i miss them so much ;;


Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖

Isak is Even’s number one priority.

Can we talk about Even in the homophobic incident in his clip? 

This was his first reaction to the slur. This was his first reaction. He was visibly upset. Of course he was. This is upsetting. This isn’t something that you just brush off. Even has dealt with this before. Even knows that the world isn’t all wonderful and accepting as he wants it to be. Even is upset. This is important. This hurts. This sucks.

But right after that, do you know what he does? He checks on Isak. He checks on Isak because he knows that it hurt him, too. He knows that Isak is hurt by this. And he checks on him in a split of a second.

The guy calls them disgusting and Even is upset. He really is. But do you know what he does? He worries about Isak instead.

Even puts the fact that he was hurt aside and focuses on fixing Isak’s pain instead, on dissipating his anger instead, on calming him down instead, and on making him feel safe and loved and okay instead. Even’s number one priority is Isak. When it comes to Isak, Even has reached a level of selflessness that is foreign to anyone who hasn’t experienced love in its purest form. So he tucks his pain aside and takes on Isak’s.

He gets to him. He brings him back. He has to. It’s his birthday. Isak can’t be upset on his birthday. Even has to bring him back. Has to make him laugh. Has to bring back his smile. That’s all that matters right now. 

And you know what? He succeeds. He makes Isak smile and that makes him smile, too. Of course. They’re okay. They’re together. Of course they’re okay. And this. Nothing can ever compare to this.

Isak is Even’s number one priority.