i miss this beautiful era


For the one and only angelic voice, deer-like eyes, beautiful bunny-smile and captivating charming gaze - Kim Doyoung! Happy 21st birthday love! ♥

Hey Taytay 💕
I miss you so much . I know we never met before but I Really want to meet in new era 🙏🏻 I miss seeing your beautiful face and your hair . I am REALLY excited for TS6 !!! Thank you so much for everything . I hope you are stalking us …
love you
- Melis

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Did EH really invent tumblr aesthetic? Like lyric posts or what did you mean (or did I just not get an obvious joke)? Sorry I wasn't around at that time?

lana del rey and marina quite literally shaped tumblr aesthetic. when tumblr became popular around 2013, marina and lana had been tumblr icons for 1 or 2 years already.

you can see in old posts from 2012 & 2013, marina popularized grungey gifs, her iconic tweets, those pop art lookin collage thingies, and those angsty/diva-ish gifs and edits as much as lana did. although they’re outdated now, they were almost everywhere. larina LITERALLY invented the aesthetic so many artists try to imitate. thats why electra heart was so successful, because her persona appealed to much of her online fanbase.

i made this blog around dec 2013 but i clearly remember seeing gifs of her during the EH era on tumblr as early as fall 2012 and thinking who tf is this aesthetic hoe every1 is talking about lmao

no seriously, during the EH era all of tumblr was obsessed with marina, it was beautiful. froot era is my fave but i miss the intimacy diamonds had during that time tbh


hurricanejared his voice is too fucking incredibly beautiful for this world😍    i could listen to his voice on repeat for the rest of my life i stg💕💕

My thoughts exactly!!  

Fetus Ashton

Let’s continue with Ash (he was my first fave on 5sos and ok this is going to be really painful)

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Those sexy moves (ft. Mike)

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Ok yes this is painful

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This shirt was my fave shirt on him T-T I used to draw him wearing it all the time

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Oh people remember to put your sunglasses on, a ray of sun has jsut appeared

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Fetus Ash is just so f* adorable :c

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Also a big weirdo… I miss the keek era a lot

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So beautiful…

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Ash: I can’t sing *sings*

5sos fam: Is that an angel singing?

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This interview is just THE interview

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And fetus Ash with glasses… Well if you want to find me I’ll be just there in that corner… crying…

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Ok this one is the last one seriously this hurts a lot :c