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“The show is about hope, about finding your true self, I hope young women watching it see somebody who’s human, who’s searching for herself, who makes mistakes, but who gets up and tries again and moves forward in life.” - Jennifer Morrison

Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you for the last six years and for giving us Emma


(I only watched the movie sorry book fans)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children © Ransom Riggs

Most badass/funny scenes from the Shadowhunter Chronicles + My personal faves

So, I just hit 1000 followers here on Tumblr and to celebrate it I decided to make a positive post for once :D People have been accusing me of being too angsty but what they don’t know is that it fuels my energy. Ahem, here they are


- “James Carstairs! Jem! Where are you, you disloyal bastard?”

- She must be dead if she doesn’t respond to my advances. C'mon Will

- I could kill Will if I really wanted to ( ͡⌐■_-■) - James Carstairs 1878

- “Will smiled the way Lucifer might have smiled, moments before he fell from Heaven.”

- Certified Idiot Debate

- Sophie knocking out Jessamine and Will proposing to her

- The whole cannot fight in a wedding dress convo™ . It’s even a meme lol

- Gideon’s proposal. Cutest thing evah

- You really seem to like that horse!

- Gabriel throwing a shopkeeper out of the window cuz he showed Cecily some nudes inappropriate pics

- Will’s fear of ducks

- Will breeding a species of cannibal ducks

- Will’s proposal

- Tessa not allowing Will to drive. Lmao

- Will naming his son after Jem :D

- “Spoon” - James Herondale 1899

- James Herondale being all emo and dramatic because of Grace. And Jem and Tessa being like: Not this shit again.

- Just Will and Tessa being parents

- Jem making a break for it after meeting his crush Tessa on the bridge. #relatable

- Jem mentioning orgies <- I swear, the whole fandom gasped at this

- Will defying the laws of death to attend the wedding of his OTP. Classic Will


- I turn myself down occasionally just to keep it interesting

- Jace running down Madison Avenue naked with antlers on his head. Drunk

- Mangoes ™

- Does he normally lie like this on the floor?

- I am pure at heart, it repels the dirt  (◡‿◡✿)

“That you seem to be dating my dad?” Jace shrugged. “You’re a little young for him, to be honest.”
“What?” For the first time since Jace had met him, Sebastian seemed flabbergasted.”  <
-this convo is gold. fight me on this

- Magnus’ voicemail in MBC

- Alec falling down the stairs of Magnus’ apartment. I see a patern. The Lightwoods suck at flirting

- “I am not your bitch” - Alexander Gideon Lightwood 2k14

- Alec murdering Meliorn for kidnapping Magnus. 

- Alec noticing the After Sex Glow! on Jace. Lmao.

- COHF!Alec in general

- Jace healing Jem. My heart  ಥ_ಥ

- The first thing Simon remembers is biting Jace and rolling around with him on the bottom of a boat. That’s not gay. At all.

- Tessa giving Jace the Herondale ring

- Tessa and Jem drugging Simon and Clary. Lmao. Why is no one talking about this?

- George and Simon befriending the rats in the Academy

- Simon becoming a Shadowhunter.  ಥ_ಥ

- Jace teasing Simon about their friendship


- Everything Emma says to be honest

- Julian’s speech about love

- Mark putting Tavvy in a bag of sugar because he wanted to be in a bag of sugar. Parenting done right

- Mark’s coat scene.

- Ty sleeping in front of Kit’s room

- Kit caling everyone hot.

- Mark aka Julian on drugs.

- Church’s judgy face  ಠ_ಠ

- Every time Jem mentions Will.  ಥ_ಥ

- I don’t date Trees - Emma Carstairs 2k16

- Kit’s first response to almost being beheaded: Wow, beautiful. 

- Kit being a Herondale

- Emma saying “Sleep my love” 

- Annabel stabbing Malcolm. Lmao. Karma’s bitch. (ʘ‿ʘ✿) <- Annabel

- Emma killing the rider and destroying the Mortal Sword. Slay queen

- Julian’s response to almost dying: Sass. Stop it! That’s Percy Jackson’s job

- Blackthorn’s reunion on the London Institute  ಥ_ಥ

- .。*゚+.*.。 Garbage Fire! .。*゚+.*.。

“And if we don’t have Energy runes, we’ll have to get our energy the old-fashioned way.”
Mark looked puzzled. “Drugs?”

