i miss them so much ;;

iconic things my flatmates have said/done, pt 3
  • “love u” “that’s disgusting”
  • “u will be like princess fiona and lord farquaard. that height difference tho”
  • “u have attractive legs” “thank u….. u also have.. legs”
  • “by the way, people on planes LOVE when u shout,, u dont even need to shout complete sentences just shout ‘DOWN!!!!!!!!’ trust me i’ve been on a plane before and they love me they gave me free peanuts”
  • “how do i use snapchat???? ok i just sent u a message. don’t be mistaken i don’t actually want to talk to u i just need to send a message”
  • “i’m always scared that one day i’ll send ‘massage’ instead of ‘message’. like what if one day ii say ‘yh i’ll massage u when i’m at the train station’ and they roll up with oil”
  • “people are always trying to be edgy,,, as for me,,, im naturally edgy *IMMEDIATELY DROPS EVERYTHING HE’S HOLDING, NEARLY FALLS OVER*”
  • me: i had a dream u died
  • slow dancing w/ knives while making risotto
  • “I wish i was a whore…… i could make sweet money selling this ass”
  • created a new dance move in the club called ‘filing the tax returns’. when the beat drops u pretend to throw all ur tax papers in the air
  • ‘pranking’ us by leaving loose onions outside everyone’s doors???
  • “im laying here thinking about how Ross from friends said he got his ex wife off eight times in one night and im just thinking how can u get off eight times if ur sleeping with ross from friends i hate ross from friends”
  • “i rly love baby grinch. my idea of the perfect date would be for someone to invite me over and we sew patches of the baby grinch onto the pockets of our jeans/denim jackets”
  • “make me apple pie slime woman”
  • *in the middle of a serious whatsapp conversation* “man chocked on a great nut”

i miss them so much god it truly does feel like a big chunk of my heart is missing like that sounds so dramatic but when will i see them together again !!! when will i see the fond faces !!! when will i see the mirroring !!! etc !!! i feel soooo sadddddddddd i just want to see them happy together again 😢

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*taps Fuyuhiko and Peko on the shoulders* The dead have risen! And I think there's someone here who wants to see you..!

Huh? Who is- *looks around*




*opens her arms* So? What are you waiting for?

*runs and hugs her* Natsumi !! You’re back !!

*kisses her brother’s head* I am. *looks back at Peko* So, Pe-chan? I’m still waiting. *opens one arm, the other around Fuyuhiko*

…..*slowly walks up to them and collapses into Natsumi’s arm* T-This is really you…

*hugs them both* It is…I missed you both so much…


Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