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Omg I never knew you wrote spiderman!!! i was like omg??/ Im so happy?? anyway what about if Peter gets a migraine round at the stark tower and he's like 'its only a headache I'll be fine' and... he's not lol @ him

(This is baby’s first Spiderman fic!! There’s been quite a few amazing ones so have my dollar store discount contribution :“) but I love me some Spiderman tbh!! not the longest fic for now bc I haven’t written Peter ever!! Also I’m excited to come back to marvel!!)

Occasionally Peter would feel a little insecure about his place in life; sometimes feeling like he wasn’t quite a part of something as much as everyone else. Of course, he had Ned who he loved very dearly and appreciated, but he wondered sometimes if he was missing out on his teenage years. Sometimes felt excluded and pushed to the shadows, being at the bottom of the High School Hierarchy.

Being the Spiderman gave him a sense of purpose, it made him feel like he was doing something with his life, made him feel good about himself.

It had been a week full of parties he wasn’t invited to, a week of scrolling through his little to no followers instagram trying to study for a Spanish test and seeing fellow classmates with hundreds of likes having fun. So when Tony Stark invited him round to the Stark Tower that weekend for some suit upgrades, Peter was excited.

It was all he was really thinking about, using that as an excuse to get through the horrible week. He had pulled a lot of all nighters trying to study for various tests, and catching up with the Decathlon team to redeem himself for his disappearances, and needless to say he was burned out. He needed this trip to Stark’s more than ever.

“Are you sure you should go to Stark’s like that?” Ned frowned, eyeing up his way too pale friend who had the darkest circles under his eyes, and who was also desperately rubbing at his temples.

“Like what? I’m good, Ned! Look at me, I’m ready to see him,” Peter insisted, clenching his teeth at his pounding headache.

“Did Mr Stark request that he sees you at your absolute worst or am I missing something?” Ned shot back, still very hesitant to let his best friend just take off like this.

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hello, i'm sorry if this is a bother but my dash is dead and i wanted more bts in it, could you please recommend me some blogs? thank you!

Hey baby 💖 it’s definitely not a bother, just keep in mind that i’m only tagging those who come to my mind atm!! There are surely blogs missing so if you want more, take a look at my ‘following’ list!!! (Actually pls do bc my memory is absolute shit)

@jinsasleep @puppytae @chokemeseokjin @2awake @2vmin @2seoke @imhoseoktrash @lilyjhs (8th on this list but 1st in my heart so don’t bitch abt it ♡ ♡ ♡ ) @tttae @1vrs @4soju @btspjmn @alltime-low @wiseok @ibyoonprofen @1honeybf @rosehairedjin @sarangtaee @baejiminjin @sinnamochi @forestcottage @jjeonguk @cryjeon @hix1ape @4hyyh @oh-no-its-mo @bts420

Uuhh thats all i can think of 😰 there r a lot more tho! But def check those ppl out! 💖💖💖

i just went through my old gendry/gendry waters tag and i reached a year ago where every post was basically crying about how much i missed him and how i wanted him back and even tho i was holding out hope i was also despairing it would never happen

and now we know he IS coming back and gendry’s sarcasm is gonna be back on our screens

and now i feel eMOtiOnAL

Hey y'all. Idk if you remember how I was dogsitting this sweet old boy earlier this month, but we got a call a bit ago that he was rushed to the emergency vet clinic. Just got the call from the fiancé’s parents that they’re going to have to put him down.

We’re on our way to say our goodbyes and guys…I’m just an emotional wreck right now because it wasnt even that long ago that I woke up to this dog with his snoring face snuggled up to my side.

Oh, Pascal. My favorite bubbers and sweet baby. I’m going to miss you so much.


Naruto + best person to bring home to your parents → Neji Hyuuga

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happy birthday to a special bean!