i miss these boys!

Petition to get a boy squad spin off (maybe also a yt channel) right now so when we freak out about S4 updates and we want to cry and it gets overwhelming, we go to calm down with the boys. They’re just chilling. Playing FIFA, smoking joints, complaining about Isak and Even being married, whatever, doesn’t matter. And suddenly, slowly, we relax too.

signs you are in love with her

1. you think she is beautiful even when she has acne all over her face and hair tied in a messy bun. you think she looks hot when she tries to be mad at you for being too hard on your self. you think she looks better than most of the human population and you think she looks best when she’s in your arms professing her love for you between sips of that bitter vodka you bought her.

2. you can’t stop thinking about her brown eyes, short black straight hair and freckled pointed nose. you can’t stop thinking of how her lips would feel against yours right this instance. you can’t stop thinking about how perfect her breasts feel in your moisturised hands. you can’t stop thinking about the late night conversation you had yesterday with her. you just can’t stop thinking about her even when you’re buying coffee at starbucks, even when you’re watching a movie, even when you’re in class studying discrete math.

3. you know when she is angry, or when she is pissed at you for talking about other girls. you know what she likes to eat when she is on her period. you know when she is upset about that paper that she turned in late to her professor. you know she likes to be the centre of your attention. you know she smiles when you hold her hand in public. you know she bites her nails when she’s stressed. you know her inside out.

4. you smile like a crazy man when you see her. you smile when she’s happy about that ice cream she had. you smile when someone says her name. you smile when you see a text message from her. you smile when you’re around her. you smile when people say you look good together. you smile when someone tells you she looks beautiful, like its a compliment for you and not her. you smile when she tells you she loves you. you smile when she tells you she loves to be your girl. you smile all day like an idiot and you smile until someone tells you to stop smiling because she’s not even around.

5. you talk about her to everyone, to your mom, to your bestfriend, to your room mate. you tell them everything about her. you tell them about how you read this tumblr post and it made you think of her. you tell them she’s perfect, not because of how she looks, or how smart she is, or how she writes well but because she’s yours. and only yours. and you don’t date a nine, but always date a fucking ten, so yeah you tell everyone how and why she is a ten.

shoutout to my #1 team the boston bruins for an amazing season! while i’m extremely sad that it’s over, i’m so proud of what these boys accomplished. this team was so resilient and never quit no matter the situation. while they got screwed over by the refs basically every game this series, they still managed to come back and fight hard. i love all those guys and i’m going to miss them so much. the future is bright for this group of boys and i can’t wait to see them again next fall💛

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Unpopular opinion: I wish all the bts members could safely and comfortably date cause it sucks to be their age and miss out on those types of experiences


I love my boys, but I would love them even more if they could experience young love and dating at such a wonderful age. This is the time of our lives (I’m in their age group) to have fun and enjoy such experiences. It’s fantastic on how far they’ve come and how established their careers are now. But if we were really fans of BTS, we should respect their personal lives and support them.

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If you're sick and tired of not seeing juuzou clap your hands. If you're sick and tired of not seeing juuzou and you really want to show it clap your fucking hands.

I mean look, I’m not here to tell Ishida how to tell his story or how to do his job. But :RE is far enough along now that I feel like I can comfortably say that Juuzou has gone from being a main character to an accessory character. and I think that’s really sad, because he’s an AMAZING character, his development is wonderful, his team is great….I wish we could see a spinoff manga about him and his team. 

I miss my boy ;-;