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hi!! do you know any good chuck and sarah fanfic that I can read? I miss them so much

Hi there! Hoooo boy do I
Idk if you’ve read much fic before so I could just be recommending a bunch of fics you’ve already read, but these are my favourites so like. Buckle up.
(also, most of them are AUs, bc I’m AU trash lol)

Chuck vs the Frontier
I’m currently rereading this one! Really enjoying it again.

Walker’s Eleven
An awesome AU with the whole gang.

Chuck vs the Second Chance.
Gah. Angsty, but so good.

Two Sides of the Same Coin
Definitely in my top 5 fics. I’ve reread it three or four times by now and I still can’t get over how clever it is as a concept.

I’ve got a soft spot for this fic, n’aw.

What Fates Impose (and thus everything associated with it) (the link won’t add idk why but https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5756619/1/What-Fates-Impose )
Such a complex and long AU but worth it.

The Trapped Assassin
Warning for the M rating but dang, hot and plot, I love it.

A Chuckmas Carol
I know it’s a seasonal fic but I read it last month and honestly wept at it lmao

That Which is Greater (and again, thus, everything associated with it)
I’m a sucker for a single parent AU and this one is so so good and so so clever

Ready at Your Hand
I love this fic and I love this setting for an AU, omg

Chuck Versus the Con Game
!!! Just !!!

The Hot Chick Five Point Paralyzing Nerve Block
Try saying that title when you’re drunk. I only read it first the other day but I really liked it?

Discovering Omaha (and sequels)
I fell in love with this universe when I first read it

Chuck vs The Doldrums
I love fics about the in between mission times or cover maintenance so this is 👌

Set, Spike, Dive!
I honestly got so irrationally invested in my Olympics babies omg

Chuck vs The Charade
Maaaan, another awesome AU.

Chuck Versus the Dive
I truly fell for this fic when I first read it idek it’s just… lovely.

Little Girls, Paper Wreaths, and Choc Chip Cookies
Another single parent AU, I just wish it was more than a one shot, this universe is so sweet!

Chuck vs the Wildcat
An awesome Westerny AU.

It’s a Wonderful Cover Life
Part of my holiday season now consists of waiting and hoping this fic updates lmao, I love it so much.

Chuck Versus the Steampunk Chronicles
I just adore this fic so much, and I can way too frequently be found saying that. I honestly couldn’t get it out of my head when I first came across it.

Anyway these are the ones off the top of my head, I probably forgot some awesome fics but hopefully this is enough to get you started! Also, some of these are unfinished/still updating, so, just a warning if you get invested and it doesn’t update again, lmao. (I’ve done that so often oh the pain. Writing is hard though, I get it.)

Today is not a good day. The past few weeks have been amazing but it’s finally catching up with me and I’ve crashed. I’m feeling overwhelmed and completely unprepared. Its past midday and I can’t bring myself to get out of bed. I’ve missed this morning’s lectures and I know I won’t be there for the afternoon ones either. My room is a mess but I can’t seem to get myself to tidy up. I’ve had some personal problems crop up again too which makes everything else so much harder.

This is the not so attractive side of vet school. You hear it all the time - vet students are much more likely to suffer mental health problems. For someone who already had them before coming here I knew it would be hard. It still did not prepare me for how impossible first year felt at times. But I have to remind myself I made it here. I have to remember all the good things that have come from this experience so far and all those yet to come. It’s okay to have bad days. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Sometimes maybe just a shower and some food is all you’ll manage to achieve. But tomorrow is a different day. Find strength in the support system around you. I’m lucky this year to have surrounded myself with amazing people and that makes even the hardest days just a little easier. Seek help if you need it and get yourself back up on your feet. You’ve done it before and you can do it again.

No one can tell me this wasn’t the best friendship to ever happen on YT. No one can tell me that they never got along. No one can tell me that they didn’t make the other smile/laugh and no one can tell me that they didn’t care for eachother. I owe Bryce and Ohm my life and to see them how they are now, hurts like hell. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they can come back together sometime in the future and be friends, playing these games once more. 

