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NCT 127: Boyfriend Jaehyun
  • I feel like he’d be the type to fall in love w/ you after being close for years
  • but his feelings would always be obvious like……………
  • both of yall were never really “just friends” u feel me
  • there was always something going on whenever yall interacted or hung out, you just didn’t know what it was 
  • so neither one made a move
  • honestly it was like a flirty best friend relationship more than anything really
  • it was just too fun to be teasing and flirting w/ each other that you never really considered taking it seriously and that your feelings might run deeper than you actually thought 
  • same for him tbh he’s always so confused and doesn’t know what to do
  • bc he loves being able to be close to you and have casual skinship but………..
  • he really wants to say that he loves you when he holds on to your hand for too long
  • and that he sees you as more than a friend when his arm brushes by yours when you’re walking and when you don’t move away
  • and that you mean the world to him when you gently kiss his forehead when he’s just brought you lunch
  • all of those small daily affections will start to mean so much more to him and you can’t help but notice the intense gaze in his eyes when you catch him looking at you
  • and he won’t even look away agahsijdkf he is not gonna make this easy for you is2g
  • eventually he’ll fess up bc the thought of you possibly ending up w/ someone else destroys him
  • he always saw you as ‘my best friend’ ‘my y/n’ ‘the love of my life’ so he ain’t gonna let anyone else take that away from him
  • u go jae
  • so one day he begged you to play a quick game of basketball w/ him and he’s like
  • ok y/n so if I make this shot then you have to sit over there on that bench and listen to me, cool? cool.”
  • although it did take several shots for him to actually make it into the hoop (poor bean was nervous omg you were actually watching him play)
  • but when he did, he finally confessed that he imagined you two were always dating anyway, and it just didn’t make sense that he’d be w/ anyone else but you awwwwwww
  • cue the tears bc ur boi is gonna cry when he finds out you felt the same
  • but anyways
  • he’s a helpless romantic kinda boyfriend I promise u
  • like anything cute or adorable or romantic that he sees, he’ll instantly think of you 
  • probably sends you a dozen texts full of hearts emojis for no reason really
  • those hearts just remind him of you
  • ngl yall would be texting nonstop anyway
  • he’s always updating you on what he’s doing so that you could make plans to meet up
  • the teasing will never stop bc it’s just like being in love w/ your dorky best friend who won’t let you live 
  • probably has a list of all the times you’ve embarrassed yourself lmao don’t @ him
  • no lie he’d get jealous when seeing you w/ the other members 
  • esp if you just met them and suddenly they wanna hear all the dirt you have on jae
  • esp if it was doyoung omfg 
  • “lmao ok one time he-”
  • “y/n if another word comes out of your mouth I’m throwing your favorite chocolates in the trash don’t test me”
  • hella clingy sometimes and even does it in public to annoy you or make you blush
  • his hands just kinda snake around your waist and he kinda caresses your tummy through your shirt and omg he smirks bc knows this one thing makes you weak
  • also he never breaks eye contact when you look at him, and just stares at your lips if you’re not saying anything
  • petition to ban jaehyun from doing this
  • his lips are always ready to be kissed tho
  • aka just get on his lap and shut him up by kissing him for a couple hours 
  • trust me he won’t be saying a word afterwards lmaooo
  • having tickle wars every time he wants to cuddle
  • falling asleep in each other’s arms bc he can’t bear sleeping anywhere else 
  • he’d be hella close w/ your parents lol
  • one time he legit told them that he’s gonna marry you and spend the rest of his life w/ you
  • …………….
  • you were only in the bathroom for like 5 minutes how did he
  • late night phone calls!!!!!!!
  • his voice is so husky and worn out when he’s laying on his bed, halfway across the world, cuddling a pillow as he’s talking on the phone bc he can’t put into words how much he misses you in his arms
  • slow dancing to anything w/ you
  • even Elmo’s world theme song when it plays on tv like 
  • ??
  • why tf am I in love w/ you and why does this feel romantic and sweet and omg
  • yall would always have bets on the stupidest things 
  • and they all end in you giving him kisses bc he always wins not bc you let him
  • teases you endlessly but it’s all outta love 
  • plus it’s not like you let him off easy either yikes
  • going on gym dates sounds ideal to him but tbh all you do is watch him bc damn boi
  • he thicc and he knows it
  • not to mention he turns into a puddle of mush when you grab his booty lmao
  • you may or may not have a whole folder on your phone dedicated to its glory
  • fr tho
  • he’s such a loving and sweet guy who deserves the world
  • so keep him safe and loved 💖
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This was originally going to be my present for reaching 10.5k followers, but by the time final exams were over, I managed to reach more than 11,000 beautiful followers!!! This is practically one and a half year’s worth of my writing! Thank you so much for following me and bearing with me on this journey of balancing school, work, my social life, and fan girling, and even just dealing with my crazy delusions. So, this is from me to you. Thanks for following ♡



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Phayte’s Reads for the Week

June 10th Updates

So apparently people were LOVING making me cry this week! Dang it! Some really good stuff this week! Angst, Tears and HAPPINESS all week long!!!!!! 

PLEASE READ TAGS TO THESE STORIES BEFORE PROCEEDING! The authors are AMAZING at tagging their works - Mixed rating through all of these as I read ALL diff ratings through out the week!

If I Can’t Find You There, I Don’t Care -  @the-stoned-ranger - I am so in love with this story and when came to me about when she went to start it, I wasn’t sure, though I know to NEVER doubt what my saltwife writes, it is too perfect, too good. She is fucking amazing! UPDATED THIS WEEK - Four years after Barcelona, Yuri Plisetsky still hasn’t gotten over his awkward teenage crush on Yuuri Katsuki, his married rival-cum-coach. Though he has always longed for something more, Yuri has too much to lose if he acts on his feelings.But all that changes one night in Salt Lake City, when Yuuri accompanies his two young protégés to Skate America without his husband. Salsa dancing and a stolen bottle of scotch lead to the kind of bad decision that changes everything. How will Viktor, Yuuri, and Yuri begin to put themselves back together after it all falls apart?

Bizarre Love Triangle - @blownwish-blog - OtaPliRoy - SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!  Just finished this this morning! Yuri Plisetsky met them both on his knees in the boys’ room. One would stay, the other could not. America was one fucked up country.(The 80s high school au you didn’t ask for.)

Suit Up! - @francowitch - My love can write her ass off and impress me at every moment! - More OtaPliRoy -  When Otabek and JJ are tired of Yuri just playing video games, they Suit Up and have a little fun with their kitten…

Mischievous Friends - @definitelynotadulting - OMG THIS SHOOK ME! - The skaters play Never Have I Ever at Leo’s birthday party and learn what a bad boy quiet Otabek is. Or in which Bad Boy DJ Otabek is Yuri Plisetsky’s aesthetic. 

