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Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

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He had been planning on London, so that part was right, but as he stepped out of his TARDIS and looked around, the Doctor had no idea when it was. Nonetheless, he set off, adjusting his hat and scarf. 

Not long after he started wandering, he came upon a woman wearing a red coat. “Excuse me, miss,” he called after her, smiling amiably once he got her attention. “Yes, you in the red. I was wondering if you might know where I could buy a newspaper, perchance. You see, I haven’t been in the country for long, and much less the city, so I’d like to catch up on what’s been happening.” Well, it wasn’t a lie. He was terribly curious. But really, he just needed the year.


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800 teachers?? OMG! Yeah, though, I spent three years in a traditional school where bits of awesome mixed with huge amounts of misery. Now I teach online. It ain’t perfect, but OMG so much relief. No lunch, hall, bathroom, tardy, PA, dress code…

It might actually be closer to 900, and about 500 of those are elementary positions not even the really hard to fill jobs like math or special ed. Granted, I work for the fifth largest district in the US, but still….

That does sound wonderful. I think I would miss seeing my kids every day, but I wouldn’t miss any of those things.


London, Katie and I stood a couple thousand people waiting to see Hank Williams Jr. perform at Innsbrook. Confederate flags littered the crowd. Many people were drinking. Numerous others were sharing their stories of what Hank meant to them. This was a special concert for us, too–London and I went in memory of Chad and Katie went in memory of her brother who also passed unexpectedly. 

As we stood in the open arena, I couldn’t help but glance around expecting Chad to join us. His little 5′7 frame jutting through the crowd, running late, per usual. But all would be forgiven when you saw his big-Chad grin. And odds are he would come baring food or drinks. Something to soften the blow of his tardiness. What I would give to have him show up late to anything right now. 

Again, I don’t even know how to begin to express this deep void I feel. It still doesn’t exactly feel real. Chad, you are missed so much. 

Glen Allen, Virginia. 2 August 2015. 

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Tegan come bake inside the Tardis. I need company again.

Tegan had wondered off, the planet was so beautiful she could not help but be curious, besides it was rare that she felt the sun on her face! As much as she adored the vibrancy of London Life - she missed the warmth of Australia.

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oK idk if you're still on this ?? idk what you're on tbh it's been forever and that's why I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND A WAY TO CONTACT YOU FOR LIKE SO LONG AhhhHHhh its xxwhovianxx btw omfg i miss you soOoOoOOO much and it's been forever we really really need to talk i've been waiting forever on tfm and worlize for a while and had to find your old youtube and stuff AND HERE I AM so pls if you read this lets talk via kik if you can? its grayismyfavorite pls i miss you a lot zim ;-;

Yesyesyes text me on kik pls doc

My user is Irken.TARDIS.Zim

Text me as soon as you can as I’m on kik right now

Anyone else texting me on kik besides xxwhovianxx will be ignored indefinitely unless we are acquainted.

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Honestly he's the best guy I've ever met. I screwed everything up by breaking up with him when I did, but it's because my friend pressured me and she was the worst friend, I made sure to stop being friends with her and now I realize how much she messed up my life, including the best relationship I've ever had. He was so perfect, for homecoming, he made me a Tardis and asked if I wanted to be the companion to his doctor. I miss him. I think about him, and he thinks about another girl.

Have you tried talking to him?