i miss them on my tv


“I spoke to my agent and said, ‘you know, they’ve done everything in the world [on Dynasty], they haven’t missed a thing. Incest, homosexuality, they’ve done it all, I think now it’s time for them to integrate.’ My agent called Aaron Spelling and they asked for ideas, ‘what would you like to do, what character would you like to be?’ And I said ‘just like all the other characters, ridiculous, beautiful, rich. I would like to be the first Black Bitch on Television.’”

- Diahann Carroll on her role as Dominique Deveraux on “Dynasty” (1984-1987)

in another world we don’t even need to have this conversation. in another world you already know what I want to say before I say it. there, there is no need for words. you tell me you’re afraid of being alone in the way you overfill both of our coffee mugs, the way you never make my side of the bed. I hear about your insecurities in your ever-shaking hands, all the plates they’ve dropped, all the broken glass they’ve caused. you know my last heartbreak in the way I end every phone-call with call me back when you can instead of goodbye. you know I’ve missed you when you come back to all the lights on, to the tv on full volume.

in another world we don’t have to say things to make them real. you know I love you, oh how you know I love you.

Another One

E. Despard

It’s already a new day. This means I should update…

How do they do this so often? It’s no wonder why Jonathan keeps missing days. But I am above him, so I must strive to update all of you with daily oddities and updates.

Today my team installed a filter that blocks out websites of muggle influence from being viewed on our wifi networks. Some students seemed against the idea, but I will not have them partaking in “mannequin challenges” or streaming absurd television programs about alien rocks fighting other alien rocks with a small boy and a lion. Nonsensical distractions, even if the green alien rock is extremely relatable.

The more I think about it the more I want to see Matteusz and Miss Quill become friends. For two reasons.

1. We need more Matteusz. He is the character we know the least about.

2. There needs to be someone in the show that acknowledges Miss Quill is lonely and suffering, and since Charlie doesn’t seem to give two shits, Matteusz is in the best position to be that person.

Like imagine all the possibilities.

Things like…

The first time Charlie leaves them alone together and Quill doesn’t even seem to notice he’s there until he turns on the TV or gets something out of the microwave.

“You mean you still live here when his royal pain in my ass isn’t here?”

“Yes, I still live here when Charlie goes to the shop to buy milk.”



Caffiene deprived Quill coming into the kitchen in the morning and just stopping because what is this human doing in her house again? And before she can even try and activate her brain enough to snark, he hands her a cup of coffee. He’s already nursing his own. There’s a look in his eye like he needs the coffee and the quiet as bad as she does so she accepts it as a kind of temporary truce.

Both of them glare (Matteusz more a tired squint) when Charlie trots down the stairs already fuctioning and talking about plans for the day.

Just the two of them falling into this domestic pattern of Quill being snarky and Matteusz being a smart ass who just kind of brushes off her comments and continues with whatever is happening.

“I used to command armies, do you know how much financial management goes into that? Making sure there is enough to buy weapons and food?! This is beneath me.”

“Just hand over Park Avenue and eat some more chocolate.”

“Fine, fine, we’ll keep playing your little capitalism simulator. The fact that I can’t bomb any of your hotels and claim the property as my own just shows how unrealistic it truely is though.”

“Uh huh, Charlie, your roll.”

Charlie just looks between Matteusz and Quill, wondering how this is his life.

“Is he going to roll soon or can I go get a bottle of vodka?”

Matteusz rolls his eyes at Quill and then hands Charlie the dice. Charlie rolls on autopilot, mentally trying to figure out if he should call the others, because his boyfriend and his slave bodyguard being in some weird form of friendship is one of the most insane things to have happened since he landed on this planet.

Anne Rice Facebook livestream breakdown

Today, Anne Rice had two livestreams on Facebook, the first as a general Q&A and the second specifically related to the Vampire Chronicles television show. Part way through the second livestream, the video glitched and I missed a minute or two, but overall this is what I had.