-This has nothing to do with their ship but their FRIENDSHIP so don’t confuse this with their ship please. 


Thank you Bones for an incredible 12 seasons, 246 episodes, countless amazing characters and friendships, an abundant number of fantastic storylines, 2 of the best love stories of all time, and most importantly, 1 beautiful family of a cast. My life means more because I know you.

things i love about my hero academia

(not all of them because then this would turn into a 500 page journal that could be published and sold and no one would buy it because no one is as much of a nerd as i am)

  • our main protagonist is not a traditionally masculine hero. he’s small, he’s weak, he’s a crybaby, he’s sensitive. especially in the shounen genre, this is a pretty rare thing to see, and even as Izuku grows as a person and becomes more confident in himself, he’s still shy and anxious.
  • he’s also a fanboy!! and not in a bad way!! it’s his fanboy nature that allows him to express himself and show how smart, intuitive, and observant he is
  • the character who does get all the traditionally masculine traits is the character everyone in the main cast acknowledges is a total asshole who mercilessly bullied and abused his classmate/childhood playmate
  • it’s also very clearly seen that Izuku has been conditioned (unintentionally) to fear Bakugou because of all of that physical and emotional abuse. just because he’s a hero in training and he’s learning and growing and becoming more confident doesn’t erase all of those years of bullying
  • it’s also acknowledged that they are children and still have room to grow. Bakugou is an asshole, but he’s not totally villainized for his behavior and is given the chance to change and become a better person because he’s only sixteen years old and still has time to change
  • and he does!! he makes an effort to change and try to adjust his behavior to make a more positive impact (even if it is a slow and arduous process, we do see him make great strides throughout the manga)
  • it would have been really easy to just throw Bakugou under the bus and make him a villain, but instead we get to see his growth as a person as he matures and enters the world of adulthood
  • All Might is the no. 1 hero, the Symbol of Peace, the man everyone thinks is invincible, and he has a chronic condition. he’s missing his stomach, he’s had multiple surgeries, he spits up blood, he literally looks like a skeleton, guys. but even after the reveal, people still admire and look up to him as an idol because he’s still All Might and he still protected and saved a lot of lives and was still a hero
  • All Might’s relationship with Izuku just in general. seriously, i could make an entirely different list just based on their relationship and 95% of the fandom has already talked about them, so i won’t gush about their relationship too much here
  • the fact that most of the adults take responsibility when they fuck up. the police force realize they’ve relied too heavily on heroes, specifically All Might, and they make an effort to change that so they can help people. the teachers at UA recognize that they’ve neglected students who need psychological help. Izuku’s mom acknowledges that she should have encouraged his dream in spite of his quirklessness. most stories, even in the west, don’t have nearly as much adult responsibility as this series does
  • the elusive living anime mom
  • okay but seriously, Inko is quite possibly one of the best fictional moms i’ve seen in a long time. she’s loving and encouraging and she tries her hardest, but she’s not perfect. she’s a single mom caring for her son, who wants to go into this incredibly dangerous profession. and when he gets hurt enough times, when her limit is finally met, she puts her foot down and says “no. i love you, but i can’t let you keep getting hurt like this.” like any reasonable parent would. and the only way she relents is when she sees how much Toshinori wants to teach him and nurture him and encourage him and see his dream recognized and she sees how badly Izuku wants to continue down this path, even if it’s under her terms.
  • this series seriously tackles a lot of topics that you wouldn’t expect it to. you know you’re gonna get the usual topics like what makes a hero, what makes a villain, etc. but, it also goes over other subjects like bullying, parental abuse, discrimination, grief, inferiority complexes, how easy it is to create a monster, redemption. this is a manga about teenagers learning to be super heroes, how did it turn out like this
  • it would have been so easy to sexualize any of the girls. this manga, in the hands of a lesser author, would have featured a lot of fan service shots of the girls. Momo especially, considering she wears a very revealing outfit. and yet, none of them are sexualized?? in any way shape or form??? yeah, we see Momo shirtless a lot and some girls wear skin tight outfits. but, you know who else has skin tight outfits and revealing hero costumes? the boys. and when we do see a shirtless girl or boy, it’s not framed in a way where we’re meant to be objectifying their body. there’s a reason why it happened and we move on. it’s so refreshing.
  • (there are only two fan service female characters. one uses her sexuality to get free shit and the other is meant to make you uncomfortable. take it what you will)
  • we get a lot of unique designs for each of the characters. there are no same faces. each character has a unique quirk and a design that belongs to them. they aren’t interchangeable with one another. Izuku looks like Izuku. All Might looks like All Might. they all look unique with different shapes and sizes
  • (admittedly the manga still kind of falls under the trap of the boys get to have weird, strange designs and the girls all kind of look cute, but it’s not nearly as bad as some other shows. and honestly, if that’s my only complaint, that says a lot)
  • fighting doesn’t solve everything! there’s a really incredible few chapters in the manga dedicated to acknowledging that Izuku and Bakugou seriously need to talk to each other about what Bakugou did to him. they’re both incredible people in their own right and they can learn a lot from each other, but only if they stop fighting and actually communicate with each other. one of the chapters is literally titled “a meaningless fight”. because it is meaningless. it’s not going to solve their problems, fix past mistakes, or make them feel better. it’s a fight to get aggression out because Bakugou doesn’t know any other way to deal with his emotions and trauma.
  • kindness is rewarded!!! cruelty is not!!! i’m really sick and tired of TV shows and movies trying to sell this pessimistic outlook that everything sucks and that gives us the right to be assholes to each other just because it’s edgy. My Hero Academia is such a positive manga and it brings me so much joy and happiness and it sends such a wonderful message of anyone can be a hero if you have a good heart and that kindness will be rewarded, even if it takes a really long time.