Yakov Feltsman Defends All of his Ridiculous Children -  preciousbunnynoiz - (Sorry I dont have their Tumblr name)  Yakov holds a press conference and the press is stupidly rude about his skaters. He will not let it stand

Not a random one - @aftgonice - THIS WAS SO GOOD!  He found that those fluffy and sweet fan fictions were starting not to be enough anymore. His feelings for Otabek weren’t of the innocent type, and while he was already used to fantasize about them, he’d gotten so used to actually reading that one day he just slipped. He found a pretty vanilla one, and promised himself that it would be enough. It was a one time thing, it had to be.
It wasn’t.

Unsteady - @victuri-oh-nice - COMPLETE - I am so going to miss this story and reading it every week!  You did so good honey! Loved it!Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.
Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)

Dead Air - @ded-i-am-just-ded - WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?! This fucking thing got in my head and fucked with me in ways I with it HAD NOT! -  You looked me in the eye and lied.

To Have the Tiger by the Tail - @caeseria - TENTACLES! TENTACLES! OMG TENTACLES! (dont kink shame me dammit, lol)  It’s not often that Yuri is caught by surprise, but when he discovers Katsudon doing something he shouldn’t, Yuri’s curiosity gets the better of him.

to be young and in love  - @yours-julie - DAMMIT I LOVE THIS STORY! This made me snot ugly cry and OMG I love this story!  Yuri is stuck in a small town where time stands still, spending his days working in a crappy Diner and dancing his nights away at dodgy clubs, dreaming of the day he can get out & wishing for something interesting to happen.

Just a Little Prick - @accidental-mormon Yuri Plisetsky is a tattoo artist at the locally-famous eros + agape body arts. When Otabek Altin accompanies a coworker for his first tattoo, he finds that it’s not the artwork that draws his eye. [tattoo artist!yuri] [dj!otabek]

A Thorn in the Tiger’s Paw - @theinsanefox - OMG SOOOOOO GOOD! When Yuri falls during practice one day and hurts his knee, he is devastated to find out that he’ll need to take the rest of the season off while he heals.  He quickly finds himself falling into a deep depression so Otabek offers to come stay with him for a few weeks.  Yuri is grateful but still feels like something is off, probably because he misses the ice so badly.

Overload - @lowercasewrites“Yura, are you okay?”Am I crying? Shit I must be. Why the fuck am I crying? He pulls back from my neck to look me in the eyes and make sure everything is alright. He cards his fingers through my hair as I pull myself together. I say the only thing I can think to say.“I love you so much, Beka.”

Smooth Criminal - @victuri-oh-niceWhen Officers Plisetsky and Nikiforov are called to a bar fight, Yuri is not even surprised to find the instigator of the entire thing being none other than Otabek Altin, a known gang member with an outstanding track record. Waiting until the station clears out feels like a waste of time until he can take Otabek for a one-on-one ‘conversation’, if you ask Yuri.

Sorry, Honey - @cherryfeather101 - I was blessed with an amazing gifted work! I am so honored and flattered and loved this! <3 Otabek and Yuri are married, until they’re not.

Still Halrloprillalar (prillalar) -  At competitions, Christophe has an arrangement where he doesn’t know who will show up in his room at night. After the GPF Free Skate, he waits to find out who it will be this time.

a place on Earth, with you - @melonbugg - I swear everyone wants me to cry… they wanna rip my heart and stomp it this week!Yuuri didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die. And he didn’t want to die alone.The world was ending, and they were just two souls, desperate for someone to share their final days with.A Seeking a Friend for the End of the World AU

Born to Lose - @boxwineconfession - Anything HBB I will gagg over and ask for more! The Heart Break Beat Prequel fic nobody asked for.

Who’s the Biggest Dick? - @rodiniaorzetalthepenquin -  This is TOO CUTE for words! She always amazes me with her stuff!  Leo finds an article that causes many giggles, some speculation, a fight, and Yuri to start questioning his life choices.

Shake Things Up - @aftgoniceOtabek and Yuri are out to dinner with some of their fellow skaters. Yuri is bored. Otabek “helps”.

High Noon - (shit, there are so many of you… I hope I get this right) @lovelytitania - @cleardye - @evermoredeath - @father-nikiforov - @linnorm  - @proserpineceres - @sebuckwheat - Yall are fucking crazy and I love you all! Mysterious thing, an unstable plot. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Again! If you write something! I wanna read it! I had some great ones rec’d to me this week! I hope you enjoy these amazing pieces! <3 <3 <3 

James Potter x Reader - Skinny Dipping

Omg guys I am so sorry for not updating!

Anyways, I can’t believe I have written something like this. My face is a whole new shade of red

If you don’t like this stuff, I suggest you not reading it.