I’ve divided the information into 3 sections and highlighted the most important or interesting things she mentioned in my opinion):

Anne Herself

  • Anne wants to assure fans she is the ONLY one who answers and sees emails sent by fans. She tries hard to view all of them
  • She also reassures that shes been trying to read as many comments given on Facebook as possible and to consider them
  • In her writing process, she can’t do all-nighters anymore; her books about Christ were the last time she really did this
  • She loves how people in New Orleans love life and celebrate it. She misses New Orleans terribly. She notes, “Lifestyles [down there] are inherited and have a beauty”
  • She reads more non-fiction than fiction and constantly takes notes from them, especially about archeology (which she loves: “It’s like eating ice cream for me! I love it so much”)
  • She says she no longer identifies as a Christian, but still has a love for Jesus and what he has done for her, such as helping her solve problems and beyond that
  • She has some new announcement coming soon not concerning the vampires
  • She feels this is the age of the nerd where readers’ opinions are most important. Says she has always taken us the readers seriously and wants us to feel appreciated. She appreciates our power and what we have done for the series.

The Books and The Characters

  • *spoiler* There is NO certainty Mona and Quinn are dead. This is just what Lestat believes.
  • She went through the pronunciations of characters’ names
    • Marius is pronounced like Marius in Les Miserables
    • Mekare is May-care-ee, but thinks other pronunciations are beautiful too
      • (And I think as a fandom we’ve come to agreements on everyone else’s names. She went by the names fast!)
  • Anne says she sums up the story of the chronicles as “how badly Lestat wants to be the hero of his own life”
  • She appreciates fans pointing out mistakes in her writing since she wants to be as accurate as possible, especially when it comes to history/time periods
  • When asked about the taste of blood/how it functions, Anne says blood is like every kind of drug- it’s sex, alcohol, drugs, everything
  • She writes a TON of notes since she occasionally forgets when/how certain things are mentioned, such as how the Savage Garden was introduced in the novel (which she no knows as something that occurred during Our Conversation with Nicolas and Lestat)
  • The name “Talamasca” came from a book on old witchcraft she found
  • Lestat’s name was a “blunder” rather than a “eureka” moment. His name was NOT based on her husband Stan intentionally. She was trying to look up old french names.
  • The transformation process of human to vampire (after getting the Dark Gift) is a little slower than how the IWTV film portrayed, but close in Anne’s mind (she truly appreciated how the film went above to stay close to her own visions and her work)
  • During his time with Louis and Claudia, Lestat attempted to give answers that would “keep them alive” rather than actual answers, knowing that he couldn’t reveal what he knew due to what Marius had told him (essentially, not just answers that he thought would satisfy them but that he thought would carry them on by themselves…which worked in my opinion)
  • There were several questions about Gabrielle and Becket commented about how Gabrielle is a fan favorite before he introduced the questions:
    • Anne says Gabrielle is cold, but admits that she loves Lestat yet at the same time doesn’t need him.
    • She does not see Gabrielle as autistic (she laughed at this question which really irked me :/ )
    • She will not write about a memoir from Gabrielle’s point of view since she wants Lestat to stay the focus of “the tribe” and she’s done with writing those sort of side books.
  • Lestat’s main concern right now is “keeping the tribe together”
  • She wants to continue with exploring some of the newer characters, Fareed and Seth were mentioned as a part of this.
  • Anne has an “ambivalence” towards Louis and she loves him since he represents an old part of her, but this is also the same reason she has trouble going back and writing for him, because she feels she is now a different person
  • She appreciates that there is no “real” consensus on what is the best/worst of her books amongst the fans (though Memnoch was her first example for worse soooo 😏)
  • In some ways, how Amel speaks to Lestat is a metaphor for how Lestat speaks to Anne.

