i miss these aw

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Ayyyy been a while. I'm grounded and missed both livestreams (though I plan on marathoning them sunday night lol) did I miss anything big? Any amyplier??

aw, that blows :c. I actually didn’t watch the first stream (I was really busy that day) but I watched the second stream and, honestly, so much amyplier. like. mark said he was only trying to win a game to make amy happy. that level of amyplier. i was cryin

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Hello :) I adore your works and I've tried to gather to courage to message you to express my admiration for ages, but I'm a shy bad, bad lurker ; _ ; I'd love to ask you for a FFXIV commission, the one you've just done are so lovely, but I can't afford it right now T^T Do you think the commissions will stay open for a while longer? Or will you open them again soon? I'd hate to miss the chance ._. Thank you <3 ^-^

Aw thank you so much !!! And don’t worry they’ll be open for 3 months or so! <3

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So I messaged you awhile ago about my sisters best friend coming out and immediately thinking she has a thing for me... I went to her college graduation and we were being kinda flirty and what not later at the party we were drinking and still being flirty and talking and she told me she had to tell me something but she couldn't tell me yet and today she left to Hawaii for a month and she messaged me before she got on her fight and said she'll tell me when she gets back.. and tbh I kinda miss her

Aw I’m sorry hun :/ But it sounds like she’s definitely into you…

at this point im just abusing the star brush

some days i am death threat and
others i am apology poem.
you were a rose and some days
i remember your softness but others
all i can think of are the thorns.
i want to see this in something other
than black and white but in my memory
there is no shared responsibility,
only killer and killed, only one
bloody body on the ground.

i want you beside me and yet i
never want you to touch me again.
i want you to whisper the pretty things to me again
but every word from your mouth makes me sick.

i want you back but i know
you haven’t changed.
i haven’t changed either.

—  it’s funny how the missing puzzle piece can also be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, sarah kate osborn

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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♡ Eric Bittle & Jack Zimmermann + Halo Moments ♡

// August 31st 2014 // December 19th 2014 // May 18th 2015 //

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You’re the only one that I want


  • Kai: Cinder, hey. It's me, Kai
  • Kai: Uh, this is like the 200th message I've left you without a response, so...
  • Kai: If you're trying to tell me something, I do not know what it is because you won't call me back.