i miss these two so much :(

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Getting tuckered out while apple picking and picking out pumpkins with Hal and your two boys, who all still have so much energy. Hal doesn't want you to miss out so he makes you climb onto his back for a piggyback ride. You can still joke with your boys and play with the little ones, who don't mind at all. When you tell him thanks later that night as you're driving home, he tells you he'll always do anything to make you happy and comfortable.

I think piggy back rides are so damn cute 

Tender Tuesday™

I cried. There is so much to say but this is what I must say now. Later I’ll do my usual post. My not to perfect response to the episode. BUt for now, this.

I have watched Trek my entire life. Watching relationships form and die. Each time well aware something was missing. The few times I felt like it wasn’t … it was suddenly taboo or to much. Something wrong.

Tonight, I saw two men in a natural and healthy relationship. Two people who care for and love each other. And I cried. Star Trek was telling me I matter. Later, when I’m less emotional about this I will make my usual post. But for now, I’m not a taboo. I’m not to much change to deal with. I’m not a mirror verse difference. I’m not something ignored. I matter.

BTS Reaction: You crying because you miss them so much

Hoseok: *tries to hold back his tears by comforting you that everything’s going to be okay *

“Don’t cry princess..” “I know I miss you so much too but just wait for me to come back okay?” “I promise we’ll be together 24/7 once I come back.”

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Namjoon: *feels bad for making you feel that way*

“Baby i’m sorry…” “Please don’t cry I’m coming back in two days..” “Just wait okay?” “Don’t cry”

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Jin: *as soon as he see’s you cry, he tells a joke hoping to make you smile*

“Princess what time did the man go to the dentist?”

You: “…what?”

Jin: “Tooth hurt-y“

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Jimin: *pouts after seeing tears fall down your face*

“I wish I could hug you right now…” “Princess stop crying please..” “Your crying face makes me sad and now I feel like crying too”

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Yoongi: *finds it funny that you’re crying but at the same time is concerned about you*

“Aigo why are you crying?” “I miss you too but you don’t see me cry.” “Don’t cry okay?”

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Taehyung: *feels guilty and just stares at you as you cry because there’s nothing he can do*

“Jagiya i’m really sorry for making you cry..” “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do other than tell you not to cry and just wait for me to comeback”

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Jungkook: *looks away after seeing you cry knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back*

“i’m so tempted to go where you are and just hug you right now”

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HERE’S LIKE THE OFFICIAL DESIGN OF BLEACH (I realize I keep changing her design anddddd I forgot her stick form.)

More info:

-She ran away from her home (its not because of financial problems)

-She has at least 2 missing teeth 

-Secretly eats all the doritos and pringles the skelebros have

-Bedhair 24/7

-And yes she’ll get along with butler-kun 

(I’m drawin something big that includes ALL the maids/butlers and nyeh-chans for halloween)

- teebiints

HECK boi I could cosplay as Bleach because no joke my hair does that thing I just need to knock out two of my teeth to do it also I love her so much she’s so relatable and I want her masters to be flipping out over all the doritos and pringles that keep going missing


I miss you so much tonight. It’s not like the first month or two, I wake up I work I don’t cry between my classes, I don’t call my students by your name, life has moved on and I am trying to catch up with it. But there is that moment every day when it just hits me and I feel like I can’t breathe. I see you smiling I see the guys I remember that you are not here anymore and I just wanna deny it and don’t wanna accept it and I don’t want this to be reality. I want your kids to grow up with their father, I want your wife to have a husband I want the guys to have their bandmate back. I just don’t know anything anymore. It’s so heartbreaking.

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Is it bad that I miss the traditional drawings

Yes XD digital is significantly better in every way, Im sorry– I cant buy a new sketchbook once every two weeks and digital is so much easier and I have infinite color choices versus only a select few. Im sorry for all my new followers who thought this was a traditional art blog but I only did pencil as a last resort– my tablet was infected and unusable about three months ago and getting fixed has lifted an immense amount of stress off my shoulders.

Edit: Im sorry if I came off as rude, Im not pissed at you specifically but like. Literally there are endless pros to drawing digitally and endless cons to drawing traditional so like. It kiiiiiinda hurts hearing that people prefer the one that caused me three months of grief.

Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