The Television Show


  • Armand will NOT be played by someone around 14, because of the long filming process and how it will age the actor. She acknowledges fans want someone young for Armand but feels it will be too difficult to use (um, hello Anne, CGI??)
  • She thinks Cate Blanchett would be a wonderful pick for Gabrielle.
  • Says the looks are most important for Lestat, Louis just has to be beautiful (lol)
  • She really cares about the appearances of the cast and their availability to do about 5-6 years of filming

(Chronology and Production)

  • She thinks she will not go through network tv, so the home to the show would be Amazon, Hulu or Netflix.
  • She feels the show won’t be as violent as Game of Thrones but wants that integrity and style, and that “authenticity” to the books that Game of Thrones has (So for the rating, I’m guessing she feels around M?)
  • Anne wants to be true to the books and what the fans want to see (in regards to characters and plot points)
  • She appreciated the commitment of the team for the IWTV film and wants to keep up to that standard. She does not want unreasonable changes and compromises
  • Chronologically, she wants to begin with TVL with Lestat as a young man.
    • Feels around the 2nd/3rd season is where IWTV would start
    • The books are long, so it will not be a one season / one book situation.
    • It will begin chronologically, so it won’t be Lestat reading IWTV and THEN starting with his story as a response, it will start in France as the events happen (I was hoping it would be the former…)
  • No Mayfair witches in the show
  • Characters who are introduced later, but existed chronologically earlier like Benedick and Magnus, will be put earlier in the show
  • The Talamasca will be heavily involved “eventually” in the series, possibly earlier on. Related to this, she wants to tell the history of her vampires and those entities.
  • She wants to definitely (so badly) cover the scene where Lestat is being turned “stage by stage…” meaning him being in the tower and having realizations about his strength after drinking the blood. Also, how he turns Gabrielle (possibly wants to have a young actress to play Gabrielle and have her human age appear through makeup so the transformation will be more dramatic)
  • Louis’ story WILL be told, but the show will be mostly from Lestat’s POV
  • Anne hopes the show will go into production before the end of this year. Around 2018 is when it would come out
  • Anne and Chris have had a lot of interested companies already looking into developing the project (but she doesn’t want to reveal who is talking to them since it “wouldn’t be fair”)
  • She isn’t sure if the show will break the 4th wall. She acknowledges that Lestat does it in the books, but she feels she would have to stick with it for the entirety of the show and that would be difficult (so it sounds like mostly a “no” but she’s considering it)
  • Christopher and her are currently outlining around 5 seasons (estimated) for the TV series. They are also writing drafts for the first 4 episodes

Shandy Sunday: Beach Vacation Aethestic

“Want a towel or a chair in the sand by the sea.
Wanna look through my shades and see you there with me”

Marca published a story about Dani Alves. Not only did they make it seem like they did an interview with him during the Gala (which would make you think twice about it already since he hates Marca and won’t do interviews with them) they also twisted everything he said..

according to Marca: “They should have come. That’s my opinion. They are more than ready for the game on Wednesday. You have to respect their decision, but they had to be here in my opinion. Tonight i saw a lot of white (Real Madrid, ed.) and i didn’t like it. Ronaldo deserved to win.’’

The actual interview with Barca TV: ‘’I wanted to see my old Barça friends here. After leaving, I missed my Barça mates. Joining Juve was a drastic change for me, but I was ready for the challenge. My relationship with my Barça mates is still strong despite the distance. I think they missed the ceremony in order to avoid any risk. I want to congratulate Ronaldo on the award. I think he’s a great player, but Leo Messi remains the world’s best’’

Shut It Down

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Why is there blood on my couch?!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @dauntlessdiva

“Hey gorgeous.” Your husband greets walking through the front door.

“Hi babe. I missed you.” You say wrapping your arms around him.

“I know, sweetheart. Me too.” He adds taking off his coat.

“This promotion is killing me. I fell asleep in my office today.” Dean pouts dramatically.

“Poor baby.” You chuckle and pull him in for a kiss.

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Why is it difficult for possessed person to sleep?

