i miss them t.t

Jungkook: Aye found a photo of your girlies hyungs!

Yoongi: Lemme see…

Namjoon: Ah where did you get it?

Hobi: Doesnt matter! Check this out!

Namjoon: I cant believe you did that.

Hobi: This is priceless.

(Yes I’m bringing them back! Bts grease au is back and I’ll be doodling some doodles of them. Here have the T-birds fooling around) -kat


I haven’t drawn these two in awhile but I miss doing stuff with them T_T I intend to start my Magnus comic at some point this year when things lighten up.

I had a stupidly intense dream about Magnus and RGB last night that inspired this pic (just outta the blue), and I wish I remembered more details about the dream, because I was so into it. Work has been equally stupidly intense so even if I did remember the dream I dunno if I’d have time to draw it out in comic form, but I’ll figure something out.

The first person I lost was my lover… I cried for 165 days in a row and the first day I didn’t, I felt guilty; as if suffering somehow equated to love and the fact that I hadn’t cried meant I didn’t miss them enough and I never deserved them in the first place…
The next person I lost was my friend… Things happened… things went wrong… It felt like my whole life was falling apart and when all I wanted to do was turn to my best friend… I realized they were gone…
After that I lost my soulmate because I honestly think I lost a part of my soul. I’m not the same person anymore, a part of me is missing and I know I’ll never get it back…
And one day when I’m ready… I will lose one more person to the distant past… One day… I will lose the ghost of those three people. The spectre I see sitting across from me at empty café tables, the one I turn to face at the punchline of every joke, and one I reach for in the within vast emptiness inside myself. One day that ever present shadow will fade away forever like the rest… but not yet. I ‘m not ready to let that last echo fade… I’m still trying to reconcile the loss of the other three because they were all so much to lose…
And I lost them all within a single person.

The “in-vision” commentary for New Earth (Doctor Who new Series Two)

With Phil Collinson, David Tennant, and Russell T. Davies (being their joyful and glorious selves)

David:  That’s me kissing Billie Piper
Russell: Hooray!  
David:  Yeah
Russell:  Completely unscripted
David:  I know.  She just couldn’t help herself

Source to Part 1 [ X ]


I watch and think about this video A LOT. 

Kitto Seishun Ga Kikoeru is one of my favorite Muse songs! I would usually watch this video until the seiyuu finished singing the song, so I never watched the video fully until earlier today. I realized that towards the end they were crying a lot, and I get why they would be crying but I was curious as to why they were crying SO much (it reminded me of how they were like at the end of their final live). Then I scrolled down in the comments and saw a comment by YN Chu that said: 

“To clarify things: This is NOT the Final Live, but their 3rd Live. As to why they are crying so hard… When LoveLive! first started, it wasn’t popular at all. In fact, I think Emitsun bought 10 CDs for their 1st single herself. 

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we look up at the same stars, and see such  d i f f e r e n t  things


I made more because I’m recovering from other fandoms rn and I need these bbies
I really want a high school au with these two (this is kind of inspired by that small hope) in which they weren’t science experiments and they only have normal teenage angst
Or any sort of fanfic at all honestly, even if it’s written poorly. I need my Moritz fix, man.