Gryffindor after Quidditch parties were always, let’s say, interesting. Someone would often get very drunk, to the point where that person would randomly split out all of his secrets. Sometimes it would be good to split your secrets out at one of those parties. Like that time when Frank Longbottom confessed to Alice. The feeling was of course mutual and they ended up snogging one of the corners.
(Y/N) wasn’t really a fan of those parties herself, but her friends somehow have gotten her to go. Mainly her best friend Anna, since the two got along the most. It was no secret that famous Lily Evans wasn’t so impressed with two Gryffindor girls. Maybe it was because they were friends with infamous Marauders, or because of that one time when (Y/N) spilled pumpkin juice all over Lily’s favourite shirt.
Currently, the (blonde, brunette etc.) was checking her look in the mirror. She was wearing (f/c) dress that got just about her knees and showed all of her curves the right way. The female previously lighty curled her (h/c) hair. She had a (favourite colour nail polish) on and a silver bracelet around her right wrist.
“You look nice.” Turning around, (Y/N) spotted Anna smiling at her. The brunette girl had bloody red dress similar to her friend’s. She was wearing silver necklace around her neck.
“Same goes to you too. Shall we head downstairs?” Smirking (Y/N) asked the girl that stood before her. Anna smirked in return and started playing with a lock of her brown hair.
“And amaze Miss Evans with our look? Gladly!” Chuckling, the two girls linked their arms together and exited their comfy dorm room.
Downstairs, in the common room, was pretty loud. Everyone looked like they were having a really good time. There were a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, but (Y/N) didn’t spot any Slytherin in the crowd. The two spotted some of their closest friends, like Alice and Mary. Although they were more on Lily’s side, they didn’t mind (Y/N)’s and Anna’s company. Shortly after, Anna went to talk to Sirius and get him away from those crazy lovesick girls. (Y/N) mentally chuckled. ‘Anna and Sirius bicker like an old married couple yet they won’t admit their love for each other’ she thought. Remus came to talk to her about that Potion test that was next Wednesday. While talking to him, (h/c) girl was scanning the crowd for a familiar dork with glasses. And she found him.
But, James Potter, her long time crush, was talking to Lily. He was trying to get her to go on one date with him, while (Y/N) yearned for him to ask her on one. Lily was showing him away with some mean comebacks as usual. Then, James took her by the waist and their faces were almost kissing, much to (Y/N)’s dislike. She was frowning and noticing it, Remus stopped talking. He followed her gaze and ended looking at James and Lily. Remus and Anna were the only two people that knew of (Y/N)’s crush. He felt a little sorry for the (blonde, brunette etc.) but he sadly couldn’t do anything. James was helplessly in love with Lily.
(Y/N) quickly turned away her gaze. She was thinking about getting drunk, so she could forget him at least until the morning. Next to Remus and her was table filled with random drinks like firewhiskey, butterbear and such. Grabbing a bottle of firewhiskey, she let a big swallow of cold alcohol through her throat. That one followed three more and she was slowly feeling a little tipsy. She failed to notice that after she turned her gaze, Lily slapped James and walked angrily away. With a hold on his extremely red cheek, he sadly got himself to (Y/N) and Remus. James had, in (Y/N)’s opinion cute, pout on his face at which Remus rolled his eyes.
“Got a slap again Prongs?” Remus asked him. James nodded. He noticed that (Y/N) back was turned directly to him, so he gently tapped her on the shoulder. She sharply turned around, glaring at him. She had a half-empty bottle of firewhiskey in her left hand, while her right hand was busy adjusting a lock of her (h/c). Her dress was a little down, showing more of her chest. Maybe it was the fact that she was on a way to be drunk and didn’t notice, but James found her appearence rather sexy. Smirking in amusement, he took a hold of (Y/N)’s waist.
“I think it’s a little too crowded here love. How about getting outside on fresh air with me?” James whispered in her ear. (Y/N) however, didn’t mind it. She even pressed her back against his chest more, not even frustrated about the whole situation.
“Whatever you say babe.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) lazily responded. She took his hand and headed towards the exit of the tower. From the other corner of the room, Anna saw the two. She hit Sirius on the back of his head and brought thee idiot and herself next Remus.
“Can I ask what the fuck just happened?” She whisper-yelled to Remus. The sandy haired boy was shaking his head in disapproval. Sirius lazily rubbed the place where Anna has hit him and looked at her.
“What’s the problem love? Let them have some fun.”
“Taking advantage of (Y/N)’s drunken state isn’t funny at all Sirius.” Remus answered him.
“He’s taking advantage of her?! I’m going to beat the hell out of James!” Anna yelled this time, trying to get to the exit. However, Sirius caught her and brought her on his shoulder.
“Not tonight love. We’re going to my room.” Sirius smirked and slapped her ass lightly. The poor girl angrily yelped in surprise, but she couldn’t get out of his grip.

-    Outside     -
After drinking her fifth bottle that night, (Y/N) threw it onto the nearby tree. The bottle smashed into millions of shiny glass pieces. The girl laughed loudly at it and looked at her companion. James was laying against a tree, looking at the night sky. The two were outside the castle, laying on the grass beside the Black Lake. It was James’s idea to come there. He said it was a very peaceful place, especially at night. (Y/N) didn’t complain. She just let him drag her whenever. To her it is good as long as she’s with him.
It could be said now that (Y/N) is drunk. Not fully yet, but drunk yes. James was a bit tipsy, nothing more. He didn’t quite catch a lot of drinks tonight. He expected it to be a night where he would get drunk with Sirius as usual. But he didn’t mind being here with (Y/N). 
He dropped his look at the lake. An idea suddenly popped into his mind, and thinking about his companions state, he knew she wouldn’t refuse.
“Hey (N/N)?”
“Want to go skinny dipping?”
“Sure Jamesie.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) said with a playful wink. She momentary stood up, pulling her dress over her head. James actually sat there shocked. (Y/N) wouldn’t do something like this in her sober state, that’s for sure. She threw her dress on the grass and his look fell on her. She was wearing a black bra with matching panties to it, and damn she was sexy. When she was getting of her shoes, their look met. She smirked and walked towards his sitting form.
“Come on babe. Undress yourself or would you prefer me to undress you?” With a wink, (Y/N) unbuttoned first three buttons of his shirt. James got to his senses and undressed himself. He was now only in his boxers and the glasses stayed on.
Licking her lips, (Y/N) got out of her underwear, throwing both of it at his head. She ran into rather cold water with loud splashes. James didn’t get a chance to see her naked, she ran away too fast. When she wasn’t looking, he got out of his boxers and into the freezing cold water.
(Y/N) splashed him into face. He covered himself before water got to his glasses. The (blonde, brunette etc.) laughed. She got closer to him, her finger playing across his muscular chest. Before he got her hand, she walked deeper into the water. He followed after. The water was now right in the heights of their shoulders.
“Hm, the water is rather cold. Tell me James, would you embrace me so I won’t catch a cold?” James blinked at her question. That blink was soon replaced with a big smirk. He approached (Y/N) hugging her by the waist from behind. Her back was pressed to his chest once again. Her breath got harder and James smirked in victory. (Y/N) didn’t want to let him win, that’s for sure. However, her eyes got wide once she felt something long and hard press to her ass.
The girl bit her lip, unsure of the whole situation. That insecurity got away when James started kissing her neck. She positioned her neck in a better so he could get more of it. Licking and kissing her soft (s/c) neck, he found a place where she tensed. ‘Bingo’ he thought. James started sucking on it and a purple hickie. Leaning back he let her to face him. 
(Y/N) went up and kissed him roughly on the lips. The taste of strong firewhiskey was felt in their kiss by both of them. Parting away for air, James put his hands on her hips. 
He whispered quickly. (Y/N) didn’t ask. A simple jump followed after and it allowed her to wrap her legs around his waist. They had a passionate make out until James pulled away. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him. Later, she felt how he positioned himself on her entrance. A look of shock was on her face. She hugged him closely, muttering:
“Just be gentle”
He kissed her neck in a response and in intention for her not to feel the pain. It wasn’t how he planned it as she let out not-so-quiet sound of pain. That pain rushed through her body for a few moments, until it was replaced with a pure pleasure. She was motioning for James to went harder and harder until…
“(Y/N) I’m gonna-“ 
“Yeah me too”
“Can I-“
“Be free to”
She interrupted every single one of his sentences. He came inside her and she moaned loudly, with him soon joining in. Although they were wet, they quickly got into their clothes and ran towards the castle. On the way to the common room they exchanged a kiss after kiss, until Fat Lady begged them to stop it. 
The common room was a complete mess, but no one was around. On the clock it read 2AM and James was too tired to go to his room. He laid himself simply on the couch and opened his arms for (Y/N) to come. She gladly ran to him and they went to sleep like that.
The next morning as the sunlight got into the messy common room, Anna made her way downstairs. She was wearing nothing but a simple shirt that Sirius wore last night and her shoes. The brunette girl scanned common room curiously, until her eyes fell on one pair. They were snuggled together cutely in her opinion. Sirius came after her in only pants. He yawned a few times and looked at the two.
James and (Y/N) probably heard them, as they started waking up themselves. James kissed her head lovingly.
“Morning love” He muttered in her hair for only her to hear. (Y/N) chuckled at him. She stood up, in intention to get more decent clothes. Anna noticed something and laughed loudly. Sirius joined shortly.
“Why are you walking funny?” 
“Prongs had balls after all to get you laid”
“Dear Sirius, he didn’t. We went skinny dipping.” (Y/N) winked at them playfully until a huge headache came. She groaned, pushing the two away so she could get to her room.

