i miss them more than alot

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Unpopular opinion: this meaning full bull shit from i need you clear up untill before fire aka, i need you, save me, young forever, spring day, and run IS LITERALLY ANNOYING ASF, NOT TODAY AND FIRE WERE SO REFRESHING‼️‼️‼️ because this sad meaning of life shit is annoying asss hellllll. I miss boy in luv, danger, DOPE OMGGG, shit like that. You know what they were originally known for.. I really do miss the old bts, but imma support them forever

ksjdnfjsdfn i respect that, theres alot of fans who feel that way but, idk i think older bts was kinda cringey and also di current bts is who they really r imo. i think all them really hard concepts were kinda promoted just to get em pushed out there but they can literally do what they want w their music now since bighit gave them more freedom than in their earlier days. i respect whatever music they come out w cause i know its a part of them n not di company tbh