i miss them so much ;;

This good bye tastes different
It’s got more of a finality to it-
a subtle hint of everything
that has crashed down around us

There’s no more room
for fighting or crying
No tearing down each other’s walls
or even building them back up again

so this good bye tastes different
in that “I could’ve sworn this was gonna last but we still ended up here” kind of way

this good bye is just
you, me,
and not enough reasons to stay

—  is this what good bye is supposed to sound like

HEY GUYS!! Here it is Chapter 4 of MoD

Thank you so much for all the amazing comments (I love all of you!!!)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3…..

(I loved writing this chapter! And I love drawing the art even more, you can expert a comic for the next chapter (there made be two left..) )


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Work was always getting in the way of his time with Lestrade. There would be times when he would have to go several days, sometimes even multiple weeks without seeing him in person, feeling his lips against his own, or even just a touch of his hand as they sat beside each other. Mycroft exhaled deeply, tapping his fingers against his knee as he waited for the American ambassador to arrive at the British embassy. He was stuck overseas dealing with tedious politicians while Greg was back in London, dealing with… well, their usual life.

And the DI missed him just as much.

Every night, right on cue, Mycroft would instant message him as soon as he got back to the room. Of course, he could afford an international phone plan, but Greg couldn’t, and insisted that Mycroft not get one for the both of them. Reluctantly, the man agreed and settled for nightly chats on his laptop.

MH: I do apologize for this extended stay in the States. It is ever so tedious, Gregory.

The notification on his phone’s app lit up and Greg beamed as he saw who it was from. Of course it was nearly 3AM in London, but it was worth it to talk to Mycroft Holmes. He quickly tapped out his reply, yawning as he did so.

It’s taking too long. I haven’t seen you in forever, Myc. When will you be home? And just what am I supposed to do with all this delicious food I made while you were gone? -GL

A small smile appeared on Mycroft’s lips as he saw the response, and the smile grew as he realized just how instant that reply had been. Conclusion: Greg had been waiting up for his reply. It warmed the Iceman’s heart to know that someone wanted to talk to him as much as Lestrade did.

MH: That depends on what you made, my dear. Anyway, how is London faring without me? Sherlock hasn’t decimated it yet, has he?

The entire city is falling into ruins as we speak, Mycroft. I don’t think England will last much longer without you here to save it. ;) -GL

MH: Although your attempt at trying to make me worry more about you is working, please refrain from using those dastardly emoticons, Gregory. We are not teenagers with a crush on one another.

Speak for yourself. :P -GL

MH: Gregory for goodness sake. Just picture me sighing, absolutely exasperated and wondering why on earth I put up with you.

As Mycroft’s pale fingers dashed out his latest reply, he couldn’t help the feeling of joy he felt at being able to just talk to someone as easily as he could with this man. It was utterly ridiculous sometimes, but he absolutely adored that about him.

Greg meanwhile, scratched his head, rubbing his eyes. His smile was a sleepy one, but it was there nonetheless. Before he could reply to that, Mycroft sent another message, berating him for still being awake.

MH: It is nearly half 3, Gregory. Why on earth are you awake?

I couldn’t go to bed until I talked to you. It’s kind of become part of my routine. Obviously, it would be better if you were actually here, so I could hug you. -GL

And… other things. -GL

MH: Other things? Care to elaborate?

Greg swallowed harshly, having just said that as a flirtatious joke. Now he was worried he may have said something wrong. With Mycroft, sometimes it was hard to tell. Luckily, he found an innocent response.

You know, what we usually do. Cuddling, making out on the couch instead of paying attention to the movie playing in the background. Staring at each other and enjoying every second. I wish I could do all of this to you. Guess I’ll just have to settle for eating this steak dinner, alone. -GL

MH: You can make me feel guilty all you want, Gregory, but I cannot simply fly home until this policy is cleared. Trust me, you’ve no idea just how much I would rather lie next to you and hold you than deal with the tedium of this place. And, dare I say it, your insufferable insistence on tickling me, as you say, “for science.” It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and you do not make a single application of the scientific method throughout.

Greg actually had to set his phone down from laughing so hard at that response, but he finally managed to recover and chuckled the whole time he replied to the message.

Thanks for the laugh, and the criticism. I shall ensure an entire experiment as soon as we see each other again. ;) -GL

MH: …..

MH: Gregory, you are absolutely insufferable.

;) -GL

;D – GL

MH: Gregory Lestrade, stop this now.