So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

Originally posted by sf9

He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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anonymous asked:

write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

i did two parts bc i did a lot of ppl! ppl are tagged in alphabetical order dfjskfn also i hope y'all can guess your number 🚶🚶🚶


@01bri @1aju @1oveful @2blushy @chanilovehours @doyoung @fruittxt @himlo @jenolees @junghwasgf

01 - omg we were JUST talking today… we always hit each other up for drama its p funny sjdfksldj i love hearing them talk just in general. they have a lot of good energy and it makes me happy that they like me enough to like. willingly hit me up i think thats really cute and i love that… also theyre always going to concerts and i think thats really cute i hope they hve a really good time :( they always have my back n i love talking to them !! angel 

02 - my sweetheart!!! they’re really the funniest we used to talk ALL the time before school started :( i miss them a lot but honestly i love when they spam me with notifs :’) jsdfkjsd i remember when we first met n we talked about divergent and the bts visual novel it was HONESTLY really iconic… they’re a year under me but honestly it feels like we’ve known each other for a while !! they have a lot of love in their heart and their love for a certain few ppl (starting w t) is so sweet :( i love how we both procrastinate and stay up until like 2 for everything anyway ily and i miss u! 

03 -  omg.. i feel like they’re my younger sister… i really don’t deserve such a ray of sunshine! whenever i’m down they always send me the sweetest asks and messages and once they even told me abt their day out of nowhere i just thought that was really cute :( they’re ALWAYS cheering me on and it is really really sweet !! they make me rlly happy nsdfkjsd even just seeing their asks that start with “GIRL!!!” yea :’) they’re the brightest star w the cutest personality

04. we talked for like four hours about grapes once and that’s how we became friends… uhh i love them a LOT !!! they are really so kind and supportive and we get along really well?? they have a callout list for me kjdfdsf honestly we have a lot of inside jokes and it’s really cute. they changed my opinion abt taureans (U SHOULD KNOW WHO U ARE BY NOW .. ) and i just love how we can talk about anythin????? also your sleep schedule is SUPER screwed up but its chill bc that means we can talk more ndfkjsdkf i love you angel !! 

05. i will LITERALLY never forget the time i was feeling like absolute SHIT and they took the time to write out like an ESSAY for me and it’s saved and screenshotted and immortalized forever in my heart it really meant a lot for someone to like. take the time out to do that for me and im so grateful…we don’t even post the same content anymore but they always interact w my posts and check up on me and send me asks… i love them a lot lot lot! on my old blog they’d send me the cutest asks too im grateful and lucky to have them in my life :’) 

06. they know who they are !! my one n only!! we talk every single day and somehow they don’t get sick of me which is a feat in of itself. super creative and caring and empathetic and strong and selfless and just? a really good person. they have the biggest heart and the most love to give. they’re also really hard on themselves :( my biggest cheerleader n the love of my life.. if you haven’t figured out who you are yet i’ll send jeno over to talk some sense into you (*tell you he loves you)

07. soooo soft :( everything about them is soft!! they hav a lot of love for a certain bunny boy and they’re always always tagging ppl in things i think it’s so unbelievably kind. they’re always spreading kindness and joy and is such a ray of sunshine!! i really really lov them a lot ! 

08. o man where do i start?? they’re really full of a lot of love… they’re always love posting abt their best friend and that really makes me so happy that they have such a positive good person in their life… anyway we always send each other cute asks periodically to check on each other & we’re always helping each other out when we go through emo moods… anyway they’re applying to college at the same time i am and i remember stressing out abt it with them but i KNOW we’ll both be fine i lovve them :’)

09. seriously a big source of support for me even if we don’t talk on the daily!! they always have really good advice to give and even when like. No Advice Can Be Given they’re always lending an listening ear. they’re really cute i love how mature they are !! besides giving rlly insightful n thoughtful advice.. uh they’re just a rockstar! they’re a little bit younger than me but they always try their best and help others out and it’s really admirable. plus they said they love making playlists and i just thought that was the cutest thing :/

10. we haven’t had a lot of conversations together but theyre really just the sweetest :( ever :( i was going through a hard time n they sent me so many sweet asks and messages. its always nice to know there are ppl who care abt u and this person is just SO caring in general!! they’re always tagging ppl in sweet things and doing their best and it is much appreciated !! much like their name they rlly are. the best and the brightest <3



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11. UGH another sweetheart … they’re always sending me the sweetest long asks checking up on me and they’re always interacting n communicating and talking abt stuff they’re passionate abt it i really love it ?????? i miss talking to them !! they would send me the cutest dog pictures :( i always see them around spreading love and happiness and warmth .. they have a lot of love and compassion in their heart. i always look forward to their asks and replies!!

12.  my EVERYTHING!!!! i saw their selfies like yesterday n they rlly knocked my socks off imagine being so pretty!!!! they are really an icon it was so cute talking to them abt our wedding :/ they’re a lot of fun they go from super soft to super funny and like, theyre either loveposting or talking about furries i think its the funniest thing ever. anyway they’re a total sweetheart n the best hyuck stan so yeah ! i love love

13. omg …. they’re SO considerate they’re always tagging me in those “associate ur mutuals with” posts and it’s honestly really cute ??? they have my kidneys and my left lung and my Whole heart :( the biggest sweetest tae stan ! super sweet and lovely and funny !!! we don’t talk a lot but i’m always cheering them on behind the scenes!! they always interact w my not funny stupid posts and hype me up theyre just. really great to be with and im grateful to b mutuals 

14. i’ve known you the longest!!!!!!!! i have all ur jk fics saved omg :( you’re the sweetest bean and i love talking to you.. even tho we don’t talk on the regular anymore it’s always so sweet hearing from you and i love how we always update each other when smthing important happens in our lives!!!! i love watching the videos u send ur voice is rlly the cutest n i remember the first tme i heard it i started crying anyway i still have your christmas card saved and i love you a whole freaking lot im still waiting to go on a date with u :( my tall gf

15. UH we literally talk and just. gush over how cute girls are …. jsfdasdf we ALWAYS tell each other beef no matter what sfjdsk they really have such a caring n chill personality. we think alike so it’s really nice telling them abt things i need help with because i always get a good second perspective on it… they’re always here to listen to me (even late at night when they have work the next day)… they’re a bit like my older sister i trust them a lot !! i really love how they always update me on things even tho i SUCK ass at messaging so :) anyway i love them a lot (move to california sooner!) 