The jinns seek to keep people awake at night or make them feel too scared to go to sleep for three reasons:

1. To enjoy entertainment. A person who is awake at night will most likely watch TV or browse the internet.
2. To make them commit sins.
3. To make them miss salah and the protective adkhaar. This in term makes a person tired.

Thus the cycle continues. Sins leads to more sins. The only way to break this cycle is to have discipline and conviction that you want to change, you don’t want to commit sins anymore, be pure, and if you stay awake let it only be to worship rather than entertainment or sin.
Remember the promise of Iblis.
Iblis said: “O my Lord! Because you misled me, I shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on the earth, and I shall mislead them all. Except Your chosen, (guided) slaves among them.”
[Al-Hijr 15:39-40]
Yet even Iblis admits that he has no control over Allah’s chosen, sincere slaves.

Do you want to be that chosen, sincere slave? If you’re answer is ‘yes’ then you have just taken the most important step forward which is to overcome all obstacles and have will power to takes the first step.

Okay I love Thomas Hayes as a person and actor but literally William fuck you for not coming back. They are my favorite couple and the fact that he couldn’t come back for a little cameo just breaks my heart.


- So… Are you okay?
- You don’t need to worry. If I couldn’t play, the coach would’ve stopped me.
- I see. Then I can go all out.
- What?
- That’s good.
- “You weren’t worried about me? Seriously?” Sounds like I don’t have to worry about you!
- I feel relieved, as well.
- Keep talking! First pitch! Stay focused!

Johnlock in TFP

I get why people are upset by the lack of confirmed Johnlock in this episode, and I’m 100% supporting you all on this. LGBT+ representation in media should not just be implied, it needs to actually happen for once. I think that, if this truly is the end of BBC Sherlock, that it was overall a rather extensive queerbait, and I’m upset by that. I expected better from Mark and Steven and the rest of the writers/cast/crew, many of them being LGBT themselves. I think they missed an opportunity to really make television history tonight.

Was I expecting John and Sherlock to be in a confirmed relationship by the end of the episode? I hoped, yes, but I was prepared for the worst at the same time. But guess what? I don’t think that was “the worst.” I’ll admit, Mary having the last lines in the episode wasn’t really a smart move in my opinion, but that’s besides the point. The episode ended just like the whole story started: Sherlock and John, together at Baker Street. The two of them against the rest of the world. I mean, c'mon, we saw Sherlock and John literally rebuild their home and raise Rosie together. That’s pretty big.

And let’s not forget Mary’s line about her knowing “what you two [Sherlock and John] can become.“ The way Sherlock and John looked at each other there was enough confirmation to me that this isn’t the end. And if it was, it was practically said right then and there. Softly, softly. Sherlock and John will become something more than they used to be. In fact, they already have. These two are closer than they’ve ever been before.

Remember: 5 acts. ( @quietlyprim ) The show isn’t over yet. Think about it. Series 5 (which I strongly believe will come) could, if handled properly this time, result in this implied relationship becoming an actual one. We’re all done waiting, I get it. But I truly believe that we have to keep our hope here instead of being disheartened. So much love and work has been put into this show and this community, and everyone has said they’d like to continue it. I refuse to believe that this is the end.

So as a community, we keep creating, we keep moving forward, and we keep loving this amazing show that’s been given to us despite its flaws. We can do it.

You know where the veil between worlds is truly thin? 1990′s - early 2000′s documentary programs

There are a lot of posts about liminal spaces and to be fair they’re a fascinating concept, but while highway rest stops are a good example, I feel we are all missing a great deal by not exploring the liminal dimensions present in made-for-tv documentaries from the 1990′s and early 2000′s.

For Instance:

When I was a child, my bed time was 8:00. Unfortunately for me, the weekly program about dinosaurs I wanted to watch on.. the Discovery Channel I think it was(?) happened at 9:00. My mom would tape them for me every week, because VHS was still a thing back then.

Eventually however, the series ended without either of us noticing. She taped the timeslot anyway and gave it to me to watch the next afternoon, like usual, which is how I, a 7 or 8 year old child, ended up watching a half-hour long program about people who had died by spontaneous human combustion.

