i miss them so muchhhhhhh


Can you believe it’s been #2YearsOnTheBlock with Block B??? 2 years of hardships, sweat, and tears as well as happiness, laughter, joy, memories, and derp. 2 years of working under unfavorable conditions and having the short end of the stick. 2 years of of being with BBCs, pursuing their dreams, and making music as seven. In those 2 years, we have watched Block B and the individual members grow so much. We have watched them become even more cautious of their words and actions after the incident. We have watched them accept their mistakes and overcome obstacles. It has been hard for the boys, always getting judged and criticized for their laid-back, always-looking-for-fun, but genuine and down-to-earth personalities. They’re so unique in that they don’t have a certain image, they don’t need an image, because that would only take away who they really are. Through MTV Match Up, interviews, and music shows, they have shown us their true personalities and it’s hard not to love them. Not only do they produce their own music and choose who fits best for each part, but they take full responsibility for themselves by supporting their own promotions when their company won’t help them. They are truly one of the most talented groups out there and it pains me to see that they don’t get the recognition they deserve. I know that one day, they will be able to shine through, even if that day isn’t now, even if they aren’t together, but BBCs will always show love and support and Block B will forever remain seven in our hearts.