i miss these goof balls

Luke Imagine: You surprise him on tour.

You were walking up the stairs to the boys apartment, excitement running through your body because you were finally going to see Luke again.

You were surprising Luke while he was on tour, because you’ve been miserable without him, and from what the boys said, he’s been pretty miserable without you too. You haven’t seen your boyfriend in 3 months, so to say that you were excited was an understatement.

Your phone beeped and you rushed to check your text. It was from Calum.

*Calum: “Where are you (Y/N)?”*

You quickly replied

*“I’m on my way, I’m almost there.”*

You sped walked the rest of the way, and before you knew it, you were standing right in front of the boys’ door.

You could hear the chaos coming from inside, as you knocked on the door. You heard Calum yell “I’ll get it!” and your heart began to race, knowing that you and Luke will finally be reunited.

Moments later, Calum answered the door and smiled at you.

“Hey (Y/N)” he whispered as he let you in.

When you stepped in, you looked around to see Michael playing video games and Ashton making a keek.

“Where’s Luke?” you asked to Calum as he shut the door.

“He’s in his bedroom. He barely steps out of there because he misses you so much.” Calum replied. 

You sighed and began to walk over towards Luke’s room. When you reached the door, you peeked in to see him laying on his stomach, under the covers, all alone. 

You quietly walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

“Not now Calum, I want to be alone.” Luke grumbled.

You giggled and walked around so you were in front of him. 
“It’s not Calum, Luke." 

Luke jumped up at the sound of your voice, his tired eyes becoming lively in seconds as he crushed you into a hug.

”(Y/N)!!“ Luke said as he swung you around before pulling you into a long awaited kiss.

"Surprise” You whispered as you lay your forehead against his, both of you smiling like goof balls at one another.

“I missed you so much” Luke breathed as he stared into your eyes.

“I missed you too Luke” you whispered, as Luke pulled you in for another kiss.

This was so cute omfg i am not okay