I watched, enraptured, as the program explored the puzzling and horrific cases of people who, for seemingly no reason, had burst into intensely hot flames which reduced them to mere ashes, with no discernible source of ignition and which left nearby flammables curiously untouched. “Could this happen to anyone? Could this happen to you?” the program asked me, flashing yet another grisly black and white photograph of an incinerated body across the screen. “Yes, and I must fear it” I thought in reply, and continued to think about constantly for the next several years.

In time though, I forgot. Until my friend Paloma recommended me some short stories she had read for one of her classes, because I needed some new reading material for the train to class. One of them was about a character whose parents had died by SHC (Blowing Up on the Spot by Kevin Wilson). Suddenly, I remembered.

“I have to find this program,” I thought. “There must be a reason I have this specific, persistent fear, and for some reason I bet watching it again will make it less awful,” I continued, because I am an idiot and I don’t know what’s good for me.

After hours of scouring the internet, I have found exactly one copy of this show that so scarred me. It has subtitles in Greek, the audio unsyncs from the narrator’s lips and becomes steadily fuzzier as the video goes on until it is nearly indecipherable, and searching the actual name of the show yields not even a Wikipedia article. A few sites have episode lists but that’s about it, and those with dates list them all as being released on the same day in 2009, so I am forced to conclude that no one knows when these programs came into existence. They seem to exist in neither this time nor space, and attempts to keep them tied to this dimension result in warping of sound and language.

They are trying to escape, and after rewatching this awful barrage of burned bodies and early 2000s CGI simulations of people on fire, I think we should let them. The veil is thin between universes which are so close to touching as to allow hints of passage. These are moving away from us. Let them go.

This is the final vestige of a world not our own. (tw for fairly graphic images of dead bodies, I am serious here)

the-sloth-woman  asked:

Please tell us the Sebastian dick story of true love

Hold on to your butts kids, this is gonna be a wild ride.

It all started on a day where our school was hosting a basketball tournament. So in turn as hosts, we had to feed them lunch. I have absolutely no interest in sports now and I didn’t back then either except for archery. I mean I watch them every now and again or I’ll like them for a certain TV show but I don’t watch them religiously. So when we were all gathered in the lunchroom my friend asked me to participate in a bet. This bet was whether or not I could throw something and make it into the trash can which is a pretty common occurrence as its training for archery. With all the new people in the room I did not anticipate the wind flow from everyone walking around and I missed.

Being selectively mute as I was she obviously took the route of making me shout something in the middle of the gym. So she came up with the phrase “sabastian Michaelis has a nice dick!”. And being true to the vet because the punishment for not doing it would have been far worse I shouted it as loudly as I could kind of like the penis game from The Game Grumps.

What I was not expecting was for someone from the other side of the room in this gorgeous baritone voice to scream “ THEY HAVE NEVER SHOWN IT SO HOW WOULD YOU KNOW!?” with adrenaline I didn’t know I had I stood up and replied with “I LOOK AT A BUNCH OF YAOI SO I HAVE A GOOD IDEA!” What possessed me to say that I have no idea. But this beautiful Sousuke from Free! Eternal summer looking motherfucker came walking towards me and my friend. In my head is was ‘oh fuck oh fuck oh he’s hot and half Japanese Jesus Christ ’ and when he got over to us, I was created with “I was not expecting someone so cute, seeing as you like anime. My name is Matthew Sugawara, yours?” “Megan Kennedy, resident weeaboo, how may I help you?”

The full-on belly roll laughter that erupted it from his mouth was sunshine PURE SUNSHINE OKAY? “ Wow, you are really spot on with pointed humor.” he sat down next to us with his lunch tray and proceeded to talk to us about a lot of things. I learned by the end of that lunch hour that he likes to play basketball, play defensive, was a virgin, really wanted kids, and his eye color was specifically turquoise. I ended up spending the rest of my day with him hanging out showing him around and ended up being convinced to join The Spectator crowd of the tournament later on and that day after school.