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19.  mMmMmMm i remember i thought they hated me and then it turns out they didn’t and i was SO relieved bc they’re so sweet and funny and :( just a really great person. they did a lil astrology analysis for me and it was so spot on i’d trust them with my life and my savings and my posterity…. uhhh they have a heart of gold they’re always looking out for others and trying their best n it’s really admirable. they also have such a good sense of humor!! a treasured mutual who owns my heart :( 

lost in a big city - Calum

Pairing: y/n & calum

Words: 1121

requested: no

warnings: sfw

summary: y/n gets lost in a big city and after a long while she finally finds her boyfriend

Originally posted by popecalum

Waking up this morning it seemed like a good idea exploring the country you were currently in while Calum did band stuff.

Now as you were sat on a bench in the middle of Italy you were feeling anxious and scared. Your phone was dead and you had no way of contacting Calum as you had stupidly spent the money you had on coffee.

Getting up from the seat you felt tears prick at your eyes and you weren’t sure what to do.

You had always had a problem of beginning anxious at even the thought of being lost, so being in a country that you barely knew anything about scared you.

“y/n!?!” You heard a voice asked with slight nervousness. Turning to the sound you were faced with someone you had never met before.

“Um hello?” You asked a little confused.

“Hi I’m a huge fan of 5sos, are you okay? I saw you before and you seem a little nervous” She asked with such worry in her voice, it was too cute.

“I’m not really sure what to do, I’m lost and have no way to call Cal,” You said as you began feeling nervous again, not even knowing what the times is.

“omg what, how long have you been lost for,” She asked as she looked at her watch for the time.

“I have no clue what the time is” I said and she quickly replied saying it was 4:00pm.

“4 oh no the concert will start soon and Cal won’t be able to pick me up and I’ll be lost forever” I cried out as I began worrying.

“Ok here’s what we’ll do, we’ll try and get a hashtag trending and maybe you can come with me to the concert and then after that you can try to find him?” She asked as she randomly said a plan.

“Sure let’s do that,” I said trusting the girl who I had only just met.

As we found once again another bench she logged onto her twitter and took a selfie of us with the hashtag #Calwefoundy/n and tried to tag as many updates account as she could.

“Would he be looking for you right now?” She asked.

“No, because he probably thinks I’m back at the hotel and I generally don’t see him until before or after the concert,” I said making my nerves worse again.

two hours later and we were walking to the arena as we knew that none of the security would believe I’m Calum’s girlfriend.

“OMG IT"S Y/F/N AHHHHH” You heard screams of fans as they all came running up to you with cameras. Making sure you didn’t loose the girl’s hand who was helping you, you both linked arms as you took selfies with the girls.

“Y/n why is there a hashtag trending of cal we found y/n,” A girl asked.

“Long story, got lost and my phone died and just if it wasn’t for this life saver I’d probably still be out in the middle of Italy having no clue what to do,” You said as all the girls gushed to the other girl.

As the security at the front began letting girls in you were just in general tired and just wanted to hug Cal and wish him a good show.

Once you arrived at the ticket booth you seemed to forget that you didn’t have a ticket and you weren’t allowing any of the fans who offered theirs to give them away. “Don’t worry I’ll just chill out here for the next couple hours” You laughed away the sadness feeling bad for missing Calum’s show.

For what felt like forever you picked at your nails and hummed at the faint sound you could hear from the concert as you sat alone in the cold air. To make matters worst you didn’t even have a jumper to keep you warm from cold.

As you felt the rain start to pour you tried to find a little shelter but were now shivering cold and really wanted to see Calum.

The next few minutes you heard no sound before girls became running out the doors gushing to each other about how hot the boys were in person and how wonderful they sounded.

“Y/n you’re soaking” You heard a girl say as you looked and saw the girl from earlier, that you had found out her name was Bianca.

“What do we do now?” You asked as you looked at the building Calum was in right now probably really confused with your absence, especially since you had been gone since 10 this morning.

After 10 minutes of walking around the arena, Bianca had to leave but you wrote her twitter name on your hand so you could get the boys to follow her as a thank you.

At this point, you were beginning to worry as you guessed it was probably around 11 o'clock and you hadn’t eaten since around 1:00 and it was safe to say you were starving and tired and just in pain from all this walking.

“Y/n!” You heard a man shout your name as you looked up and saw Dave running up to you. “Why aren’t you with the boys, their worried sick,” He says as you both began walking to where you could finally see Calum.

“I got lost and my phone died and I..I..I” you stuttered as the pain of today finally caught up with you and you couldn’t help crying your eyes out.

“Don’t worry, now we’ve found you and you don’t have to worry” He said as you finally saw the doors that would lead you to Calum.

“He’s in the dressing room,” Dave said as he left and you walked the few steps to the dressing room and took a few breaths before opening the door.

“Y/N where were you!?” He asked as he saw you entered the room but didn’t rush to hug you like you previously hoped he would.

“I got l-lost and my phone died and I-I-I was just lost and didn’t know what to do” As you cried and he ran up to you, knowing at this moment all you needed was a hug and some kisses.

“baby, I’m not mad I was just worried, you’re okay now and nothing happened,” He said as he hugged you again and kissed your forehead.

“Cal can we have something to eat, I haven’t eaten since 1,” You said as you looked at him.

“Babe you haven’t eaten in so long,” He said as he put way too much on a plate, but you couldn’t care as you had your boyfriend back and that was all you needed right now.



Imagine #25 || Request #9

Another Kolvina gif ♥ :”> Hope you guys like it! I also considered this as an imagine where Isaac also tells you that you’re his anchor :”> (boy, I’d like to be his anchor T_T) I love you guys that’s why I try to update with new imagines everyday-or maybe every few hours LOL ;D Don’t forget to vote on the imagines on wattpad, kay? Sorry for any errors! I have my own imagines already cooking ;) Hope the end is fluff enough.

btw! Doesn’t Brett Talbot look hotter this season or is it just me?Hope they bring Isaac back because my heart is still broken coz he left. 

another btw! I just noticed we’ve reacked 1k here omg happy 1k guys! I’m gonna try and post the next imagine as soon as as a celebration ♥ ILY PEOPLE!


You were in so much disbelief right now.

Looking at the angry werewolf in front of you, you tried to keep your breathing calm despite being in so much pain-emotionally. You didn’t know what made Isaac so angry because usually when you talk to other people-specifically guys-he wouldn’t mind at all or he won’t even take notice of it. What was so different with today?

“Isaac, you know I don’t flirt!”

“Right,” Isaac agreed sarcastically. “I can see you doing it from afar, you know.”

“Hey!” You snapped at him. “You of all people should know that it isn’t in my nature to flirt when I’m in a relationship.”

