t looked to your husband as you know what kind of look you would find. You looked at Ubbe instead. “Lagertha and Torvi protected me because I couldn’t fight so far in pregnancy. Lagertha saved Loki.” You looked at Ivar who was pressing his jaws together in anger, his eyes darkened and focust.
“Ivar, not now. We are just back, let Lagertha handle this with Bjorn.” Hvitserk said.
“He almost killed my son, my wife!”
“But I’m good, Ivar I’m good, we are safe, look at me.’ You demanded gently. He looked at you, his rage tempered by the love in your eyes. “I wanna go home with you, I missed you, please don’t do this now.” You begged him.
“I will talk with Bjorn.” Ubbe said with a straight nod. You looked back to your husband.
“Do you want to  come home, please?” You asked. His jaws relaxed a little and he nodded. “Like I said, we have much catching up to do.” You smiled a little while saying it. His blue eyes met yours and his eyebrown kicks up.
“Let’s go home then.” He wispers while his fingers leave a promesing pressure behind in the small of your back. You stood up, only to see that amazing smile spread over his face.


Guys. Guys. My husband bought me DAO and DA2 which I have not played in FOREVER. Guess who I’m going to romance the SHIT out of. (again.)

Alistair is my original DA love. And, not gonna lie. I missed the spiky nerd hair (and the terrible, awkward/smooth jokes) in Inquisition.

Also, emphatically team brunette. 

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Healing Wounds II [ft. V]

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“Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.”

- Peter Pan

Part(s): 1 & 2

Genre: The scent of Death’s favorite flower

Word count: Less than a lifetime


“Can you just stop bringing up something that happened ten years ago?” He finally snapped, jaw tightly clenched as his eyes bored into yours. “It’s been ten years, ____-ah. Just because your father abused you a few times does not mean it’s the end of the world. Stop acting like some spoiled princess you clearly are not because I’m so tired of this. I’m so fucking tired of having to pretend that everything is fine while it’s not.”

“I’m tired of seeing the fear in your eyes whenever I touch you as if I’m him. As if I would ever hurt you-”

“But you just did.” You mumbled under your breathe but it was loud and clear enough for him to stop him from talking. “You might have not hurt me physically, but what you just did out there, the words you so carelessly threw at me, someone - you claimed you loved, someone who you said you would never hurt. It spoke volumes, and it did hurt me, terribly. Congratulations.”

It was a great mess of emotions, rushing through your body, leaving every single cell itching and one damaged heart.

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(Work anon) powers back. Good. One thing I will not miss about the Stanley Cup playoffs though... The terrible facial hair. Stand outs this year include Olli (I'm sorry my son) Jake and Geno. Interestingly... Sid isn't looking quite as patchy this year as normal

Sid’s beard saved my life

Showering with Jack Smut Imagine (Requested)

I stepped into the steaming water letting it wash over me like rain. It felt good to be home after traveling, I just wished my boyfriend Jack was home to greet me. I hadn’t seen him in a two weeks due to business meetings out of state and I missed him terribly.

I lathered my hair with shampoo, closed my eyes and washed it out. As I was washing it out, I heard the faint sound of the bathroom door closing. It had to be Jack, I opened my eyes and peered around the shower curtain to witness Jack stripping down. I had missed his toned, tan body so much. I quickly brought my head back into the shower before Jack could notice me staring.

“Jack baby, is that you?!” I squealed. “Yes! I’m coming in with you, I missed you Y/N.” Jack called. I smiled to myself, excited for what was about to come, or should I say who was going to come.

Jack hopped into the shower, his hair flopping down at the touch of water. He smiled through the steam “Hey gorgeous, I missed you.” he said as he pulled me in for a kiss. I missed the taste of his lips and their softness. My hands found their place at the back of his neck, my fingers creeping into his hair. Jacks hands grabbed my hips, pulling me even closer to him.

I missed being this close to him, it had felt like forever. Two weeks didn’t seem like long, but to us it was an eternity. The kiss deepened, as I felt Jacks hardness against my leg. I broke the kiss as I placed kisses down his jawline, his neck, and collarbone. I always knew the spots that could turn Jack into a moaning mess.

As I began kissing down his chest, I lowered my hand slightly squeezing his member, which caused him to let out the loudest moan yet. I kneeled on the shower floor, as I gave the tip of him a kiss. “Y/N, please don’t tease me.” Jack grunted. I laughed at his eagerness and slowly took him into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his long length and bones my head up and down. Jack began thrusting into my mouth, causing me to take the entirety of him into me. His hands made a makeshift ponytail in my hair causing my movements to be controlled by him. Even when I was supposed to be the dominant one, Jack always found a loophole.

I felt Jacks hands touch my shoulder, and I knew that meant for me to get up. I stood up wiping my mouth as Jack turned me around without warning. He guided my hands to the shower wall, as he stood behind me, with his hands on my hips. Jack pounded into me without warning. If his thrusts were any stronger, my head would be going through the shower wall.

At this point we were at a mix between cursing about how good this felt and moaning. With each thrust Jack was hitting all the right spots, like he always did. He was practically a sex god. I felt his thrusts getting sloppier and weaker and knew he was close, as I was likewise.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m gonna come.” Jack gasped as I felt him twitch inside me, with the sensation I felt myself clench around Jack. He pulled out, as I turned around facing him. If it wasn’t for being under the constant flowing water, we’d both be drenched in sweat.