- Julian and Emma throwing shades at Shadowhunter family names

- Julian putting his tongue in Emma’s ear. 

- Emma attacking Diego with fire ants. 

- Livvy hugging her sabers and saying “I missed you so much." 

- Julian’s pseudonym: JuliEn 

- The Pillow scene: #obliviousEmmaisoblivious 

- “ ‘Draw me like one of your French girls.’ 

- Mark talking to the gnome   〃゚ー゚) i’m watching you gnome.

- Kieran’s "How dare you?” after being drugged and Mark’s: “He always falls asleep like that.”

- Dru hiding from everybody to avoid responsibility. Relatable Dru is relatable 

- Kieran and Cristina dancing

-  “ Julian Blackthorn. … who could descend into Hell and come out with the devil himself owing him a favor.” <- Scary and thriling at the same time. I love it

These are all I could remember. Please add more of your own favorites :D

Dating Enoch O’Connor would include #3

Requested by anon

First part can be found here

All parts can be found on the navigation section of my about me :^)


- I don’t know if i mentioned this before but he’d be s o s o s o s o nervous about you two because he really likes you and he doesn’t wanna fuck up

- Him literally saying he loves you 5,000 times a day ?? like literally.

- “Hey Jacob wanted to-” “Absolutely not sorry.”

- Him picking out which dress you should wear on the off occasion you actually wear one

- I feel like the way he’d hold your hand is really odd ? Like not the normal kinda side hand but the full on lacing your fingers together? Kinda like this ??:

- Also the way you’d cuddle would actually be the cutest thing ever. Like you’d face each other, you two would probably giggle and talk about random things. Like even though he’s usually really cruel to everyone, he’s really sweet when it comes to you, especially when you two cuddle:

- He’d randomly sneak up behind you and hug you at different times during the day:

- You two would read together a lot. Like it seems really stupid but it’s not a huge activity but it still somehow makes you feel closer together.

- You once suggested how you thought he’d look cute in a bow tie so he got Olive and Claire and or Miss Peregrine (those cute lil baby fashion designers, bless them) to make one for him to wear to impress you.

- “If you look at my girlfriend I’ll kill you.”

“If you think about my girlfriend in a provocative way I’ll kill you.”

“If you d a r e lay a finger on my girlfriend I’ll kill you, bring you to life again and kill you again.”

- I feel like his nickname for you would be either princess or sweetheart (baby girl ??)

- He’d hate arguing so much like that shit tears him apart man


I know that this isn’t really “fanart”, but I still wanted to thank Revelmode for everything they’ve done. 
Pax West, Cringemas, it all was so much fun and I still miss Revelmode everyday. 

Thank you guys, 
thank you for everyting. 


Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Yes. @donuts1324: If you have time could you do a thing where Spencer is left home with the baby alone for the first time and he’s super nervous? Please! Reid as a dad will be the death of me. Thank you😊

Word Count: 881, Warnings: None.

A/N: Okay, so I kinda got carried away with this one and it’s just adorable. Sorry it’s super short too, I thought it was better short tbh. Also, sorry you had to wait so long, I’m the worst lmao. (Spencer Reid as a dad? sign me the fuck up)

“Spence, are you sure that I should go back today? I can call in and ask for another week,” you reasoned with him, as he watched you fasten your skirt zipper. You were getting ready for your first time back at your Law firm since you had your beautiful baby girl, Emma. You were worried that Spencer just wasn’t ready to take on these responsibilities alone and so you were trying to suggest ideas that involved you staying at home, but he wasn’t going to give in so easily.  "Y/N. I’ve got this. I promise you, nothing bad will happen,“ he replied, knowing that he couldn’t exactly keep up with the liveliness of your daughter. It was going to be the first time he was going to be home alone with Emma, and to say that he was nervous is an understatement. He was terrified. He didn’t want his daughter getting hurt or you being mad at him. “I know. Just don’t set anything on fire and you’ll be fine,” you joked, making your way back to the bed and planted a kiss on Spencer’s plump lips. “I love you,” you whispered to Emma sleeping soundly on Spencer’s chest, her chubby cheeks squashed against his pyjama shirt. You made your way out of your shared apartment, yelling a goodbye as you walked out. Spencer watched Emma as her chest rose and fell, her button nose flaring. He smiled to himself, still in shock that he had such a beautiful wife and a precious baby girl.