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EXO’s Reaction to Finding Out Their Daughter Has An Abusive Boyfriend

@lovelygroovywerewolf Here you go, hon! I’m sorry I took so long with this. ^-^

Also, to everyone, I’m SO sorry I have been so incredibly inactive the past couple days. I’ve been super busy with holiday planning, so hopefully after the next couple of days, I’ll be able to update more frequently. That being said, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! I hope you have a wonder-filled holiday, full to the brim with all sorts of joy and good times~♥

Baekhyun: would have a hard time handling a situation like this. He’d be bursting with hateful words about your boyfriend, but he’d likely know that him spewing such things wouldn’t help the situation, so he’d try to refrain from doing so.

Chanyeol: wouldn’t even give you a choice in the matter. As his daughter, he’d all-but-forbid you to see that boy again. He’d hate that he hadn’t noticed the situation before it got out of hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize before…But, you can’t see him anymore. I won’t sit by and pretend everything’s okay between you two!”

Chen: would be trying his best to convince you that you deserve someone better than your current boyfriend. He’d understand that it’s a shitty situation to be in, but it would kill him to see his daughter in such a position.

D.O: honestly would not know how to proceed with this situation. It’d take every ounce of self control not to completely lose his shit on someone who was brave enough to abuse his daughter, but he’d know that may just make things worse. He seriously seems like the type of father that wouldn’t hesitate to get outside help in this scenario.

Kai: would convince you that you could do so much better than a guy like that. He’d play up all of the great traits about you, building your confidence so you can leave the guy. “You’re smart and beautiful, and you can land someone so much better than him.”

Kris: would be absolutely livid that some messed up kid would dare to lay a hand on his daughter. He’d probably be the kind of father that would confront the kid about it, scaring the living daylights outta him. “Who the hell do you think you are? Laying a hand on a woman is bad enough, but you chose my daughter? Bad move, kiddo.”

Lay: would be absolutely broken when he found out. Sure, he knew he could be a bit of a space cadet from time-to-time, but how could he miss something that was likely so obvious? He’d partly blame himself for not being able to step in sooner, but he’d focus on your comfort, regardless. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you before now, I wish you would’ve told me earlier. But from now on, I won’t let him lay a single finger on you, okay? I promise.”

Luhan: Omg, your boyfriend would be in for the rudest awakening ever. Luhan wouldn’t bother restraining himself in the slightest if he saw your boyfriend after he had found out that he was abusive. He’d honestly bitch him out and, even though Luhan’s on the small side, he’d likely put a good scare into the kid. “My daughter deserves so much better than your sorry ass! Don’t bother even talking to her from now on, she’s going to find someone to treat her right!”

Sehun: would honestly be super bothered by the entire situation. He would’ve thought that he had raised a smarter daughter and wouldn’t understand why you would stay with someone who abuses you. “Why would you stay with such a jerk? Surely you know better.”

Suho: would be the type of father to encourage you to leave him, even going so far as to offer to tag along with you, knowing that you may just be afraid of the consequences of breaking it off with him. “It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll be by your side, and I won’t let anything more happen to my little baby~”

Tao: I’ve said this before, but there’s definitely reasons that Tao has Wushu experience under his belt, and this is a moment that may help him. Not that he’d blatantly whip the boy’s ass, but if you weren’t willing to break up with your boyfriend, Tao would keep a close eye from then onward, being totally ready to jump in if need be.

Xiumin: would know immediately when shit started happening, but he’d wait for you to come to him with your problems, since he didn’t want to be a pushy father. When you felt comfortable talking to him about it, he’d remain calm, listening intently to your trembling voice. “If you’re scared, just know that you don’t have to worry. You’re my daughter. I love you and I’ll protect you with everything I’ve got.”



Okay so i blogged this before but in-light of recent events i need to update it (http://ishouldreallydosomethingabout-a.tumblr.com/post/103665815424/pll-figured-out) and I didn’t want to ruin the other one because that maybe right… 

Okay so, it has been confirmed that there are a set of twins in PLL, I think these twins are Mrs Dilaurentis and Mrs Cavanaugh…look how similar they look!

In the story Ali tells on Halloween about the two little girls, she is telling the story of her mum and Marion Cavanaugh.

Obviously Marion Cavanaugh survived but I think that’s why she drinks and acts so depressed when she is older because she is really damaged by her psyco sister, Mrs Dilaurentis.

Remember how creepy Mrs D was in that episode where she snuck into Spencers room! She’s crazy and should be locked in Radley, but instead her sister got put in because Mrs D convinced everyone Marion was the crazy one (like how Alison and Courtney get mixed up in the books)

That’s why Mrs D was on the board at Radley, so she could keep an eye on her sister.

Next, onto Bethany Young who I think is Mrs Cavanaughs daughter, that’s why Mrs D wanted Bethany to call her Auntie Jessie! because she literally is her aunt! It would also explain the two yellow dresses Ali found as a kid

Mrs D brought one for her niece as well as her daughter, but i’m betting she never told her husband about her crazy family so she hid them

EDIT: thanks to http://she-knows-too-much-a.tumblr.com/ for the image and can i just say i love how they wrapped the baby in a yellow blanket, but anyway, firstly i think its possible this baby is Bethany- yellow is her favourite colour, the filmer could be Marion? and i think the boys are Toby and Jason. Mrs D only tells one of them to kiss their sister which makes me think only one of them is her brother, we all know Jason is 7 years older than Ali and in this picture the boys cant be more than 4/5 which makes it impossible.

I think the reasons she is called Bethany Young are:

  1. Because, like in the books, everyone in Rosewood is conscious of their image and Mrs D didn’t want anyone finding out Bethany was mentally ill (mental illness can run in families, she probably didn’t want anyone getting suspicious)
  2. As Mrs D was on the board of Radley she admitted Bethany under a fake name so she could keep an eye on her too, also maybe family members couldn’t both be together if they shared the same illness.

I think her real name may be Christine because on the visitors list to the blind school we see someone called Chris Cavanaugh, after all Jenna would be her half sister

EDIT: this is such an amaing pick up by http://plliarsanonymous.tumblr.com/ when Jenna is moving in with Toby the box on the top left says ‘Jenna and Bethanys room’!!!!!!!!

 and again on the dental patient records we see C. Cavanaugh

EDIT: omg i just realised this but C.Cavanaugh/Chirs, these names are so similar to Charles!!!! Bethany is Charles.

This would also make her Toby’s sister/ half sister, we all know Bethany drew creepy pictures of demons, well according to prettylittlesecretsinthewoods, in season 1 episode 5, Toby is also drawing pictures of demons…

This could be a serious clue as to their connection! Also I just read that apparently Marlene posted a picture of a boy and posted brother

I googled it and i’m not sure if this is it but I think so, anyway I know Toby isn’t black but he’s the only character who really wears those checked shirts and I they cant make it too obvious, and the doll behind looks like a boy but if they were both boys then wouldn’t Marlene have written Brothers? Maybe she just has her hair tied up or short hair? Also the general idea is that Bethany has some sort of deformity and the blonde doll is missing a finger!

