i miss this dash a lot

Anyone just get really sad about how underappreciated Skulduggery Pleasant is? And that there’s never a lot of amazing fan edits and fics and art on your dash, and a lot of the sp blogs are inactive now, and every so often you forget how much you just love these books and these characters, but when you do remember, you just want to reblog everything, so you go to the tag

but there’s nothing new.

Anyways I’m emo don’t mind me

not to get fake deep but like  …  .  . .. . ngl i miss the sense of community from duplicate rpers??? i feel like there’s been a lot of it on the dash recently with The Luke Squad™ but like i remember being part of the padbae squad a few years ago and how nice it was to talk about our mutual love for the padbae and i’m just lowkey sad at how divided duplicates seem to be these days??? like i get that some people have duplicate anxiety but i think the swrpc takes it way too fucking far these days and people get so exclusionary and i’m just …… . .  . .. . fuck i’m old and i’m tired and i miss being excited and having a duplicate squad 

it’s been another year on tumblr dot com so i wanted to make a little post for my mutuals whom i love and adore!!!! 2017 had its ups and (a lot of) downs but i loved seeing all of you on my dash!! hopefully 2018 will be good for all of us <3 

- miriam

p.s. i tried to include everyone but i have over 200 mutuals jgjkajfkl so i might have missed some people, if i did im really sorry and i still love u 

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It’s almost 2018 and it’s about time I posted a follow forever. This is also for that anon that asked for a list of blogs I follow, I follow too many to list in one ask so I made this. Here’s a list of blogs that have filled my dash with some really great content. 💜

bold: mutuals

Sorry, if I miss anyone. If we are mutuals and I forgot to list or bold you, let me know. 

Putting this under the cut because I follow a lot of people.

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💓💓💓💓 hello my sweet angels 💓💓💓💓

Just a quick shitty edit to end the year and say how much I love you all and I hope 2018 is your best year yet, you all deserve endless happiness, health, peace and love. Thank you all for making my year better and generally being nice to my stupid ass, I appreciate you all a lot and I hope we can all become closer and cherry good friends over the next year and beyond…

This is going to be random order and I would steal all the stars from the night sky for each and everyone of you;

@royalyeol @suhosbulge @ksoo-l @loeysoul @specialist-basilisk @brbcrawlingtokorea @cyberksoo @exoistheuniverse @starbrights@nut4zyx @princeksoo @santakai @wendycult @heartnini @kiungsoo @rosyjd @d-kyvngsoo @ilysoo @sefuns @sooing @sooshis @sftcy @jonginisbigdaddy @chanyeolluscious61 @co-kai-ne @honeyjongdae @exordiam @lightokunello @rolexchanyeol @suho69 @ksoosbitch @chanyevol @lovesunmi @fuck-me-up-fam @theshenanigansoftakiyah @soonowflakes @1of1woo @4bcks @88gf @88swife @92bobohu @achenlove @aerigom @ananou59 @angel-osh @starsehun @artificial-lxvr @babyminseok @baekphia @baekpedia @baekpreme @baekhyunsbuttplug @beanbaekhyun @bfchen @minniebrows @minseo-k @velenciar @tiny-myeon @taotaohuang @peachyungwons @sunshineyeols @sullil @suhosjaan @sugarbaek @starrydo @spacedaddysoo @sornlights @smilingvernon @sesoup @sehunstiddies-l @sehunsbff @royalnini @osnowhun @milky-waee @luhanscented @lofiloey @kaikkim @loeychateau @loafsoo @ladysuho @kyungsuoo @kyungsohs @kyungkong @kyungbooo @ksoome @kokokysoo @kji-l @kiyra88 @kittyhunnie @kittychen @kimmidokyu @kimjonginsmom @kaicent @ka-xing @jumnyeon @juhyeol @jingle-huns @godkyungsoo @girlsoo @hunniedae @hwangs @hyungwnie @jeulgi @frostypcy @fluffyzelo @fluffyhunnie @eyesonxiu @exosvisual @dyoxidized @doitforsoo @dksalbum @dio-es-hermosoo @dazedjongin @cuddlyjd @cosmic-yuta @cherubsoo @chanyevol @chanyeolly @blackbirx @kimyerimsgirl


So a post crossed my dash earlier by agrestenoir (You can check out the original post here if you like- its fairly long so I didn’t want to write something onto it and clog other people’s dashes- http://agrestenoir.tumblr.com/post/168587192128/on-my-experience-in-the-ml-fandom-and-death ) That talks about some of the issues happening with truly terrible behavior in this fandom. 