I went home and changed into a Zelda t-shirt, a ripped pair of jeans, and a pair of Converse and walk back up to the school not expecting him to actually continue to talk to me. I thought he had been joking with me all day and had not been serious and anything he’d been saying and that it was just a joke for his friends. What I was not expecting was for him to greet me back at the doorway with a bouquet of flowers. FLOWERS HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO JOG TWO MILES TO GET, AS OTS TWICE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN MY HOUSE AND SCHOOL. I was an overweight girl with anxiety problems and no self confidence.

after taking the bouquet of flowers and putting them inside my locker because I didn’t want to carry them around all day he proceeded to ask me to come to stay with them in his team’s area and cheer him on from that point after the games have been won. He started to talk to me in front of his friends and he had that look on his face that I can only describe as lovey dovey I did not know that at the time. “Is she your girlfriend!? Come on man she’s fat!” The team said at the both of us, and one line. ONE LINE was all it took to shut them up. “Girlfriend’s and family members of he team are off limits from that shit, so stop it right now, because I’m not leaving this town untill she excepts my confession to her.” I started tearing up because no one had ever been that nice to me before. He took me by the hand and guided me outside and even let me sit on his jacket in the side area where there was huge patches of grass so I wouldn’t get dirty. I was tearing up still and I was trying so hard not to cry but I could tell that he understood.

“So, I know this is awkward, but I’m gonna just be honest, okay? I really like you, and I want to ask you officaly to be my girlfriend. Would that be okay?” I said, in a small voice that I almost looked back up to see if he had even heard me “I don’t think I’m pretty enough to be your girlfriend.” The look I got, the look of sadness mixed with anger mixed with silent pleading made my heart clench in emotion I had never felt before.

“I know you have anxiety problems, but it’s no worry. You are beautiful, and I want to prove it to you. Can I hug you? I’ve heard I’m really good at it!” I accepted by opening my arms a bit.

Do you know the feeling of when you have found someone who genuinely loves you? It’s not when you get gets super excited at their presence or when you get butterflies in your stomach that you absolutely cannot contain. It’s when a simple hug or them being around you feels like safety and home. THIS MOTHERFUCKERS hug felt so warm to me that I almost wanted to break down crying even more I have never in my entire life had someone hug me with so much love and perseverance in my entire life. With several years of gold abuse and foster homes under my belt, I knew. I JUST KNEW.

It was what he said next that I won’t EVER forget. “ I want to prove to you that I care about you. It’s only been one day but I want to tell you things from my perspective. When I heard someone shouting about Sebastian Michaelis dick in the middle of the gym I got interested. And my parents always raised me on the thought that if something interests you go after it because nothing can come of it if you try. So when I saw a chubby girl with purple hair looking back at me on the other side of the cafeteria I was highly interested. When I walked closer and noticed that you wore a Jasmine perfume that absolutely complemented your looks I became addicted to your aura (presence, as in being around me), and last but definitely not least when I noticed that your silver tongue voice was matched with a pair of eyes that were the color of the Earth and chocolate I was invested. Over the course of that hour you were debating with me as someone on a college level, and made philosophy interesting to me. I honestly could have listened to you talk about your grocery list for several hours. I became devoted to you I knew that by the time that the day had ended but I definitely needed you in my life and I’ve NEVER felt that way about anyone before. So when I tell you that you were beautiful, and thet you have lit up my life in the course of an afternoon I mean it. Don’t let anyone else tell you that you are important because you’re important to me. because in the course of 45 seconds after talking about Dick I was willing to follow you anywhere.”