Then open your damn door, Mycroft Holmes. -GL

MH: What? Gregory, what are you saying? You’re not really, oh my God–

Before Mycroft could investigate further via the messenger, a knock reverberated throughout the room. He finished up his last message and glanced up. His gaze fell on the door and he rushed to it, tugging it open. There stood his Detective Inspector. His mouth fell open, right on cue because he threw his arms around the other man’s waist and dragged him inside, the kiss full of need and passion for the other.

“What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Mycroft asked as Greg pulled away to breathe. Mycroft was stunned that Greg had actually managed to surprise him.

“I missed you, and I wanted to see you.” Greg said nonchalantly as he sat down on the bed. “Plus, it was worth the trouble of getting an overnight flight on Tuesday just to get here in time to see that look of surprise on your face; it is adorable. I was overdue for a vacation anyway.”

Mycroft shook his head. Greg had managed to keep it a secret for three days? “You continuously manage to surprise me, Detective Inspector.” Mycroft also moved over to the bed, sitting down beside him, his fingers lacing with Greg’s.

“Good thing too, because I have an experiment to perform.” Greg smirked at Mycroft, who immediately tried to shift away. The Inspector tightened his grip on his hand, quickly throwing his weight on top of Mycroft to pin him down on the bed. In a moment, Mycroft was trapped and at Greg’s mercy. The DI raised his eyebrows, shifting slightly as he peered down at his boyfriend. He lightly ran a hand against Mycroft’s sides, already tickling him. But then he stopped abruptly.

“Right then…” Greg began. “For science, properly this time.”

Later, when Mycroft and Greg were getting ready to sleep in the same bed together for the first time, in a bed that absolutely was not familiar to either of them, Mycroft had trouble sleeping. So, he did what he always did when he couldn’t sleep, he talked to his boyfriend. In person, it was a hundred times better than text or a phone call would ever be.

“So, that steak dinner you told me about. Did you actually make it? Because I am quite jealous that I missed out on that one if so.”

Greg laughed and scooted closer to his boyfriend. “I didn’t make it. Had it ordered to the room.” He winked.

Mycroft’s eyes widened. “I thought I smelled a seared steak wafting through the door earlier. Wait – you’re saying you have been next door all this time? How on earth did you manage to go unspotted?”

“Because I know what you’re like, Mycroft Holmes. Based on when you message me, I know exactly what to expect.” Greg moved in to snatch a quick kiss, but Mycroft scoffed and put a finger against the other man’s lips.

“I don’t think you do, Detective Inspector.” Because then Mycroft was on top of Greg, smashing his lips against Greg’s.

In the middle of the night, when Mycroft was snoring softly next to him – god, that was so adorable, thought Greg – Lestrade grabbed up his phone and read through the messages of the day, realizing just how well his plan had worked. And when he noted that he’d missed a message just as Mycroft had thrown open the door, he beamed. He sent a quick glance over at the other man and then leaned over and planted a soft kiss against Mycroft’s forehead.

It was a simple message, but it meant more to Greg than nearly anything they had ever exchanged. After all, times like these were all about the little things.

Greg set his phone aside, the dull glow still showing on the nightstand, and the message still on the screen. He rolled over, curling up close to the man beside him before falling asleep.

On the screen was nothing more than this:

MH: :)

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anonymous asked:

Good to know I was thinking of the right one :D and I honestly don't remember much of it, except that I really loved it, so I think I might re-read it. While I love celestial navigation and don't want it to end I understand that it must, and I'm excited to see more of your other stuff and particularly what happened in vegas

Glad you remember it fondly!  While I will miss CN and the wonderful experience it has been to write that, I am definitely excited to finish it up and move on.  It is always satisfying to finally get them together.  

Preview of what is coming up in the next chapter of CN, you say?  Okay, you didn’t, but I’ve had a lot of wine. Here is one line, and you can probably figure out what this is about:

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, YOU HEARD ME!?!” Tony shouted, bringing both hands up to each side of his face and, well, trying to crush his skull or whatever would make the last thirty seconds disappear from reality. 

I dont know when this became a help blog instead of a personal one, but I do like to help.

As far as answering asks tho, ultimately I feel those rarely help anyone when giving them a direct and complete answer. Its a quick solution for me to find links and spells and neatly present them in a consumable manner. But that only reaches people to rely on me to google things for them.

For me at least, asks have become less about the answer someone is looking for, but the missing link they need to find the answer themselves.

It’s easy for me to hand answers out when I already know them, and I know that would be more painless for the both of us. But in something like witchcraft that depends so much on individual interpretation, am I really helping if I provide a copy-paste of what I believe are the right answers, instead of giving the tools to someone to realize their own understanding of these open concepts?