I will be honest, I have been trying to stay away from any sort of fandom discourse and engaging on a lot of these posts lately, particularly because when these things blow up I see a lot of cases of people responding to one version or reply of a post that then gets completely taken out of context and causes people to miss the entire point of the original message in the first place, usually leading to a lot more hurt and pain to people who are already victims, and I don’t particularly want to contribute to that. Its easier to just make my own posts. 

However seeing this particular post I felt compelled to state something that I have said numerous times before and yet feel deserves to continue to be said- 


None. Nada. Zero. 

I do not care what people write in their fics or draw in their art, I don’t care what they ship, I don’t care even if you feel like they started it by hating on your fandom choices or whatever. Harassment is never ok. 

Sending someone death threats over fandoms is never ok. 

There is no excuse. 

If you think there is, you have a very serious problem. 

Just stop. 

Hello!! It’s Alex and I’m here with my end of the year mutual appreciation post. This is very last minute and if I miss anyone please let me know and IM SORRY IF I MISSED YOU ;;~;; My blog has grown a lot over the past year and its more than I could ever ask for. I’ve met a lot of new people and made new friends and I’m grateful for all of you. I appreciate you all for putting up with me and my mess. <3

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!! Can’t believe it’s 2018 already. I hope all my followers have a fantastic year!!!

Since I already did a Follow Forever last year, I decided to wait until the new year to post a new one. I have followed some amazing blogs lately and made some amazing new mutuals too. I made some incredible new friendships last year, which I’m so thankful for, and I’m also getting close to 4k followers, which is insane. 

I want to thank all those who follow me and my many fandoms on this blog. Every like and reblog means an incredible lot to me, especially when they’re for my own personal edits/gifsets.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ 

My beautiful girls

@thatiswhatiloveaboutyou: BECCA!! We have been friends for years now and I just love and adore you so much, hun. You always brighten my day when you send me a message or comment on a fan video of mine on YouTube, or even just like or reblog something from me. You are one of the sweetest, most kindest people on this planet. 

@herondale-ivashkov: FENIA, my sweet angel!! You may not be on tumblr that much anymore but you are still one of my closest and dearest friends and I love you to the moon and back. 

@causehehaditcoming: My awesome FLOOR!! You were one of the first people in the Taylor Swift fandom that I really became friends with on here and we’ve become so close. I always love chatting with you, whether it’s about what’s going on in our lives, or having a blast fangirling over our queen Taylor. I love you dearly!

@whataswift: CATY!!! You are also one of the first people in the Taylor Swift fandom I really became friends with on here and I’m so thankful for you. You are such a sweetheart and I can’t believe we are both going to see our queen in Dublin this year and will finally get to meet!!! I love you so much and CANNOT WAIT TO GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG!!!

@obi-babe-kenobi: AMANDA!! I’m so happy we started talking because we have so much in common. You are not only a treasured mutual but a great friend. I love getting to fangirl over Little Mix and Taylor with you and many other things. You are wonderful and I love you. 

@treachreous: CATRINA!!! Omg you are the cutest, most sweetest cupcake. I had been following you for so long and then out of no where you followed me last year and I couldn’t believe it. And now we’re friends… AAHH!! You always make me smile with your messages and it really means so much that you look up to me because I honestly look up to you too. Thank you for being so sweet. I love you so much!

@hopelessly-irretrievably: NORY!! I am so happy you came back to tumblr. I know we chat more on whatsapp but I still love having you here too. You have become one of my closest friends and mean a lot to me. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much. 