Did he let go? No he didn’t he held onto me and let me feel and believe in the most amazing men’s cologne mixed with salty sweat that I’ve ever smelled in my entire life until I Let Go. After I had let go he leaned back onto his arms and stared up into the sky. It was night time at this point so the stars were completely out in the sky “ I really hope you say yes because I want plenty more days where I get to sit and watch the stars with you.” “Okay, because I love astrology.” he sat up really fast and got really close to my face , looking super excited “do you mean that?!” “Yeah, I accept.” The look of pure joy on his face again looked like complete sunshine.

After that course of events he decided that he was going to accompany me home. On the way home he asked if we could exchange numbers and we did I even gave him my email address and the times that I’m usually home for him to best call me. He asked after we had exchanged numbers, whether or not that was my home phone or cell phone number. I told him that it was my home phone number and I did not have a cell phone yet I couldn’t afford it. He proceeded to turn around take me by the hand and marched me up to the store which is a near nother mile walk and bought me a cell phone and 3 months worth of minutes.

“You don’t have to do this, I can’t afford to pay you back!” “Im really in love with the idea of ‘good morning beautiful’ messages, and I want to be in contact with you everyday. Plus, I like the idea of calling you whenever, now on home office hours. Pay me back with kisses, okay?” after we left the store and he was activating the phone I stayed quiet. Honestly because I didn’t understand how in the course of the day, I had gained the affections of someone who was literally super built, super hot, about 6 feet tall, really dark hair, and turquoise eyes like the ocean. But I kind of just rolled with it. “ you know I’ve never had anyone sit down and talk so much with me about so many adult things. You were willing to talk to me about kids, what are houses would be like, how stupid taxes are, dream jobs and things of the like. I honestly I’m really glad that you accepted to be my girlfriend, because I don’t want the next bimbo on the market. I want someone that I can actually spend my life with. I want someone who’s going to be a homebody. And I think I found that little piece of home that I had always been waiting for her inside you.” YOU BET YOIR ASS I CRIED SOME MORE.

I never spent the weekend without him. We were you there at his house, my house, the park, anywhere really, and his games spending as much time as we can with one another. And even when I ended up in a wheelchair he took me back and forth to school every single day because by that time he had graduated and I was a senior. And with his physical aptitude help nurse me back to health and teach me how to read walk because I seriously fucked up my knee.

Did he ever complain when I asked him to go to the store and buy me things related to my period? No. He even carried around in the emergency kit inside his gym bag during the rest of his high school career and while he was in college. His only comment on the matter was that he loved the fact that I was dependent on him. Anytime I was sick you always came over and helped me get better and vice-versa and I was honestly so taken aback by that. And I very much so take advantage of it.

I was 17 when we met. 18 when he asked me to move in with him so we both could save money for college and be closer to campus. 19 when we had our first fight which included his carrying my over his shoulder when I told him to take his shit and leave if he was gonna be petty. I screamed at him for doing thing and he just laughed at me and said “you told me to take what’s mine and leave. You are mine. I didn’t think I would get the chance to act out a meme. By the way, you are to cute when you are angry, it took everything for me not to laugh and make it worse.” This plays into the ask from earlier.

He had asked me to marry him, by taking me to an ring shop to get a present for his mom, and noticed I really liked one of them. He proposed later that night by quoting my introduction on our first day. “Megan Kennedy, resident weeaboo, will you become megan Sugawara, professional otaku, by marring me?” With a grin so big I almost thought he was joking. He was not.

By 20, I got really sick and had to be carried to the doctor. We had assumed it was aiming in the new house we had bought, but we were wrong. I WAS PREGNANT HAHA SO GOOD.

By 21, I learned I was carrying twins.

And, as off a few weeks ago, with a story that many messaged me had made them cry, I learned Matthew was only human. And was not as strong as I had pictures him to always be. But, that didn’t make him the most perfect thing I had ever seen in my life. We decided the babies names are going to be maelyn and Micah Sugawara. And i will be mrs. Sugawara 1 month after the babies are born.

Thanks for listening to this wild ass tale, that I had to wrote twice. The first time had alot more detail and sounded better, but hey, I got lazy I’m sorry.
~admin Bella