i love this manga so much and it’s given me so much light and happiness in my life and if that makes me weird because it’s anime, then fine. whatever. i don’t care. i’ll love it for as long as i can, dammit.

Honestly it warms my heart so much how Sehun cares for all the members…like whenever Kyungsoo was told to dance alone or act cutely, he was there ready to dance with him and he kept encouraging him…the look of love he had in his eyes speaks wonders about what’s inside that tall little man’s heart I love him so much

“I’ve been sitting here for three hours trying to figure out what to do.  I need to make a sale.  Rent is due in a week and I don’t have the money.  I’m already starting to miss payments on a loan I took out recently.  I made two cold calls today and both of them went like shit.  I’d never do anything bad to get money, but who knows.  I’m beginning to dread going home.  My kids are small and want …to be with me all the time, but I’m so stressed that I have no patience.  I’ve been losing my temper easily.  We were at my brother-in-law’s house this weekend, and he’s doing much better than I am.  His kids have a bunch of toys.  My son kept begging me to buy the same stupid little toy truck that his cousin had.  And I yelled at him to forget it.  I only had enough money in my pocket to get us home.”

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It Wasn’t Real (finale)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten -eleven - finale


I just wanna say like thank you all so much for the wonderful support on this story, i’m seriously gonna miss writing it SO MUCH! It’s crazy to believe i’m already done, but I mean, I did upload like everyday lol. Anyway, thank you all again so much.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Richie x Reader, and Loser’s Club x Reader, also slight Stan x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones.

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“It’s coming back now.” Stan explained, nodding at his friends who surrounded him. The group was silent, standing around Stan, battered by what had just happened in the sewers but happy that it was over and their friend was standing before them alive. “Only bits and pieces, but I remember IT just suddenly being there and that’s it. Then I woke up with you guys around.”

Silence echoed Stan’s words, as he slowly let his eyes move around the people surrounding him; hesitant to ask what was on his mind. “What happened?” It was obvious what had happened. IT had come back, just like you’d tried to tell him but Stan had been too stupid, too in-denial to listen, that’s how he found himself here. But, it was almost like there was more; like the day and a bit he’d been gone more had happened then he could ever imagine.

“Y/N t-told us about how IT had taken you.” Bill finally answered, his eyes landing on you for a split second before gazing back at Stan. “She said s-she found the words “W-WHERE’S STAN?” written on h-her ceiling in blood. A-After that, w-we came here to find you.”