@ktnseverdeens: ANETTE!! You and I have been mutuals ever since I joined tumblr, which is gonna be 6 years ago this July (wtf). You were one of the very first people to follow me and have always been a treasured mutual of mine. I always love seeing you on my dash. I really miss us getting to fangirl and freak out over THG but at least we have Stranger Things now and Marvel too. I love you, hun. 

@ikeepyouwarm: ANNA!! I love you so so much. You are so sweet and caring and just a really wonderful friend, who is also ridiculously talented. I am so thankful to have you in my life. 

@cerezaaa91: ALE!!! You haven’t been active in a while and I miss you a lot but you will always be a dear friend of mine and I hope you come back soon because I miss fangirling over Jake/Amy with you. I love you!!

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Other special people/mutuals that I treasure

@andiwasjustdrinking13 ♔ @badassblackwidowcavalry ♔ @dundermifflinscranton ♔ @itscoreyjames ♔ @saraquinz ♔ @daisieflowers  ♔ @fifth-harmony ♔ @drugismybaby ♔ @mikeyjane@mikes-wheeler ♔ @betty-coopers-number-one-stan ♔ @hellbentclara ♔ @bitchinwheelers ♔ @taylorslightsglisten ♔ @teardropsonmyguitar ♔ @kittcattastrophe ♔ @delenaswift ♔ @lilocalloways ♔ @teamswiift ♔ @maria-swift ♔ @victoriaandholland ♔ @ninelittledevils ♔ @gershwinn ♔ @amystiago ♔ @jemmablossom ♔ @stolenkissesprettyliies ♔ @captainsantiagos ♔ @isakvaltzrsen ♔ @bettysjuggie ♔ @zooeys ♔ @lydmstilinski  ♔ @london-s ♔ @klarobass ♔ @illusionlovers ♔ @jonahsimms ♔ @taylrswyft ♔ @talreputation ♔ @davidsduchovny ♔ @swiftyandme ♔ @ohhnoobabe ♔ @hartmaddox ♔ @heliophobicsoul ♔ @juliaslouisdreyfus ♔ @juliadorable ♔ @thanksforsayingthat ♔ @dylobriens  ♔ @interstellarbeams ♔ @stevesharington ♔ @bettycoopersjones ♔ @damn-salvatore ♔ @chacecrawford@floraizon ♔ @gleggie ♔ @softieparker

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Other amazing blogs I love 

#) @99royalty 

(A - D) @a-newsoundtrack // @adoringelizabetholsen // @allantruong// @aliciavikandersource // @andriewdwyer // @angelsonthemoon// @animations-daily // @autumncozy // @avikandersource // @b99daily // @b99gif // @b99peraltiago // @b-almighty // @beardedchrisevans // @betty-and-jughead @betty-coopers-number-one-stan // @bettsforjuggie // @bob-belcher // @brookescabello// @bugheadcentral // @bugheadjones-the-third // @buzzfeedunsolvedgifs // @caitssmoak // @cametotheshowinsd // @camstencupcake // @centralperksource // @chckbass // @chiaratippy // @chicagomedgifs // @chrisevansl // @chuckandblairdaily // @chuckblairgifs // @clintandnatasha// @cosmokaramel // @crystalreeds // @daily-b99 // @dailycb // @dailygossipgirlgifs // @dailyjakeamy // @dailyjaneausten // @dailylizzieolsen // @dailylmgifs // @dailymarvel // @daily-men // @dailymilliebobbybrown //  @dailypawnee // @dailyperaltiago // @dailystrangerthings// @dailyteamcap // @dailywomen //  @daisyridlay // @dailythirlwall // @dansrs

(E - H) @earnmysong // @edwestwikcs // @everything-onetreehill // @falskaprofeter // @feministperalta // @femmetay // @flyingthroughfreefall13 // @forbescaroline // @foxesruninwonderland // @frie-nds// @friendsgifs // @fuckyeahthewalkindead // @gifbuckybarnes // @heromills // @hershelgreene // @hijacked-peeta // @howimetyourperalta // @humorgifs // @hydesbride

