i miss them tbh ;(


SOPE & *opening the doors to the hwagae market*

BONUS: *Hobi closing the doors*

Nashville Predators Trivia
  • Bridgestone Arena originally hosted the football team The Kats along with the Predators before they moved— the owner of the Tennessee Titans and The Kats tried to get it back to the arena, but they could not come to an agreement. 
  • The Preds got their name from the Saber-Toothed Tiger found underground when building the First American Bank in Nashville— now the UBS Tower 
  • The catfish throwing came from the beginning of The Preds as a team. After the Saturn plant was built here in Tennessee, Detroit Red Wings fans came down with the new jobs. Their team had a tradition of throwing a dead octopus onto the ice— after a while, the “Pred Wings” chose a catfish to show the southern roots 
  • Cellblock 303 is the state-famous section of Bridgestone Arena that started out as a group of friends that spent the game screaming and yelling. Now, over a decade later, they have made the cheers you hear during games a tradition 
  •  Surprisingly enough, Cellblock 303 is not the “drunk section” at all— there have been everything from a six month old baby to an eighty year old woman sitting in the seats. The man who started it all, lovingly known as The Warden, merely started the tradition because he was constantly told to sit down and be quiet during games at other stadiums. 
  • Speaking of the cheering, the noise level of Nashville games can get as loud as a military plane taking off and standing by the speakers of a rock concert without earplugs. At the moment, Preds fans are trying to unofficially beat the world record— unofficial only because there are no Guinness World Record officials in the crowd
  •  The zamboni driver, who has been the driver since the start of the team, got the job because he was the only person in the Nashville area who knew how to drive a zamboni.

Into the Badlands: Every Fight Scene  

1x01 “The Fort” — Sunny vs. the Widow’s men (x)

can you believe that yesterday even came home grinning while holding some sort of device and when isak asked him “what? what’s that??” even just took his hand and led him outside their front door and isak immediately noticed the ISAK + EVEN sticker next to their doorbell but before he could say anything even was already typing away on the device, which isak then recognized as a label printer, and isak watched even carefully rip off the little label and stick it to isak’s forehead. “what’s it say?”

“it says cute. cause that is what you are” and isak kissed his boyfriend right then and there in front of their apartment for everyone to see

i had this bizarre dream last night that i made an entire, 20 min compilation of every single time littlefoot eats a tree star in the land before time series and i was so proud i submitted it to the library of congress and they sent it back saying “you put a deviantart watermark on it so its now unusable” and i was so upset i woke up