As Bill explained, Stan’s eyes fell on you as you looked to the ground. The last time you’d spoken, he’d left you just standing there after practically begging for help. No part of you was mad, but you could tell he felt guilty, just by his gaze. And it didn’t help that he’d bee wrong, that’d just been proven after what’d happened.

“And um- Henry’s dead.” It wasn’t needed, but you felt like you had to say it. Henry was terrible to you but you’d still killed someone. You didn’t know what would happen, though you knew none of them would ever say anything but you’d physically murdered someone; didn’t matter if he was an asshat half of the time. “So there’s that.”

Richie noticed your discomfort, and could only imagine what you must be thinking. Leaning over, he grabbed your hand; ignoring the looks he received from the others. “You did what you had to do.” 


“Richie’s right, Y/N.” Eddie interrupted you, turning to look at you with a sincere gaze. “Henry would’ve killed you if you hadn’t done what you did. He deserved it.” Richie squeezed your hand as you reluctantly nodded, giving a small smile his way.

But, we’re glad you’re okay, Stan.” Beverly smiled, her blue eyes brighter than before. Despite the fact that you’d all just come from a fight with a murderous clown and quite literally from a trip in the sewers, everyones faces seemed a whole lot brighter. Even you yourself, you felt less empty than you’d felt for so long. The world seemed brighter and a lot more colourful, rather than the dull black and white you’d been seeing it in for the past four years. 

“Yeah.” Mike agreed, nodding with a smile on his face.

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“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

Part 3 of edit sets for witchsona AU

**Please DO NOT edit, use, or repost any of these! Thank you!

[UPDATED and COMPLETE character profiles (codenames, outfit, awakening scene, dialogues) under the cut!]

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She knows she has a lot of potential, but she can’t seem to express it and convince people of it. Newt sees all that potential in her. I think that’s a lot of what falling in love is. You feel someone else recognizing what you are, what you have to offer. - Katherine Waterston

“I’m a coward. Such a freaking coward!”

Dean heaves a deep sigh and rubs his temples in a weak attempt to order his thoughts. It feels like a goddamned roller coaster in there and he really doesn’t know what to do.

“It’s just … it should be easy, right?” he continues, shaking his head. “They’re just words. Granted, huge words. Words I never said before to another person outside of my family. But …”

He pauses, looking at the big golden eyes in front of him that study him expectantly.

“What do you think, man?” Dean asks. “Am I a coward?”

No reply, just an intense stare.

“Or am I crazy?” Dean suggests. “For talking to a frigging cat of all things!”

Mojo finally decides to blink … and stays quiet.

Stupid cat!

“I am crazy!” Dean groans, throwing his hands into the air. “Instead of facing my boyfriend and telling him that I love him, I’m talking to his cat who likes to chase flies and lick his butt all day. That doesn’t make any sense!”

Mojo tilts his head – and damn, he does look a bit like Castiel that way – and eyes Dean in that typical humans-are-quite-weird way. He did it the very first time Dean came over – the night after his first date with Castiel, him being all jittery and jumpy, wondering whether the ‘tea’ Castiel offered him at the front porch with a warm smile before inviting him in actually meant a hot beverage or something completely different, his nerves all over the place – and Mojo obviously thought him the weirdest person on the planet.

(By the way, the 'tea’ actually turned out to be tea. That … and the best first kiss ever!)

Since then Dean’s relationship with the cat is kinda reserved. Mojo mostly stays out of sight or at least far away, just staring at Dean as though he hopes that this odd human would finally disappear and never return. There is wariness and suspicion and Mojo only condescends to ignore all this when he’s in the mood for some proper petting.

“You don’t care about my problems, right?” Dean sighs. “I mean, you’re a cat, why should you? You probably think I’m dense for not having the nerve to tell my boyfriend – my beautiful, gorgeous amazing boyfriend – that I’m hopelessly in love with him. That the last few months had been the best of my life. That I’m, without any doubt, the luckiest guy alive.”

