i miss this clark so much!

iconic moments from the early seasons of the 100

•"i was born in space"
•they introduced the hot bad boy character by having him do a flip off the drop ship
•"it’s an AUTOM OBI LE"
•when they took a tarp with them to carry Jasper who was injured but they ended up carrying their dinner in the tarp and they just made Wells carry Jasper hahaha
•also when they were playing peppy indie music and it was a Feel Good moment but then a spear struck Jasper through the heart and everyone started screaming
•"he tried to kill Jasper, too" “…..what”
•Murphy was trying to rally the crowd and was like “ALL IN FAVOR OF JUSTICE” and like 3 people raised their hands
•the entire Day Trip episode
•"you can’t just KILL PEOPLE to make yourself FEEL BETTER"
•they couldn’t communicate with the Ark and everyone was crying but Clarke and Finn just had angry sex
•they tied Atom to a tree and left him there as punishment
•Murphy peed on that guy
•Murphy spelled “die” wrong
•Jasper saw Murphy strangling a guy with a plastic bag and Murphy just tried to cover it by saying “he just….stopped breathing”
•honestly every goddamn line that came from John Murphy’s mouth
•Jaha hallucinated that baby that he found in a drawer
•"is that the Ark?“ "i hope they have shampoo”
•"i know who Oppenheimer is"
•Monty walked in on Finn and Raven fucking and he was wearing that lil hat
•"happy unity day here’s some unity juice"
•"storms coming…..“ and other such diva Bellamy moments
•14 year old Jasper doing straight shots of moonshine
•"herbs…..if you know what i mean”
•jasper woke up from near death and asked for some booze that kid sure does love alcohol
•everyone was like “Jasper’s had a bad week what with almost dying let’s let him fix the wristbands” and he fucked it up
•they all wanted to murder Jasper because he was keeping them up with his screaming
•just anything Jasper did was iconic bc he was always suffering (still is)
•someone was listed in the credits as “Boy Bullied By Murphy”
•bellamy was always like “no one leave camp” but when his little sister went missing he woke everyone up at like 3 am and was like “we’re all leaving this minute lets go party people”
•raven and finn were reunited and she was like i’m going to cut his greasy ass hair immediately
•bellamy and raven were always ready to fight each other they took every opportunity
•everyone wore bomber jackets
•finn’s trick to make girls like him was to create little sculptures for them and Raven got a pretty bird and Clarke got a two headed deer lmao
•any injury was cured by putting a hot blade on it problem solved
•murphy came back with a deadly disease and everyone was like “aw jeez guys he’s dying he won’t hurt anyone”
•and then he killed like 3 people
•murphy in general


Clarke & Lexa: Why’d You Leave Me (+4x01) If you’re in the mood for some Clexa feels feat. the most Clexa song I’ve ever heard. Hope you enjoy :3 


This video still drowns me in feels. I miss them so much.


Clark “Actual Puppy” Kent in Superman Family #201:

“Bruce is coming! Bruce is coming! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to stand right in front of the elevator doors so I’ll be the first thing he sees when he gets here and I can finally tell him how much I missed him! He’s almost here, I can’t wait, oh boy, oh boy!”

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clexa pick up lines. (13/?) bc i’ve missed these two being together so much.