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Prompts on coming out of a three-month coma?

1. “So many little things have changed. It’s weird.”

2. “I missed my own birthday. I was excited about this one, too.”

3. “Oh, my gosh! You’re awake! I was afraid you’d never-Well. I’m glad you’re okay now.”

4. “How dd you end up in a coma, anyway?”

5. “I love you.”

“And I loved you. But while you were asleep… I met someone.” 

6. “Wait, they’re dead? What happened?”

7. “I can’t believe they cancelled my favorite TV show.”

8. “I missed you so much!”

“That’s funny, because the nurses said you visited me every day.”

9. “Why didn’t you ever come visit me? I asked the nurses-all of them-and they all said they’d never seen you before in their lives.”

10. “If one more person asks me what my dreams were like…”

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Who are your close friends/mutuals on here?

i have no friends anon i’m a sad lonely bean

i’m kidding i don’t know what you mean by close but here are some lovely friendos i’ve met and who i talk w every so often ^^

@woozifi @jozhua @kisujisu @wooziology @cafewoozi @officialseungcheol @jihooon @hazurelle @stariaria @bijoujisoo @munchiesthaoo @hoshinoyas @wonnmoo @009px

i don’t actually use tumblr as a communication platform all that much so i’ve kept in touch w these ppl mostly through other means but ye (also i’m probably missing ppl bc i’m a forgetful bean)

I also have some of my favourite blogs listed here that i don’t talk w all that often (bc i’m the worst at maintaining convos lbr) but i still love them all the same 💕 

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In "Hero or Hate Crime" we find out Charlie's been smoking with Dee, so I like to think Dee and Charlie hang out outside the gang and are actually "friends"

There has got to be something going on between them. They weren’t interacting at all around the gang for a while. Either because they thought the others would pick up on some tension/changes, or they see each other so much alone that they like being around other people for a while. (does that make sense? I feel like it’s worded weird) 

They definitely got along so well without the gang, not just even in Misses the Boat, but also Manhunters, Gets Whacked, and Kitten Mittons. 

It’s very suspicious interesting how the smoking together had to be a secret. The smoking thing really shouldn’t have been a big deal to them, not enough to hide it. Charlie did get upset about Dennis smoking in s2, and they seemed a little surprised/judgy in s9 when Dee did. Mac and Dennis both have smoked before, and Mac (& maybe Dennis) knows Charlie did in s4. 

It’s got to be the together part. Which tells me there’s something up with that. They’ve hung out alone together lots of times, Dee has even slept at Charlie’s before, with no reaction from the others. So something changed.

When Charlie confesses “I’ve been smoking with Dee”, look at her reaction:

From ‘oh you told them’ to ‘what are you doing?!’

That is a look of betrayal:

Maybe a little panic or fear. Like what if they ask Why? or When?

So it could be the theory of ‘post sex cigarette’ and it’s dangerously close to blowing everything. Or maybe they are just friends and the answer to Why? is ‘we can be ourselves without you guys being dicks’ and they get criticized for being weak or called losers. Some discussion of emotion may come up, and they don’t want to be attacked, or confronted with their own thoughts & feelings.

Either way they feel some kind of connection there that these two want to keep buried. Just hanging out and supporting each other in things they like that the others would criticize would be fairly significant within the context of the group. 

(If you’re interested in the secret dating/affair thing, this is pretty good and covers all of s12 so far, or just the valentines ep here)

asianregret  asked:

You're a really great friend and you guys keep me level when I'm freaking out over the silliest things. And listen to them all, you're beautiful. Yeah, you with the face behind the muses. I'm really glad I decided to be a creep and message you! Cause now I have an awesome friend who had me try a really gross smoothie!


But hey!!!! Avocado smoothie is super yummy!!!!! XD

asdfghjkl, seriously, Chance, thank you so much! And I’m really glad you decided to message me too, because otherwise I’d be missing out on a great friend!