He shuts his eyes for a second. “He’s so awesome, you know? Everything I ever hoped for and at the same time so much more! I’m so crazy about him, you’ve got no idea.” He fidgets awkwardly. “But how do I tell him all that? I’m so awful at the feelings-crap and as soon as I look into his pretty eyes I’ll forget anything I wanted to say.”

Mojo dignifies Dean’s little meltdown with a big yawn and an I-couldn’t-care-less expression.

Dean, however, just lets it pass. “How do normal people do it? Just say it right into the person’s face?” He bites his bottom lip in frustration. “How?”

“There are some who talk about it with their boyfriend’s pet,” suddenly a very deep and very familiar voice interjects.

Dean leaps to his feet immediately and stares at Castiel with wide eyes. “Cas!”

Of course he shouldn’t be surprised by his boyfriend’s presence since this is Castiel’s place after all and he only left to run a small errand, even reassuring Dean that it “won’t take long”, but for some reason Dean totally missed how much time already passed.

Castiel, however, seems highly amused. “So that’s what you’re doing when I leave the house? Having deep and meaningful conversations with Mojo?”

The cat merely spares them a brief glance before starting to lick his paws and ignore them in a way only cats manage to do.

Dean smiles crookedly. “He’s actually not the best to talk to.”

Castiel takes a step closer and chuckles. “Don’t worry, I’m doing the same thing all the time.”

Dean lifts an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yes.” Castiel cups Dean’s cheek, his fingers so warm that Dean instantly leans into the touch. “Just yesterday I told him how much I love my boyfriend.”

Dean’s heartbeat picks up its pace rather spectacularly and he can’t contain a beaming grin. “You do?”

Castiel hums in affirmation, his nose brushing Dean’s. “Very, very much.”

The kiss that follows is sweet and soft and it makes Dean’s skin tingle in the most pleasant way possible.

“I love you too,” Dean whispers before surging right back in.

And on the couch Mojo continues to groom his fur and probably wonders why humans are so annoyingly complicated.

I’ve got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies

for @legividivici, hope you like it!! <3 (ao3)

The last place Clarke expected to run into anyone she knows is the literal middle of the ocean, but the cruise ship has barely left port before she spots a familiar head of tousled curls ahead of her in the crowd.

She loses sight of him before she can get a good look, so she chalks it up to her imagination. It’s entirely possible that Bellamy is on the same cruise she is– they did, after all, both just graduate, and therefore have the same budget and scheduling constraints– but she tells herself it probably isn’t him. And that even if it is him, it’s not like they’re going to run into each other.

So of course the next day she’s on one of the decks by the pool when a shadow falls over her and his voice says, “Is this chair taken?”

Clarke pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head and wrinkles her nose at him.

“I don’t know, I my tiara really ought to have a chair of its own.”

Bellamy smirks and sits on the edge of the chair, not moving her stuff– not yet– but settling in to bicker with her. As is their custom.

She and Bellamy were RAs in the same dorm two years ago, and they had differing ideas at first about how hands-on they needed to be with their freshmen. Despite the way they picked at each other, by the end of the year they’d become reluctant allies, his calling her ‘Princess’ taking on less of a sneer and more of a teasing edge, her comebacks laced with a smile. They had each other’s backs.

But she didn’t re-up her RA contract for her senior year, and he did, and they’re not the type of friends to outright admit they miss each other, so she hasn’t seen nearly as much of him in the past couple of semesters as she would like.

“You here with Wells?”

“And Raven,” she nods. “I was saving those seats for them, but I’m pretty sure they ditched me to have tiny cabin sex.”

“O and Lincoln ditched me pretty fast too. I think they’ve all forfeited their right to a saved seat,” he grins, passing her bag back to her. The way he lounges back in the chair, skin already browning, wind ruffling his hair, he looks like something straight out of an ad. Or Clarke’s fantasies. Either one, really.

Just because she used to think he was a Class-A dick (which he is, but not in the way she thought. In the fun way.) doesn’t mean she’s never noticed how great his hands are, or how he’s got perfect hair for pulling, or how there’s probably more than one way to wipe a smirk off his face.