The day consisted of mainly Spencer bouncing Emma up and down whilst simultaneously listening to Beethoven, something he had adapted from since day one of the pregnancy. He would place headphones on your stomach and play his music. He’d started it with JJ when she had Henry and so when you announced you were pregnant, it was a given for him to play Beethoven. There weren’t many times that he could stay at home with his daughter because of his job situation and so these were the moments he treasured.

“Come on, princess,” Spencer groaned, watching Emma shake her hands and scream loudly at the look of the green peas in her special pink bowl. “You’ve gotta eat something, mommy won’t be home for another 3 hours,” he whispered, shoving the plastic spoon in your daughters face in the hopes she’d finally start eating. Spencer tried for another 10 minutes, even resorting to using the classic aeroplane tactic to try and get her to give in. She giggled up at her dad, her face covered with the green substance, but none had even come close her mouth. “Okay, baby. You win, how about peaches instead?” he grinned down at her, grabbing the peaches from the cabinet in your kitchen and bent back down. Emma smiled widely at the jar the fruit was encased in. “You’ve got a sweet tooth, just like you daddy,” he noted before using a clean spoon to dive into the peaches. Emma quickly leant into the spoon gulping down the sweet fruit with ease. “That’s it, sweetheart,” his eyes widened in surprise, chuckling, happy that she was finally eating something.

Her clothes were completely covered in different foods and her high chair completely wrecked. “Come on, Emma. Let’s get you cleaned up,” he picked the fragile child out of her chair and made his way to the bath. He ran the water in the tub, the water filled halfway before he turned off the tap and testing the water. He dunked Emma into the warm water, watching as she splashed about grabbing her rubber duck with her tiny fingers. “I’m going to tell you a secret. But you’ve got to promise that you won’t tell mommy,” he spoke, gently rubbing baby wash all over her body, bubbles erupting out at the movement causing her to further splash out at her father. “Mommy’s birthday is soon,” he continued, barely noticing you enter from your long day at work. your quest at finding Spencer and Emma was answered when you heard light whispers come from the bathroom. “I bought your mommy a star,” he exaggerated as Emma tilted her head at his comment. “I named it after her because, well… she’s my star. I’ve never loved anyone more than I’ve loved her. I have no clue why I’m telling a 4 month-year-old this as if you even have the brain capacity to take in the information. Sorry, I’m rambling… to my baby? Okay, this is weird-”, “Spence,” you interrupted, hearing everything he just said. Your eyes welled up with tears threatening to fall at the last second, “You named a star after me?” you asked, genuinely surprised at the incredibly thoughtful gift. “Y/N, oh God. How much did you hear?” he picked up Emma and wrapped a towel around her small frame, before turning to you. “I heard everything,” you choked out “It was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday but… I guess the cat’s out of the bag,” he chuckled nervously as Emma held her hands out for you, quickly grabbing her and gently rocking her in your arms. “I love you so much,” you grinned, closing the space between you and placing a passionate kiss on his lips.

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i’m missing you like crazy

summary: based on this prompt: “Established long distance relationship, one of them surprises the other by showing up right before midnight [on New Years Eve].” with a side helping of vloggers au! (a mixture of angst and fluff beyond this point)

word count: ~3600

an: happy first day of au week! I probably won’t post very much this week due to juggling way too many mcs, but I hope you enjoy this humble offering that I sort of threw together last night. :)

Emma Swan sits in her favorite booth wearing her favorite slightly oversized sweater with her favorite drink at her favorite diner, across from one of her closest friends, Mary Margaret Nolan.

Mary Margaret has a sweet smile on her lips as she chats about the goings-on in her life, including but not limited to the newly acquired husband Emma had thought Mary Margaret would stop talking about post-wedding.

Turns out, love is inescapable. So is the impending feeling of sadness and guilt over her own love life.

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