(I - L)  @i-can-be-a-phantom // @ifreakinlovetaylorswift // @iknowsplaces // @imbrokegirl // @imjustwriting // @interstellarbeams // @isakvaltzrsen // @itsbrooklyn99 // @j-akeperalta // @jake-peralta // @jakeperaltaz // @jakeperaltz// @jennalouisecolemans // @jenniferlawrencedaily // @jmort124 // @kingdomlightshined // @legen-daary // @leslie-wyatt // @littlemixtakes // @littlemixurl // @lovetheplayers

(M - P) @martym // @marvelgifs // @me-youhaveme // @middletonkate // @milliebobbybrowndaily// @milliesbobbysbrowns // @mixedupworld  // @monicas // @mosaicbroknhearts // @mrbenwyatt// @neverfacedthemusic // @newgirlthings // @newgirlystuff // @nickmlllers// @ohmymarvelousswift // @onlychrisevans // @oswinyoswaldy // @paramuswriter // @parisinthe1920s // @peeta-everdeen // @peetamellarkthebaker // @peetas-function // @perrielouiseed // @poetdameron // @potter-weasley // @princesconsuela

(Q - T) @redbuckybear // @reyismyprincess // @rileyblu // @riverdalesource // @riverdales-daily // @rosesofmargaery // @samswarek // @scarlettmaximofff // @scrantonpaper // @sergeant-santiago // @singinginthecar // @skywlkrleia// @stanacatic // @stanley–kubrick // @sterekpeeniss // @sstrangerthaneleven // @strangerthingsdaily // @strangerthingsedits @swiftsloki // @swifinity // @summerfinns // @sunnysilhouette5 // @swiftgallery // @tallskinnyvanillalatte // @tashalyonnes // @taylorrecordbreakingswift // @taylorswift// @taylorswiffs // @taylrswyft @tayngelswift // @taysgrammys // @temporaryxbliss // @thatharrypotterfangirl // @thatonekimgirl // @thattimethatplace //  @thestilinsksi // @thursday // @tracyx11 // @tswiftdaily // @tswiftslyrics // @twddaily

(U - Z) @ughhsure // @uhstydias // @vanessah-ives // @vasi16 // @veepdaily // @wecouldstillbegreat // @wonderwcman // @wornbyallthedust // @youngsamberg // @xbeautifulview // @xchanniess

Another year, a bunch of friends made, a couple lost. I’ll skip the corny speech and what have you. I hope everyone has a great end of the year, and I hope that you all have a really good start to 2018. 

If you’re a mutual please feel free to ask for my Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram!

@njcominoru - Jany!! I am so happy that we met. Despite my falling out with other people you’ve still been a really good friend to me, and I am really happy that we’ve stayed friendly and close and that we talk often.

@fantasygfs - Sapphire <3 I know that we don’t actually talk that much but it’s always so nice to see you chattering away on my dash. You always seem really cheerful. We should def talk more.

@direwolfpupy - j o s i a h. We talk less now as well, especially since I left Discord, but you’re still one of my favorite mutuals and friends. <3 I need to hit you up more.

@sansasbitch - Kirsten! I love you. I was super disappointed I had to drop out of our network but I’m really glad we met each other.

@nevillesplant - At one point we were really good friends. I hope you’re doing well.

@visenyastargaryen - Ari <3 We have been mutuals for ages, we really need to talk more!

@cindrelllas - Fatima!! ow long have we been mutuals for? You’re the only person I stuck with through the influx of Star Wars posts everyday. I love you and your blog. <3 We need to chat more.

@weasleyrose - Ash! <3 Becoming friends with you was such a great part of my Tumblr life. I miss talking to you as often as we were.

@theons - Lizzy! I don’t even remember when we became friends and mutuals. I was the stray friend you brought into your group chat even though no one else knew me but you wanted me to feel welcome and you don’t know how much that meant to me.

@scullylikesscience - M e l i s s a. I love following you, esp for Dany discourse and Jonsa content. You’re a definite fave on my dash, and we should really start talking more often.

@dacutiehart - Lisa <3 I love you. Meeting you was one of the best parts of this year.