“Sure, make yourself at home,” she grumbles. He grins at her and pulls his shirt off, which is– honestly just so unfair.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

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rchavkin: Comets move really fast (apparently 10 to 70km/second). So I can’t believe I got so many pics! And still, I didn’t get not enough. I could’ve filmed the past 6 years, from the first 29 hour reading at Ars Nova in Fall 2011 to tomorrow September 3rd, and still it wouldn’t be enough for the amount of life contained within GREAT COMET.

I’m on the train now, headed back to NYC for the final performances. It’s inevitable, I guess. So it’s staggering how much my chest hurts, with sorrow and missing this company already, but also with the amount that I have LAUGHED. This family makes me laugh. This improbable tumbleweed accumulating more and more people over the years…suckers and zealots and real motherfuckin artists, all of them (including our crew). This sprawling family, and this red curtained room, is the culture I want to live inside. Working on the Broadway design, Mimi Lien said, “it’s gotta still feel like we’re all in the same room.” And she did a good job, to put it mildly.
During a pre-show huddle, I once told the company that nothing about this show was built to be sustainable. Backstage and onstage, this show has always been too much. I think you only get this kind of saturation in a piece when it’s grown slowly. It means you literally can’t get everything on first viewing, but you can FEEL it from jump.
COMET is a feeling in my chest. It’s too big and it’s quiet and it’s making me cry. That’s Dave Malloy, that’s Tolstoy, and that’s what our company, onstage and off, was WILLING to BRING. Awkward grace. Flaws and drama and abandon and solidarity.

Thank you COMET company.
Thank you to all the people who made it happen along the way.
Thank you to everyone who ever saw the show in any incarnation.

scottstangland: My Captain. ❤️ #Repost @rchavkin (@get_repost)

The Campus Fuck Boy (G.D)

Summary: Grayson Dolan is the college fuck boy of the century, who also happens to be best friends with your brother. Your brother comes back to town, and you’re expecting some nice brother sister bonding before the first football game at your campus. But instead of bonding with your brother, you end up bonding with someone else instead…

Warnings: Mentions of sex.

A/N: Grayson as a college fuck boy is a concept I will never get over! Sorry for being so shitty with uploading lately! But I promise I’m gonna get my shit together, & start updating some more! Love you! <3

Reader’s POV

It was only the second week of my junior year in college, and I was already hoping for it to be over. I didn’t like any of the professors, and the work load was already ridiculous, and on top of that I was working 2 jobs, to be able to pay rent, and bills. I regret moving out. I mean as much I like my privacy, I do not like paying rent every month. 

“Are you still going to the game tonight?” my friend Jenn asked, as we were walking to the parking lot.

It was the first football game of the season, and I was excited to go. I love football, and we had a pretty good team. Probably because the star quarterback, and his not as douchey twin brother makes sure the team never loses.

“Yeah, Mike’s probably going to come with us.” I said, referring to my brother.

“Mike’s in town?” Jenn asked.

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Kiss Me Not -Part 4-

Find Part One Here!

Story time!

Harry woke with a start as Hermione dropped herself and a pile of books on the end of his bed, “Wha-! Hermione?” He rubbed his eyes and then scrubbed his hair, blinding reaching up next to his pillow where he put his glasses and then sleepily sliding them on.

“It’s nearly time for lunch so I thought I’d better wake you so you don’t miss it and also to tell you what I’ve found,” Hermione said all in a rush, already flipping open one of her books.

“Lunch?” Ron groaned from the next bed, shoving his blankets down and stretching.

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Yes, lunch. You slept through breakfast.”

Ron slowly sat up and looked around the empty dorm, “Harry slept through too,” he pointed out.

Hermione shook her head, “Yes but Harry didn’t sleep much last night so it doesn’t count.”

“Nothing wrong with a bit of a lie in, it is sunday after all,” Ron muttered as he stood, stumbling over to Harry’s bed and sitting down next to him, “Nightmares?” he asked.

