i miss them i'm feeling so ~nostalgic


First and last days of filming “Bones” 2005-2017

dbdbo69 Gonna miss these beauties!”

The stream Hat Films did today is really worth watching! I feel like I’ve traveled back in time! Ross building a big marble structure, Smith burning and blowing stuff up and Trott trying to get things done. Oh and not to mention them reading the script of the first four episodes of Hatventures Origins????

I guess right now more than ever it hit me. The fact that the writers are so desperately keeping Barry and Iris apart on purpose. It’s not the fact that they are keeping westallen platonic at the moment (or how badly they suck at writing it) it’s the fact that we can’t tell that Barry was ever in love with Iris. I guarantee you that if a person watched season 2 without watching season 1, you could never tell that Barry was completely head over heels for her. It’s the fact that they are trying so hard to sell Patty and Barry’s relationship and in doing so, diminishing Barry and Iris’s friendship. I would be totally fine with Patty and Barry (well not totally fine) if we could see westallen being best friends again. And what’s also baffling to me is the fact that Barry is so quick to move on when Iris never said never in regards to the romantic aspect of their relationship. I’m guessing he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship because Eddie died and if that’s the case, show us. Show us Barry and Iris talking about their feelings. Show us Iris grieving Eddie. It feels like the writers don’t even remember season 1. 

I’m looking at season 1 gifs and feeling very nostalgic. The writers sucks so badly at writing platonic!westallen and I just can’t think about it without getting really angry. I just really hope the are better at writing romantic!westallen. Shit, I’m still hoping we even get that.