@lightsxurce - You have been a mutual for what feels like years. You’re always in my notifications and on my dash, but we never talk that much! We need to fix that.

@repairboyvaldez - Literally you are my oldest mutual, you have stuck with me through this long, all my fandom changes and discourse and rants. We don’t ever talk, which is really unfortunate, but definitely hit me up sometime <3

@paulblofish - Nina <3 The love of my life. I was so glad to have met you.

@rosewheezys - Aurora! I am so happy you came back into my life! I missed you a lot.

@ohmelisandre - Franzi <3 You are one of my closest and best friends up here, even though we don’t talk as much as we used to. You could turn into a kpop only blog tomorrow and I still wouldn’t go anywhere.

@umfleur - Morgan!! You still remain a very good friend, I love that we talk everyday, and seeing your snapchats makes me seriously really happy.

@rhaella - Sydneeeey! We don’t talk nearly as much as we used to, we need to fix that.

a - d

@-dragons@alrightevains, @archmaestergilly, @ariastarks@astoriia@bibender, @bluelilysargentt@bodheyrook@borromir, @branstarki@carolingtwelve, @cerseilanniser@chochang, @chvchang@chvchxng@curiouscarson@dameronae, @dementvr, @dianaei, @dianxaprince@draggonstone@drvgomirs,

e - k

@farklesdarling, @firewhisks, @fleurrdelacour@gabrielledelacour@ginevraspotter@ginevrawazlib, @ginnyweaslcy@gotlembas, @grlsha@gwendoline, @highqueenlucy@huvfflepuff@jaimeelanisterr@janeivess, @jillpcle@johnpruodstar, @karenperaltas, @katie-bell@kingrvbb

l - o

@leakycauldron@leejordan@lestraxnge, @lilywittyevans@lizzy-bennets, @lunasdaydreams@lunaslovegood, @lyannahstarks, @margraey@mirandaottos, @mistletoeandreil, @mizules, @mugglepuffs@nahmesis@nooraiskind, @noorasaetres, @occamys@ohpotter,

p - r

@padmapatils@peppermintpatil, @peppermintparvati@purplemilkweed, @queensvnsa@quaffled, @randomestfandoms, @ravnsclaw@redsansa, @rhindons@roguereys, @roosebolton@rosyevak


@saetremohn, @sanaandthesun, @sansalayned, @sansarya@sapphic-reyes@scipioandnutella, @seaayousoon@siriuslysnowing@smauvg, @snowflakefleur@sproutpomona, @stagpotter@starksiblings@staryjoy, @stuckwith-harry

t - z

@teamtozier@tvrionlanister@valrmorghulis, @victoriannarwhal@vildelesbianqueen, @vildenooras@weasley, @winter-lightss

as we are drawing to the end of the year I thought that I would show some of my love and appreciation to some of the blogs which have been lighting up my dash this year. i’ve made a lot of new friends, changed my url too many times (sorry halley), and followed a lot of new blogs and while i am an awkward turtle and haven’t spoken to most of you, i want you to know that i appreciate you and your blogs. i love you all, and all of my followers, and i hope that next year i make even more mutals than before :3

(this isn’t alphabetized because i am LAZY. also might have missed someone, sorry about that if i have, i still love you)