Harry shook his head, feeling his cheeks start to get hot. With a few hours sleep and the morning light to separate him from what had happened the night before, the whole, not kissing anyone thing, seemed a bit silly and a lot more embarrassing.

“Harry says he’s never kissed anyone, that he’s been repelled from every person he’s tried,” Hermione said in her no-nonsense, academic tone.

“Wot? Like every-everyone?” Ron asked, his brow furrowed, “Even Ginny?”

Harry nodded, “Yeah, even her. But last night-”

“It’s surprisingly hard to find much research on magical signatures and how they interact,” Hermione cut him off, “What I have found written about it makes it sound like a fun little side project the author just tinkered around with. The general impression I got is that your situation is very, very rare. So rare it’s not mentioned at all. I’ve been thinking of looking into the medical books. Maybe’s it’s a magical medical condition of some sort…”

Ron yawned, “So it’s like The Princess and Priestess then?”

“The what?” Harry asked.

Hermione looked up from her book in confusion, “What are you talking about, Ron?”

Ron looked from Hermione to Harry, “It’s a fairy-story. Do muggles not have that one?”

“Guess not,” Harry said, whose knowledge of children’s stories was fairly limited thanks to the Dursleys.

Hermione shook her head, “I’ve never heard of it. What in the world does it have to do with Harry’s predicament?”

“It’s kind of the same thing, really,” Ron said, his brow scrunching up in thought, “It’s been ages but it goes kinda like: A long time ago there was a Princess of this kingdom and she was supposed to marry this other Prince bloke but on the day of their wedding, they couldn’t kiss,” He raised his hands, showing a gap between the two of a few inches, “and in their culture, the marriage couldn’t happen if the kiss didn’t happen. So the King arranges for more princes, and none of them can kiss her. So he calls in all the nobles, and none of them can kiss her either.

“And the King’s so worried about his daughter not getting married and being alone for the rest of her life, he says anyone who can kiss her can have the Princess’ hand in marriage. The whole kingdom gets flooded with people hoping to get lucky, lines going around the city, people camping for weeks to get a chance and over and over again, no one can kiss the Princess. She’s really upset about all of this-”

“As she should be!” Hermione said, “Being treated like cattle. Doesn’t she get any say in this?!”

Ron smiled lopsidedly, “Mione, let me finish. It was a long, long time ago and a fairy story. Anyway; she’s upset and starts going to the temple every night to pray to their gods. At night only a single Priestess watches the temple and they start talking to one another, becoming friends. Until soon the Princess is coming to the temple to see the Priestess rather than pray and they’re talking all night, every night.

“One day Princess realizes she’s in love with the Priestess but since she can’t kiss anyone they’ll never be able to be together. She tells the Priestess she’s going to kill herself because she’s so unhappy and can’t live without her. The Priestess begs her not to and tells her that she loves the Princess more than anyone in the world.”

“She was going to kill herself?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Fairy-stories,” Ron said with a shrug as if that explained it all, “They decide to get married. Even if they can’t kiss, they want to spend the rest of their lives together. The King agrees because he’s never seen his daughter so happy before. They say their vows and then they kiss, as easy as anything because it’s true love and they’re perfect for each other, happily ever after, the end and all that guff.”

Hermione looked sceptical, “And you think this story is about magical signatures and that the Princess’ was so… different, it repelled everyone but the Priestess.”

“Right and the Princess and Priestess were absolutely perfect for one another, that’s why they could kiss. Every kid from a magic household knows the story. It’s in pretty much every book collection of the old stories.” Ron said, “Ginny really liked it when she was little. Bill too, always a bit of a romantic our Bill.”

Hermione sighed, “It’s not terrible for a fairy tale but it doesn’t really help Harry.”

“He just has to find his Priestess,” Ron said and grinned in a mischievous way, “Shouldn’t be too hard, the whole wizarding world would gladly kiss you now. Once they find out you’re like the Princess, you’ll be beating them off with sticks.”

Harry couldn’t look them in the eye. His whole face felt hot.

Was Draco Malfoy-?

“Only one person?” Harry asked faintly.

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