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I saw this pop up on my dash about a week ago and thought it was adorable.  

THEN, lemonteaflower started making some amazing art based on the idea…

SOON lots of people had hopped on the bandwagon with more art, stories, and even some animation!

LASTLY, THE ACTUAL MISS OFFICER contacted lemonteaflower to say she had seen the content and loved it!!


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Seeing Emily’s bridge back on my dash made me think maybe Sixpenceee might like the mounds around Vermont if they haven’t already seen them. I have a few friends in their back “yards” (let’s be honest they have woods behind their house not a yard).

There are small mounds around the state that have little stone caves within. They are easy to miss because of how low their entrances are. They are a bit deeper inside so a person can almost stand all the way up. Though no one can put an exact purpose for them.

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Hump Day Smut!

Happy humpy-est of hump days!!!!

Hope all of y'all are ready to sweat ;)

Keep Yourself Quiet, Dean by bovaria (Dean gets a blowie in a gas station bathroom)

I’m Not Drunk, You’re Drunk by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (from her 5000 followers celebration. Quick Dean smut.)

Sir by deans-colette (Dean bean getting me all hot and bothered)

Between Hunters and Angels by ilostmyshoe-79 (Threesome with reader, Dean and Cas. hothothothothot)

…And then Mimi hit 5000 followers and wrote some “short” little fics. 
I Missed YouCuddlingScars and Who You Gonna Call with Dean and Just Five More Minutes with Sam

I’m Not Done With You by twofriesshortofhomicide (Demon Dean and some BDSM action)

Thunder by nat2tattd (Some lovely impala smut with Dean)

Better Than Dreaming by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean rescues reader from an incubus, takes advantage of the fact that she’s already been tied up and put in lingerie.)

Untitled by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean and reader text back and forth, leading to phone sex and then real sex) ((Are we sensing that Allie found a new blog this week and read thru the entire master list at once?? Sorry. I actually held back because there are several more that I wanted to post. Go check out the master list tho.)

Come With Me Now by meteoraangel (Dean wakes you up in the middle of the night for sexy times. She also wrote a Sam version where you and Sammy blow off a little steam as a research break.)

Realistic Dreams by assbutting-everything (Sam smut, special props because one line says “Bitch-face mode activated.” After reader gets pissed off and it made me lol.)

Quiet by ilostmyshoe-79 (Reader has to be quiet for Sam since Dean is asleep the next bed over. I somewhat recently decided that the whole having-sex-while-someone-else-is-in-the-room-asleep thing kind of eeks me out, but I wanted to have at least a little bit of Sam smut on the list this week. )

Good Samaritan Part 2 by nat2tattd (Skinny dipping with Dean and smut)

Fiery Games by assbutting-everything (Some nice long Dean smut)

Smut timeout:

abaddonwithyall for Wish You Were Here

I’ve had to resort to drastic measures because Jess ripped my heart out and stomped on it, then proceeded to defecate on its pulverized remains with Wish You Were Here. I was lured in with the promise of smut (there’s definitely smut) but my body was not ready for the feels. Oh, and then she went and wrote a prequel, which was also a meat grinder for the feels.  From now on, smut timeout is where smut writers will be sent when they are bad- aka when I don’t get my way and I’m pouting about it. Let’s hope I don’t have to use it most Hump days, JESS.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Until next Wednesday, Happy Humping!!!

I’ve been seeing a bit of Mad Max on my dash today.

Which led me to think this:

We’ve been talking a lot about how important it is that Furiosa isn’t sexualized. Which is very important. It was great to see a female character kicking butt and being just as dirty as the male characters.

But I haven’t seen as much talk about Furiosa’s disability. She’s missing a good part of her left arm. She uses a prosthetic, but it’s clearly uncomfortable - she takes it off sometimes, and is caught without it at least once. It’s pretty primitive because, you know, after the apocalypse and all.

And as vital as her treatment as a woman who is not sexualized is, the treatment of her disability is also important.

Fiction tends to treat disability in one of 3 ways:

1. Ignore it completely. Don’t have disabled characters. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Or (Hawkeye in Avengers comes to mind, where we might occasionally notice he’s wearing a hearing aid) have a disabled character, but the disability doesn’t affect anything.

2. The cure narrative. Where the disabled character spends all of his or her time looking for a cure or worse their “caregiver” spends all of their time looking for a cure, where whether the cure is found or not, the character is reduced to a problem that needs to be solved. I’ve talked about this and why it’s a problem before.

3. Romanticization. I’ve been maybe slightly guilty of this myself in Transpecial, but this is when the disabled person, because they’re disabled, can do something nobody else can.

3 isn’t as bad as 1 or 2, because we all want to see people like us doing cool stuff, but it can show a lack of understanding when taken too far.

Furiosa’s disability isn’t treated in any of these three ways.

1. The prosthetic is annoying and uncomfortable. She ends up having to fight without it, which causes problems. Also, it’s a very visible disability. Any time she’s on screen, you see either the prosthetic or the stump. It’s in your face. You can’t ignore it and what it says about the world. At the same time, there’s no sob story. We don’t know how she lost part of her arm. We can speculate - I’m personally assuming some kind of machinery-related accident - but we’re never told.