A friend who also happens to turn my reactions into memes XD

oh yeah, I saved it too! ^


Dear Diary:

gladio and iggy totally vanished! ((((;゜Д゜)))

so noct and i went on a top secret mission to find them (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

but we found mr tuliptoes instead, which was even better o((*^▽^*))o

… until noct decided that he just had to go fish up a nice fresh fish for “the pretty widdle kitty-witty.” (; ̄Д ̄)

sometimes… i’m worried that my best friend is way too dorky… o(≧∇≦o)

a-anyway, then monica cooked the fish and talked about how much she missed her cats… i feel kind of bad for her, having to leave them behind… 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

but i left noct to feed the cat because talcott kept asking about my camera (*^ω^*)

i… i think he’s the one that borrowed it before… (・・。)ゞ

well, he didn’t break anything… and it’s… kinda cute, how excited he got trying it out~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and iris was cool enough to play model for us! (☆^ー^☆)

but… it was getting pretty dark, so we had to head back in (;へ:)

they’re… they’re not gonna stay in the lighthouse forever, right? (。ŏ﹏ŏ)


this place is famous in alaska for having these low budget commercials and i miss them so much. ive met this man and he is 6′3 and he owns a bunch of spongebob ties

i know im supposed to be happy to come “home” from university but being around my parents just stresses me out so much i can’t even enjoy my break and im just ready to go home to uni ( ′︵‵。)

anonymous asked:

It's been said by Iroh in LOK that Aang and Zuko were best friends but I really wished they showed that more, I loved The Fire Bending Masters episode it was funny and showed them bonding, but that was really all we got, I didn't read too much of comics so maybe you can correct me here but Aang agrees to kill Zuko.. and their relationship in comics is just them admitting mistakes and not really showing any signs of them becoming best friends Zuko could've had more with every character tbh...

Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

Yeah, you are not missing much in the comics. It all goes back to why I hated the scene of Zuko being Roku’s great-grandson in The Avatar and the Firelord. In Book 2, they made a point that Zuko was an innately good person, and that his personality got distorted because of his abuse and the way he was raised. But after his metamorphosis, he would be the person he was always meant to be. The Zuko after his fever is the real Zuko. That is the person he was always meant to be.

Iroh: Evil and good are always at war inside you, Zuko. It is your nature, your legacy.

In Book 3, they totally retconned that and now Zuko is just innately conflicted. Bryke probably needed a reason to explain why he became a villain again after his metamorphosis and they came up with this. Good and evil are always at war inside of him, and he is always subject to going bad. Like he did in Ba Sing Se. The powerful message of friendship between Aang and Zuko that the episode was foreshadowing was ruined by the ending scene. And it sets a precedent for why Bryke make him a villain again in the comics.

Zuko: It’s okay. I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I’ve realized I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.

Zuko said he was free to choose his own destiny. He seemed like he wanted to live a different life and he has had an inner transformation. So why would he then betray his uncle and attack Katara right afterwards? Why his inner conflict! It’s his “nature and his legacy”! Perfect!

Then instead of actually developing Aang and Zuko’s friendship, we get garbage like this where Zuko is placed into conflict with Aang once again. Good and evil are always at war inside of him,after all. He has no free will. I was SO disappointed by this. When I read that Ehasz wanted to deepen Aang and Zuko’s friendship and how Zuko was related to Kuzon, I was so sad. Aang telling Zuko about Kuzon was one of my favorite moments in Book 1. I liked the little bit in The Firebending Masters, but that hardly seemed like enough considering that the entire show constantly showed how Aang and Zuko’s stories ran parallel to each other.

Aang and Zuko’s friendship does not really get developed in the comics. He does try to kill Zuko after making some stupid ass promise. Instead of focusing on the relationships between the characters and strengthening them, Bryke chose to focus on contrived drama to keep everyone in conflict. I am sure they think that makes for a more exciting story when everyone is constantly at odds. Such a different vision than Ehasz.

anonymous asked:

ngl i miss when class act updated every Thursday. any chance you'll be getting back on that schedule again?

Oh hi Anon! I totally understand where you’re coming from and I get it. I miss the updating every single Thursday, having something for you folks every week and hearing from you regularly. I don’t miss how stressed out I was trying to get that update ready every single week, or how I felt like there was never enough of me, to both write well and give my students the time and attention they deserve. 

I write in addition to working what most days feels like far more than a full time job, and it’s hard, because I love both of those things so much and I feel like sometimes I am pulled in different directions by them. If a student asked me to come to their play/sport/whatever I always equated it to a night of writing lost and then there was so much pressure I was putting on myself to catch up. And now, I feel much more like I can say yes, and I can support them and my grading is less behind etc. 

So, I’m sorry for rambling, but the answer Anon, is no, I don’t plan to get on that schedule again. I’m also working on my new novel now, and I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve got on that. It’s nice to have two different writing projects to switch back and forth between. I promise I’m not abandoning Class Act, but this schedule of every other week has worked so much better for me in my life. I hope it means that the updates, though less regular, are better quality. 

Thanks Anon for wanting more, it makes me feel good to know that people miss it.