“Well that was a nice welcome home present.” I said laughing.

“Only the best for my baby, you know I hear part two of your gift is in the bedroom. Wanna check it out?” Jack winked.

“Do you even have to ask?” I said as I exited the shower and headed to the bedroom, waiting for Jack to give me round two.


I’m bored so here’s a dump of some old pictures. What I’ve learned from browsing through these is that I miss my long dark hair terribly and having a more natural blonde too. Clearly, I never stay with one hair colour very long

She’s Missed

Robin stood when the familiar purple smoke began spiraling a few paces to his left.  She’s moving before the smoke has a chance to clear.  “Emma told me what happened.  Are you okay?”  He hears her before he clearly sees her and before he can answer Regina has one arm around his neck and the other around the child cradled in is arm.

“We’re both fine, love. David and Killian showed up just in time.”  He runs his free arm up and down her back, leans his head down until his cheek is pressed to hers.  “We’re fine,” he assures her again when he feels her hand clutching at the back of his jacket.

She finally nods against him and lessens her grip, simply leaning against him and stroking the head of the sleeping baby in his arms.  “I can’t believe how much she changes in just a few days,” she says gently swirling the curl poking out from her pink hat.  “I don’t think Henry was ever this small.”  The baby squirms under her fingers, small pink lips pursing and both parents know she was winding up for a proper wail.  

“Right on schedule,” Robin chuckles.  “You could set your watch by the times that this girl wants to eat.”

“May I?” she reaches for the baby and Robin places her in her arms without hesitation before going to fetch the bottle.

“You never have to ask, you know,” he tells her as he settles in to her side, passing over the bottle just before the fit erupts from the infant she’d be pacifying with her fingertip.  Regina lifts an eyebrow to him as she slips the nipple between eager lips.  “To hold her,” he clarifies, “to do anything with her. You don’t have to ask.”

“Thank you,” she cranes her neck to peck at his lips.  Regina knew he trusted her, he’d told and showed her time and time again and she thinks that she just might be ready to believe him.  They sit in comfortable silence; the only sounds the crackle of the fire and the grunting and suckling of the baby in her arms.  He has an arm draped over her shoulders, tracing lazy patters along her bicep.  He watches her as she watches his daughter; falling more in love with each every moment that passes.  “You seem to be fairing quite well out here on your own,” she smiles at him, but there’s a sadness in her eyes that breaks his heart.

“I am,” he admits, if reluctantly.  “I’ve lived in the forests the majority of my life; it’s always been home to me.”  He squeezes her arm when he feels her tense subtly against him, drops a kiss to the top of her head as she removes the now empty bottle from the sleeping baby.  “But I miss you,” he tucks her hair behind her ear, kissing her cheek.  “I miss you terribly,” his lips pepper her jaw, nose, chin, until she can’t stifle the laughter and pushes him away before she wakes the baby in her arms.

The night grows impossibly darker under the starless sky.  With the baby fed, changed, and tucked in for the next few hours they settle in next to the fire.  It’s only in the glowing light that he notices the tear tracks on her cheeks.  “You’ve been crying,” he states without question, pulling her closer.  She shifts so that she’s practically laying over him, torso flush to his side and legs tangled.  “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not tonight,” she insists, trailing her hand until it rests over his heart.  “Let’s just say that my sister and I learned a lesson from our past.”

“Alright…” he’s measuring her response and seems satisfied with the fact that she’s practically boneless against him… “if a bit cryptic.  You’re sure you’re alright?”

“I am,” she nods against him.  “And I promise to give you all the details once I process them.”

“Very well then,” his hands rake through her hair.  It’s a hypnotic magic he possesses over her; simple stroking through her locks that has her eyes heavily closing and she’s all but purring against him.  “Stay tonight,” he whispers, lips moving against the top of her head.  

And she hadn’t intended to, even knowing that Zelena was with Hades and this was probably the safest night they would ever spend in this hellish place, and Henry had plenty of supervision (especially since Snow had left and David hardly left his side), and Emma had given her that look when she announced where she was going and told her she’d see her in the morning.  She hadn’t intended to stay in his makeshift camp in the middle of the woods, but she can’t for the life of her remember why that was.  So she murmurs “of course” and nestles in further, snakes her arms under his jacket.  She’s not cold, not really, but being wrapped up in him is much better than not.

They stay just like that until the fire dies down and the shiver that runs through her is more from the cold than his touch.  He sits them up and shudders when the majority of his body that she covered is exposed to the night air.  “Welcome to my humble home, mi’lady” he smiles as he pulls back the flap of the tent. It’s small: cozy but efficient and she feels a bit intrusive as she crawls toward the pile of blankets that have been his nest.  He’s positioned for a quick escape; baby and weapons both within easy grasp.  She takes a moment to appreciate the efficiency of his living arrangements before he’s unfastening her coat, unzipping her boots, and urging her toward the pile of blankets.  She sinks down willingly and he’s pressed against her back in seconds, an arm bent under her head.  He’s warm and safe and pulling the blankets around them both as he nuzzles against her neck, kissing “missed you” into her hair.

“You mentioned that,” she laughs softly, sleep already pulling her under.

“It warrants repeating,” his arm grows heavier slung over her waist, fingers that still managed to find the ends of her hair go lax.  His breath of “Love you” is the last thing Regina hears before she lost in the first real sleep she’s had since they arrived.