@daehdream // @vixxstv // @curledlife // @yjayss // @husberttee // @incorrect24kquotes // @song-qian // @rmismyguy42069 // @seethalite // @06pray // @seungmole // @honeyoungjae // @coreeyas // @knkruinedmylife // @thefroghyungwon // @chained-up-taekwoon // @mochibebe // @kisucc // @24kangaroo // @3rracha // @hyukblns // @talk24ktome // @kimsjaehwan // @jongup-is-an-enigma // @lightning-loving // @its-taekdae // @pyrolace // @chickendora // @gogomato // @myungis // @yongguk-hell-chyeah // @ottokaji-vixx // @royalbins // @rapperravioli // @hansanghyuked // @wontaec // @thediebutterfly // @daehyuns-matoki // @yung-cutiepiee // @curlykytta // @gravityofsnow // @24k7s // @monstox // @wonnhuis // @matoki-project // @amantidellaluna // @youngkpoppin // @youngkaes // @zloe // @kyetheace // @monbaby-trash // @jaebumsaegyo // @novio-dae // @valkyrjan-rose // @holyfuckmark // @holyjongbutt // @kihyunsbabe // @hope-a-holic // @himchans // @hyungvon // @alot-of-kiwi // @daedramaqueen // @be-the-piano // @saaltvinegar // @smoke-and-bone-bender // @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin // @happy-daes // @all-is-fair-in-kpop-andwar // @matokibap // @bestabsoluteshitposts // @bestofabsoluteperfect // @hwasahoney // @himchans-eye-dimple // @daeuppie // @best-absolute-pabos // @daehyunismybiaswrecker // @talentedrice // @daewonism // @youngjaaes // @jion-a // @choi-kisu // @hotseok // @b-124a-p-224 // @allbap // @mybutterflyfact // @himdaes // @daehyunsgiggle // @zainbap // @chokemejimin // @cowjimin // @kpopfrustration // @minhyuuk // @m0nstax // @monxbebe // @mosntax // @hoe4youjin // @knkeunakeun // @tiknkerbell // @keunakool // @moonkyuns // @junqtie-pie // @jeonheart // @tuanpumpkins // @bang-tan 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you rec me non americans blogs? I'm getting tired of how everything is so Americanised, maybe more Australians? Europeans? Asians? Canadian?

first of all, mood. second of all, here’s a bunch of fun non-american’s i follow:

@henristarrs @harrycharts @actingharold @instaharry @daisiesbtw @shallow-humanity @harrysimpact @mitchharry @zprry @2toasts @yeahloads @harrysdragonboots @habibharry @hramatics @wastedpilots @jupliter @mitchtheguitarist @igotdrunkbynoon @harrycryingoverstevienicks @bitoflovehate @thighstattoo

Hello!!! “It’s been a year. It’s been a mothafckn year.” This lil blog turned one just a few days ago and looking back I get so overwhelmed. Who would’ve thought that I’ll meet so many lovely people on this site who bare with me and my crying over BTS. Who would’ve thought that I’ll get to know people that I would consider as friends now. Just who would’ve thought that this uninteresting girl would receive so much love and support from you guys! djnfslkmfds

As a lil thank you, I thought I should do one of these mutuals appreciation posts but it got a lil bit out of hand…I’m just so soft for you all.✨✨✨

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A/N: Hello children, it’s angst time again. I think I tortured Roman enough. Virgil was my instinct, but that bab’s already been tortured by me, too, so. It was Lo or Pat, and I want to protect Patton with every ounce of my being, so it’s Lolo’s turn. Plus, the inspiration for this was “Say Something” by Great Big World, and I feel like that’s a good one for Lolo angst. 

Summary: There’s been a lot going on in the Sides’ world lately, and Logan will learn that he doesn’t take proper care of himself, it’ll come back to bite him. (Post-12 Days of Christmas video/Holiday time setting)

Word Count: 1,360

Characters: Logan, Virgil, Roman, Patton (platonic/familial)

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, with a nice dash of Fluff

Warnings: stress, physical discomfort (trouble breathing, heavy chest), crying, panic (no attacks) 

Tags:  @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  @ssides @pantasticpanini @anxious-but-whatever @celiawhatsherlastname @misc-merde  @anxiousoddish @didsomeonesayprince @fandomsofrandom @leesacrakon (let me know if I missed anyone or if you want to be removed from my general tag list.)

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, but what about those who aren’t wicked, just…overworked?

Logan would have told you he was fine, that the late nights, the pushed deadlines, the constant striving for better didn’t phase him, but…little did he know, something was coming.

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anonymous asked:

What the fuck is going on in the star trek fandom right now? Why aren't you writing anymore? Why isn't startrekkinacrosstheuniverse writing anymore? Why isn't starshiphufflebadger writing anymore? Or youreonastarship? Or any of the other amazing writers? I'm sick to death of only ever finding McKirk trash on my dash, & I miss reader inserts. Please, tell me what we did wrong so we can make it right again! I love you. I miss you. I'm trying not to be rude or creepy and I think I've failed - sorry

Hello Nonnie!