EDIT: i knew that blonde doll was a girl!!! these pictures are from the finale

this picture was in Arias fake room

this is from -A’s lair/vault, theyre the same dolls!!!!

Once Marion was put in Radley again, Mrs D stopped her from being able to see her son, Toby, maybe because she thought she was an unfit mother, or maybe because as the twin story goes they resented each-other so Jessica Dilaurentis wanted to punish her sister. In S04E04, Toby talks to Marion’s old doctor. He said “She hated being away from you, but there were forces that were just too much for her” the forces being Mrs D

In the first picture Bethany draws a demon stealing a boy, I think Bethany drew this as a depiction of Mrs D (the demon) keeping Toby (the boy) from Marion Cavanaugh (the woman in the dress running after them).

The second is Mrs Cavanaugh falling from the roof at Radley, you can see the woman is wearing the same dress as in the first picture, Mrs D and Marion had a fight, probably about Mrs D not letting Marion see Toby, and Mrs D, being crazy, pushed Marion out of the window, she claimed it was suicide but Bethany saw it, which is why she hated her and drew this…it would make sense as Jessica D lied about the suicide…

Mrs D tried to apologise to Bethany by being kind to her and buying her a pony but Bethany wanted to hurt Mrs D like Mrs D hurt her.

So Bethany becomes the first -A (she dosent actually use the -A thing yet) and begins to send Ali creepy dolls/ messages like “its my turn to torture you”,

We all used to think that it was someone that Ali used to be mean to but I think its like Bethany saying, your mum tortured my family so now i’m going to torture you. From Bethanys picture of Mrs D watering the roses

it shows Bethany knew what the Dilaurentis house looked like, (look at the porch area! its exactly the same!) I think Bethany drew herself as the monster because she is going to become Mrs D’s demon.

She knew because she had been spying on them (Mrs D definitely wouldn’t risk taking Bethany to Rosewood, she knew how dangerous that could be) then on Halloween, Bethany escapes to torture Ali some more…

We see a Radley car outside the old house where Ali leads the girls to ‘test’ them. I think Bethany stole the car in order to escape Radley because she knew what was going to happen that night so she hid in the house to wait for Ali. I think she dressed as that creepy doll, you can see the person is wearing gloves, Bethany could have dressed as a caretaker or janitor to get out of Radley un-suspected because you can see that they just have a black top on and not the matching costume. Then she scares Ali in the Halloween costume shop, after sending her the “im watching you” message to let Ali know things are getting serious. Then later, she attacks Ali in the house when Ali thinks its Noel, and sends her the last message of that night, “dying to know who I am? You’ll find out soon” and starts the whole -A thing, to show she is dangerous.

Which brings us to the night Ali went missing, according to Ali we see Mrs D on the phone she is looking out the window really worried and she says “how could this happen” “I don’t understand”

I think that she’s on the phone with Radley, they are calling her to tell her that Bethany has escaped, that’s why she tells Ali “I do not want you going out tonight” she’s scared that something will happen to her. The phone rings for a second time and she asks if there is any news and says she is worried at tells them to send someone, like send a search party.

Ali gets really scared about -A after she gets the message saying that she is going to die on that night,

Although Alison didn’t remember I think somehow Bethany knew about the two yellow dresses, its clear from the lipstick on the mirror that Bethany was in Alis room so why couldn’t she have planted the top there too?

Bethany forged a letter from Alis mum to make sure Ali wore the yellow top. In this recent episode in the recording of Bethany Young she says “She’s not the only one who can make plans” I don’t think this evil bitch Bethany keeps referring to is Alison, I think its Mrs D, after all Mrs D did murder her mum, Bethany then made her own plans to make Mrs D suffer.

Then, as she told the girls she went round trying to figure out who it was before it was too late. However, she changed the ending, we all know ali bases her lies on the truth, so here is what really happened, credit to SpencersBarn.Tumblr for the upcoming images…

After Ali and Spencer have the argument Spencer goes home, leaving the shovel in-between the Dilaurentis and Hastings houses

We all know Cece was dressed the same as ali that night, as jason saw her, I think Cece is a double agent, she is pretending to be friends with Alison but is actually working with Bethany, keep your friends close but your enemies closer right! Also, after all the people who have told the girls how much Cece hated them and Alison and blamed them for her getting kicked out of UPEN why would she be BFF’s with Ali? Also we all know Cece went to Radley dressed as Alison, my bet is Bethany mistook Cece for Alison and when crazy on her, Cece explained she wasn’t Ali but hated her too and Viola! An alliance is formed. 

So anyway, Cece dressed the same to confuse Ali and distract her 

Ali is looking at cece confused then…

Bethany thought she killed Alison and left her body there to be found by Mrs D

But, Melissa finds Ali and after seeing Spencer go after her with a shovel buries her to protect Spencer.

Using her powers Mrs Grunwald knew something was wrong,

Alison leaves the car because she was scared she would be vulnerable in hospital

This is where Ali lied about Mona finding her, you can see that she isn’t walking down a random road its her own drive. 

Mrs D is happy because she thinks she has found Bethany, but actually Bethany lured Sarah Harvey to Rosewood that night encase her plan went wrong.

Furious, Alison lifts the shovel

and hit Sarah in the head

Ali is still standing after the shot of a blonde (Sarah) falling to the ground…

Mrs D is shocked that her daughter was capable of that


once ali falls, mrs d becomes distraught

Then trying to protect her daughter

Mrs D then burries Sara thinking it was Bethany while asking ali, “what did you do” and helps ali run away. I think it was then that Mrs D told Alison about the whole Bethany thing, that’s why when Alison was telling the girls her version of the nights events she said “A made it clear if she wanted to kill me she could”, so Alison knew Bethany was the first -A but thought she was dead which is why she never knew who the -A after Mona was. Who else would Mrs D be protecting than her own daughter. Also in the episode -A is for answers the girls tell Ali they think her mum stole the game from Mona, and then comment on how she isn’t surprised, Ali may have thought her mum stole the game in order to protect her.

That’s why when Holbrook came to Mrs D telling her “Mrs Dilaurentis "were not certain your daughters in that grave” she acts so shady, because she knows its not! Normally if a mother who has lost a child finds out that there is a chance that they are alive they would be so happy but Mrs D just says “well I am” Also, we all know Mrs D never did a proper identification of the body she said the yellow top was enough, it’s because she felt so guilty for murdering someone.

However, Mrs D saw Spencer go after Ali with a shovel, and realised that she could protect herself and Ali by going to Mr Hastings. Mr Hastings didn’t want Jessica going to the police and ruining his daughters life (he had some dirt on Jessica so blackmailed her into silence…maybe he knew about Marion?) which, unbeknown to Peter Hastings, worked on Jessicas behalf too. That’s why Peter says to Mrs D “the police are still asking pointed questions about Spencer, do we still have an understanding?”