2. There’s no cure. There isn’t a perfect Luke Skywalker-style prosthesis waiting for her in the no longer extant Green Place. End of the movie, she’s still disabled.

3. She kicks butt despite it, not because of it. She manages just as well as somebody with two hands…until she doesn’t. She doesn’t pull a battery out of it to save the day, ahem Luke Skywalker, ahem.

And there’s something else.

In the US right now we have a lot of disabled veterans with prosthetics. Some of them are female. The kind of war we’ve been fighting leads to people getting in the way of smaller explosions that cause these kinds of injuries.

So, not only do we have a disabled character who is not ignored and tokened, romanticized or forced into the cure narrative, we have one that reminds us of this particular cost of war.

IOW, yeah, Furiosa is awesome on so many levels.

Hello everyone! I recently reached 200+ followers (how?!?! HOW?!?! i don’t know) Thank you guys so much for choosing to follow a messy little blog like mine :-)

There are so so many great blogs and people that I have talked to and who I enjoy seeing on my dash and I appreciate the community that you guys have made here (especially for GOT7 fans) I’m glad I have a place to come and scream about share GOT7 content with since I don’t have any other place really. Since I follow almost 300 blogs (!!!) I will try to only list a few. I apologize if I miss anyone, I really love all the blogs I follow because they all add to this lovely community :) 

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Alright, so since my dash is filled with people complaining about the Draco information we received yesterday because of one disclaimer by the author who gave us Draco in the first place, I’ve decided to go ahead and make a post. I’ve seen so much blind hatred in shipper tags, on twitter, and on various dashboards for different blogs I run that I feel like what she really said needs to be addressed. I feel like a lot of people are completely ignoring or missing the context of what Jo said; they see (or hear) that J.K. Rowling is shaming Draco fans for loving Draco and basically shitting all over her fanbase, but that’s not it. That’s not it at all. First, let’s read what she actually said:

She said that Draco was a character of dubious morality in the series; there’s really no denying that. Draco is, in every way, shape, and form, very much a morally grey character. Rather than doing something because it’s the right thing, Draco chooses to act based on the fear of something happening to the one link in his life that seems to be consistently precious: his family. 

Jo said that she was unnerved by the amount of people who fell in love with Draco Malfoy. When you write a book and your main character’s nemesis and schoolyard bully is the one people fall head over heels for, I’m sure a bit of astonishment and disbelief is bound to happen. Do you think if I walked up to Jo and told her that I loved Lucius, she’d react any differently? No. And I wouldn’t expect her to.

“Draco has all the dark glamour of the anti-hero; girls are very apt to romanticize such people. All of this left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold common sense on ardent readers’ daydreams as I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.”

What, exactly, is false or incorrect about this statement? As an avid Draco lover and Malfoy fan, I have zero problem with what she’s saying here. She isn’t shitting on people for liking Draco so much as she is stating that she doesn’t want people to romanticize him. Contrary to the beliefs of people on this website, redeeming a character or giving them room for growth doesn’t automatically mean their shit turns to gold and they come out the hero of their own story. If Draco Malfoy ended up being this beautiful, kind character with a heart of gold at the end of the series, he wouldn’t be Draco Malfoy; he wouldn’t be the morally grey, snarky prick that those who love him have come to adore. In the roleplaying community, if people who write Draco as too soft–even in a postwar setting–other writers and readers will tell them that they’re being far too OOC (out of character). If the RP community can realize he’s not a saint, why is it so much worse when the author pretty much states as much?

Honestly, in my time loving Draco, I’ve seen far too many people romanticize him. I call it The Loki Syndrome: you can be a fan of the character, but when you begin to excuse all of his actions and depict him as this broken, misjudged hero, you take away from who he is.

Please understand that nowhere in this text did Jo say any of the vicious things I’ve seen implied about her. Draco is her character; she’s cultivated him from the ground up. If she’s shocked by so many people who love a character that you would not like in real life, then she’s perfectly within her right to do so. She never said you can’t like Draco; she’s saying have a bit of common sense and don’t romanticize him. Draco the morally conflicted character who has difficulty executing someone he doesn’t actually hate? That makes sense. Draco the brave and courageous soldier who stands at the head of Dumbledore’s Army and is ready to tear the Dark Wizards down in the name of justice and love? Not so much.

Hiii guys!! :)
I’ve been planning to make one of these for ages but I always forgot and never got the chance to. But since it’s holidays and I just got off my short hiatus I think it’s time to finally post one! :)

I was inactive/on hiatus for a few months and a lot of you has changed your URLs and even names lol so it was quite hard to find you. But I did my best and scrolled through my tag, ask and everything so I hope I didn’t miss anyone^^ This is my first follow forever so I’m sorry if it’s still a bit messy :/

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Happy late birthday to kkumri!!! YOU’RE AWESOME ALLY! I started working on this a few days ago but it sorta turned out way more detailed than I planned ;_;

Also dedicated to all the lovely awesome people on my dash who OTP these precious dorks whose birthdays I did not have a chance to draw something for ♥♥

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Also a big thank-you to blanania for helping me out with the pose when I got stuck!

This is transparent and anyone is welcome to use it on their blogs, just make sure to credit me and not remove the watermarks!


My dash is running dry of witchy things because a lot of the blogs that I follow have become inactive. Its part of why I haven’t been posting much.
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