Let me preface this by saying 2017 was a dumpster fire of a year for many of us.  Between work, school, personal life, mental illness, and all things in between many of us were just too tied up to be able to write much.

For those who switched to writing ships instead of reader inserts, I think a lot of people were put off by the toxic Discourse™ that emerged around reader inserts in the latter half of the year.  There were posts flying around about reader inserts being trash and not being inclusive if they were written in ways that implied the reader was any particular race/gender/age/etc.  People were being called some nasty things, being told not to write reader inserts if they weren’t completely inclusive (which I will maintain until the day that I die is impossible) and I think they just got too worried about offending people to keep it up.

As for me personally, my muse got spotty.  I still 100% want to write, I just won’t be publishing nearly as often for a little while until my muse comes back.  I’m only human and I can only write when I have:

  1. Time
  2. Motivation
  3. Ideas

I’ve got a few things in the works, and it’s just a matter of time until I get to finishing and posting them, so hopefully you stick around because they WILL be posted!

Giving your favorite writers lots of encouragement, love, and reblogs/comments on your favorite fics is a great way to get them to write more.  It’s hard to keep doing something that feels thankless when so few people ever say anything about your work.  If you’re hoping to see more, I know for sure that @starshiphufflebadger and @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse would LOVE some love.

Anyway, the fandom’s just been growing toxic lately and it’s starting to add to people’s stress rather than being an escape.  When that happens, people cut the fandom and the platform out because there are enough IRL things they need to worry about to be stressing about stuff on here. 

The best thing anyone could do to save the fandom and to help writers feel supported is to scroll by things that don’t appeal to them, stop being passive aggressive and/or directly hateful, and add to the pool in areas they feel are lacking rather than demanding others do it for them.  Just being kind to one another and making the place feel more hospitable and less cliquey would work wonders. :)

Much love, Nonnie, and I hope that if we hold out long enough and weather the storm, we can make this fandom (and especially the reader insert sector) flourish again. <3


Dear Evan Hansen Jumanji AU

-Connor Murphy disappeared five years ago when Zoe was twelve years old and no one’s seen him since

-ever since then everyone always assumed he died, fracturing her family and leading to her less than out going personality

-Evan Hansen and Jared Kleinman used to be friends but since Highschool started the only interaction they’ve had is Jared copying off Evan’s homeworks

-Alana is the perfect student on the straight path to Yale and is Zoe’s only friend/secret admirer

-after an incident in gym that ends with them all getting detention the four are cleaning out the storeroom when they find an old game system

-“This looks kind of like the game we used to have at my house.”


-they all chose their characters, except when Zoe tries choosing Ruby Roundhouse, Killer of Men, the avatar is already taken so she gets stuck as the dashing Captain Sealant

-but as the game loads the four get sucked into their game bodies with a lot of confusion

-“Zoe, you’re-”

“A GUY?!”

“And Alana-”

“Oh dear God, I’m trapped in the body of a fat, middle aged white man. This is my second worst nightmare.”

“Jared what happened to-”


“Oh geez…ugh, I’m…missing my hair?”

-the four realize they’re going to be stuck in here until they beat the game and try to play through while struggling with their own drama

-halfway through they meet Ruby Roundhouse, Killer of Men, a player that also got stuck in the game before

- “… Connor? Connor Murphy?”

Everyone else: *makes nice header*
Me: *makes meme*

Happy New Year to all! I was going to do this later during my one year with this blog, but I felt that 2017 was an important year for this blog as well and I need to appreciate it and all my beautiful mutuals! I want to thank all of you for making this year so memorable. I love seeing everyone’s contents and tags and all this on my dash really brightes my day! Joining the MBB fandom was one of my best decisions and I really love all of you so much! I’m so thankful to have met all of you and I hope next year I will be able to make more friendships and get closer to others as well!

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