But then Melissa tells her dad she was the one who actually killed Bethany Young (or so she thought, she actually only buried Ali who survived), so Peter tells her to run away, hence Melissa going to London. 

When Alison returned Bethany, not realising Alison already knew about her had to kill Mrs D to stop her spilling about Bethany. Maybe Mrs D had worked out she was alive, that’s what the email was about.

The girls are -A free for a year, which Bethany used to get surgery to fix her deformity, change her hair and become…LESLEY! Listen to the most recent recording of Bethany from Radley, they sound exactly the same! That’s why Lesley wanted the book from Mona’s room because she knew it contained the tape and she couldn’t have anyone finding it, but because Mike made such a big scene Hanna followed Lesley around and made sure she put the book back, so Lesley had no time to look for the tape. That was the relevance of Hanna’s flashback that episode, it’s not Alison who changed so noone would notice her, its Bethany, she changed her hair and wore glasses and called herself Lesley so she could secretly spy on everyone! Until they find Sarah’s body, Bethany realises she has to make it look like Sarah is her so she she corrupts the files, by making it look like she is dead so noone is looking for her or suspects her, and she is free from Radley, she then goes about recruiting all of Alison’s victims because they are easy targets, however she remains anonymous to them. She befriends Mona that summer as Lesley (Mona dosen’t know she is Uber -A). Then Maya moves into the Dilaurentis house and finds Ali’s diaries while clearing out, then Alison goes back looking for her diaries, she cant have them falling into the wrong hands (Spencer sees Ali from her window the Pilot) But Maya sees Ali, she finds out so much that she has to run away “MAYA KNEW” Alison was alive. Maya then worked for Alison. analyzinga realised that the bag Ali took with her when she ran away was at the Khans cabin around the time Maya was there I think she met Alison.

I think that’s why -A gives flowers at Bethanys funeral because she feels bad for her family pretending she is dead.

EDIT: So, alot of you are saying that this cant be true because Marlene said Mona was the first -A, which is true. We all know Marlene likes to say things that are the truth with out actually being the truth if that makes sense. I think, Mona was the first -A, as in she was bethanys first fall girl, Bethany used Mona as her helper, then when she realised the girls were getting too close made Mona take the fall so noone would find out. From this last episode the melody lingers on 5x23 Aria has an interesting conversation with Andrew who says “the only thing Mona likes better than winning is taking the credit.”. (I think Andrew could be on the -A team too and hes talking about how Mona took credit for some of his doings) Later that episode Spencer says “-A knew this quality about me and used it against me” what if -A/ Bethany did the same thing to Mona? Marlene likes to refer to the -A now as Uber A, which she has never used to describe Mona, she just used -A!

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Different people in the football fandom
  • The Calendar watchers : it's 7 days till World Cup
  • Normal people : OMG I can't wait for the beautiful game to start the best sport in the world
  • People who live life on a scale 1000(hyper): OMG DEAD! It's here. I CANT EVEN! 2014 who gave you the right to arrive? Someone hold me. This is too much.
  • People that can't watch live in rio:
  • wish I could be in rio right now, I would do anything to go and experience the atmosphere but I can't be there right now but it won't stop me. I will be supporting the boys from my tv and screaming
  • People whose national team dint qualify or it's almost certain they won't go far, or the once that disowned theirs and are supporting a foreign country they don't understand their language:
  • football is not about where you come from, it's about appreciating the beauty of sport. Btw all my favourite players are in this nt and most of the guys in my club are in this nt so yeah! Where is your loyalty?
  • People who spot new bromances: OMG my sailor hat is on I am ready to ship everything that looks remotely ship able.
  • You always spot them in the goal celebrations so keep your eyes open.
  • People who take the World Cup song more seriously than everyone else, they remember all the previous:
  • The song this year better measure up to standard! Because the song needs to make you nostalgic in a few years after the World Cup when you just randomly hear the song. Like waka waka in 2010 gives me chills everytime.
  • People who are fascinated by the design on the ball: The ball this yeah is so cool bla bla bla *its just a ball, bye*
  • People who have a thing for Worldcup advertisements: OMG have you seen it? The official World Cup commercial? It's amazing almost all my favourites where featured! I can't handle this amazingness
  • People who transfer window has distorted their otp but World Cup would do wonders: OMG OMG OMG...*insert ship name* is real. they will be reunited at the NT... My feels I can't. Together at last. I can't deal, my heart.
  • People who Worldcup would make their otp rivals: you know it would be difficult to be apart but I know their relationship can withstand the test of time. They would miss each other but they would rise above conflict. At least they would hug after the matches
  • Fanfiction writers: OMG the plot bunnies are in full swing... Inspiration for new fics
  • I am already having ideas.
  • Gif makers and photo editors: OMG I need to update my photoshop, get a better software and search for websites to get my footage before anyone else.
  • Football bromance lovers: I can't wait to see all these guys in harmony finally reunited with friends and playing together.
  • So: Where do you fall in? An average football fan posses at least 3 qualities.
BORED PRINCESS (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: No (request here!)

Rating: No Smut

Word Count: 1 561

Storyline: You’ve neglected Luke all day and go to his house for some snuggles.

“See you later babe, I’ll text you when I get home!”

You walked towards your front door, waving to your best friend who had just dropped you off after your very long day of shopping. Dropping the bags on the floor next to the now-closed door, you reached into your hand bag to bring out your phone, wanting to see what your boyfriend was up to since you hadn’t talked to him all day. Lighting up the screen, you noticed the whole screen was full of message from him, stopping about an hour before the time now.

“Baaaaabe, hurry up and shop, I have nothing to do”

“Are you done? Seriously, how much stuff can you girls buy”

“Its been like 3 hours omg y/n”

“Im horny and sleepy and hungry and boredddddd and everyones busy but me :-(“

“i hate my life”

You laughed at the last one. Luke was always dramatic at times like this and you felt bad that you hadn’t looked at your phone once during the whole day to keep him updated or a little bit of company. You decided you pay him a visit and texted him saying you’d come now. You grabbed your keys and ran out the door, exhausted from earlier in the day but knowing you needed to see your man. 

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Hopelessly romantic, and Hopefully he can stand it

A/N: I HAVE NO IDEA, don’t ask me, okay??!?!??!  I know I’m meant to be updating chapter-ed fic and I swear to god I AM, but I keep hitting a wall. Someone did, at one point, ask me for Valex fic, but it was probably meant to be smut….sorry. And this is kind of….Valex/Valdaya or maybe just shipper!alex + bro-y Valex? omg I’m sorry. Anyway….read on, brave souls. Title and Inspiration from the song Silas by Betty Who. Please tell me if he feels weird? I’m working on finding his voice.

Warnings: None

Rating: PG13…for like…cursing? This is so tame it’s laughable.


It doesn’t take long for Alex to realize that this thing with this girl Zendaya is the real deal. He just wishes he’d realized a little sooner.

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